Daughter of the Count and Countess

Dull Existence

How many years has it been, since the beginning of this dull existence? I have begun to lose count over how many millennia have passed. I once was alone, weak and brittle at the start of this new life, until I gained the power I needed and created allies that would stand beside me with absolute loyalty.

Those days were quite eventful, as I fought my way to power and confronting enemies that are still hidden within the shadows, but during this struggle for power we lost many of our own. Those bitter memories plagued my very existence for as long as I have been alive. I am not proud of every decision I have made, because of my ignorance and young stupidity my thirst for power and knowledge overthrew my capacity to think rationally. Many have suffered because of this.

The many countless battles I have endured are evident on my skin, as I bear the reminders of what I had to achieve to stand where I am today and those lost along the way. In some twisted act of fate, this is the punishment that has been placed upon me along with the burden of holding the lives of my allies within the palm of my hands.

If I made any grave mistakes now, it will result in endangering everyone that has stood beside me. I can not put their lives on the line at the moment, not yet. I still need them, to enforce the laws on those of our kind who are stupid enough to break them.

I embraced my role as the law enforcer of our kind and stand above all of them, to them I am the strongest and most powerful being they have ever known, but I see myself as a king who sits proudly on his throne along with his consorts and punishing any law breakers.

My days are now uneventful, my servants are the ones who roam from countries to cities to towns -depending on the location that are informants give, to monitor any strange behaviour exhibited by the many clans scattered around the world. They do not only observe but eliminate any lone newborn or rogue vampire if necessary. If they are a threat to our kind or become a nuisance that could hinder any future plans.

At the moment five of most strongest guards are on a mission observing a certain clan we have kept our eyes on for awhile. One of them is acquainted to me, but have not seen for quite some time. Once a year I send guards to keep a watchful eye on all of the clans so that they have no intentions of betraying me, their ruler. So, to cease any betrayal they are simply annihilated before any further action is made.

I rarely step outside, because I am not needed, the only time I leave the castle is for when a clan has committed the worst crime in vampiric existence. Other than that my- along with my comrades, assistance is not proven to be necessary. We simply sit on our thrones passing judgement on stray vampires and filling some paper work.

I await the day until I can go out in battle once again, my muscles ache from no longer being used to fight like so long ago. I still train daily to release stress or any frustration I feel during the day. The Romanians are still agitated and hold a grudge against me from nearly wiping them from the face of the earth. I use the longer ranking guards to spar with me, so they can improve in their training as well.

To add to my frustrations my wife and I have been arguing constantly for the past century. It is bad enough I am isolated within the castle walls, but to hear my wife's bitter complaining and nagging makes me want to leave the castle along with my guards to go on missions.

I remember the day I met her, I was still fairly new to being a vampire. I saw her walking along the garden near the little cottage she lived in with her grandmother. Her scent was tantalizing and piqued my interest, her long brown hair flew in a mass of curls in her face. Her skin was slightly tanned and she had gorgeous forest green eyes, that were quite receptive. She wore a short dress that came down to her kneels and sandals as she tended to the flowers.

Her slender body weaved in and out of the garden as she fetched water from the cottage. When I first approach her, thinking that she was my mate. Her blood called to me, she was terrified at first but grew used to my presence as I would only come visit at night. Our feelings for one another grew until we formed a steady relationship.

But, then came the day when her village was set on fire by some crazed village people from the town near by. Her cottage erupted in flames killing her beloved grandmother. She had gone into the forest that day, marking her as the only survivor. When she arrived, her village was nothing more than burnt wood and littered bodies. She was nearly killed by the villagers that set her town on fire but I saved her and decided to turn her, as I could not bare to see her killed.

Now, I wish I had left her for dead considering the amount of years we have been bickering with each other. I am beginning to doubt that I was wrong when I assumed she was my mate.

Sighing, I continue to look at the doors awaiting for one of my guards to bring in the daily meal.

Feeding time was also one of the few joys I have.

The door slowly opens as my guard guides the ignorant humans in to the spacious room. My eyes scan the evening snacks looking for one who's blood smells most appealing. Roaming my eyes to the back, I notice a timid girl in her late teenage years stray from the rest. I smirked.

Yes, her blood smelt the best.

I stood up and did the usual introduction to tonight's meal.

"Hello, welcome to Volterra! I hope you are enjoying your stay. We encourage you to stay for tonight's meal, it is suppose to be quite delicious I hear." I smiled, the predator within me fighting to break free.

I heard faint chuckles from the guard at the end of my introduction, I snapped my fingers and the meal began.

I lunged for the girl who tried to escape and drained her dry within seconds. I then fed from an older women and finished my meal by drinking from two younger looking boys. I licked my lips.

The guards had finished as well.

"Clean this up." I said aloud, knowing that someone would have it cleared by the moment I returned to my throne.

I walked back up the stairs to the thrones joining my brothers. I noticed my wife stood beside my throne, frowning I sat down.

"What do you want?" I asked emotionlessly.

"There is no need to be rude to your beloved wife." She scolded.

I scoffed.

"I regret the day I ever laid eyes on you." I replied.

She hissed.

"I don't know what I ever saw in you." She answered coldly.

I chuckled darkly.

"You should have mentioned that before you walked down the aisle and agreed to be my wife."

She snarled.

"You despicable man!" She screeched.

"You are the lowest of the low!" She continued.

The guards and my brothers stayed silent.

"I could say the same about you darling." I retorted.

She swore at me.

"I simply wanted to know if you would be joining me in our chambers, but from what I can tell it doesn't seem that you will be willing."

"You guessed right." I answered simply.

She stormed out of the throne room like a child.

For the past couple of years I have not stayed in the chambers in which my wife and I share. It would result in more arguments.

"You two should really try to be more civil, the rest of us are getting of tired of hearing your bickering." My sister glared at me.

I brushed her off.

"I wish I could as well, but she is stubborn." I said.

"Then we simply can not help you." She replied and walked out as well.

I have tried to be civil, but my wife has a rather difficult personality. Not many of the guard's enjoy being in her presence. I can understand why.

She nearly drove me to the point of insanity a decade ago, it was no wonder I didn't kill her. My brothers had to restrain me.

I was raised to never lay a hand on a women, my parents made sure I grew up to be a respectable young man, but this rule does not apply to my wife. Thoughts of decapitating my wife were tempting, I do not doubt that my wife wishes to do the same to me.

I do not know the exact reason for our 'falling out', but it started when I noticed how my wife began to change. She became far more bitter and demanding. I first assumed that these were the effects of gaining such power, but over the course of the years I began to realize she was unhappy. I tried to talk about it with her but she simply shuts me out.

If she refuses my help, I have no need to worry myself about her then. You achieve nothing with stubbornness.

The remainder of my day was left with doing paper work at my desk. I began to tire of writing my signature on the never ending stack of papers and decided to take a break.

I leaned back into my chair and closed my eyes knowing that sleep would never come to welcome me again, I still enjoyed the feeling of being able to close my eyes and think of nothing else. Any problems with my wife and my duties simply faded away.

I had no idea how long I sat there with my eyes closed it felt like mere minutes but when they reopened themselves to the world once more, night had fallen on the city. Sighing I resumed with my work.

Once done I arranged the papers in piles according on which were the most important and those that were less of importance and could wait to be documented.

I stared at the wall beside my desk that now stood bare. It used to hang a portrait of my beloved wife, but since our relationship is no longer what it used to be I had it removed.

A sensation filled within my stomach, if my wife wasn't my mate then who was?

I began to wonder who she could be and where she was now.

An unknown emotion resided in me. I had a strange feeling that I Aro Volturi, would someday encounter my other half who carried within herself my soul and non beating heart.

I decided to do something different with this chapter. A lot of you had been wondering when Isabella would meet her mate. I wrote this chapter so you would have a bit more of an understanding of who he really is.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Thank you for being so patient with me even though I take so long to update. Please understand that coming up with ideas for upcoming chapters isn't very easy. It takes time.


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