Daughter of the Count and Countess


I stood there frozen, unable to say anything more. Celestina stood watching me tentatively waiting for me to say something. What did this mean? Did my Father send her? But, I thought that my parents had both agreed to not let anyone interfere in my mission including Celestina.

I could feel my brow furrow in confusion.

"I-" opening my mouth and trying to formulate some kind of sentence, but incapable of doing so.

She smiled encouragingly through her bloodied tear soaked face.

"What are you doing here?" I stared at her expectantly.

She stayed quiet for several seconds before responding.

"Isabella, something-" She stopped, trying to control her erratic breathing.

In all the years I have known Celestina she was not one to break down so easily and allow her emotions to show in front of others, unless something really bad happened that not even Celestina could bear.

"Something terrible is happening in Transylvania " She began, looking timidly around the meadow as if someone were listening.

She took a deep breath before continuing.

"Many of us have been found dead on the castle grounds." She muttered quietly avoiding eye contact with me.

My breathing hitched, I slowly shook my head.

"That can't be true." I replied.

She only nodded bowing her head in submission, not wanting to anger me in my unstable state.

I could not believe what I was hearing, there were so few of us left, but to have someone begin to kill us once again was sickening.

"How did this happen?" My voice was calm, but held a lethal underlying tone.

She slowly peered her eyes at me, I forced a smile on my face.

"It is alright Celestina, I will not harm you." I rested my hand on her shoulder, she shook and crumpled to the forest floor.

I could hear her sobbing. I stared at her figure not being able to believe that the strong Celestina I always loved and admired was kneeling before me in a heap of turbulent emotions.

She gripped the hem of my shirt and attempted to calm herself. The incident must have been horrific for Celestina to cry like this.

"We think that they were murdered. We are not sure who killed them, but we have our suspicions. Your parents didn't want to tell you, they wanted you to focus on your mission. I am so sorry my Lady, I could not hide the truth from you any longer. No one knows I came, Nicolae is covering for my absence." Her voice wavered and was filled with sorrow.

I stayed silent, not knowing how to react. I felt angry at my parents who kept this a secret and yet I silently mourned for those of my kind who had been killed.

"How many?" I whispered.

Celestina lifted her head warily, unsure if she should mention anything.

"My Lady, I don't think tha-" I cut her off.

"How many Celestina?" I using a more forceful tone.

She looked down shamefully and remained silent.

"You have told me this much! The least you could tell me was how many of our people were killed!" I yelled, beginning to feel frustrated with her lack of cooperation.

She winced at my words and spoke faintly.


I took a deep breath and released Celestina from her grip on my shirt.

"Princess, wait." She called after me.

I was walking out of the meadow, needing to cool down. She easily caught up with me, but I ignored her. Understanding I did not want to talk, Celestina remained silent.

Aimlessly, we walked for hours getting deeper and deeper into the forest. The meadow long gone and feeling even more distant after each passing minute.

"Why?" I asked, to no one in particular.

"Why is this happening again?" I continued.

"We do not know, my Lady." Celestina answered, startled I turned my head towards her. She had been so quiet I had forgotten she was there.

She appeared to me more composed then she was a couple of hours ago and the tears had vanished from her face, her eyes void of any emotion. She had returned back to the emotionless Celestina, who showed no weakness or fear. That is the way I liked her.

The Celestina hours before, frightened me. I did not recognize her as my fellow pure blood servant who treated me kindly and was similar to that of a sister. Instead she was this weak, brittle pure blood who was not even able to stand or look me in the eyes. Whatever happened in Transylvania had scared her.

"Do you think it is the humans?" I asked.

"We do not know, but we have reason to believe so. There have a handful of humans over the years who still believe in our existence. We have no evidence and we can not be too quick to point fingers." She replied.

Looking up at the sky, I saw that it had darkened over the many hours, I followed a path that would lead me home, Celestina followed. Looking at her, I noticed that she looked physically and mentally drained. It must have been a difficult trip here. She did not look thirsty, but I caught the heartbroken look in her eyes that she tried to hide. Many people would not have noticed, but I have known her longer than most. Being able to easily detect any slight change in her demeanor.

This is how it started so many years before, when I was at the raw age of 6. I witnessed so much death, that the smell of burnt flesh no longer bothered me. We were large in numbers, but slowly one by one we were killed and began to act savagely brutally murdering one another. I remained hidden within the confines of the castle walls.

I was locked away in the basement with my siblings while our parents tried their best to defend the castle from any pure bloods who have gone insanely mad and the angered humans who were no longer familiar with the term sanity. But, there were those who had surrendered to the humans to survive. They were tortured, killed and became slaves. Stripped of their powers and freedom they were converted into mindless creatures who could no longer think rationally.

We were betrayed and that is how my siblings were murdered. I managed to escape, because they stayed to keep me safe while I could run to safety with Celestina. When my parents found me, I was drenched with blood and absolutely terrified, Celestina had a similar appearance.

As the years went by the dangers grew increasingly high, my parents could not risk loosing their last remaining royal pure blood child, from then on my memories get hazy, but I do recall being laid into a deep slumber, one that I would not awaken from for 145 years, but that was unprecedented.

We neared the neighborhood in which Charlie's house resided in, we both remained quiescent on the short walk to the house deep in our own individual thoughts. I saw the sheriff's police car parked beside the rusty piece of metal- also known as my 'truck'. Sighing I opened the front door.

Now, what was I going to tell Charlie?

Speaking of the human, he noisily walked to the front door from the living room.

"Isabella, where have you been?" There was worry evident in his deep dark brown orbs.

I shrugged.

"I wanted to take a walk." I answered, taking off my shoes.

I smelt Celestina upstairs, she had quickly gone upstairs while Charlie was walking with his cacophonous footsteps in my direction.

"It would have been nice if you left a letter explaining where you were." He chided.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, I heard Celestina soft bell like laughter.

"And why were you taking a walk at this godly hour of night?" He looked at me quizzically.

I pondered over what to say, I heard no noise coming from upstairs either.

"I felt lonely in the house by myself. I only intended to take a short walk, but I do not have a very good sense of direction and I got lost and it began to get darker outside. I apologize if I caused needless worry." I explained in one breath.

I heard a soft snort coming from my room.

A look of understanding flashed in his eyes.

"Alright, well be more careful." He replied awkwardly and left.

I released a breath, I hadn't realized I was holding and went up to my room. Slowly closing the door behind me, I listened at the door to make sure that Charlie would not come upstairs to check up on me like he usually did.

I moved away from the door, Celestina sat with one leg crossed over the other on the 'bed'. She was looking around the room.

"Nice... room." She said slowly, eyeing everything in the small space.

"De ce nu spui ceea ce simți cu adevărat." I asked, rolling my eyes. (Why don't you say what you really feel.)

Turning around to face me, she smiled evilly. I raised an eyebrow waiting for her to say something.

"Facă tău cel mai rău." I challenged her. (Do your worst.)

She smirked.

"Cum doriți Principesa." She stood up from the unused 'bed', accepting my challenge. (As you wish Princess.)

There was no time that I could recall in which Celestina refused a challenge.

She began to walk around the room and point at everything she detested and none of her comments were friendly or kind. In fact they were quite the opposite, very vile and full of distaste for everything in the room.

The only thing she did not comment on was my coffin that was nicely hidden in my closet.

As Celestina continued to insult Charlie's sense of design, I idly sat on my desk chair and watched her, roaming around the space like a creature of the night. I smiled at the irony.

"Ai terminat?" I played with my hair and twirled it around in my fingers, an action I have seen Jessica perform many times before. I concluded it as being a bad habit that she picked up from an early age, whenever she is emotionally unstable- human teenagers refer to it as a midlife crisis she begins to play with her hair. (Are you finished?)

She stood up straight from her kneeling position, she was going through the small assortment of books piled onto one another on the poor excuse of a book shelf.

Gazing around the room one last time, she nodded her head.

"Back to business." I stated getting up from the chair.

"What will be done about those of us who were murdered?" I began to pace the small section of my room. I habit I had picked up from my Father.

"Răzbună morțile lor." She said with such conviction, I even felt slightly frightened.

"Nu vreau vărsare de sânge mai mult inutil. Tu și cu mine acum acest lucru va crea un război."

(I don't want anymore more needless bloodshed. You and I both now this will create a war.)

"Atunci ce sugerezi să facem?." She snapped. (Then what do you suggest we do?)

I stared at her in disbelief, never in all my life had Celestina ever spoken to me that way. There was something she was hiding from me, I could see it in her eyes.

Speechless, I stared at her. Realizing her mistake she looked down at the floor and bowed her head and kneeled in front of me.

"Te rog iartă-grosolănie mea, doamna mea." (Please forgive my rudeness, my Lady.)

My gaze hardened as I stared down at her.

"Înțeleg că ești supărat, dar nu direcționa mânia față de mine." I spat.

(I understand that you're upset, but do not direct your anger towards me.)

She said nothing.

I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Ce ascunzi din mă?" (What are you hiding from me?)

She stiffened.

"Eu nu ascund nimic din tine, doamna mea." She whispered.

(I am not hiding anything from you, my Lady.)

"Mincinosule!" I snarled. (Liar!)

Whimpering she kept her head low. Annoyed, I began to pace around the room.

Deciding that I have had enough of this nonsense, I walked over to my window, opening it I prepared to jump.

I swiveled around facing my servant.

"Apoi, puteți sta aici toată noaptea, dar eu refuz să stau în aceeași cameră cu cineva care minte." I said coldly.

(Then you can stay here all night, but I refuse to stay in the same room as someone who lies.)

"Wait, my Lady!" I stopped and looked at her.

She slowly looked into my eyes.

There it was again, the weaker part of Celestina reared its ugly head.

"Amongst those ten people who were murdered, many of them were servants who worked for your family. But-"

She looked away, trying to gather strength.

"One of them was a close family member of yours, the last remaining of your family. The only one aside from you and your parents who survived that fateful day."

She took a deep breath.

"Amongst those ten people, Lucian was found dead."

I backed away from her until I could feel my back pressing against the wall. I slowly slead down unable to process what I just heard.

"This will start a war with the humans. Every pure blood now knows that one of their own was murdered. But, it wasn't just any pure blood, he was a of your blood, a true royal pure blood. The death of your Uncle has broken the hold that the humans have over us. Their impending deaths will come upon them."

And Celestina was gone. I could hear her feet softly touch the grass as she darted away from the house and away from Forks and back to Transylvania.

This chapter had been longer than the others so I hope you enjoy it! There is yet again another twist to the story! I know it has been awhile, but once again I am super busy, I have many upcoming projects and a chemistry test this upcoming week, which I must do well on. Not to mention that summatives are coming!

I will try to update once a week, but there are no guarantees.


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