Daughter of the Count and Countess

IMPORTANT: Author's Note

Author's Note:


Hey guy's please don't hate me, but I won't be able to update for awhile. There are a load of viruses on my computer so it needs to get cleaned resulting in me having no computer to type up any more chapters for Daughter of the Count and Countess. I won't get it back for awhile, I am not sure when it will be taken to get fixed, but I thought I should just give you a little heads up.

But, there is also some good news amidst the bad news. I know a lot of you have been wondering "when is Aro coming into the story?" Well, to answer that question I will write another chapter in his POV soon followed by his grand appearance and his encounter with Isabella. (I am not going to disclose what chapter it will be though) please be patient! I know this story is a bit slow and you guy's really want some Isabella and Aro moments but I have great plans for this story so just wait a tiny bit longer.

One last thing, once my computer is fixed, I will try to update more often maybe once a week I will post a new chapter, along with a new chapter I will give an excerpt of the upcoming chapter, ON ONE CONDITION, I will give you a question referring to the Twilight Saga and if enough of you answer it correctly than I will give an excerpt for the next chapter.

P.S. I am also in the works of reediting another one of my stories that I will be posting sometime in the near future. It is called Glow of the Shaded Moon please check it out (when all the editing is completed of course.)

Yours truly,


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