Daughter of the Count and Countess

Memory and New Arrivals

I sat silently in the corner of my bedroom, tears brimming my eyes. My body shook as sobs erupted from my mouth. It was all my fault, I would never see them again, they were simply gone never to return to this world but reappear in another if that was even possible for my kind.

I wondered where we went after we died, many of my kind had speculated the idea of us not having any souls others thought we did. To be honest I did not know, but I hoped wherever they are now is better than being here. The castle was in disarray, the loss of my siblings struck everyone so strongly that some of the servants had neglected their duties no one knew what to do. They simply just stood there, without my Father and Mother's strength our guards and servants simply could not function. Without any orders or tasks to be completed they were useless.

My parents were grieving for the loss of their five children in their own way, isolating themselves in their study trying to reign control over their emotions, they had to be strong for all of our kind and could not display any weakness in front of them. They relied on their strength after all. I envied my parents ability to overcome tragedies and still be able to rule our kind. I on the other hand was locked in my bedroom and crying like the child that I was, not being able to face anyone. I truly was weak.

I rested my head on my knees, wrapping my arms around them. I could hear someone approaching my bedroom, I was immediately out of my corner and in a crouch position, ready to attack. At an early age I was trained to be on high alert. It is something that I have practiced many times and has now become instinctual. The intruders footsteps stopped at my door and I let out a warning growl. The intruder stood frozen in front of my door.

I sniffed the air cautiously and instantaneously recognized the scent, getting out of my defensive position in the corner I rushed to the door and swung it open. Tears still coating my eyes and began to fall freely onto my cheeks.

I sniffled, attempting to keep my tears at bay.

"Uncle Lucian." I whispered.

He had a distraught look on his face, yet he looked impeccable you could hardly tell he was upset only someone who knew him very well could tell that he was not faring any better than the rest of us.

"Oh, Isabella." He replied sadly and opened his arms knowing that I needed to be comforted after being in solitude for so long.

I ran into his arms accepting his invitation and sobbed into his chest. He gently stroked my hair, I was not known for showing my emotions that easily and I never cried until now. The emptiness I felt could never be filled, losing all of my siblings that I have grown up with and loved was truly heartbreaking. There was no one to blame but those wretched humans who started this war amongst themselves and my kind. So many of our own betrayed us and went mad with rage killing each other instead of the real enemy. We were blinded and the humans knew it, taking advantage of our weakness and throwing it back in our faces.

The anger I felt for them would never dissipate, the hungry flame that eagerly wished to devour me sending me to an oblivious rage was impending. I quickly dried my tears and attempted to calm down. At first my breathing was ragged but as I took deep calming breaths I was able to regain my normal breathing pattern. Letting go of Uncle Lucian I led him into my room and he seated himself upon my chair that sat in the center of my room, I sat in the one across from him laying my hands gingerly on top of the table that separated us.

"I don't know what to do Uncle." I began, letting the anger and sadness that I have been bottling up, be released.

"I hate them, I hate those humans with a passion! What did we ever do to them?!" I slammed my tiny fists on the table and stood up.

Looking down at my fists, I began to shake- my visions blurring.

"It's really not fair Uncle, they didn't deserve this!" I whipped my head to look at him "WE did not deserve this!" My voiced cracking a bit at the end.

He reached over and gently-but reassuringly stroked my arm.

"Stay calm my dearest niece, you mustn't let your anger get the better of you. Anger solves nothing, it only inflicts more pain on others. In the end it is you who will suffer the most." He spoke softly.

Still shaking, I slowly sat down and unfurled my hands, blood caked my them, my nails had extended forming into claws. I watched as the blood began to fade and any further scarring on my skin disappeared, my injuries healed.

"I understand your point Uncle, but what is it that I am to do?" I asked exasperatedly.

"Nothing, you will simply overcome this grief, allow the humans to kill each other over trivial things, allow them to make their mistakes in life and suffer with a guilty conscious. Allow them to be the ones that destroy themselves." He explained.

I stared at him blankly, not understanding.

"Humans always want more of everything, it is their greed that is what destroys them, other times it is their jealously that breaks apart the ones they love the most and most importantly it is their anger and hatred that ruins them all." He continued elaborately.

I have never associated with humans before but others in my family have. I know very little of their kind only that they are a species that are not as strong as ours, but are somewhat independent and rely on the resources around them to build a society in which they can live in. Although nothing they say is ever the truth and they do tend to contradict many of their words in an attempt to please others, that is what my eldest brother once said.

"From what I can understand Uncle, are you implicating that it is their silly emotions that will be the end of their kind?" I asked hopefully.

He shook his head.

"Not exactly Isabella, what I am trying to say is that humans and pure bloods are two entirely different species. We are loyal to each other they are not, we do not start wars with our kind unless absolutely necessary, yet they kill, beat and torture each other for no reason in particular at times. They rely purely on emotion whereas we rely on our instincts."

The reels in my head began to turn as I understood what my Uncle Lucian was trying to tell me.

"Their emotions will not necessarily kill them but right now as we speak they are silently suffering." He looked me in the eyes as he spoke.

"Just as you are at this very moment." He added.

I froze.

He leaned forward until his face was directly in front of mine.

"Do not become as weak as them Isabella." He stroked my hair "You are the last heir and our only hope, do not let these frivolous emotions consume you."

Just as I was about to reply, I heard my Mother calling for my Uncle. Our heads immediately cocked in the direction of the sound simultaneously.

We glanced at each other and laughed. He rubbed the top of my head as he stood.

Before he left, he had his back facing me and he spoke.

He spoke what to me sounded like a poem, but it followed a similar pattern of a riddle. Even though I could not see his facial expression, I felt like he wanted me to understand, he was emphasizing each word in a tone that was urgent.

"Don't let your emotions consume your very being, because you my niece are, Isabella Adriana Dracula." With that being said, he disappeared.

I woke abruptly, nearly hitting my head on the top of my coffin. Why was I reminiscing about that memory in particular? This was of many memories I would like to forget, they were all filled with such pain. I had locked them deeply away in the corners of my mind, or so I thought. Not feeling tired anymore, I lifted the lid of my coffin and exited my closet.

Looking out the window, I noticed that it was still light outside. Glancing at the digital clock on my right, my suspicions were confirmed when it read 7:30. Yawning, I sat on my window seat staring blankly at the sky.

'Crimson red' A raspy voice spoke in my head.

My vision suddenly blurred and the sky was now a deep red, resembling the color of blood.

Horrified I stood up, only to look back at the sky, realizing that it was no longer red.

What was wrong with me?

A sudden thought popped into mind as I attempted to recall the poem my Uncle had recited.

Thinking back now, and how urgent he spoke to me made me believe that it was more than just a poem, but a prophecy of some sort.

Analyzing its structure, there were many clues hidden beneath the words. Maybe my Uncle was trying to warn me about something.

What could it have been?

"In the darkness a small child is crying.

In the darkness the shadows are crawling.

The demons of her past are drawing near.

She quickly recoils away in fear.

In the worried eyes of her creators.

They wish to protect her from the clutches of betrayers.

In a deep forbidden slumber her body lay.

Until she is called upon once again, she will awake in crimson day.

Many will die, others will depart.

The child is in need of her missing counterpart.

The one closest will surely fall.

Tumbling down a cliff of mountainous betrayal.

For she is the last of the children of darkness."

After reciting the poem, picking up on my old habit, I began to pace around the room. Why was this of relevance now? Why is it that I was only remembering this memory?

Confused and slightly frustrated I sat on the comforter of the unused bed.

Pondering over everything that had happened to me thus far was beginning to give me a headache. Feeling thirsty I went downstairs and into the kitchen, instead of having to go feed from outside of Forks, I decided to get packs of blood in plastics bags. My demanding hunger was getting worse everyday, the need to feed more prominent. Charlie would notice my sudden departures to go to Port Angeles, after some time.

I had created a secret compartment within the fridge so that Charlie would not be welcome to the sight of blood in plastic bags while opening the refrigerator. I am sure he would die from a heart attack. I opened the fridge door and knelt down at the bottom of the fridge were the crisper pans were. As I opened the one on the right, I placed one of my hands facing up at the base of the crisper pan and the other facing down on the inside. I wiggled the platform that held it in place gently and it slowly came out, removing the platform I turned it so the bottom was facing upwards and removed the tapped bags of blood. I took four and attached the crisper pan back together.

I went back to my room and decided on a shower, Charlie was already gone so I didn't have to worry about waking him up. He was a pretty sound sleeper anyway, however loud I may be it would not make that much of a difference-not that I am loud in general.

After my hot shower and washing my hair, I put on black leggings with a baby pink wool sweater and placed ballet like slippers on my feet. I drank the blood greedily feeling my vampire form resurface as the human one shedded away.

Suddenly an all too familiar scent wafted it's way through my nose from the open window. I immediately stopped drinking and cringed. I painfully sniffed the air, but this did not smell like the Cullen's. The scent of the Olympian Coven had a very forest like smell, whereas this one smelt musky and slightly human.

I stood so quickly that I almost knocked my bag of blood on the floor, my human form resurfaced just as quickly as I stood up. Placing my bag on the nearby desk, I walked to the window. A black 'limo' passed through the neighborhood and passed by the house.

I narrowed my eyes and looked closer, I saw five vampires seated in the back wearing dark cloaks but they were not all the same opacity. This could have referred to how they were ranked. I noticed they all had hoods covering their heads. There were two females both with blonde hair, but the tinnier one of the two had a slightly darker blonde color than the other. The remaining three were all males, one was quite large and looked more like a skilled fighter than anything else-his physique was somewhat similar to that of Emmett Cullen. The other was slightly smaller and had less of a muscular build, but appeared to be well aware of everything going around him- his eyes continuously darting everywhere and the last male had darker hair and sat beside the tiny child like girl.

They all wore some sort of insignia in the form of a 'V' holding two ruby stones that was attached to a golden chain that hung around their necks.

Even though I observed them for a brief period of time as the limo passed by, I knew that they saw me staring at them. Before they disappeared from view their heads simultaneously snapped in my direction revealing their cold blood red eyes.

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