Daughter of the Count and Countess

Dark Haired Beauty

I was awoken by the annoying device called an 'alarm clock' that was situated on top of the dresser. Groaning, I attempted to cover my ears and snuggle deeper into the soft silky fabric in my coffin. No matter how hard I tried the constant ringing would not be drowned out. I opened my eyes and huffed. Opening my coffin a bit too harshly, I stalked over to the noisy looking device. I pressed a button located on the top and shut it off. I could still hear ringing in my ears and realized I might be stuck with a headache for the rest of the day. I walked over to the window and noticed that the sun had risen a bit more since I last fell asleep.

I have been trying to sneak in a couple of hours of sleep in the morning, so I wouldn't feel tired. The stress of only being able to sleep twice a week was beginning to wear me out and I soon came to the realization that I barely had any energy for anything no matter how much blood I drank. I would get about 3 to 4 hours of sleep in the morning before school which seemed to be helping especially with the amount of blood I have been drinking along with it.

I pushed the curtains to the side, so I could see the gloomy weather of Forks, it has been raining for two weeks straight and everyday at school I was welcomed with Jane's cold glare. Edward had said she wouldn't be staying for long, but if you ask me she is over staying her welcome. Ever since our little altercation- which nearly turned into a fight, we have not spoken or even glanced at each other, well except Jane she would glare at me with mountainous hatred. Her brother didn't acknowledge me and the other three at least attempted a conversation that was always cut short when they suddenly began to twitch and whimper slightly as if in pain. I had a feeling that it was all of Jane's doing.

I began to get ready for another day at Forks High School, I quickly fall into step with the routine just like everyone who has been attending the high school longer than me. I hadn't called or even updated my parents on anything because nothing new or exciting ever happened. The last time I called was to inform them about the human drinkers and how the wolves were-what seemed to be trying to protect me, because they were constantly surveying my every movements. Ever since that night I have lost all contact with Celestina, I didn't even no whether she was still at the castle or not. Her haunting vengeful words still echoed in the back of my mind.

Sighing, I pushed away all of my personal and family problems out of my mind and went downstairs. When I arrived in the kitchen, I noticed movement in the forest as I stared out the window. I saw silver grey fur poking out from behind the leaves along with a midnight black coat trailing not far behind, I groaned. Those damn wolves had been keeping an eye on me ever since Edward's 'cousins' came to town. They can probably sense that they are not like the Cullen's. They don't trust them and I sure as hell didn't either.

I grabbed three bags of blood from the fridge and drank them quickly, I hoped they couldn't smell the blood from outside. I waited until they fully disappeared before leaving the house. I decided to fly to school today, I was in no mood to fight with the truck and flying was far quicker. I glanced around making sure that no one could see me and ran across the road and into the forest. I dropped the human façade and allowed my senses to take over. The wolves had definitely gone back to La Push, their scent was fading and leading in the direction of the reservation.

I stood very still, allowing my vampire senses to completely take control. As I opened my eyes, I felt rejuvenated and laughed gleefully, jumping in the air and twirling around. I felt like I was being released from a deep solitude, I could actually feel my muscles contracting as they aided me in jumping from tree to tree. My leg muscles absorbed the impact of my landings and sprang up allowing me to twirl in mid air before jumping to the next tree. My senses had not dulled and were far more acute than ever. I could smell all of nature's creations and its earthy scents that coated the forest.

I heard a stream ten kilometers away from my position and heard the lapping of tongues from a fawn and its mother while they drank their fill. I continued to explore parts of myself that had been locked away for what seemed to be like forever. Once I grew comfortable in my better more refined skin, I prepared to fly. I knew that there was a nearby forest by the school, that was past the small field which was used for soccer, football and any other outdoor sports. It would provide me enough coverage for the time being.

I bent down, steadying myself with my hand that was clutched into a fist pointed downwards as if punching the ground. I emptied my mind before relaxing my body, I took deep breaths to stay calm and allowed instinct to overcome me. I could feel my spine slowly rearranging itself and my bones popping as new ones formed. They moved around restlessly causing me to wince in pain. The movements became quicker as my bones desperately attempted to find their rightful position. I held back a scream as the bones finally broke through my skin and raised in the air. Slick clear liquid dripped from the tips as fur began to coat my bare bones. After the pain had subsided I used my back muscles to open my wings further allowing them the freedom they craved.

I let out a sigh knowing the worst was over, I walked towards the tree that I had set my backpack on. I shook off my bat wings, liberating them from the gooey saliva liquid before taking flight. It was more common for a a pure blood vampire to perform a semi transformation than transforming into a bat. This way was far more efficient and convenient, taking much less time.

I flapped my wings to get the feel of the motion before pushing off with my feet as my wings pointed downwards then I shot up into the air. I used the tall trees to my advantage hiding me from any human, vampire or werewolf. Flying came naturally to me even though I have not done so in a very long time. I enjoyed the freedom I felt while I flew past trees and gazing at the scenery below me. I continued to soar higher until I was doing loops and dives in the air. I laughed joyfully as I tried different tricks in the air. While I was playing I noticed a black car that drove down a narrow road heading in the direction of Forks. The car was similar to the one I saw Jane and her group drive in.

Curious I flew dangerously lower to get a better look, the scent smelt quite familiar. I recognized it as the vampire smell-the all too sweet smell that made you gag. I couldn't quite see who was in the car but I dare not fly any lower. Suddenly, a weird sensation filled the pit of my empty stomach filling it with warmth. I felt my non beating heart, fluttering with what resembled excitement. Confused, I could not decipher these new found emotions. As I distanced myself from the car, sadness hit me in waves. I looked back at the car and narrowed my eyes into the pitch black interior, adjusting my vision. I saw ruby red eyes piercing through the darkness. More visitors? The sadness would not go away and only intensified when I got further away.

Pushing these emotions down until they were crushed, I looked ahead and never looked back as I flew through the dull blue grey sky.

I was seated on my throne, when Corin entered with a panic stricken face. I felt Renata who was situated by my side stiffen. I gazed lazily at her as she approached, keeping her head low she knelt down in front of all the thrones. No one spoke as we stared at her. But, of course this silence did not last long because of Caius' low patience tolerance.

"Are you just going to kneel like that all day?! What is it child!" He spat venomously.

I sighed.

"Caius, you don't have to be so cruel. The child is clearly frightened about something. Give her the chance to speak." I spoke softly.

His gaze shifted towards me.

"You are too kind Aro, sometimes it worries me." I frowned.

"But, if she does not speak in the next moment then we will have no choice but to discard of her." I added, proving to my brother that I have not yet lost my touch.

He smirked, amusement swirling in his eyes.

"My apologize m-master." Corin responded with a slight stutter.

I sat up straighter in my throne, from the corner of my eye I noticed my brothers doing the same. Corin never stuttered when she spoke and was never nervous or afraid. Something had truly shaken her up.

"Corin, look up." I ordered forcefully.

She whipped her head up instantly. Her eyes swirled with confusion, fear and worry.

"What happened Corin?" Marcus spoke lowly. Caius and I shared a look, Marcus hardly ever spoke much less to the guards. Even Corin seemed rather surprised.

She gazed in my direction nervously.

"Would it be okay if I were to show Master Aro?" She asked in a quiet tone.

Caius pondered over what she said as Marcus returned to being indifferent as his face was void of emotion.

Caius nodded his head in agreement and Marcus simply gestured with his hand in my direction. Corin swiftly walked over to my throne and gingerly placed her hand in my outstretched one. I felt a hum of energy enter my body as her thoughts simply flowed through me, I have already seen all of them before but there was a new one, one that I have not seen before. I mentally reached for it, encasing it with my hands. It opened and I was bombarded with a thousand words, each pounding against my skull. I was accustomed to this feeling and I rapidly picked through every word.

"Carlisle has broken one of our most sacred laws."

"Human, a human has been seen with his eldest so,n Edward Cullen."

"The family are familiar with this human, it is speculated that she already knows about what the Cullen's are."

"How is that possible?"

"She is usually seen with them, they welcomed her with open arms."

"She could potentially be Edward Cullen's mate."

"What is this human's name?"


"Isabella Swan."

An image of her appearance flashed inside my mind, she had long dark chestnut locks that reached her lower back, she had long slender fingers and flawless porcelain skin that was stained with a slight tan. Her eyes shimmered with curiosity that swam in two pools of brown warmth. Her eyelashes were long and framed her innocent face. Her teeth were a pearly white and illuminated when she smiled. She was beautiful.

I couldn't understand these sudden feelings that filled my dead heart, but I quickly overcame them and released Corin's hand.

I took a deep breath to calm myself from the information that I have just recently discovered.

"I have seen enough." I spoke clearly yet audibly.

I turned to my brother's with a grave look on my face and Corin stepped down from the platform and onto the marble floor.

"It seems like our dear friend Carlisle has done something quite terrible." I began, Caius leaned in slowly becoming more interested even Marcus looked somewhat curious.

"It seems that he has been keeping a human to accompany his eldest son Edward. It is possible that she is his mate from what I have read through Corin's thoughts.

Caius hissed lowly.

"Does she know our secret?"

"It is possible, but I believe we should rid ourselves of this problem before it gets far worse." I concluded.

Caius nodded in agreement.

"Please leave me now brothers. I need to be alone with my thoughts."

They complied and left me be.

"Oh dear, what have you done Carlisle." I shook my head in displeasure as I was informed of the recent news.

I dismissed my guards, wanting to be left alone with my thoughts.

What to do now, how would I deal with this situation involving Carlisle and his coven? Punishing them is the last thing I want to do, but they did break one of our most valued and respected law. I knew Caius would think differently and prefer that we annihilate the Cullen's and Marcus would be indifferent. Caius was never to fond of the Olympian Coven but didn't mind Carlisle or his mate Esme. It would pain me to see their distraught faces as we kill off their children one by one.

I drummed my fingers on my throne rhythmically, playing around with my options. I would have to discuss with my brothers but I already knew what Caius' vote would be. That man loved bloodshed far more than any rogue or newborn vampire I have had the misfortune of meeting and maybe far more than the Romanian's. The information I had been given could be quite vital to our existence depending on what this girl did. I slammed my fist down in frustration. Of all the stupidest things in the world Carlisle, this just had to be one of them.

I snarled, I had such high hopes for this Coven even if their diet was a bit out of the ordinary. So many gifts wasted on such a pitiful disobedience. As the Volturi we do not ask of much but only for your cooperation in respecting the rules and to obey the Volturi and yet here is my longest friend stabbing me in the back. I would love to know the reason for his betrayal. Never in a millennium would I have ever thought that he would have been the one to do this to me.

When it came to Carlisle, I turned a bit soft. I have done so much for him, allowed him to stay along side the Volturi for some time and even gave him advice and helped him through his time as a vampire. Why, Carlisle? You are making me regret the decisions I have made when it came to you. And you threw it all away, the life you fantasized about is simply going to disappear because of your bad judgment.

I clucked my tongue disapprovingly while shaking my head and summoned the presence of my brothers finally coming up with my decision.

They sat on their thrones and waited patiently for me to speak.

"It has been decided brothers, that we will be going to Forks in attempt to resolve this problem and to kill the human."

Caius' eyes gleamed with happiness and Marcus simply looked bored but nodded his head in approval.

Forgive me dear friend.

Our arrival to this small town called Forks was quite short, I had to admit this was the perfect place for a vampire. It was rarely sunny so you would be able to go outside without arousing any suspicion. There was immense forests, making it easy to drag your prey in to finish them off. You even had a reservation full of wolves! Indeed, Carlisle made the right choice by moving here.

But, I was saddened by the fact that it would have to come to an end. If Carlisle really did break our number one rule then we would have no choice but to dispose of him and his family. Sending a message to any other vampires that the Volturi do not give second chances. There was a car waiting for us when we got off the private jet. I had talked to Alec on the phone and confirmed that we were to meet at the Cullen's later in the afternoon, they were still unaware of our presence but I don't know for how long before the seer has a vision of our arrival. The guards are attempting to throw her off with mind games to confuse her. This is a theory I always wanted to test since she was my favorite amongst the Cullen Clan alongside Carlisle and Esme.

As we continued on a narrow road leading to the town of Forks, I felt a sudden swell of emotion rising within myself, I sensed my dead heart beating for the very first time. These were the same overpowering emotions I felt when I had looked at Isabella's image through Corin's thoughts. I pondered over this as the erratic emotions grew much stronger. What could this mean? I was not stupid I knew for a fact that it had to do with my bond towards this girl. For whatever reason I felt like we were connected somehow and I haven't even met her yet.

Could this be possible? I would have to ask Marcus about our bond because for whatever reason I knew we were connected in more ways than one.

I swooped below the forest located on the other side of the high school and landed softly on my feet, I retracted my wings swiftly getting accustomed to their movements. I swung my bag over my shoulder and began to walk out of the forest, until I nearly bumped into a cold skinned vampire. Looking up, I recognized Edward's bronze colored hair and golden eyes. He stared at me in wonder.

"Good morning to you too Edward." I spoke sarcastically.

That seemed to have woken him up from his stupor.

He chuckled softly, recovering quite quickly.

"What are you doing in the forest on this fine morning?" He asked lifting up an eyebrow.

I shrugged indifferently.

"I wanted to take a walk." I answered.

"In the forest.?" He didn't believe me.

"I have always had this habit of taking walks in the forest whenever I wanted to think about something. I like being surrounded by nature." That wasn't a complete lie.

Understanding flashed in his eyes.

"I do that sometimes as well." He responded.

"I guess we're both weird." I added jokingly.

We both laughed quietly before deciding to head over to the building. We walked in silently, comfortable in each others presence. He walked with me towards my locker, I placed my bag inside and took out my books for my first class. Just as I shut my locker, I noticed Jane and her acquaintances were walking in my direction. She simply glanced at me and smirked evilly, like she knew something that I didn't. She sauntered off with her group in tow, I glared dangerously at the back of her head wishing then and there more than anything that I could rip her to shreds and teach her a lesson on choosing her opponents wisely. Edward noticed our little exchange and shook his head.

"Ignore her." He whispered into my ear

I leaned against my locker with a little more force than necessary, but I really wish that Jane would be knocked off her pedestal.

"I know, but your cousin has some attitude problems." I mumbled, sighing softly.

He chuckled as if there was an underlying meaning to what I just said.

"You get used to it. So, Isabella I know this is kind of short notice but would you mind coming over at my house after school?" I blinked up at him.

"Remember last time you had to cancel because you were busy." He states.

I don't reply.

"If your busy you don't have to come, we can plan it another time." He rambles on, this is the closest thing to nervousness I have ever seen a vampire of this time display.

The idea of it just made me laugh, Edward had stopped talking and stared at me questioningly. He looked slightly hurt by my sudden outburst and began to walk away, I ran after him.

"Wait Edward!" I giggled.

"I wasn't laughing at you, I just thought it was ridiculous that you would think I would say no." I state trying to cover my laughs.

He stops walking and faces me.

"Really?" He asked.

I nodded.

"You managed to get me to sit beside your family after my many failed attempts at telling you no." I smiled.

His face brightened immediately. I took my place by his side and we continued to walk down the long corridor together.

I tapped my foot impatiently at the front entrance of the school. I held my phone in one hand while my bag slung loosely on my shoulder, annoyed I tossed it carelessly to the curb and flopped down with a 'humph'. I continued to flip open my phone then close it. Using more force then necessary until I was convinced that it would break in two and I still needed the service of this human device. I had been patiently waiting for Edward to come pick me up so we could go to his house together, but I had been waiting for twenty minutes. My patience had worn thin in that duration of time. I had attempted to call him but I received no answer. I felt like I have been-what you humans would call, 'stood up'. It is an embarrassing predicament to be placed in. I genuinely thought that Edward and I had grown closer similar to that of friends, but this has completely shattered every ounce of trust that I was stupid enough to place in Edward. I always thought he was an honest gentleman like those of my time, who treated a woman fairly and would never do anything as heartless as this.

I sighed, I guess it was my fault for being too trustworthy. An characteristic that I had observed from these new types of vampires is that they share similar traits of that of a human. For the past ten years I have grown up alone after the fatality of most of my kind, during those many years I grown distant to any type of emotion and this silly things called friendship was the very last thing on my mind. Celestina was the only one I ever considered a friend, she was like family. But now she is gone, hell bent on revenge. The only one I thought that I could rely on when things began to get worse. I was stupid enough to think that Edward and his family could fill this empty gap in my heart.

I learnt my lesson and I refuse to give in to these damn emotions. I won't be made a fool of and I never make the same mistake twice.

Frustrated, I stood up abruptly slinging my bag over my shoulder and began to walk through the parking lot that was pretty much empty except for the rusty truck. I must have resembled an idiot as I waited for Edward. I slammed the door as soon as I was inside and started the engine. It roared to life and I headed in the direction of the Cullen's house to humiliate Edward to gain redemption for what he did to me. I used my nose to pick out their scents as I tracked them with my nose.

I followed their scents into the deeper woodsy area of Forks that I have not yet explored, my adrenaline was the anger I felt and that helped me to moved faster as I neared the location. For once the truck did not give out or even hesitate as I continued to push pasts its limits. The scents suddenly disappeared and I slowed the truck. I decided to park it near the trees that peered out from the road. It would be a perfect hiding spot, I drove the truck into the forest until it was well hidden by shrubs and tall vegetation. Satisfied I jumped out of the truck and closed the door quietly. I wanted the element of surprise on my side.

I followed a trail that appeared to lead further into the forest, I trekked along the rocky path cautiously but in a quickened pace. After awhile I felt like it would be a better idea to take cover within the trees, I jumped from one branch to another stealthily. I could see a four story house poking out from the tall trees in the distance, I was nearing Edward's house. I smirked as I quickened my pace even more, I became a blur as trees past me while I jumped and swung from each branch. I climbed the tallest one and peered through its leaves. From above I noticed there were multiple sets of cars in the driveway. Most of them I recognized as being the Cullen's cars but there were two that I was not sure of. They could be visitors.

But, as I stared intently at the two black vehicles I immediately remembered where I saw them from. They were the cars that transported all the red eyed vampires-whom I assumed were human drinkers like myself, with the insignia that branded them with power that radiated off of them in waves. I could hear an argument emerging from the house, I could sense a fight about to commence. I heard Edward's frustrated voice pierce through the tension that had begun to build. He seemed rather impatient. Then I heard his marble like body fall hard on the floor. My blood ran cold and I stood frozen while perched on the branch.

Something moved deeply within me and the next thing I knew I had quietly jumped from the tall tree and made my way to the front entrance masking my scent. I could still hear their voices, but they had not sensed my presence yet. I started to feel a bit nervous while I was being bombarded by emotions I thought I had gotten rid of. Taking a deep breath, I wiped any trace of emotion from my face and stood straighter. I was of a strong bloodline of royal blood pure bloods, this shouldn't frighten me in the least.

And then I rung the doorbell. I heard silence from inside the house, no one made a sound or any movements from the interior. I heard someone make there way quietly to the door. I remembered this smell it was Carlisle Cullen. Surprisingly amidst their disgusting smell, there was a tiny distinction amongst it that enabled me to identify which Cullen it belonged to. I made this discovery a couple of weeks ago.

The door slowly opened and I was welcomed with Carlisle's pale like features and worrisome golden eyes.

"Isabella, it is a surprise to see you here." He welcomed nervously.

"I thought Edward mentioned my arrival." I raised a delicate eyebrow.

Realization dawned on his features.

"Didn't Edward tell you that we had guests coming over and you would have to visit another time?" He asked.

I furrowed my brows in confusion.

"No, in fact I wasn't able to get a hold of him. I waited for twenty minutes." I explained, my anger slowly seeping in.

He looked apologetic.

"I am truly sorry for the confusion Isabella, but right now isn't a good time." I gazed beyond Carlisle's figure that blocked the entrance of the four story house and noticed that all the vampires in the house had begun to emerge from what I assumed to be the living room. I immediately recognized Jane and her group but there were four others that I had not yet seen. One stuck out from the rest, his gaze pierced through mine. He had raven black hair that appeared to have been recently cut short making it a less then shoulder length and was brushed back making it wavy. He wore a black tailored suit with a burgundy red shirt underneath and a matching handkerchief that was delicately placed in his breast pocket. He had long legs that were covered with matching black pants and nice dress shoes. Through all that clothing I noticed how muscular he really was and what a formidable opponent he would make. His eyes held the wonders, dangers and the knowledge of the world that told a story of his treacherous past. He bared many scars that a regular person would not have seen.

The one that stood beside him had shoulder length white hair and wore a suit similar to that of the first but his shirt was a dark blue. The last one who stood off to the side had a dark purple shirt and dressed in a black suit with matching dress pants. And there was the tiny Asian girl with short black hair and held no emotion in her red eyes.

Carlisle blocked my view of the scene behind him.

"Isabella, I think it would be best if you left." He closed the door behind him and urged me further outside. I could not get the image of the dark haired beauty who stood proud and tall and radiated power out of my mind.

Edward appeared behind Carlisle and quickly whispered into Carlisle's ear. He spoke rapidly but I caught every word. I pretended as if I heard nothing.

"They want to meet the human." He spoke.

Carlisle's seemed to grow ten times paler than he already was.

Carlisle turned around to look back at the house and went back inside.

Edward and I were left alone, the air had grown increasingly awkward.

"Isabella-" He began, but I put my hand up silencing him.

"Don't. Even." I ground out through clenched teeth.

He looked helpless.

"Thanks for the ride Edward I really appreciated it when you decided to ditch me and make me wait for twenty minutes without even answering a single one of my calls. If you really didn't want me to come meet the rest of your family you should have just told me." I said in a cold voice refusing to let any emotion surface.

He stood speechless.

I looked at him expectantly.

"Don't you have anything to say?"

He attempted to reach out to me, I moved away. He looked hurt.

"Isabella it's not what you think." He began.

"Then please elaborate Edward! Make me understand!" I was beginning to grow frustrated.

He ran his hands through his bronzed colored hair and began to pace.

"I can't really go into detail about it now, but I will tell you. Just not right now."

"How does that explain anything?" I snapped.

"Please Isabella, just once can you listen to what I have to say. Please just leave." For some reason that hurt. I hardened my gaze and pushed these ridiculous emotions off to the side.

"As you wish." I replied sarcastically and turned around. I had taken only two steps when I heard the front door opening and the most wonderful smell wafted through the air. It smelt of masculinity with a mix of lavender and a hint of peppermint. It was enticing.

"Stop." Just that one word made me halt, it wasn't spoken harshly and wasn't a distinct command, but the power that flowed through just that one word was strong.

I heard him make his way down the steps and onto the gravel like driveway. I slowly turned around and was met by the dark haired beauty. His eyes gazed at me curiously. The tiny Asian girl stood by his side protectively, which annoyed me for some reason. Everyone else peered through the open doorway. Carlisle stood on the porch with his arms wrapped around his mate, whom I presume to be Esme. She was beautiful and radiated warmth and kindness like that of a motherly aura.

"Are you Isabella?" He asked, continuing to stare at me.

I nodded, I wasn't sure how well I would be able to formulate a sentence in the state I was in.

Jane pushed through the entrance and stood on his flank that was not being occupied by the Asian girl. This annoyed me more than anything in the world. Especially since she had the trade mark smirk plastered on her face. My bloodlust was never so strong. The last time I desired for bloodshed was when my siblings were murdered.

The white haired man and the one with the dulled expression approached the dark haired beauty. All the red eyes gathered around the three who appeared to be the leaders.

"Interesting." He muttered and tilted his head to the side, smelling me.

Carlisle spoke up.

"Aro, she was just leaving. We do not need to involve her."

So, the name of this dark haired beauty was Aro. It suited him perfectly.

"But, this does involve her, she should know what is going on." The white haired man spoke.

"We did nothing wrong!" Edward yelled.

Jane glared at him.

"Watch your mouth boy or else I will have to teach you some manners again." She spat.

The tension grew even more thick.

"Guys, Isabella does not need to see this." Alice said in a quiet voice. She was glued to Jasper's side with a saddened expression on her face. I have never seen Alice this sad before. But, then again when was Alice ever sad?

Everyone turned their gaze towards me, I just shrugged. I have been through worse arguments.

"Would you like me to stay or would you prefer that I left?" I was growing tired of this.

Jane answered.

"You are not needed I would prefer that you left." I glared at her.

"Jane." My dark- Aro said in a warning tone that immediately shut her up.

"Isabella, I know your still mad but-" I cut Edward off yet again, everything he said was only getting me more angry.

"Edward do me a favor and shut up!You had your chance and you blew it!" I snapped.

He looked like I had torn his heart out of his chest.

He tried to approach me again. But, I moved farther away.

He sighed giving up and stuck his hands in his pockets.

"Isabella, calm down I am sure Edward didn't mean to hurt your feelings." Carlisle attempted to ease the tension.

If there was one thing you should know about me, it's that you never and I mean never tell me to calm down.

I was about to unleash all of my anger and what I really thought of Edward, but Aro had raised his hand. Everyone stopped and stared at him, myself included.

"Enough, let her come inside Carlisle, then we will explain what is going on." The Cullen's looked completely defeated, especially Alice.

Everyone filed back into the Cullen house and I was the last to enter. Rosalie glared at me hatefully and dragged Emmett inside. And to think I thought I was making progress with her. Whatever. I followed everyone into the living room, Aro was leading. Everyone took their seats and I remained standing. There was no where to sit and none of the Cullen's even looked at me. What is it that I have done? Jane continued to wear that smirk as she sat close to, might I add a little bit too close to my- Aro.

The reels in my head began to work as I pondered over what this could be about. My assumption to this situation would be that, the Cullen's are under false pretension of revealing their secret to me. Maybe they think that Carlisle told me what they are? Are they being punished from this inaccurate accusation? I wouldn't want to be the cause of a coven being destroyed.

"The Cullen's did nothing wrong. Whatever it is that you think they did, they didn't do it." I was the first to speak. My voice held confidence and strength.

Aro gazed at me amusingly.

"Oh, and what is it that you think they have done?" He asks.

"I am not sure, I thought you were going to tell me?" I countered.

His peeling laughter lifted some of the heaviness from the room, his laugh was indescribable. It sounded majestic yet held a slight timbre that was easily distinguishable. It made you want to smile and laugh along with him, which is what I almost did had I not realized what I was about to do.

"First let's introduce ourselves before we get into those unpleasant matters. I am Aro Volturi." Volturi, I have never heard of that name before. It had a nice ring to it, especially with his first name. Aro Volturi. Aro Volturi. What a nice name.

He gestured to the white haired man.

"This is Caius."

Next was the one with the bored expression that held much sadness hidden in his dull red eyes.

"And Marcus. They are my brothers."

They didn't look like they were related, but I felt rude for even thinking like that. It was similar to the relationship I shared with Celestina. Oh, I missed her so. I needed a friends more than ever right now.

"And this is Corin." He finished gesturing to the Asian girl.

"You've already met Jane and her brother Alec along with Demetri, Felix and Heidi."

"Brother, enough of this frivolous nonsense, we must get back to the task at hand." Caius spoke impatiently.

"I agree." Marcus speaking for the time nodded in agreement.

"Alright then, Isabella Swan how long have you known the Cullen's?"

I blinked a couple of times to register what he was asking me.

"For awhile now." I replied warily.

"An exact number would be better child." Caius snorted.

I immediately disliked Caius.

"A couple of months, maybe three or four."

"Did you notice anything strange in their behavior. Did they do anything unusual?"

I pondered over this, of course they acted oddly because they weren't human, but I didn't want to tell them that.

"No." I answered.

"If you are lying child, there will be a severe price to pay." Caius threatened.

Another thing, I did not like to be admonished.

"There is no need to threaten me, I answered your questions politely, the least you could do is respond civilly." I glared at him.

Everyone froze and said nothing. Aro broke the silence with his laughter.

"What an interesting child! So full of life!" He clapped his hands delightfully.

Caius muttered under his breath, while Marcus's eyes shone with slight hilarity.

"Now for our final question." Seriousness had taken over Aro's features and no one even cracked a smile.

"Have the Cullen's ever revealed a secret to you? Something that they have never shared with anyone. Something so important that it is meant to stay hidden."

Then it dawned on me that they really did believe that the Cullen's had told me about the existence of vampires and why they were so different.

"No." I replied with conviction.

Aro stared at me for few moments.

"You know something, I can see it hidden in your eyes. And you are no fool, you obviously noticed something is different from the Cullen family. And yet, you don't seem as normal as you make yourself appear to be." He concluded, scrutinizing me.

I froze. How was that possible. How could he have known that. I had masked my scent, I had hidden my appearance. There was nothing that could have given my identity away. So, how could someone I have just met know that much about me within a couple of minutes. I stared wide eyed at the beautiful dark creature in front of me. He had a smirk on his face that knew far too much.

Aro Volturi is truly one to be feared.

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No one moved, everyone was far too consumed in their own thoughts as they dwelled over what Aro Volturi had just said. This vampire was far more different then any I have met, pure blood or not. His eyes gleamed with wisdom far beyond his years and he was very observant, not to mention I sensed that he had a powerful gift that was somewhat like Edward's. I still couldn't get over the fact that he had figured that much about me in the short time we were together. It was truly frightening to know that he already knew I wasn't as human as I made myself appear to be.

This wasn't good, my parents would not be pleased that a mere bitten vampire was able to see through my façade. But, I guess it no longer mattered, I had concluded that my mission was nearing it's end. The whole reason for my visit here was to observe the vampires of this time and I have learned much of the new world. I even bared witnessed to shape shifters and learned of the Quileutes. There was nothing more for me here. I had planned to search for Celestina as soon as I returned to Transylvania and help find the culprit for my Uncle's murder.

I stood there dumbstruck, not knowing how to respond and for once in my life, I was actually rendered speechless. Just who was this Aro Volturi? Why is it that my emotions are all over the place when he is near? Why is it that I can hardly form a coherent sentence when he is around? Why is it that a part of myself I had buried away was resurfacing? What is wrong with me? I don't even know this man and yet he has been able to make me doubt my own judgement and fumble over my own words with just his laughter and his scent.

I couldn't even think clearly with him being in the same vicinity. I shook my head trying to focus, I have heard of this happening to many of my kind. They claimed that they had found their missing half, a part of themselves that has been missing for as long as they could remember. But, in my case it was impossible, there was no way that this beautiful creature, Aro Volturi was meant for me. I doubt he even felt any sentiments towards me, I am just being ridiculous. I was never meant to find this thing called love, I wasn't even sure what this emotion entailed. Someone like me couldn't possibly find love. I was far too broken, broken beyond repair.

I turned to look at Aro, who was conversing with his brother's, I had not been paying attention so I missed out on a lot of their conversation. The Cullen's stole glances my way and Edward wouldn't stop looking at me. Wondering if what Aro had said was true; that I am not what I appear to be. It was written all over his face that he wished to know more about me. Jane sat quietly by Aro's side and she seemed to have moved even closer to him. I narrowed my eyes. She felt my gaze on her and she smirked.

"Something wrong Isabella?" She asked innocently.

"I would prefer if you did not do that." I said through clenched teeth.

"Do what?" She asked stupidly.

"I have had enough!" I snarled.

I finally exploded, not being able to take Jane's constant taunts.

I was in a crouched position and Jane stared curiously at me, my vampire senses had begun to awaken and something in me snapped.

"MINE!" I growled.

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