Daughter of the Count and Countess

Revelations Part 1

Aro slowly lifted his gaze from me and turned his attention to his brothers, they silently whispered to one another in an ancient language I was very familiar with. They spoke at ridiculous speeds that were comprehensible and appeared to be in their own world as they discussed what to do next. While they talked I was trying to figure out a way to get myself out of this mess I had placed myself in. But, I was continuously brought out of my thoughts by Jane's proximity to Aro. I clenched my hands tightly at my sides and attempted to let go of this odd sensation of...jealousy? That had suddenly built within me. I bit my lip in hard concentration, thinking about what to next. Looking around the room I noticed how no one moved, everyone was far too consumed in their own thoughts as they dwelled over what Aro Volturi had just said. This vampire was far more different then any I have met, pure blood or not. His eyes gleamed with wisdom far beyond his years and he was very observant, not to mention I sensed that he had a powerful gift that was somewhat like Edward's. I still couldn't get over the fact that he had figured that much about me in the short time we were together. It was truly frightening to know that he already knew I wasn't as human as I made myself appeared to be.

This wasn't good, my parents would not be pleased that a mere bitten vampire was able to see through my façade. But, I guess it no longer mattered, I had concluded that my mission was nearing it's end. The whole reason for my visit here was to observe the vampires of this time and I have learned much of this new world. I even bared witnessed to shape shifters and learned of the Quileutes. There was nothing more for me here. I had planned to search for Celestina as soon as I returned to Transylvania and help find the culprit for my Uncle's murder.

I stood there dumbstruck, not knowing how to respond and for once in my life, I was actually rendered speechless. Just who was this Aro Volturi? Why is it that my emotions are all over the place when he is near? Why is it that I can hardly form a coherent sentence when he is around? Why is it that a part of myself I had buried away was resurfacing? What is wrong with me? I don't even know this man and yet he has been able to make me doubt my own judgement and fumble over my own words with just his laughter and his scent.

I couldn't even think clearly with him being in the same vicinity. I shook my head trying to focus, I have heard of this happening to many of my kind. They claimed that they had found their missing half, a part of themselves that has been missing for as long as they could remember. But, in my case it was impossible, there was no way that this beautiful creature who stood before me was meant for me. I doubt he even felt any sentiments towards me, I am just being ridiculous. I was never meant to find this thing called love, I wasn't even sure what this emotion entailed. Someone like me couldn't possibly find love. I was far too broken, broken beyond repair.

I turned to look at Aro, who was still conversing with his brother's, I had not been paying attention so I missed out on a lot of their conversation. The Cullen's stole glances my way and Edward wouldn't stop looking at me. Wondering if what Aro had said was true; that I am not what I appear to be. It was written all over his face that he wished to know more about me. Jane sat quietly by Aro's side and she seemed to have moved even closer to him. I narrowed my eyes. She felt my gaze on her and she smirked.

"Something wrong Isabella?" She asked in mock innocence.

"I would prefer if you did not do that." I said through clenched teeth.

"Do what?" She asked in that same tone, that had begun to irritate me greatly.

"I have had enough!" I snarled, getting tired of Jane and her atrocious attitude.

I finally exploded, no longer being able to take Jane's constant taunts. I had tried to keep my mouth shut up until this point, but Jane was over stepping into unfamiliar territories. I immediately prepared myself to get into a crouched position and Jane stared curiously at me, my vampire senses had begun to awaken and something in me finally snapped. Aro and his brothers had stopped talking and stared intriguingly at Jane and I. Caius looked amused, Marcus was indifferent and Aro watched with fascination. The Cullen's looked shocked, while the remaining Volturi members looked pityingly at me.

Words that I would have never found myself saying slipped through my now elongated canines.

"MINE!" I growled possessively.

Jane's curiosity immediately transformed into confusion. Something buried deep inside me had awakened and it was hungry for bloodshed. I wanted to destroy, no annihilate Jane. I wanted her existence to disappear by my hands. She would not leave this house alive once I was done with her.

"You think you can challenge me, human?" She sneered slowly rising to her feet.

I hardened my gaze. I decided to let that nasty comment slide, this bitch would get what was coming for her one way or another.

"Aro Volturi is correct, I am not as human as I appear." My thick Transylvania accent coated my speech.

"Is that a Transylvanian accent I hear?" The dark haired beauty asked.

I turned my attention to him offering him my best smile and nodded.

Curiosity glowed in his red orbs as he stared at me.

"Isabella whats going on?" Edward asking while walking over to where I stood.

I said nothing for what seemed to be the longest times, suddenly Jane whispered something into Aro's ear that-what you human's would say, 'ticked' me off. She was nearing what was mine. Wait, what was I thinking? I had no claim over Aro, he could never belong to be, he probably belonged to another. This was not my place to be possessive or to think ridiculous thoughts that he was actually mine.

What really was wrong with me? I quickly got out of my crouched position. I felt my eyes begin to prick as they returned to their normal eye color. I began to make my way to the door, realizing what a total fool I made of myself.

"Isabella, wait?" I felt Edward grab a hold of my wrist.

I was in no mood to be touched, especially by the likes of Edward.

I turned around so quickly, that I caught him off guard and bared my canines at him, my eyes glowed silver to show my fury and he backed away. I stalked towards him in a deadly approach.

"I asked you to leave me alone Edward, is there something you misunderstood?" I asked very slowly.

He shook his head and raised his hands up in a sign of defeat. I saw Aro begin to make his way towards me and Jane followed laying her hand on his shoulder in an attempt to stop his approach. I saw red as I lunged for Jane, I felt the human façade fully disappear as I truly did transform back into my original appearance. I felt my hair begin to grow longer, my nails formed into deadly claws as they were elongated. My ears began to grow sharper and my skin returned to its natural pale state. I was transforming into a stealthy killer, a huntress ready for blood to be spilled. I grabbed her by her throat and began to throttle her around like a rag doll. With no hesitation I threw her body against a nearby window. Shards of glass exploded everywhere as she lurched through the window and tumbled outside. I let out a snarl and readied myself in a crouch. All the vampires stood, copying my movements. I growled at any who neared me, I could hear Jane's outraged snarl and she lunged through the space that once occupied a window and lunged at me, but I was far quicker and fueled by my rage, I had her pinned before she even lunged. My teeth sunk into her neck as I began to tear away at her skin.

I felt hands attempt to pry me off, but I easily shook them off and continued to dismember Jane. I heard her cries of pain and that only fueled the bloodlust that was being let free. Something barreled into me, stunned I had let go of Jane who fell limply to the floor, her brother rushed to her side and crouched protectively in front of her. I turned to see that Emmett was the one who knocked me away from Jane and my anger was directed towards him, moving faster than the speed of light I kicked him in the chest and sent him flying through a wall. I heard his body thunderously hit a tree outside, Rosalie looked murderous as she lunged for my neck.

I grabbed her arm and spun her around, pinning it to her back as she struggled to get out of my iron grip. I had been waiting to do this for awhile. I kicked her from behind sending her flying in the same direction as her beloved mate. I turned around to stare at the Cullen's beckoning them to approach at their own will. Fear shone through each of them as they hovered protectively near their mates and the Volturi stood protectively in front of their leaders. Edward looked stunned and was unable to move. Suddenly I felt a hand rest on my shoulder blade that emanated warmth throughout my body. I slowly began to relax and my eyes dulled to their warm honey brown, my canines were not as elongated but still protruded my mouth and my claw retracted slightly.

I got out of the crouch and slowly turned around and was confronted by Aro Volturi. He stared at me fearlessly and moved his hand to rest on my cheek. I quickly moved away, scanning the room, I realized the damage I had caused. I ruined the Cullen house. What once used to be sturdy walls were now coated in holes, windows were broken, furniture was shredded or displaced and there were the injured vampires that got in my way. Jane was still unconscious and strewn against the floor, pieces of her flesh discarded around her. Alec looked heartbroken as he stared at his nearly dismembered sister. Emmett and Rosalie had entered the house, bruised and battered the other relying on one another for strength. The rest distanced themselves from me as they eyed me carefully.

I sighed.

"What have I done?" I muttered and looked up at the ceiling hoping that my answer would be there.

After a few minutes everyone began to move once again, attempting to rearrange the room back into its rightful place. I heard moaning and out of my peripheral vision I saw Alec putting his sister back together as she leaned against one of the few walls standing. I stood there not knowing what to do, shame and guilt filled me as I watched the Cullen's put everything back. Once they were done they tended to the injured, I averted my gaze from everyone and resorted to staring out the window.

I heard someone clear their throat, I tilted my head in that direction, identifying the voice as Carlisle's who was trying to get my attention. I did not even move. He cleared his throat again.

"I heard you the first time Carlisle." I spoke, my accent still very thick.

"Why don't you turn around and look at the damage you caused and the people you injured instead of staring out the window like a coward." Rosalie spat hatefully.

I closed my eyes and appeared in front of her.

"A coward? You don't even know the meaning of the word." I hissed.

She backed away.

"What are you?" She whispered.

"Wouldn't you like to know." I retorted.

I stared at my retracted nails and began to move my fingers.

"What to do now? I guess there is no point in hiding the fact that I am not human." I muttered to myself knowing full well that they could hear me.

"Sit down." I said not bothering to look up. No one moved.

I stopped moving my fingers, my eyes began to prick indicating there were glowing a bright silver.

"Unless you want to know the truth then sit down." I repeated in a cold deadly tone.

This time everyone complied, except for the Volturi.

"We don't take orders from you." Alec snarled.

"Unless you want to end up like your sister, I suggest you listen to me." I replied coldly.

He glared.

"Enough Alec, do as she says." Aro interrupted to my surprise.

They all reluctantly obliged including Jane who was put back together. I remained standing like before. I waited for everyone to get settled before speaking.

"I am not of this time, many things have changed." I began.

"I am a creature of the night like all of you, but I am much different and much stronger. You were all bitten, you were never born a vampire whereas I am. I am from a royal pure bred bloodline. I am a full pure blood with full pure blood parents." I looked at each of their expressions as what I said suck in.

"Impossible." Caius spoke breaking the stunned silence.

"I am living breathing proof of it." I stated.

"That is why I move faster, am stronger, have far more acute senses and am able to mask my scent and hide my appearance. My abilities far surpass yours." I continued.

I began to move around the room. Thinking of what to say next.

"Who are your parents?" Alice asked in a quiet tone.

I turned to look at her and smirked.

"Now, that is quite an interesting question." I replied.

"But, you are in no place to know where I originated from." I added.

"Don't you think you owe us this much, after the damaged you caused." Spoke Esme.

I did feel bad for destroying her house, but the troublemaker was Jane. If she hadn't provoked me none of this would have happened.

"You have no one to blame but that annoying blonde haired wench." I snarled hatefully.

Jane snapped her head up, she stared at me cautiously. Knowing what I could do she was treading on very thin ice.

"My fault? What have I do-" I silenced her with a look.

"Your taunts are what provoked me Jane and trust me I was being very patient by letting you live. Normally I would have simply silenced you by ending your pitiful existence." I sneered.

She remained silent and averted her gaze from mine. My power had finally been released and was now suppressing those in the room. Since I am of royal blood, we all have a certain aura that emanates power, warning our enemies that we are not to be messed with. This also indicates our rank depending on the amount of power released, but if too much of it is allowed to roam free those around you will have no choice but to bow down to the one in power. I could feel Aro's and his power could possibly rival mine.

"Isabella if I may be so kind to say, would you please tone it down with whatever power your releasing." Carlisle asked and winced from the amount of power that was suppressing his skull.

I gently released it, a little bit at a time. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief except Aro who looked perfectly fine.

"Sorry, but for my kind we tend to release great amounts of power if we feel like we are being threatened." I explained.

"What did you feel threatened by?" Edward asked, seemingly getting closer to me.

"Jane." I answered simply.

Everyone stared wide eyed at me.

"Why?" Caius demanded.

"She was nearing what is min-" I abruptly stopped speaking.

"She was nearing what?" Caius prodded.

"Nothing." I muttered. Was I really about to say that?

"I believe that Isabella felt protective of Aro when Jane placed her hand on his shoulder." Felix offered.

I stiffened. Was it really that obvious?

"How is that possible? Only mate-" Caius had directed his attention to Felix when I caught him off.

"Don't you dare say it." I whispered.

Caius swiveled towards me. His eyes piercing mine curiously.

"Were you giving me an order child?" Caius sneered.

"Do you know it is considered rude to stare at a royal pure blood directly in the eyes. This demonstrates disobedience." I said unfazed by his reaction.

He continued to stare at me, searching for something hidden in my eyes. I hardened my gaze taking that as a challenge and we stared hard at each other. Instinctively I focused my power on one solid focal point and directed it towards Caius who keeled over and collapsed on the floor. He attempted to get up but was continuously knocked down to the ground with a 'thud'. Each time he attempted to get up, I would increase the level of power and he would collapse on the ground with much more force.

"Such power." He gasped as he struggled to stand on his feet.

"Isabella, that is enough." Aro demanded looking at me.

I nodded and released Caius from my power allowing him to slowly get up.

"I warned you that it was disrespectful to look directly into a royal pure blood's eyes. I instinctively took that as a challenge." I told him watching his movements.

"I apologize." He muttered quietly.

The room went silent, everyone stared eyes wide and mouth agape at Caius.

"Brother, you are not known for apologizing." Marcus spoke hoarsely.

"Isabella you do realize that you are the first that Caius has ever apologized to." I turned to stare at Edward.

I shrugged, I didn't understand what the big fuss was about.

"I do apologize for ruining your house Esme, if you like I will pay for the damages." I say guiltily looking at Esme.

Her expression softened and her smile radiated on her heartwarming face.

"It is quite alright Isabella. It is because of the connection between you and Aro that explains your actions. It is similar to that of a ma-"

"Well, I should really get going, thank you for the hospitality." I said quickly and headed towards the door, or what was left of it.

"Why is it that you get nervous when the word mate is mentioned child?" Marcus asked his voice barely audible.

I froze, just as I reached for the handle on the door.

"Do you know what my power is?" He asked, ignoring the fact that I had not answered his question.

Still, I did not move.

"I am able to see the bond between people, the relationships they share between a large amount of people." He continued on in that same monotonous voice.

My lips remained firm refusing to utter a word.

"Your behavior towards Aro, alerted me to check the bond the two of you share."

I turned around.

"What does that have to do with me?" I asked quietly looking anywhere but at him.

He made his way towards me and from my peripheral vision I faintly saw Aro stiffen.

"Peace brother." He spoke gently, lifting his hand.

I attempted to gain more room away from him, but my back was pressed against the door. I had no where to escape to unless I fled.

"Would you like to know your relationship?" He asked now standing in front of me.

I shook my head and he delicately placed his hand on my shoulder as I looked down at my feet. My head snapped up when I heard Aro growl, as he stared murderously at Marcus. Sensing danger, Marcus lifted his hand from my shoulder and Aro stopped growling.

"By the actions that both you and Aro display this only means one thing." He continued on as if I had said nothing at all.

"Even though you both have only recently met, your bond is held by a delicate golden thread that will grow much stronger over time. You two are destined for one another." He explained.

"Please stop." I spoke, my voice quivering slightly. I shook my head slowly, I didn't want to hear it.

"It is inevitable my child. You two are each other's missing halves."

"No please." I continued in a pleading voice.

"You two are soul mates, the strongest and most highly regarded among mates."

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Now, for the EXCERPT:

"Isabella, why won't you accept me?" I averted my gaze from the one person that could unravel so many emotions from inside of me.

"Because you deserve someone better Aro." I whispered.

He approached me and I felt that same warmth crawl up my spine and spread throughout my body. My legs began to feel unsteady and I felt like I was about to fall any second.

"I only want you, if you are the one I am destined to be with I would love to spend eternity with you." He replied gently caressed my arm.

I nearly caved in, his words were so sweet and endearing, but I couldn't possibly allow him to come into my world. He didn't know what it meant to be mated to someone like me. I would only hurt him, because of my past I would have to distance myself away from him.

"Aro, no." I moved away from his touch. It pained me more than anything in the world.

"Why do you keep refusing me?! Do you think I am incapable of loving you?" He exclaimed in a pained voice.

I looked up at his broken expression.

"That's not it! It doesn't have to do with you!" I stared into the red depths of his eyes begging him to understand.

"Then what is it?" He asked harshly. I winced at his tone.

"It's me." I whispered so lowly that I thought he wouldn't have heard. I could no longer look at his expression and cast my eyes down.

"You have no idea what it means to be my mate." I continued in that same quiet tone.

I felt him draw near, my body begged for me to do the same, but I resisted and attempted to move away from him. He caught me by my wrists and held them above my head while his other hand snaked around my waist. He wore a smirk and his eyes danced with amusement and seemed to have darkened slightly. He moved his lips closer to my face and I turned my head. I felt his hot breath tickle my ear.

"Then show me Isabella Adriana Dracula."

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