Daughter of the Count and Countess

Revelations Part 2

"You two are soul mates, the strongest and most highly regarded among mates."

His words echoed through my head, the words I never wanted to hear or to admit to. I never thought that I would ever find my mate nevertheless like this. His words rung with certainty and I knew that it was the truth as much as I wished it wasn't. Everyone was at a standstill and I stood frozen in shock and disbelief.

"It can't be." I muttered softly.

"Oh, but it is the truth child. I have never been so sure about a bond before." He explained monotonously.

"But, how? Why?" I sputtered, confused on what I was to do now.

My sole purpose for coming here was to explore the new world and discover how much vampires had evolved since my time, I never knew I was going to encounter my mate. Had my parents known about this? But that wasn't right, they couldn't possibly have known I was to meet Aro. Yet they had been quite persistent on me coming to Forks specifically when I could have gone anywhere else in the world. These vampires populated immensely and could be found anywhere, whereas my kind were so few and far between.

Marcus shrugged, "Fate." That one word, sent my brain reeling.

Fate. Was it fate that took away my siblings and practically eradicated my kind? Was it because of fate that another one of my relatives was killed? Was it fate that we all had to suffer as we could only watch and do nothing while the humans reigned control over us? Was fate the reason we all had to be placed in solitude for the preservation of so few of my kind, so we could potentially rise once again? Was my arrival to this strange town also part of fate's plan? Was all this meant to happen? Was I apart of something larger that fate had in store for me?

Uncle Lucian's riddle suddenly popped into my head but only one verse resonated to me the most.

Many will die, others will depart.

The child is in need of her missing counterpart.

The one closest will surely fall.

Tumbling down a cliff of mountainous betrayal.

I had concluded that this riddle was obviously about me, but I have heard many riddles and prophecies during my time awake and yet I have never heard of something like this. How was my Uncle Lucian able to get a hold of something implicating me specifically?

Many will die, others will depart.

The child is in need of her missing counterpart.

Could it be that I needed Aro by my side? Could he be the beacon of light my kind and I have been waiting for these past few centuries? But, I wouldn't be cruel, I refused to allow him to face my problems along with me. They were not his people he shouldn't have to suffer along with the rest of us. I could never forgive myself if I damned him in this eternal hell.

"Fate." I spat.

"Fate has taken much from me, I hardly believe in it anymore." I muttered.

Marcus eyed me questioningly.

"I sense you have gone through a tremendous ordeal child." He observed.

Images of my siblings emptied expressions as the life drained from them slowly, the destruction that was left behind and those of my kind who died pried themselves into my mind. Bodies lay strewn carelessly on the court yard, the distraught faces of those who lost their loved ones including their mates. The pain was felt throughout the castle for those lucky enough to still be alive. At times I wished it was me who died instead of my siblings.

"You have no idea." I quivered.

"No idea at all." I repeated whispering quietly, shaking my head in an attempt to rid myself of these memories which I had kept under lock and key inside my mind.

"I don't want to remember, but these memories continue to plague me, even when I drift asleep." I spoke to no one in particular.

"Wait, you are able to fall asleep?" Asked Carlisle from what seemed like so far away.

I cast my eyes past Marcus and to Carlisle who held Esme affectionately.

"Yes, I am like those vampires you read in those stupid books written by humans. I can sleep during the night in a coffin. I also can't stay in the sun for too long or my skin would begin to deteriorate. And garlic does not affect me, but it still isn't pleasant to smell. Stakes have absolutely no affect on my kind. I do not eat human food either and drink blood, but unlike you Carlisle drinking the blood of animals would make us incredibly sick." I explained trying to answer any potential questions beforehand.

"That's like something out of Count Dracula." Emmett guffawed.

I smirked.

"What if I told you that he was the first pure blood vampire ever created, making him the king of our kind. He rules Transylvania along with his lovely wife and mate Lavinia."I smiled.

I glanced at Aro and his brothers.

"He is even older than all of you." I say.

"Wait, Count Dracula actually exists?" Emmett began to bounce up and down, excited. The Cullen's simply rolled their eyes.

"Of course." I said surprised.

"Don't believe in everything you hear Emmett." I scolded.

"How do you know so much about him?" Caius asked suspiciously.

I let out a slow smile that displayed my fangs. I retreated from my position at the door and began to walk to the center of the room.

"Alice, remember your previous question that you asked me?" She nodded.

"What if I said that Count Dracula and his mate gave birth to six children." I spoke vaguely.

"What are you getting at Isabella?" She asked, furrowing her delicate brows.

"I am one of those six children. The youngest actually." I concluded.

Everyone froze and stared at me wide eyed.

"No freaking way!" Emmett gushed like a teenage girl.

I winced in disgust as I watched Emmett.

"What is your full name?" Esme asked inquiringly.

"Isabella Adriana Dracula." I answered proudly.

"How is that possible?" Carlisle was at a loss for words.

"Well, when a male and a female love each other very much, they make love to each other by-" I responded seriously until Carlisle cut me off.

"We get it Isabella, but how?" He wondered curiously.

"You know it is rude to interrupt a royal pure blood when he or she is speaking, but like I said my kind and yours are alike yet different. My kind can easily reproduce like I said before when I mentioned that both my parents are full pure bloods." I began to pace around the room.

"Incredible." He gasped.

Using his vampire speed he quickly sped over to me, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

"Would it be okay if I ran some tests on you? This is truly an astounding discovery I can not pass up." He stared at me like I was some sort of science experiment.

"Um, no." I replied carefully mid pace.

His eyes no longer held that gleam and he composed himself immediately.

"I apologize, that was rude of me especially since you are the daughter of Count Dracula." I felt bad.

Sighing, I decided to play nice. "All right Carlisle. If this really means that much to you."

His eyes shone proudly.

"Thank you." He replied appreciatively.

"How do we know your even speaking the truth. I still don't trust you." Rosalie spoke icily. After what I did to her and Emmett I wouldn't blame her.

"When have you ever trusted me Rosalie?" I sighed.

"Good point." She inclined her head.

"I don't expect you to believe m-" My phone suddenly rang.

I swiftly took it out of my back pocket.


"Daughter." My Father's voice rang through the other end.

"Yes, Father." Seriousness coated my accent.

"It seems that Celestina has gone missing." He spoke as if he knew exactly where she had gone and been.

"Really? I thought she went back-" I stopped mid sentence realizing I had played right into my Father's awaiting hands. He knew that Celestina had come to visit me he just wanted me to prove his suspicions. I was in so much trouble.

"Isabella Adriana Dracula." My Father enunciated my full name so clearly that it sent shivers down my spine.

"Why did you not mention Celestina's sudden little visit during your phone calls?" He asked in that same dark tone.

I gulped.

"Father, I didn't mean to deceive you, I-" I began to plead knowing I had very little time to convince him I didn't mean anything by it.

"Enough." He did not yell, but the harsh tone that he used was intimidating.

"But, Fath-" I began again.

"Isabella, don't make me repeat myself twice." He warned.

I stayed quiet, embarrassed that I had spectators watching as I received a scolding by my Father.

"What was the purpose of her visit?" He asked coldly. Emotion completely void from his voice.

"She told me about the murders and that of Uncle Lucian." I answered in the same emotionless tone.

I heard him sigh.

"Foolish girl! She was never meant to tell you anything." His voice was coated in anger. I winced, if Celestina knew what was good for her she would not appear before my Mother and Father for awhile.

"Father, I can help. I will come back hom-"

"No." He bellowed with finality.

"That isn't fair, they are my people as well! Did you intend to keep this a secret from me forever?" My voice rose slightly.

I continued before he had a chance to speak.

"If human's really are behind this, then why can't I be of service to you? Why do you continuously treat me like a child!" I asked in a fed up tone.

"Because, you are the only child we have left! Don't you understand?" His thunderous voice silenced me.

I froze.

"I know, I am your only remaining daughter but you don't have to remind me." I felt my hands begin to shake.

"We will continue this later, Isabella. Don't even attempt to enter Transylvania." He spoke darkly.

"But, Fath-"

"If you continue to disobey my authority Isabella, I will be left with no choice but to punish you." He paused. "Like I said, we will continue this later. It appears that you have spectators."

"Why are you being so cruel?" I complained angrily.

He ignored me.

"This is none of your concern Isabella, do not return home. Mate of Isabella my wife and I give many greetings. Watch over my daughter. And sorry for my abrupt rudeness cold ones, I have not yet introduced myself, I am Count Dracula." And then he hung up.

I shut the phone with more force than necessary. Needing an outlet for my anger, I punched a nearby table shattering it until it was no longer distinguishable.

"Why does he always do that!" I mutter angrily.

Frustrated I gripped the sides of my head, nearly ripping my hair out of its roots.

"I apologize, you did not need to hear about my problems." I directed my attention to all the vampires in the room who stared at me in awe, including the Ice Queen herself. Emmett looked like a child on Christmas morning.

"You really are..."Rosalie began but her sentence faded.

I rolled my eyes. Letting go of my hair.

"It isn't a big deal, you get used to it in time." I replied nonchalantly.

"Isabella, what is happening in your homeland?" Carlisle questioned.

I stared at them pained.

"I can't. You shouldn't get involved." I shook my head.

"Maybe we can be of service to you?" Jane mumbled.

I snapped my head in her direction, narrowing my gaze intently.

"Why would you even want to be of service to me?" I asked harshly.

Wincing she responded," I feel like I owe you this much, after how I have treated you." She fidgeted.

"Oh please, of course you would say that after knowing who and what I am." I answered snarkily.

"Keep in my mind that it is no choice of yours. It is us who come down with the final decision. Never forget that." Caius intervened.

"Exactly." I agreed.

"Forgive me, Master. I just thought that since she was Aro's mate-."

"It is fine Jane, I wouldn't mind helping my mate." Aro interjected. I stared at him in shock.

"Aro! What about Sulpicia?" Caius hissed at him.

Sulpicia? Who was she? I stared at him questioningly. What did she mean to him? I knew he belonged to another.

This is what I get for wishful thinking. I thought bitterly.

"We have not gotten along for many years Brother and now I know why." Was all he said.

I stared harshly at the floor, annoyed that I did not understand who this strange Sulpicia woman was.

"Isabella don't be upset. Sulpicia is my wife." He consoled.

I looked up at him, glaring.

"And how is that suppose to make me feel better?" I yelled.

"I am mated to a married man! I feel like a promiscuous women preying on someone who belongs to another!." I continued, I felt a wave of sadness enter my heart. I looked away from everyone.

"I doesn't matter, none of you would be able to help me anyway." I muttered and walked back towards the door.

"Isabella, wait." Aro said.

I ignored him and continued on.

"Isabella." He whispered seductively in my ear.

When had he moved? I didn't even hear him approach. Just what exactly was Aro Volturi?

I turned around and he slightly stepped back to give me room but was still close enough to touch.

"Leave me alone Aro." I seethed.

He took a step closer to me and I backed away.

"I have better things to do then be apart of your twisted love triangle." I spat.

He continued his advances and I continued to back away.

"You don't understand, before coming up with your own assumptions it would be wise to hear the truth." He replied calmly.

"I don't want to hear what you have to say. I have heard enough." I retorted.

My back hit against something solid. My eyes widened, the door. He had purposely made advances towards me so I would be cornered. Devious little bastard.

"Sulpicia and I are married but we are not mates. Being with you here today has made me realize that. We have been fighting for many centuries never being able to obtain peace. I have filed for a divorce." He explained.

I eyed him carefully.

"That doesn't mean that this Sulpicia character will let you go willingly." I countered.

He smirked.

"Is that jealousy I hear, Isabella?" He asked innocently.

I clenched my jaw, I could hear chuckles from behind Aro.

"No." I ground out.

"Liar." He sang.

"Whatever." I mumbled frustrated.

"Isabella, why won't you accept me?" He asked seriously, I averted my gaze from the one person that could unravel so many emotions from inside of me.

"Because you deserve someone better Aro." I whispered.

He approached me and I felt that same warmth crawl up my spine and spread throughout my body. My legs began to feel unsteady and I felt like I was about to fall any second.

"I only want you, if you are the one I am destined to be with I would love to spend eternity with you." He replied gently caressed my arm.

I nearly caved in, his words were so sweet and endearing, but I couldn't possibly allow him to come into my world. He didn't know what it meant to be mated to someone like me. I would only hurt him, because of my past I would have to distance myself away from him.

"Aro, no." I moved away from his touch. It pained me more than anything in the world.

"Why do you keep refusing me?! Do you think I am incapable of loving you?" He exclaimed in a pained voice.

I looked up at his broken expression.

"That's not it! It doesn't have to do with you!" I stared into the red depths of his eyes begging him to understand.

"Then what is it?" He asked harshly. I winced at his tone.

"It's me." I whispered so lowly that I thought he wouldn't have heard. I could no longer look at his expression and cast my eyes down.

"You have no idea what it means to be my mate." I continued in that same quiet tone.

I felt him draw near, my body begged for me to do the same, but I resisted and attempted to move away from him. He caught me by my wrists and held them above my head while his other hand snaked around my waist. He wore a smirk and his eyes danced with amusement and seemed to have darkened slightly. He moved his lips closer to my face and I turned my head. I felt his hot breath tickle my ear.

"Then show me Isabella Adriana Dracula."

I thought he was going to kiss me but he leaned away and my arms fell limply back at my sides.

"For another time." He promised.

I felt someone clear their throat.

"Isabella back to the situation at hand." Carlisle interrupted breaking the hold that Aro Volturi had on me for a couple of seconds.

I sighed, they would find out sooner or later.

"It is difficult to explain." I began.

"Take all the time you need, all we ever have his time." He replied jokingly.

I let out a small smile. "True."

Aro did something unexpected, he gently grabbed my wrist and led me to the couch were he and the rest of the Volturi sat. Confused and shocked I followed him. I have never been touched like this by any other man, touching Aro felt strange and yet so familiar at the same time. He brought warmth to my cold body and awakened so many feelings and sensations I have not experienced in so long. Like happiness. My dead heart was filled with contentment just by being by his side. He sat down and placed me right on his lap.

"Aro." I flailed helplessly, attempting to get off.

"Aren't I heavy? We shouldn't be doing this in public. Aro." I panicked.

"Calm down Isabella, no one minds. We are mates it is only natural." Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

If I could blush my cheeks would be the same shade as that of a tomato. Reluctantly I agreed and Aro wrapped his arms around my waist protectively.

Everyone stared at me attentively and patiently without making direct eye contact. At least they took my warning seriously.

"Alright then, but I most warn you this isn't a pleasant story." I took a deep breath and dived into the tale of my past and of that of the pure bloods.

"A long long time ago there once was a man by the name of Vlad Dracula. He lived peacefully by himself even if he could not recollect memories of his beginning or how he appeared on the earth. He was different from everyone else, being able to do things that no one could possibly begin to comprehend. He was shunned by the villagers and his perfect bliss was destroyed. He ran far away, from his troubles, the villagers that hunted him and the monster he claims he had become. He lived in solitude in an abandoned castle at the top of the tallest hill. No one dared to look there because it was said to be haunted. Vlad lived there for many years by himself until a beautiful woman much like himself seeked refuge in the castle walls as well. They fell in love instantly and realized that they were the strongest of mates. Destined to be together they were soul mates. They lived peacefully together in the castle and over the years the humans who had chased them away passed away while they remained unchanging. But, the descendants of those villagers were past down the knowledge of Vlad's and his bride's existence and continued to hunt them. To carry out their legacy they decided to have children, giving birth to six. Aurel the golden child, Dragomir the precious child of peace, Grigore the vigilant child, Ana the graceful one, Diana the divine one and lastly Isabella the one perfected by God."

"As the children grew, so did the population of pure bloods, increasing rapidly among the years. Vlad and Lavinia ruled over them as their King and Queen guiding them to new beginnings for our kind. We lived in peace for a great amount of time, until the Day of Crimson arrived." I stopped abruptly.

Taking in a shaky breath before continuing. Aro rubbed small circles around my wrist with his thumb in a comforting gesture. I relaxed instantly.

"We call it the darkest time in our history, that was the day that nearly our entire population was wiped out until we become nearly extinct and I was only six at the time. It started off with a couple of disappearances but then more of the children vanished without a trace. This happened for many years until the number of children became far too low. We discovered that humans, those descendants of the villagers had found my parents and wanted nothing more than revenge and they were behind the disappearances of the children. We were mascared by a bunch of weak pathetic humans! Those they had taken so many years ago were tortured deprived of blood and beaten. They had broken their will and their loyalty to my Father wavered immensely. They set the grown children and let them loose on our territory. A pure blood who has been stripped of blood for great amounts of time results in unimaginable damage. They became savages with no minds and attacked thoughtlessly. Killing their own including their families. Transylvania became a battle ground. I can still hear the cries and tormented screams of my people. My faithful adviser and close friend Celestina along with my Uncle Lucian helped my siblings and I escape under the order of both my parents. But, too may had unfiltered our territory and while we were trying to escape my siblings were murdered slowly one by one while the humans came to collect their bodies to burn." I shook at this point.

"When everything was over, the bodies of our people were strewn everywhere, the castle grounds were coated in blood and soaked with death. Humans had claimed victory over our people that very day. The sky was coated in crimson, indicating the blood that was shed. Many of our kind dispersed around the world trying to preserve what was left of our people. As for me the next ten years were quite hard and lonely, I blamed myself for their deaths. My memories become fuzzy from this point on, but at the age of sixteen which is the age I am now I stopped aging and my parents placed me under a deep sleep for reasons unknown to me. Now, 145 years later I awoke to this brand new world and I was sent here on a mission to observe how my kind has progressed but instead I have encountered a new type of vampire. Which are all of you. It has been brought to my attention by Celestina that our kind has been preyed upon once again, ten of my kind have been murdered along with my Uncle Lucian. The last thing Celestina told me was that there would be an outright war against the humans. It's suicide! There are so few of us as it is!" I sighed and shook my head.

"And that is it." I concluded sadly.

"You poor child." Esme whispered heart brokenly and walked over to me, she looked like she would cry at any instant and she gingerly wrapped her strong arms around me. I froze but welcomed it.

"Do you still want to try and help me?" I asked warily.

Everyone glanced at one another and then stared back at Aro and I.

"It seems that everyone is in agreement my dear. Of course we will help you in anyway we can." Aro spoke from beneath me.

My face lit up, I looked at each of them happily they all smiled in return. Including Rosalie and Jane, I guess they weren't so bad after all. I came to Forks to simply follow a mission, but I found more than just a new species of vampires, I found people I can possibly call my friends and my soul mate who would hopefully stay by my side for a very long time.

Forks truly is an extraordinary town and I have a feeling my parents knew all along. I turned around so I was facing Aro and leaned closer into him until our foreheads touched. My lips were so close to his that I could feel both his breath and mine. He was closing the small gap between our lips but I placed my finger on his inviting rosy lips, stopping his advance.

"For another time." I chided leaning closer to his ear.

Here is the second part of Revelations and HAPPY CANADA DAY AND EARLY FOURTH OF JULY! I have decided to upload this chapter early because I will not be here for six days, I am leaving to go somewhere that has no internet access. This is a little treat that I decided to give you guys instead of making you wait two whole weeks for a new chapter to come out. That hardly sounds fair. It is bad enough you guys have to wait for a full week! I might also consider uploading a chapter twice a week. One on Monday and the other on Friday but I am still unsure so don't get too excited!

As expected you all got the answer right to my previous question which was;

Question: What is the name of the other hybrid child that Alice and Jasper searched for in Breaking Dawn?

Answer: Nahuel

Here are some more names for Aro and Isabella that I made up:

Alla, Abella, Arabella

Rella, Arobella

(Personally I like Arabella the best!)

You know what time it is?...


"What is it you will do now mio caro?" My mate asked me sweetly.

"I was thinking of going back to Transylvania but I must heed my Father's warning with care. Knowing him he is dead set on me not coming home." I pondered.

"He seems to be one not to be disobeyed." Aro observed.

I nodded in agreement, he had no idea.

We had all moved outside and were debating on what we should do from here on. The extensive damage done to the Cullen house had become quite distracting.

"I need to find Celestina." I pointed out.

"She seemed quite upset that night she visited me, she is rather unpredictable right now." Worry filled my voice. I hope she was okay.

"Where would we start?" Edward asked.

"I don't know." I answered honestly.

"That isn't much help Isabella." Edward replied disapprovingly.

Aro silence him with a snarl.

Ignoring both of them, I tried to think of possible locations of where she could be. Maybe I could contact the servant who covered for her, but my Father has probably forbidden anyone from making any further contact with me. While I pondered over my options an argument had broken out.

"No!" Edward yelled.

"That is not you decision to make boy." Aro snapped.

"Why should she go to Volterra with you?" He bellowed.

"Watch who you talk to with that tone Cullen." Demetri sneered a warning.

Alec, Jane, Heidi, Demetri and Felix had gotten into a defensive position.

"Son, you should not interfere." Carlisle warned.

"But, I love her!" Edward screamed causing everyone to freeze.

I slowly turned to look at him eyes wide and Aro looked absolutely murderous.

This meant trouble.

What to do, what to do? Isabella just keeps encountering more and more problems.

Until the next time I update! LOL I was watching Panic Button while writing this, laughed through it all.

Question for next week: Who was the vampire that was hunting Alice during her human years while in the Asylum. (Let's make it a bit harder.)


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