Daughter of the Count and Countess

Settling In

Flying on an 'airplane' wasn't as bad as I expected, it was just like how I use to fly around the castle in my bat form or with just my bat wings. (Bella is able to transform into a bat or semi transform so she only has the wings of a bat but not the body.) But, the best part was the ascent and the descent of the plane. Looking at all the frightened faces of those who are flying for the first time and those who felt ill when the plane jostled around gave me a sudden sense of pleasure. Call me a sadist if you will.

I couldn't contain my excitement as I boarded on yet another plane! Every time a 'flight attendant' would give me a tray of food I would turn her down and say I was fine. They were very persistent and I had a sudden urge to take off this stupid concealment and turn into my vampire form and rip her to shreds. Not that I couldn't do it with this human form, but it make it more thrilling for me.

I could feel my eyes begin to prick and I knew that they had begin to glow a tiny bit of red, displaying my annoyance, frustration and slight anger.

But to my relief there was a couple more hours before I would arrive to my destination, I could hear the slight snores of some human's as the lights in the aircraft began to dim, since I was mostly nocturnal I was wide awake for the rest of the flight.

"Finally!" I gave an exasperated sigh as I made it into the small town of Forks, Washington. My Father had organized a driver that would drive me to the house I would be staying at (and yes it was a 'limo') I could see many people gazing at the 'limo' in wonder through the tinted windows as I drove by. I guess these human's have never really seen a 'limo' before considering it was a small town.

The driver parked on the side of the road and went to open the door for me, I could see a crowd of humans consisting of the neighbors as they watched me exit the car. I heard many gasps, I ignored it and went to reach for my luggage but the driver only bowed his head respectfully and grabbed them for me.

I heard some human's strike up a conversation.

"I bet she is royalty! Her driver just bowed to her."

"She is so beautiful, I am so jealous! I wish I looked like that at her age!"

"I heard that she is Chief Swan's great granddaughter."

"Really? Om my!"

I closed my eyes and tried to tune our their noise as they began to gossip and spread rumors. Just then I heard the door open and a man who looked like he was in his 50's came out of the small house and ran to help the driver who turned him down as he made an attempt to take my luggage and asked where they should go. He had dark brown hair with tired looking brown eyes, as he turned to look at me his eyes brightened cheerfully. I did not expect what he was about to do next; he ran up and hugged me. Out of instinct I pushed him away, how hard? I don't know. I had to hold back a snarl that was close to escaping my mouth and my eyes had slightly began to glow silver. He seemed shocked and then realization dawned on him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. Is it too early for hugs?" He asked sheepishly, looking anywhere else but at me.

I could see that we had gathered quite an audience.

I narrowed my eyes and simply nodded sharply.

Who did this human think he was? How dare he touch me. Insect.

"Well, come in and I will show you around the house." He said, trying to ease the tension. I noticed how he rubbed his chest, that might leave a mark, he was just lucky I didn't dig my nails into his skin.

The driver had already put my bags in the room I would be occupying and had begun to watch the scene in front of him. Through his dark sunglasses I could see that his eyes had turned a coal black.

I smiled, I knew it. The whole time I had my suspicions about the driver, because he smelt much different from a normal human's scent. He did not smell like me, nor did he smell sickly sweet like the vampires that my father told me about. He was a half breed. A mix between a pure blood and a human. By the look of it he was much older than me in human years and in vampire years. He beat me by a couple of centuries or maybe by a lot. He must have been the few hybrids that had a pure blood parent, before they nearly got destroyed by the human's blind rage.

As if Charlie thought I was smiling at him, and I had forgiven him he smiled back and lead me to the house. I frowned and followed, I could hear the driver chuckle darkly before leaving. Before he left I heard him whisper to me.

"Noroc, doamna mea încearcă să nu-l omoare sau masacrul de la tot cartierul." I hissed lowly so only he could hear.

(Good luck, my Lady try not to kill him or massacre the whole neighborhood.)

As I stepped inside the tiny house, it smelt of beer interlaced with burnt food. I scrunched my nose in disgust. When I got home, my parents and I would have an interesting talk. He lead me upstairs a he babbled on and on. He was happy to finally see me, he couldn't wait for me to settle in and meet friends. At that I scoffed. He lead me to my room. The stairs creaked as we walked up and Charlie was still talking.

"So here is you room Bells." he announced.

Trying to ignore the fact that he had given me a pen name, I glanced around the room. The walls were a vibrant purple, there was a tiny desk in a corner with a wooden chair and a laptop that rested on top of the desk. There was a bed in the center of the room, which I stared at in horror, until I realized that there was a huge rectangular shaped object wrapped in packaging paper and leaned against the furthest wall. I smiled, thank god my Mother remembered that I would hate the idea of sleeping on a bed. There was a huge window, with light purple curtains.

This really wasn't my taste I prefer black, reds and darker shades of colors.

"I hope purple is okay, I didn't know what color you liked." He explained.

I only nodded and began to unpack. Dismissing him.

But, I could feel his presence as he watched me, I froze stood straight and turn to look at him.

"You may leave, I will unpack now. Thank you for the hospitality Charlie." I returned to unpacking.

He stood still a moment before realizing that I had politely asked him to leave me alone.

"Ah, sure things Bells." I clutched the clothing tightly, my skin turning white. I breathed calmly and slowly let go of the fabric before tearing it to shreds. My skin color reverted back to the slightly tanned color it was before.

Without looking back at him I said;

"Oh and Charlie, my name is Isabella." I emphasized my name.

I heard his head nod before he finally left me alone. With my pure blood speed I quickly finished unpacking and rearranging my things.

I quickly unwrapped my coffin, it was one of my favorite ones! On the exterior it was black interlaced with a dark purple, a ruby red and silver wording that had my name and my family crest. The interior contained gold cushioning and the pillow that lead at the head of the coffin had my name scrawled with silver and my family crest.

I knew I couldn't put it in the center of the room or the human, Charlie would have a heart attack if he saw a coffin in the middle of his 'great granddaughter's' room. I suddenly had the idea of putting it in the closet. There was just enough room, I smiled triumphantly and covered the coffin with any clothing I couldn't find room for on top of it and closed my closet.

I quickly looked at the book shelf and found a classic book called 'Wuthering Heights'. I flipped through the pages, finishing it. Interesting. I continue to scan the small collection of books and picked up one that caught my eye.


I quickly read this book as well, when I finished I had torn the book to shreds and threw it in the garbage can.

Damn human's and their stupid unrealistic beliefs!

Today was my first day at a 'high school' called Forks High, quite an original name. Since I had to go to school in the day it was really going to screw up my sleeping pattern. I could stay awake during the day for up to five days or longer, but the need to feed would be stronger. Thank god my Father had made me go somewhere where it was rarely warm and sunny. Charlie had taken the initiative to drive me to school in his cop car. I rolled my eyes, this wouldn't draw any attention at all.

As I got out of the car he told me to have a good day at school, but I had already gone in to the building.

I went to the front desk and began to talk to a lady named Ms. Cope.

"Hello, my name is Isabella Dr- Swan, I am the new student." I caught myself before saying my real last name.

"Oh, hello Isabella I hope you like it here." She smiled warmly.

I did not return her smile, I was not here to become friends, so let's get this over with. As she began to explain my classes and the slip that I had to have signed. Throughout the whole conversation she kept staring at me, not just my face, but my body as well. It annoyed me that I was being scrutinized by a human.

"Do you understand?" She asked.

"Yes, thank you." I left the office.

I walked down the corridors to go and find my first class, I felt multiple pairs of eyes stare at me following my every move.

"She is just like the Cullen's, prettier than anything else." I heard a girl whisper.

I momentarily stopped walking and tuned in on their conversation.

"But, she seems kinda of different from them, her beauty definitely surpasses Rosalie's for sure." She continued on.

"Oh, there goes Mike." I guy said.

Confused and uninterested I began to walk at my normal pace, I could feel and smell the presence of a human approaching me. I continued on my search for my class, which I was quickly getting closer to. As I rounded a corner, a boy with messy blonde hair, baby blue eyes and a child like face blocked my path. I was inches away from the door.

I stared at him analyzing his movements, my brain going onto high alert.

"Excuse me." I said trying to get passed him.

"Wait, hold on." He attempted to reach for my hand and I quickly swirled around facing him. He back paddled surprised at my sudden movement.

My face was livid and displayed displeasure and annoyance.

"I didn't mean to startle you, I just wanted to introduce myself, since I have never seen you before, so you must be new." He explained, smiling apologetically.

"And if I were, why would it be significant for me to know who you are?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

He began to stutter. I sighed and walked into the class room. What a waste of my time. I walked up to the teacher and he signed my slip, while continuously looking at me. He handed it to me and I quickly grabbed it before he touched me.

I sat in a seat farthest away from the front, the teacher continue to ogle me, I snorted lightly in disgust. This teacher was a disturbing character. Soon kids began to file into the class and amongst them I found a head full of messy blonde hair make his way towards me. I sighed annoyed.

He sat beside me and stuck out his hand.

"Mike." He said.

Without looking in his direction I said;

"Isabella." I ignored his hand that awaited for me to shake it.

He attempted to start a conversation with me, but failed miserably as I did not reply and class finally started.

As the teacher began to talk I quickly tuned out, I had already learnt all of these things.

I noticed the human's begin to take out papers and pens and quickly jotted down notes, including Mike.

I snorted. Humans.

It was finally lunch, I bought a water bottle, I can drink water for it does not affect me in any way. But, I was very thirsty I would have to feed after school, Charlie would still have to work and I could find my way easily back home. A couple of girls beckoned me over to their table, everyone in the cafeteria stared at me as I made my way over to the table. Some guys groaned, wishing I had sat with them. I could hear comments flying out of their mouths as they attempted to whisper.

"It's like she is gliding on air, I wish I could walk like that."

"No, it's more like she is floating on air."

"Her hair is so pretty."

"Look at her tits." My head slightly cocked in that direction. Tits? Celestina did not tell me about that word. Speaking of which I need to 'email' my parents and 'text' Celestina to tell them I have settled in.

As I sat down at the table, I noticed a couple of the girls I had seen in my previous classes.

"Hey, Isabella." One of them said in an annoyingly bubbly voice.

Ahh, that must be Jessica Stanley. She had introduced herself to me in my last class. I disliked her immensely she wanted to know every detail of my private life.

"Hi, Isabella." I turned my head to a timid girl, I remember her. I didn't dislike her, but I didn't like her either. She was kind and sweet. Her name is Angela Webber.

"Hello." I gave her a small smile and opened my water.

The other girl, simply glared at me. That must be Lauren the girl that is always with Jessica and who seems to dislike me. I smirked darkly, we are going to get along just perfectly. I opened the cap of my water bottle and began to drink.

"You aren't going to eat anything?" Jessica asked looking at me.

"I am fine thank you, I am just feeling parched." More than you can imagine. I hated to say it, but she smelt delicious.

I remembered the warning my Father heeded me and forced myself to drink the water. I would have to hunt in Port Angele's later tonight.

Jessica dropped the subject and began to talk excitedly to Lauren. Angela just played around with her salad. I noticed she had a camera settled beside her.

"You are interested in photography?" I asked her.

She quickly looked up and blushed before nodding her head.

"I take picture's and write articles in the school newspaper." She explained.

"Would it be okay if I took your picture for the paper? Everyone has been talking about you ever since you arrived here today." She asked.

I pondered over this, in mythology it is said that a vampire's reflection can not be seen through a mirror and their picture ca not be taken, because they will not appear. That doesn't necessarily apply to pure-bloods we can choose to appear in a photo or not the same thing applies to my reflection I can chose to show my reflection or hide it. But, do I really want human's to know more of my presence? I gazed at her face, she seemed to silently plead to me with her eyes.

I don't know what came over me, but I pitied her.

"Sure." I answered.

Her face brightened. She took her camera.

"How would you like me to position myself?" I asked.

"Anyway is fine, just make sure to smile." She replied excitedly.

I stood up straight looked directly into the camera and smiled.

"Perfect!" She exclaimed as she took more.

"Here." She handed me a book.

"Pretend your reading it."

I followed her instructions.

"Now, look up like you are surprised."

I did. I didn't like being told what to do by a human, but I had agreed for her to take my picture.

"Thank you so much Isabella!" She smiled radiantly.

It seems like she needed a good story for the newspaper.

By that time, Jessica and Lauren stopped talking and began to watch Angela and myself during our little photo shoot.

Mike had joined the table, along with two other boys whom I did not know the names of.

"Hey, Isabella this is Tyler and Eric." Mike said introducing me.

I nodded my greetings to both of them. My plastic bottle suddenly became more interesting and I ignored everyone.

I heard Mike groan and Jessica squeal, I looked up curiously to see what the fuss was about.

I noticed 5 pairs of golden eyes, as they walking into the cafeteria.

Was this the strange family that my Father mentioned? The cafeteria went silent.

I smirked.

Another chapter completed! I am super excited about this chapter! Actually this whole story! I hope you all enjoy it!

But, I will explain a few things.

Isabella can transform into a bat, or semi transform like I explained before she can have the wings of a bat but not its body.

She can have pictures taken of her and she has a reflection unless she decides to hide it. This is just one of many perks of being a pure blood that I made up.

Her eyes, ahh her eyes.

Her original eyes color is a honey brown, but changes red, black and silver depending on her emotions.

Red; Frustrated, angry, annoyed, upset, frightened or threatened.

Black; Thirsty

Silver; When using her abilities or if she is really pissed off.

Her eyes will glow silver or red but not black, because that would be creepy.

I will reveal another one of Isabella's amazing traits or abilities if they are mentioned in the chapters.

Thank you reader(s), for reading my story.


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