Daughter of the Count and Countess

True Feelings

Passing by darkened corridors, no movement was seen except that of a young looking woman who moved swiftly in the shadows using the marble pillars as coverage to be able to move freely. The woman was not fooled by the sudden stillness of the castle, for she knew all too well that in fact there were many presences hidden by powerful purebred creatures concealed amongst the darker areas of the castle. It would be only mere moments before she was caught, so she made quick haste of the little time she had remaining. She recognized the layout and different passage ways inside the massive aged structure and could easily maneuver herself within the baffling halls. Whereas another who was not accustomed to the layout of the castle would indefinitely become lost. She traveled deeper to the lower part of the castle and finally arrived at her destination. She knocked lightly on the large wooden doors that led to the servants quarters, she waited impatiently knowing full well that no one yet knew of her unwanted presence. Each agonizing second past as the woman grew anxious, she immediately noticed a shift in the castles' atmosphere. She had been discovered, as expected from the guards. At that moment the wooden doors slowly creaked open and a petite blonde haired girl stood at the entrance, blocking her from entering. The girl eyed her carefully then her eyes twinkled in recognition, but before the child spoke, the impatient woman stated her business in an urgent tone.

"We don't have much time."

The girl simply nodded her head in understanding and allowed the woman to enter, closing the door tightly behind them.

An Ancient.

I would have never thought that I would have to hear that word again. It brought chills down my spine even thinking about it. The only other vampire able to surpass a pure blood is an Ancient who is even far more rare than someone of my kind. In a way they surpassed any known mythical creatures because of their vast knowledge and strength. I have personally never encountered one myself but looking at Aro changes that. The only other person who met an Ancient was my Father, but that was a very long time ago. This means that Aro has most likely lived longer than my Father. In terms of strength my Father was on par with that of an Ancient, because of his grueling endless training but in an actual fight the victor could be either or.

Ancients were specifically a rare type of vampire that were incredibly strong not just physically but mentally as well. It is said that they were hand picked and created by God himself and any descendants of an Ancient were passed down the knowledge shared by their predecessor but these were rare cases, an actual Ancient itself had a tremendously long life span basically making them immortal. They possessed two rare and powerful gifts that could never be bestowed to another given to them by God. Their first was was the infinite knowledge of the world and its history along with every single creation, including the supernatural beings who overtime evolved and hid among mankind. But, their wisdom does not end here for they gather an insane amount of knowledge every single day. They continuously learn and adapt depending on the state of their environment. The second gift was the ability to peer into ones soul and heart uncovering any hidden secrets with their eyes making it impossible to lie. I have never heard of an Ancient ever finding their mate, some never quite lived long enough because over time they grew depressed and thought of this power they were given to be a curse.

The abilities gained through finding your other half was unknown to be just like the secret of how to kill an Ancient. Technically speaking it is said to be impossible, destroying the existence of an Ancient was unheard of unless they decided to end their own life, but even I did not know how they could accomplish such an arduous task. Even I could not surmount Aro if what he said was true which means he has been hiding his true strength all along. I have also heard stories of Ancients using human's as vessels but was difficult because no human was able to contain their existence within their body along with their powers for very long, ending up in their death. I found it rather hard to believe that this god like man who stood before me was actually of very old yet strong blood. This was completely unprecedented. The words I had planned to say were now stuck in my throat and unable to come out. I continued to stare at him as he stared back at me, his eyes reflected mine and I saw the confusion and slight fear hidden within them, Aro must have noticed this as well. I would have never thought that Aro could actually be one of them. But, I had to focus on the task at hand.

"I am broken because, I can longer love." I answer and he observes me intently.

"That is not necessarily true, now is it Isabella?" I stared at him confused.

"You are thinking about how you feel you are undeserving to have a mate. You feel helpless something you have never felt before and are running the knowledge you possess of Ancients inside you head wondering how this is even possible." He elaborated.

What the absolute hell? Why does he know this? My eyes widen in realization. He must be using his abili-

"I am not using my gift." He cut off my train of thought.

Wait, if he knows what I am thinking and from what I can understand no ordinary mates can do this, which means...

Aro's eyes seemed to glisten in the dim light of the meadow.

"Exactly." He confirms.

"That is not possible. There is absolutely no way." I looked away from him and clenched my hands.

He sighed.

"You are quite stubborn." He mutters and closes his eyes.

Why? How could this be? It seemed the more I resisted the closer Aro got to my defenses, breaking them one by one until he reached his goal. I couldn't let that happen. I don't want him to know anymore about me then he already does, but if he was an Ancient then the probability of him already knowing was high. If he really is an Ancient he could be of great use in the battle to come if necessary, but was this right? To drag others in my own problems. I was always an independent child, wanting to do everything myself. Now, I am relying on others, who know nothing of the pure bloods except for what I told them. They were inexperienced and didn't even know about our existence until now, but Aro must know more than he is letting on.

"Enough Isabella." I turned to face him.

"I can tell by your expression that you are thinking about needless things once again." His eyes remained the same unearthly red that pierced my body revealing to him what was truly etched deep in my heart. The longer I stared, the more I became entranced and discovered the colors of gold and silver swirling deeply in his irises.

"Indeed I am, but I wouldn't consider them needless." I attempted to break free of his hold.

He tilted his head in wonder.

"Oh?" He asked.

His gaze released me from their trance and I was able to think normally.

"It is hard to explain, but I am not really good with this type of stuff. I have never had to experience this myself so I am at a loss of what to do." I explain truthfully.

He remained quiet and his gaze picked up with that same intensity, ripping the layers of my defenses off at a rapid pace, I could feel a burning sensation in my chest and found it hard to breathe. I tried to speak but no words were heard. I could form the shape of each letter but was unable to voice them.

The burning intensified the longer held my gaze and I had to use every ounce of will power and strength I had left to speak.

"S-Stop." I rasped out.

His gaze softened slightly and the aching in my chest had dissipated.

"I hope that won't be a regular thing. I am not sure if you know just how painful it is, Ancient." I grumbled rubbing my chest.

"I would preferred if you addressed me by my name. I am still Aro but just a fully awakened one." He answers smirking.

"Fully awakened?" I repeated.

"Wait, that means up till now Aro's abilities have been suppressed?" I asked incredulously.

He stared at me amused.

"Of course."

He was tremendously strong and fearsome with his normal vampiric abilities, but now that he is fully awakened just how much more stronger could he be? I have witnessed a bit of his speed, but he wasn't even using half of godly like speed. But, then again he was unaffected by the waves of power I sent out back at the Cullen house and his aura that was shrouded with astronomic power easily rivaled with mine, but now he was on a whole different level.

"I honestly can't believe this." I mutter to myself.

"So what triggered your awakening was most likely me." I state rhetorically.

"Correct." He answered joyfully.

To be honest, I wanted him to say no because I was still in denial of Aro actually being my mate. This only further proved to myself that we were actually soul mates especially since he could tell what I was thinkin-.

My eyes widened, had he been listening to every single one of my thoughts up to now.

He chuckled and I groaned.

"That ability of yours is proving to be quite inconvenient on my part" I say disdainfully.

"Is there a way for you to shut it off." I ask sounding somewhat hopeful. Not even my shield was able to protect me from Aro's prying gaze.

"It's not like a switch Isabella." He rolled his eyes.

"I only can only hear them when your heart is revealing what you truly feel and desire." He explains.

When my heart is revealing what I truly feel and desire. I thought.

"Did you come looking for me?" I asked, knowing full well what he would say.

He nodded.

"Well you found me, anything particular you would like to tell me aside from being a goddamn Ancient." I mutter the last part bitterly.

"Angry that you didn't realize this from the beginning?" He asked amusingly.

"Of course! I sensed something was off but I didn't bother to press it." I sighed, that was the mistake I made.

"It is understandable if I feel a bit pissed off not to mention the fact that it will be near to impossible to hide anything from you." I add speaking more to myself and my now disadvantageous situation.

"I should be asking you what you wanted to tell me." He says ignoring what I had previously said.

My eyes widened. I had planned on telling him I couldn't be with him, but that plan was shot to hell.

"Don't you already know." I whisper.

"Yes, but I would like to hear it directly from you." He responded.

Sighing, I proceeded to tell him.

"I was going to tell you that I don't think I can do this because I am unsure of how I feel. These emotions feel strange to me, I have been emotionless for so long that they are somewhat foreign."

"That is what you meant by your broken and can no longer love." He concludes.

I nodded.

"The tragedy of my people affected me more than I thought on top of the murders of my siblings." I continued.

"I knew of the tragedy of the pure bloods long before you told me, but hearing it from someone who was there and witnessed the brutal attacks gives you a much different perspective than knowing about it." He says quietly.

The atmosphere grew increasingly depressing and sad, I began to feel uncomfortable.

"Enough of this depressing topic, the past is the past. I have moved on and right now we are in the present. So, my question for you is what do we do from here?"

He contemplates what I said and smiles.

"Before that aggravating boy interrupted me, I was going to tell you I wish for you to come to Volterra with me. It will be easier to strategize a plan of action there while the Cullen's prepare things here."

I played with this idea in my head. It did sound like a good idea and this would be an opportunity for me to finally leave Forks. Getting Charlie's permission would be easy-I wouldn't need to use my ability persuasion and all the Cullen's would have no objections except for one but his opinion did not matter to me. The guards would most likely be in disagreement because I was not their favorite person at the moment but would not be able to object to Aro demand. Marcus and Caius would most likely be indifferent, I also noticed that Caius appeared to be a very talented strategist. The only missing factor that would be a problem was; Sulpicia. Even thinking her name drove me in a state of rage.

"I think that it is a good idea and I wouldn't mind going. I can finally leave this worthless town but the only thing that worries me is..." I glance at him as he watches me patiently.

"Your wife." I finish bitterly.

"I expected as much." He nods understandingly, not sounding the least bit fazed.

"Why do you keep denying yourself the right to admit that you truly are jealous?" He asks playfully.

I tighten my hold on his shoulders.

"I am not jealous, I just feel irritated because she will only become a liability and cause problems." I huff.

He rolls his eyes and chuckles. Embarrassed I looked away, a sudden warmth filled the emptiness in my chest and I was welcomed by yet another strange emotion. What did this mean for both Aro and I?

"Aro," I began.

He stopped chuckling and directed his attention to me.

"There is something I would like to ask of you. What does this mean for you and I?" I couldn't look at him so I proceeded to stare off into the distance.

"Why would you even ask that? We are soul mates correct? The most highly regarded and the most rare. We are destined lovers." He answered like it was the most evident thing in the world and I guess it was, but I just couldn't quite admitted it to myself yet.

Lovers. My chest tightened and I continued to avoid eye contact.

"One day, we will marry and make love to one another and you will bear my child." He continues in a loving tone.

I froze, feeling even more embarrassed. How could he say something like that so freely?

"W-what are you talking about? Don't just spout nonsense whenever it pleases you." I sputtered and slowly turned to look at him.

He smiled at me and leaned forward, before I had a chance to react his lips grazed mine then fully covered them with his own. I stood frozen in shock, allowing him to kiss me. He began slowly then deepened the kiss, I was at a loss of what to do so I remained still. His lips were soft and gentle and yet relinquished all that pent up emotion bottled deep inside of him, transferring his true feelings to me. I felt that if we were to ever separate, I would no longer be able to sustain my regular breathing pattern without his lips on mine.

In reality he was what I needed, resisting him would only prove to be futile. The sooner I accepted my fate the easier the treacherous road that Aro and I shared must partake would be. I knew I was afraid of what my future would lead to, for once I was uncertain. The reassurance I received from always being able to predict what it is I would do next and what is is I must do was welcoming. But, mine and Aro's fates are intertwined no mater how you look at it, either way we will cross paths with each other more than once.

He slowly lifted his lips from mine, too soon in my opinion and then gently planted a kiss on my forehead. As I predicted my breathing was erratic, but Aro remained calm and breathed normally.

"This was your first kiss." Aro stated simply, while I fidgeted slightly before nodding my head.

In all honesty, I have never been kissed by another male in this fashion before. My inexperience was clearly evident by how unresponsive I was during our little embrace. Many males have been tempted to embrace me, but my parents always kept them at bay if not them then the guards or Celestina. They all claimed I was too young to experience something as serious as romance and had much to learn about 'love', an emotion I am still having trouble grasping.

"How was it?" He asked.

I would have blushed many shades of red had I not been for my skin tone, so to speak. The kiss was incredible and made me wanting more, I wonder if you are suppose to be feeling this way after your first kiss? Was it suppose to be this addictive? I didn't want to voice my thoughts out loud, but I hope that Aro would not be able to hear them.

"It was fine." I answer dishonestly, hoping he couldn't tell.

He lifted my chin slowly with his index finger, forcing me to look up at him.

"Why can't you be honest with yourself?" He asked slightly exasperated.

Normally I would have looked away, but his simple hold on my chin halted any further movements.

"I told you, I am not good with expressing myself." I reply sheepishly.

"Well then, you will just have to get better." He lowered his head down to my jugular and left a trail of kisses down the length of it.

Flustered I tried to push his head away all the mean while he was still gripping onto my wrists and I remained captured in his tight hold. I was his prey, one that could not escape as easily as anticipated, ensnared in his web I was nothing more than a meal for him to feast on.

"A-Aro." I quivered as he moved lower.

He took in my scent and breathed in deeply.

"You have no idea, how long I have awaited for this, for you." He whispers seductively.

Not wanting to get caught in his trance, I thought about my encounter with my supposed dead Uncle and the message he relayed to me before disappearing in the shadows of the meadow. I had to encrypt the hidden message in the poem and attempt to help my people survive an upcoming battle. My Uncle had given me hints that would surely help me in the future and I could not let his visit go to waste.

Aro stopped immediately, he was just above my chest and would have surely moved lower. He let out a frustrated sigh and lifted his head up to my level.

"And there you go again thinking far ahead in the future again." He offers me a smile.

"Keep in mind that it isn't just my future, but yours as well. It's ours." I countered.

Aro seemed shocked at my sudden confession and I realized too late what I had just admitted to. Aro gave me a look indicating that he was right and I ground my teeth together in annoyance.

"It seems like you had a visitor before me, who wasn't completely alive." He inquired.

I nodded my head slowly. Aro suddenly dropped to the floor in a graceful manner, much to my annoyance and surprisingly brought me down with him. He positioned me on his lap, like before and I rested my head on his chest. We sat amongst the flowers and a soft wind began to stir.

"Why don't you tell me what exactly happened." Aro began.

I indulged in the tale of my encounter with my dead Uncle Lucian, describing everything in detail and not missing a single piece of information. I included the poem explaining its significance and how I thought it was an enigmatic inquest, that there was some hidden message within itself. I told him everything and he sat there holding me adoringly and listening to what I had to say patiently. By the time I finished, Aro remained quiet processing all the information given to him. He was in deep concentration and I did not want to disrupt him.

"Have you figured out that the poem is being put into metaphoric terms to describe you?" Aro's voice sounded slightly detached.

"Yes, I immediately thought that because I could relate to all lot of what was said." I answer in agreement.

"I feel that the poem isn't just describing events that happened to me already or that are happening. In fact if my suspicions are correct I think that this is more of a prophecy, foretelling what is yet to come. So far everything said in the first two verses have already happened, but near the end I think that it describes how something bad will happen." I explain seriously, knowing that the answers are within my reach.

Aro nods in understanding and I turn my head to look at him.

"You finally understand." He says and I gasp in that same moment.

Aro's eyes have changed color, one eye shines brilliantly like silver dollars and the other reflects a pool of gold. I could sense that he was still Aro, but there was something off about him, like something was taking control of his body for a short period of time. It did not feel malevolent or sinister or that I was in any actual danger.

I was able to snap out of my daze and complete the thought that had appeared itself in my head. I knew we were both thinking the same thing and my eyes began to prick, they were also changing color and by the feel of it they were changing into moonlight silver. What was triggering this? I was perfectly calm and I did not feel threatened, so why? I looked at Aro curiously whose eyes continued to glow the odd colors of both gold and silver, the same colors I saw swirling in his irises when he was intently concentrating on entering my mind, heart and soul.

"Someone dear to me will become our worst enemy. They will betray us." We say as one.

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Movin' on to the Excerpt!

We were led to an underground tunnel by both Alec and Jane who knew their way fairly well. The air was filled in silence except for the sound of our shoes hitting the uneven stone coated ground. The guards had their cloaks on along with Marcus and Caius. Aro had been kind enough to lend me his for the time being, not that he was bothered by it at all. He held my hand tightly in his and we continued to make our way down the darkened underground tunnel that would eventually lead to the Volturi Castle. The sound of Jane's heels resonated through the tunnel as everyone continued to follow her lead while her brother walked beside her, his gaze remaining forward. After the incident at the Cullen house neither of them had made any eye contact with me or spoken to me in general. I had a feeling that Alec resented me for what I did to his twin sister and I could understand his need to protect her. In the end I am somewhat glad I did not kill her, because I could not bare the thought to be the reason for him losing his beloved sister who he seems to cherish deeply.

I could tell by the way they interacted with each other that their bond was deep and incomprehensible to the naked eye. What they had was just as strong a connection as what I once had with my own siblings. The feeling of loneliness is something I would never want another to suffer like myself and killing Jane would most likely tear Alec apart. I could not feel any resentment from Jane, just fear. She made no further attempts to taunt me and obeyed Aro's orders without complaint. She also distanced herself away from him much to delight.

They haven't fully accepted me, not that I wish they do anytime soon but they were intelligent enough to realize I my capabilities along with the difference in our strengths. The remainder of the guard ignored me, which I was grateful for. Aro squeezed my hand reassuringly and I returned it, no one else but myself knew what Aro truly was and he wished to have it be kept a secret for now. It would only cause disarray amonsgt the guards and his brothers.

I heard the sound of heels stopping and I glanced at Jane to see that she has stopped in front of two large doors that had intricate carving designs painted in gold. A woman with long light brown hair stood off to the side waiting patiently for our arrival. She wore a white blouse along with a short black pencil skirt and red pumps. Her hands were entwined together behind her back as she awaited for her orders. I noticed how Felix gazed at her lustfully and how he smirked when she brought her attention to him.

"Gina." Aro spoke emotionlessly.

She nodded in understanding becoming serious and went to move on the other side of Jane. This woman smelt human. I looked at Aro quizzically and he returned it with a sly smirk. I shuddered slightly not wanting to know what her purpose was to be in a castle full of blood thirsty vampires. If we had a human back in my castle they would have been killed as soon as entering our domain and yet they have kept her alive. Aro truly was sadistic.

Alec moved forward and pushed the doors open. I could tell that they were quite heavy for a normal human to open but for a vampire the task was quite simple. As we entered through the door, we were welcomed in darkness once again but a bright light shone through at the end. The walk was quite short and there was another set of double doors that Alec easily eased open. We entered a large marble room that appeared to be a throne room. There stood three thrones on a large marble platform. The room was coated in rich design, enriched in history.

I was astonished and immediately liked the room. Suddenly I heard the sound of quickened footsteps approaching our way, I caught the scent of whoever it was and it smelt feminine and floral. Everyone tensed except Aro who seemed at ease, glances were shot in my direction including those of Alec and Jane who appeared wary. Confused I faced the direction in which the vampire was to enter. The doors swung widely open and a woman rushed through.

"Aro, my love you have returned."

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