Daughter of the Count and Countess

A Lovers Request

After a long day at the Cullen house I was finally able to return home, Charlie of course was not at home and wouldn't be until later tonight. For the time being I was planning on packing my things I would need for my trip to Italy with the Volturi. We were to leave tomorrow night which means I no longer had to go to that boring high school. I have arranged for my coffin to be taken along with me, I am pretty sure that neither Aro or his brothers had any spare coffins hanging around inside of their castle. And besides I couldn't bare to leave without it, it was one of a kind. No one in the Volturi knew about the 'extra' baggage I was going to be bringing not even Aro.

It was still early in the evening which gave me plenty of time to pack all my belongings and think of a way to tell Charlie I was going to be leaving. Finding an excuse shouldn't be too hard, Charlie is after all a human. Before I left, the Cullen's also mentioned something about talking to the pack on the reservation. My guess is that they are going to explain things to them and ask if they could be of assistance, I had a feeling that they weren't too accepting of vampires especially with what Jacob told me about the legends. I wonder if Jacob has shifted yet, I sensed a strong alpha presence within him the last time I saw him. He has potential of becoming the rightful alpha but doesn't seem to be interested in the position. I wonder why? Shrugging my shoulders I continued my packing. Whatever he decides to do isn't any of my business. Not to mention it's rude to pry.

As expected the Cullen's had no problem with Aro's proposition, but Edward continued to barrate the both of us until he was silenced by Jane, for once I was grateful she was there. It began to get even darker outside and by that time I had already packed all of my belongings and re-wrapped my coffin. I went to go and take a shower, wanting to wipe the stress of the day off of my body. I stayed under the warm shower head for who knows how long, I was enjoying its warmth and wished that heat could be circulating through me. I found it quite ironic that I was as cold as any snow storm and yet I was basking in the warmth of the water, no matter how long I stayed like this, my body temperature would always remain the same.

Sometimes I wondered how was is like to be born a human? The only way for me to feel warmth flooding through my skin I found was to take a shower, but that didn't stop me from raising questions about the meals they ate as well as their sleeping patterns. Sleeping during the night seemed quite odd to me and I tried it once, but it proved impossible for me. I am after all a creature of the night or in simpler terms a night walker. I shut the shower off, realizing just how foggy I had made the bathroom. I wrapped myself in a towel and dried my hair, I opened the door to get some cool air to circulate through the small room. When I was dry and into my night wear my skin had returned to the same coldness that could easily nip at a human's skin.

Looking at my clock it read midnight in bright red numbers, I went downstairs to get some blood to drink and possibly watch some human TV. I passed by the kitchen window on my way to the living room and noticed how eyes that glowed in the moon's light shone through the forest. There was more then just one set of eyes and I knew that it was the wolves. They were watching me again, I wonder if the Cullen's told them yet. I still had a baggie full of blood in my hand and proceeded to drink it while staring at the wolves hidden in the darkness of the trees. We stared at each other, observing one another. When I finished my baggie, blood had dripped down the length of my mouth and I licked it as not to waste it. The wolves left soon after witnessing me feed.

I guess they were already told by Carlisle and his family. This latest visit might be the last I get from the wolves, they must have wanted to see if the Cullen's spoke the truth. Not to mention, the wolves don't protect 'bloodsuckers' like myself.

I made my way to the the living room and turned on the human device known as a 'TV' which bored me in mere minutes of being on and I had to shut it off, finding nothing to feed my boredom. Normally I would have read something, but all the books I brought back from home I had already finished within my first week here. The pathetic excuse of a book collection that was upstairs in my room didn't pique my interest in the least except for a book called 'Wuthering Heights'. I went back upstairs to my room, deciding to read the book to pass time by. I settled on a chair and commenced reading. The book was far better than I expected and I finished it in a matter of minutes. Disappointed that it wasn't long enough, I re-read the book.

By the time I heard Charlie's cruiser pull up in the drive way, it was nearly morning and my eyes had begun to droop immensely. I had read the book well over more than a hundred times. I stifled a yawn and went to my closet but went to pack the book into my carry on bag first. That would be something I would love to read during the plane ride. I opened the closet door and shut it, nestling in the make shift bed I had made for myself on the floor, which consisted of pillows, blankets and something called a 'sleeping bag'.

I had to make sure I talked to Charlie before he left for work tonight, I called him when I got home to inform him that I would be missing school, because I felt unwell. I zipped myself in the 'sleeping bag' enveloping myself within this strange material. I quickly fell asleep, dreaming of what awaited for me in Italy, Volterra.

The next night, I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, which I had set to wake me up at six which was a little too early for me, but I felt rested enough. I could hear Charlie getting ready and I quickly got out of my closet and headed downstairs. Charlie was in the kitchen preparing some coffee for himself.

"Good evening Charlie." I spoke, frightening him from his task.

"I didn't see you there Bells." He said a bit shaken.

He insisted on calling me by that stupid nickname much to my dismay but I grew irritated and let him do as he pleased, for now.

"How are you feeling?" He asked genuinely worried as he took a sip from his favorite mug.

"Alright." I answered.

"That's good." He responded.

Then we lapsed into an awkward silence, he stood by the sink, leaning on the counter and took a couple of sips from his mug every so often, I stood at the entrance of the kitchen, watching him. I mind as well get to the point.

"Charlie, I need to tell you something." I began.

He looked up at me and placed his mug on the counter. He waited for me to continue.

"I received a call from my parents, they wish for me to return to Transylvania for awhile. It seems like there are some problems back home." I explain.

"What didn't I receive a call?" He asks suspiciously.

"They have been very busy lately and asked me to give you this letter." I pulled out the letter from my pocket and handed it to him.

I had tried to mimic my Father's handwriting, attempting to make it very similar but Charlie wouldn't know the difference. He read the contents of the letter in silence. When he was done he put it on the counter and crossed his arms.

"I have to leave tonight."

He nods.

"Do you know for how long?" He asks looking down at the floor.

"Not too long I don't think, but I will keep in contact." I answer honestly.

He nods again.

"Alright then, do you want me to drive you to the airport?" He offers.

"No, it is fine. The Cullen's cousins have offered to drive me since they will be leaving Forks tonight as well." I explain.

It is much better that I tell Charlie I am going back home to Transylvania instead of Italy, because I have a feeling that he would most likely try and track me down.

He nods once more. Still contemplating.

"Charlie I will be fine, thank you for the hospitality, if all goes well I will be sure to return." I wasn't sure if I would even consider coming back, but I knew I needed to stretch the truth a bit more for Charlie to finally cave in.

"Did you pack all of your stuff?"


"Do you have everything?"


"Do you need money?" He reached in his pocket to fetch his wallet.

"Charlie, there is no need for that." He still took out his wallet anyway and handed me a fifty dollar bill.

"I know it's not much, but I don't want you to go without anything. This is the only thing I can do for you right now." he sounded somewhat sad.

Could it be that he enjoyed my company? He does live alone, there is no one to welcome him when he comes back from a long day of work and he has to cook for himself. I wonder if with me here, he felt like he wasn't as lonely. In a way I did feel bad for him, so I did something I would never imagine myself doing. I walked over to him and actually gave him a hug, which surprised both him and I.

"Thank you, for everything. I will let you handle on the school affairs." I say.

I could feel him nodding his head. In a sense I was his only family, it only seems right that he would feel sad with my departure. I have been around humans for too long, they are starting to grow on me.

"You better get ready, you don't want to be late." He let me go and I left but not without seeing him wipe the tears from his face.

I took a quick shower, my talk with Charlie lasted longer than I expected. I dressed into something casual and brought all my stuff downstairs near the front entrance. Charlie decided to stay until I left even if that meant he would be late for work.

"What is in there?" He asks circulating around my packaged coffin.

"Something that helps me sleep at night." I say leaving it at that.

Just then the doorbell rang and I quickly opened the door. Aro stood before me in all his glory, basking in the light of the moon. He had changed and wore something less fancy and more casual like myself. I saw the limousine that had transported him here along with his brother and other members of the Volturi parked near the side of my driveway. His brothers stood at his flank and the rest distanced themselves as to not be seen by Charlie.

"Good evening Isabella." He greets.

"Good evening Aro." I reply.

I nod in acknowledgment to both Caius and Marcus which they return.

I continued to stare at Aro, the man who took my breath away until i heard Charlie clear his throat from behind me. I winced slightly and snapped out of my daze earning a couple of chuckles from the vampires. I mumble incoherently under my breath and went to get my luggage while Aro talked to Charlie. I didn't tell the Volturi or Cullen's about what I would say to Charlie so hopefully they would catch one quickly and play along.

I started with my suitcases, Charlie helped to transport them to the limousine. All of my luggage had been placed into the car except for my coffin. I told Charlie that I could handle the rest and that he should go to work. It was a battle of determination and stubbornness as neither him and I would budge. But, with Aro's help we managed to convince him to leave.

I huffed in annoyance.

"Are all humans this stubborn?" I muttered to myself.

"I am afraid so, dear." I jumped from the proximity of Aro's lips to my ear.

"Is that all?" Caius asked.

I stepped away from Aro, smirking.

"Not quite, there is still one little thing." I jogged back to the house and picked up my coffin. I let it lean against the railings on the porch as I locked the door and hid it under the pot of a plant.

Everyone stared at me quizzically as I carried my coffin down the stairs and to the limo. I placed it down on the ground debating where it would go.

"What the hell is that?" Corin asked shocked.

I looked at them, amused.

"It's my own personal sleeping bag." I concluded.

They looked at me confused.

"It's my coffin." I elaborated, speaking slowly.

"Coffin?" Caius repeated.

"Have you forgotten already, I told you that I am nocturnal I need something to sleep in." I explain giggling.

Their expressions were priceless, including Aro.

"Don't just stand there, help me find a place to put it."

"It's too big to be able to fit inside of the limo." Jane stated.

"Why don't we strap it to the hood of the limo." Felix suggest, everyone nodded in agreement.

"Why don't I strap you to the roof of the limo." I retorted threateningly.

"Isabella, there is no more room. We have no choice." Aro interjected soothingly.

"Why don't we create room, by making some of the guards run alongside the limo." I propose.

"Isabella." Aro warned as everyone gave me a look.

"But, but." I pleaded.

Aro's look became sterner.

"Fine." I obliged reluctantly.

"But if anything happens to my coffin, I will castrate you all and as for the girls I will personally rip out every singly strand of your hair and force you to eat it." I added darkly.

The guards looked fearful and Aro and his brothers stared at me in shock then got into action by moving my coffin-baring in mind my threat and carefully put it on top of the limo, strapping it securely to the limo. I tested the rope to make sure it would be strong enough to hold my coffin. After ten minutes, I was satisfied and we made our way to the airport.

This would be my second time on an airplane and I was feeling excited, we were taking the Volturi's private jet and we were able to make room for my coffin much to my delight. I sat with Aro and read Wuthering Heights to pass by the time, while the members of the guards played some sort of card game that included gambling. Aro proceeded to watch me while I read, making me somewhat uncomfortable.

It became unbearable, so I set my book down and looked at Aro.

"What are you thinking about?" I ask.

"You." He answers.

I grabbed my book and attempted to hit him with it, but he swatted it away easily.

"Stop spouting nonsense" I mutter.

"How is it nonsense?" He asks.

"It just is." I counter.

"What an intelligent answer." He retorts.

Ignoring him, I read from where I left off and I could still feel Aro's gaze on me.

After what felt like forever, we finally made it to Italy. It was just pass midnight as we drove down the streets of Volterra. There weren't many people roaming the streets alone if there was, they were drunk and incoherent. We stopped in front of two huge gates that led deeper into some fort of driveway. There were two guards standing on each side of the gate and even more surrounding the entire perimeter of the foundation. The driver rolled down the window and spoke to one of the guards.

The other one proceeded to take take all my luggage out of the car including my carry on bag. The other one later joined him as they attempted to take my coffin from the roof of the limo. Mortified, I got out of the car.

"Hell no!" I exclaimed using a common american saying while going after one of the guards.

"Isabella." Aro wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Let them do their job." He pleads.

"If I see a singly scratch or tear, I will hunt you two down and make you regret being born into this world." I growled.

They looked at one another and nodded fearfully.

Aro had to drag me back into the car.

"You can't go after every single person that touches your coffin nor can you threaten them." Aro scolded me once we were in the car.

"Why is it so important anyway?" Caius asks indifferently.

"It's one of a kind and a gift from both my parents. It holds a lot of sentimental value to me." I whisper sadly and turn my attention to the window.

The rest of the drive was spent in a sobered silence, until the car stopped and we all got were led to an underground tunnel by both Alec and Jane who knew their way fairly well. The air was filled in silence except for the sound of our shoes hitting the uneven stone coated ground. The guards had their cloaks on along with Marcus and Caius. Aro had been kind enough to lend me his for the time being, not that he was bothered by it at all. He held my hand tightly in his and we continued to make our way down the darkened underground tunnel that would eventually lead to the Volturi Castle. The sound of Jane's heels resonated through the tunnel as everyone continued to follow her lead while her brother walked beside her, his gaze remaining forward. After the incident at the Cullen house neither of them had made any eye contact with me or spoken to me in general. I had a feeling that Alec resented me for what I did to his twin sister and I could understand his need to protect her. In the end I am somewhat glad I did not kill her, because I could not bare the thought to be the reason for him losing his beloved sister who he seems to cherish deeply.

I could tell by the way they interacted with each other that their bond was deep and incomprehensible to the naked eye. What they had was just as strong a connection as what I once had with my own siblings. The feeling of loneliness is something I would never want another to suffer like myself and killing Jane would most likely tear Alec apart. I could not feel any resentment from Jane, just fear. She made no further attempts to taunt me and obeyed Aro's orders without complaint. She also distanced herself away from him much to delight.

They haven't fully accepted me, not that I wish they do anytime soon but they were intelligent enough to realize I my capabilities along with the difference in our strengths. The remainder of the guard ignored me, which I was grateful for. Aro squeezed my hand reassuringly and I returned it, no one else but myself knew what Aro truly was and he wished to have it be kept a secret for now. It would only cause disarray amonsgt the guards and his brothers.

I heard the sound of heels stopping and I glanced at Jane to see that she has stopped in front of two large doors that had intricate carving designs painted in gold. A woman with long light brown hair stood off to the side waiting patiently for our arrival. She wore a white blouse along with a short black pencil skirt and red pumps. Her hands were entwined together behind her back as she awaited for her orders. I noticed how Felix gazed at her lustfully and how he smirked when she brought her attention to him.

"Gina." Aro spoke emotionlessly.

She nodded in understanding becoming serious and went to move on the other side of Jane. This woman smelt human. I looked at Aro quizzically and he returned it with a sly smirk. I shuddered slightly not wanting to know what her purpose was to be in a castle full of blood thirsty vampires. If we had a human back in my castle they would have been killed as soon as entering our domain and yet they have kept her alive. Aro truly was sadistic.

Alec moved forward and pushed the doors open. I could tell that they were quite heavy for a normal human to open but for a vampire the task was quite simple. As we entered through the door, we were welcomed in darkness once again but a bright light shone through at the end. The walk was quite short and there was another set of double doors that Alec easily eased open. We entered a large marble room that appeared to be a throne room. There stood three thrones on a large marble platform. The room was coated in rich design, enriched in history.

I was astonished and immediately liked the room. Suddenly I heard the sound of quickened footsteps approaching our way, I caught the scent of whoever it was and it smelt feminine and floral. Everyone tensed except Aro who seemed at ease, glances were shot in my direction including those of Alec and Jane who appeared wary. Confused I faced the direction in which the vampire was to enter. The doors swung widely open and a woman rushed through.

"Aro, my love you have returned." She stated in a gushing tone.

The woman was fairly tall but not as tall as Aro, she had long raven black hair that was curled reaching past her shoulders. She worse a burgundy colored strapless dress with heels. To be quite honest, she was beautiful, the woman gazed at Aro lovingly, who did not reply and stared coldly at her, she frowned and glanced down at are entwined hands. Her eyes narrowed into slits and she whipped her head up at me, seizing me up she scrutinized me distastefully.

"What is the meaning of this, Aro?" She asked in a deadly calm voice.

"As what appears to be Sulpicia." He stated simply.

Sulpicia, so this was Aro's former wife? I could feel my body begin to tense and my defenses rose.

She glared at me.

"Are you cheating on me, Aro?" She asked through clenched teeth, all calmness gone from her voice.

He raised an eyebrow amused that she hadn't quite figured it out yet.

"Cheating? Tell me you aren't that stupid Sulpicia." He spoke coldly.

She turned to face me.

"Just what are you to my husband." She had her fists clenched together on her sides and she looked quite upset.

I couldn't respond for a couple of seconds, because of the shock of her question. I still hadn't quite figured out how to address what I truly was for Aro, but a thought popped in my mind from my previous talk with him.

"I am his lover." I say.

I could feel Aro shaking beside me and I turned to look at him questioningly. He was bent over laughing. The other Volturi members tried unsuccessfully to hide their smiles or chuckles even Marcus and Caius.

Did I say something wrong? Should I have said we were soul mates? But being ones lover technically means you are their soul mate, right? I began to feel bad thinking I had said something wrong, Aro sensed this and stood straight then gently stroked my face and whispered in my ear.

"You did nothing wrong mio caro your answer was quite unexpected for us all." It was said in such a dark seductive tone that it made me shiver in what felt like, wanting?

A screech, momentarily broke off the connection between Aro and myself. I turned to look at Sulpicia who was being restrained by another woman with curly shoulder length platinum blonde hair. I hadn't noticed the other woman's arrival and grew even more defensive. Caius moved forward and approached the woman, he placed a hand on her cheek and she leaned in to his touch, breathing in his scent. The tension I felt slowly began to dissipate as I understood the relation between the two.

"Athena." Caius breathed softly.

"Welcome home my beloved." She replied in the same tone.

I felt like I was intruding in a personal moment and I averted my gaze from both of them. Sulpicia remained livid and was spitting venom as she glared hatefully at me. Her eyes became darker than any night sky and hell malevolent intent buried deep within them.

"Lover you say?" She asks humorlessly.

Caius and his mate turned to look at Sulpicia who was on the brink of loosing her mind entirely.

"Cia, please calm yourself. I am sure all will be explained." Her voice was gentle and held reassurance, but by looking at Sulpicia I could tell she was having none of it and so did everyone else.

"You should know your place newcomer." She muttered darkly.

Know my place? I narrowed my eyes at her. One of my many- as you humans would say 'pet peeves' resurfaced and my strong dislike for Sulpicia grew threefold.

"I think you have that backwards." I respond emotionlessly. My buried desire to initiate bloodshed was slowly resurfacing.

She looked at me astonished that I would speak to her that way.

"Don't make things worse then they already are." The blonde woman said sternly.

Ignoring her warning, I continued to stare Sulpicia down, going as far as releasing small amounts of my power solely on her. The anticipation of her being crushed by the force of my power was delightful and it fueled me.

At first, she began to sway slightly, becoming off balance then she sunk to the ground clutching her head and finally she was slammed against the marble floor, leaving crack on the beautiful stone. Like Caius she was not able to get up and struggled pathetically.

"It's no use." I say, void of any emotion.

She attempted to speak to most likely yell profanities at me but was unable to.

"Now do you see the difference in our abilities." My voice was cold as well as my gaze.

She gasped and her nails scarped along the marble floor. She struggled relentlessly more than Caius did, I simply smiled finding this whole ordeal quite amusing. I was so focused on causing pain to Sulpicia to fuel my desire that I had not noticed how Caius' mate attempted to get my attention until I felt a familiar hand rest on mine.

"Isabella." He whispered in my ear and I immediately snapped out of it.

I felt somewhat dazed and I glanced around the room. Sulpicia was still on the floor but Caius' mate was in front of me, roughly shaking my shoulders. Reality sunk in and I swatted her hands away, knowing what she wanted I released the power restricting Sulpicia. She stood up in a fury and tried to lunge for me to my utter amazement.

I stood waiting for her to come at me, before she was within my reach Aro moved in front of me, much to my dismay.

"Would you stop acting so recklessly." He said somewhat annoyed.

She stopped her advance and stood far to close to Aro.

"But, darli-" She began but was brusquely interrupted by Aro.

"What do you think would happen if you attacked her carelessly?" He asked inquisitive.

She remained quiet not knowing how to reply.

Aro sighed disappointingly. He turned to look at me then at Sulpicia and suddenly his face lightened up, an idea had popped into his devious little mind.

"It would be a problem if I had both my soon to be ex-wife and mate fighting over me. To be by my side, I need someone who is strong and able to burden the duties of being with me. The two of you will fight each other to win their right to be by my side and become my wife, lover and mate."

Everyone was quite, dumbfounded at Aro's proposition.

"Aro, you cannot be seri-" I began but was rudely caught off by Sulpicia.

"I have been by your side for many years, I already know the burdens placed on your shoulder." She stated triumphantly.

I stared at him like he had completely lost his mind.

"I am not going to do this." I state stubbornly.

He swiveled around to look directly at me, his eyes challenging.

"You don't care if Sulpicia becomes mine again then?"

I clenched my fists.

"That isn't i-" I was once again cut off, this time by Aro.

"This is to put both of your love for me on the line. Just how much would you sacrifice for me?" He asks.

We both stayed quiet.

"This duel will test both of your strength and abilities. And for that you both need to participate." He continued, stressing the word 'both.'

He closed the distance between Sulpicia and him and gently grabbed her chin, tilting to the side.

"I will be training Sulpicia, but if you insist on not participating Isabella, well then you have already made your choice and so have I."

With those last words said he placed his lips on Sulpicia who was surprised but responded eagerly. I stood frozen in utter shock and betrayal, seeing only red.

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This is the summary for next week's chapter which is called; A battle between lover and foe.

Isabella's love for Aro is being put to the test as she must overcome this new challenge he has proposed for both her and Sulpicia. Isabella hates losing to her opponents more than anything especially if it is to the likes of Sulpicia who is Aro's former lover. What is it, Isabella will do? Will she agree to Aro's challenge or claim defeat without even trying. She must come to a decision before it is too late, for if she doesn't choose then Aro will be gone from her grasp forever. She must realize her true feeling towards her soul mate and fight for what is hers. But, what are Aro's true intentions? Does he really wish to continue eternity with Isabella or return to his wife, Sulpicia? If he is to be training Sulpicia, then Isabella is in for the fight of her life, because being trained by an Ancient drastically improves ones abilities in all aspects, in a sense it is like fighting the Ancient themselves.

Isabella must prove herself to be a worthy soul mate of Aro Volturi, if not then he was never really hers to begin with.

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