Daughter of the Count and Countess

The Aftermath (Halloween Special)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN fellow readers!

Here is a poem that I created just for this story to celebrate today, enjoy!

Monsters are awakening hungry for fear,

They wait in anticipation as you draw near.

Summoned from their slumbered sleep to walk the earth once more,

Darkness brewing, evil lurking begging for human corpses.

Allhallows Eve! Allhallows Eve!

Shouts from the grave.

Shrieks from the sky.

Howls in the air.

Hisses from the darkened shadowed lairs.

They hear the call of their master.

The red sky is glowing brighter.

Vengeance is thick in the air.

Among the madness is the rise of a heir.

The child with long flowing dark hair.

She sits upon the bloodied graves.

Eyes reflecting the moon.

Head cocked, face blank.

Waiting to start bloodshed once again.

Halloween One-Shot between Aro and Isabella (along with the other Volturi members.)

The moon was fully lit and the curtains were slightly parted, a young woman sat contently on the window sill watching as night enveloped everything below her. She remained in the enclosure of her castle living in harmony with her perfected paintings that she herself had created along with life sized statues she intricately carved putting every ounce of effort into them as if they were her own children.

She parted her hair here in there, a habit she had formed when she first met her beloved. Even though he was long ago departed this was something he enjoyed that she did. That was many years ago and she had countless love interests like her beloved but they were never like him. Each intimate moment passed between old and new lovers would never satiate her, like her beloved.

Sighing she closed the curtains and glanced at the grandfather clock, its melodious ringing resonating throughout the castle. Smiling she headed towards her headquarters to prepare for her evening departure. She opened her closet and skimmed her slender fingers through her closet, each touching different fabrics and materials. Suddenly her fingers stopped and she pulled out a long navy blue dress with diamond sequins on the top. The dress had a small train that flowed freely at the back and the woman smiled contently.

"Yes, this dress will do nicely." She murmured.

This is was her beloved's favourite color, he had once said that it looked absolutely dazzling on her.

She strewn it gently on the bed and went to bathe. After cleaning her porcelain skin she curled her hair and applied light make up on her striking features. The last piece that was missing was the dress. She stood in the full length mirror and held the dress up to her chest, smiling she gazed at her reflection. Her strawberry blonde locks were all placed in a bun, few small curled hairs grazed the sides of her face.

She slowly got into the dress and put on matching heels, glancing at herself once more in the mirror she left. As she walked down the long corridors she passed her statues and her paintings that each told a story. One had a man who had a horrified expression as he gazed back at her, he was trapped in a darkened forest trying to escape its horrors. It was like the very soul of this young man was trapped inside the canvas.

The statue beside it, was very much life like and was coated in wax carved by her own hands. It was made to look identically like her beloved.

She gently caressed his face and planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

"Goodnight my dear, I will be returning late again tonight."

With those words said, the woman disappeared down the corridor, the lights that illuminated the halls diminishing one by one, until darkness prevailed and the sound of her heels were far too faint leaving behind the trapped body of her beloved, his eyes pleading for someone to help him as she went to ensnare her next victim in her deadly game.

Felix's voice filled the room as he finished telling his story, that was by far one of the sickest stories I have heard so far.

"What is wrong with you?" Heidi asked disgusted.

My thoughts exactly.

He just shrugged his shoulders and sat back down on the couch as someone dived into their own made up horrific tale.

I tuned out and turned to Aro.

"Is this what Allhallows Eve is about? Telling frightening tales to one another." I wondered.

"In a sense yes, but we the Volturi don't care much for it." He shrugs his shoulder in indifference.

"You mean you don't celebrate it?" I asked curiously.

"And why should we? It is quite absurd to see little masked children dressed in stereotypical costumes of creatures that exist in the most frightening nightmares." He explained.

He proved a valid point.

"But, we enjoy having a little fun as well. As it being that we are the creatures they attempt to impersonate." He spoke eerily.

I looked at him questioningly.

"This is the best time to feed not too mention scaring the humans. We blend in perfectly."A wicked smile formed on his features and I had a very bad feeling about what was to come. His grip around my waist slowly loosened and everyone in the room slowly began to leave, their eyes flashing with amusement even the speaker who was deeply spinning a made up tale left.

"Aro.." I spoke, my voice drifting away warily.

Before I could move Aro had me pinned below him.

"Aro, what are you doing?" I whispered, feeling slightly winded.

He didn't reply and gazed into my eyes.

"Is this part of your festivities as well?" I asked hesitantly.

"More or less." He replied tilting his head from one side to the other.

"I will take that as no." I answered flatly.

He chuckled darkly.

"You are the daughter of count Dracula and I am an Ancient, what other Halloween elements do you wish to include." He murmured very softly and his lips touched mine sealing my reply.

"Why don't we enjoy ourselves tonight?" He asked, his lips still pressed to mine.

Breathing slightly heavily, I nodded understanding what it is he wished to do.

"Of course, it wouldn't be Allhallows Eve without the monsters roaming round."

Not very much, I know but it is only a one-shot so it isn't very long. I hope you enjoyed that little Halloween story Felix told and that you understood what happened to that woman's first lover. I made it up myself and I title it "The Beloved." Hopefully you liked the poem I made as well and have an amazing night, be safe and eat lots and LOTS of candy!~

Now back to the story...

Our lips parted slowly and my eyes opened to reveal Aro gazing back at me. There was something gnawing at my curiosity that had been bothering me for awhile now. Reading my thoughts Aro asked what it is that was on my mind.

"When you announced your challenge, why did you kiss Sulpicia?" I asked sounding annoyed.

He laughed melodically and tilted his head.

"It was simply to get a rise out of you." He answered coyly.

My eye twitched slightly.

"Aro Volturi." I said in a quiet tone but one that held much hostility.

He had already begun to back away from me, sensing what was in store for him.

"You are so dead!" I yelled lividly finishing the threat I seeked to accomplish.

By that time he had already gone, disappearing through the large double doors and out into the corridors. I could still hear his annoyingly wondrous laughter as I chased after him. I knew I would never catch him but I had a feeling he enjoyed a good chase. Deep down I knew that Aro had his own personal motive that justified what he did, but that would only remain his secret and his secret alone. Venturing into the mind of Aro Volturi is a task that no one would ever complete. In his eyes he saw the world from a different perspective, his opinions differentiating from everyone else.

No matter how odd he was I would remain by his side hopefully my resolve would be strong enough. I would need him now more than ever before, for there was an obsidian storm heading towards me and whatever it held would be anything but welcoming. Allhallows eve was vastly approaching. The night were hatred and anger blindly took over humanity, where tragedy and destruction striked my kind. The day where death hung prominently in the air. When the word betray etched agony onto our skin.

For it was the night of Crimson Day.

Unwanted memories plagued my mind everyday, it was hard to forget about the night where my kind was nearly destroyed. To be one of the very few survivors that remained, to have been the one saved by the sacrifices of those you treasure brought on enormous amounts of what humans would describe as guilt. It was an icky feeling, one that made you regret having been saved in the first place.

The sound of footsteps getting farther and farther away from me, brought me back to reality. I realized I would never be able to catch Aro at the pace I was going. Kicking it into overdrive I sprinted even faster, turning sharply on each corner. I could hear faint screams slowly dying away from some where far away, slowing my pace down to a walk, my curiosity led me to the screams source. I must have walked for quite awhile because I could no longer catch Aro's scent nor hear his footsteps not that I would have been able to catch him either way. He was using his Ancient abilities which drastically increased his speed. He was already fast enough without it but it only made it near impossible to catch him.

The closer I approached to the screams, I could make out a door that was slightly ajar and a tiny strip of light leaked its way through the hallway. I crept forward cautiously not making a sound and peered quietly into the small opening of the door. I spotted long platinum blonde hair which I immediately recognized to be Caius' mate (who's name I have recently come to know as Athenodora), was bending over a bed that held someone. She appeared to be tending to them as if they had been gravelly injured. When she moved away to get more cloths, I backed away in shock.

Lying there was a very mutilated and burnt Sulpicia. From afar I would have never been able to guess it was her. Her once shiny raven locks were know burned to a crisp leaving nothing there but a damaged scalp with many scabs. Her once smooth marble skin was charred and scarred red. The rest of her body had been covered but her face was the most horrific part. Her features that had once defined her were now gone and lay a broken woman in pain. Her eyes had been covered with white bandages and her lips were parched and cracked.

Moans escaped from her lips, as she tried to shift her position. Athenodora quickly ran to her side trying to comfort her. She placed a delicate kiss to her forehead and cheek then muttered an apology.

"Goodbye my dearest sister Sulpicia, we have spent many years together but I can no longer see you suffer." And with that she placed her powdery white hands on Sulpicia's neck then without hesitation she twisted. The sound of her neck cracking echoed throughout the room and Athenodora discarded the head tossing it into a nearby fire place, letting the flames complete their job of finishing Sulpicia off.

I moved away from the door and quickly disappeared down the hall so I would not be spotted. I was relived yet felt somehow disgusted, this was the first time that I have ever witnessed the aftermath of what I did to one of my victims when I was either angered or challenged. Staring at my hands I could not believe that the flames I had created earlier came from these delicate slender fingers. This shouldn't have been a shock to me, they were accustomed to killing violently, but this was different in a way I could not place my finger on.

Something had changed, I felt a darker energy hidden somewhere inside of me. I only felt it in the last few moments of my battle with Sulpicia but the emotions were so dark that not even I would have been able to conjure them.

I balled my hands into tight fists and let them fall at my sides and leaned against the nearby wall.

This could become a problem, if my powers raged out of control especially at a time like this, then the impending battle in Transylvania would definitely not be my only worry. Everyone's life would be in the palm of my hands and if for one second that palm were to blaze into a spiraling inferno, they would all be dead along with anyone else who stood in my way.

A startling ball of unsettling fear immersed itself into the pit of my stomach. A feeling that I have never once felt since that frightful day.

I was afraid.

Afraid, of my abilities and what they could do if I wasn't in control.

But, the scariest thing of all was that if I even showed the least bit of hesitation when using my powers, it would be me consumed into the fiery depths of the flames just like Sulpicia had once been.

I retraced my steps from where I had left when I had begun to chase Aro and from there I tracked him by his scent. I found him sitting idly on the window sill as the moon shone on his face and the little diamonds on his skin sparkled lightly. I approached him quietly in an attempt to surprise him, he didn't turn or make any sudden movements but I knew he already knew I was there.

"Got you." I say softly, placing my chin on his shoulder.

He didn't respond for some time but inclined his head towards mine, acknowledging my presence.

"You took awhile, did you get lost.?" He asked with a hint of a smile.

"More or less." I respond in the same tone. I didn't want him to know of what I had seen or where I had been.

We remained like this for what felt like eternity, Aro shouldering the weight of my chin.

"The Cullen's will be arriving shortly." Aro spoke.

I nodded my head slowly, absorbing this new piece of information. The time is drawing near to make a decision on whether I should disobey my Father's request and go to Transylvania or remain here and allow the rest of my kind to be eradicated. The decision was fairly obvious but there were many things at stake on both ends.

If I disobeyed, there would be no telling what Father would do to me. I may have broken a couple of rules during my childhood but I have never gone against either one of my parents, especially not my Father.

But, my home wasn't just at stake but the lives of my people as well.

I am sorry Father.

My mind was set; I was going to Transylvania no matter what.

Hey guys! Happy Halloween!

Yes, I know this chapter is super duper short but I really wanted to publish it on Halloween just like I promised. The next chapter will be longer, so don't worry. It's just that I had a hard time trying to write this chapter so finding the words to describe what was happening was proving to be difficult.

I also left a cliffhanger because I was feeling a bit.. mischievous today.

I am not all that happy with his chapter but overall, I hope you liked it!

So, the question from the previous update was;

Question: From which city did Bella move to Forks?

Answer: Phoenix, Arizona

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I am going to change up the challenge for this week and instead of me giving you a TwQn, I want you guys to describe Halloween in one word and tell me what happened to that lady's beloved in the short Halloween story that Felix told.

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