Daughter of the Count and Countess

There Is A First Time For Everything





"Aro, you won't be able to stop me. My answer won't change." I responded irritably.

"And my answer will remain the same as well." His eyes were challenging and refused to back down.

"You can either come with me or I will go by myself." I threatened.

"And what do you think you would accomplish by yourself." He retorted.

"Much more than what I am doing now." I shot back.

"You are free to leave the castle, but I warn you, it won't be easy." His eyes had now narrowed and shone with disdain.

"That assumption would obviously hinder my plans of escaping which is why it has already crossed my mind ." I countered.

"Why are you so impatient to leave at this very moment. The Cullen's haven't even arrived yet." His tone took on a slightly softer edge but was still firm in his decision.

"They are my people Aro, I wish to stand by their side." I answer.

"And does it have to be at this very moment?" He asked inquiringly.

"Yes!" My voice rose in slight desperation.

"They are not completely defenseless, your parents will be able to hold them off for now until we figure out a plan." He explained rationally.

"I unders-" I began to say.

"Do you really understand?" His eyebrow raised in question as he cut me off.

I closed my mouth and looked away in annoyance.

"Have you even considered the possibility that you may bring more harm to them if you come rushing in thoughtlessly?" He queried.

My head whipped back in his direction.

"Of course!" My eyes were ablaze and burned with determination.

"Then you should understand why it is best to await for the Cullen's arrival. They also have a few allies in mind that may become of use to us." He informed.

"Allies?" I repeated.

He nodded his head in confirmation.

Realizing that this was an argument I was going to lose, I sighed and sat down on a chair.

"I fathom, that this is hard for you. But for the sake of everyone it would be wise if you didn't interfere and to stop allowing your emotions to get the better of you. It only becomes a hindrance." He walked over to where I sat and kneeled in front of me.

I refused to look up and kept my gaze to the patterned marble floors as I clenched my jaw in annoyance.

"Isabella." He spoke my name softly almost in a pleading tone.

I still did not look up.

He sighed in frustration and got up from his position on the floor. I could hear him running his hand through his short velvety raven hair.

"I am trying to be patient and only telling you the truth of the situation. But you are making it difficult." He stated.

"I never asked you to." I replied sharply looking at him, my old defenses shooting up in an instant.

He turned to face me, his face was hard and emotionless.

"I do apologize for showing concern seeing as that is what a mate is suppose to do." He answered brusquely and departed the room.

I let out a breath and laid on the floor while looking up at the intricate designs on the ceiling of the room I was currently staying in. This was the first real argument Aro and I had as a 'couple' but whether we were official or not was still up for debate- in my eyes anyway.

This argument first started the minute Aro and I had entered my chambers when my mind had been made up. Being the strong willed pure blood that I am-which I believe originated from my Mother, who would use it against my Father when she wanted something done her way or to prove a point, I immediately went on the offensive and became impatient when I brought up my resolve.

Of course things didn't go as planned-as usual, and Aro did not approve of how I decided to go about the whole situation thus leading into the argument.

I did not mean to come across as rude but I wish that Aro could have 'stood in my shoes' as humans would say. How would he have reacted if it were his coven members at risk? The people who pledged their lives for his cause? Would he be acting the same way as I? Knowing him he would hide what he was truly feeling and would simply looked forward as to what can be done and not what could have be done to stop it.

That was the most infuriating part of his personality which I was steadily growing to dislike. It came off as slightly insensitive even though I knew it wasn't what he intended to project. But, in the end it was that part of him that was the most rational.

Maybe I had overreacted?

Something told me, that was the problem. As always I was far too stubborn to realize it.

I hated admitting I lost to anyone.

Sighing I sat up, using my hands as support while I leaned back. Apologizing and coming to some sort of agreement with Aro would help patch up this problem but since he left that must mean he wishes to be alone. Even if I did find him there would be no use talking to him if he was still angry. This would result in the ignition of another heated argument. I couldn't offered to anger him a second time, mere seconds after going against his word the first time.

The only thing I could do at the moment was wait like he said and not do anything rash. He did bring up a good point that I would not be able to accomplish anything by myself and I might carry with me far more bloodshed and hatred into the battle. Nothing good will come of that.

Aro also did not fail to mention that I let my emotions override my judgement, again. Was I turning more human each passing day I spent in this unknown environment? I hoped not, the whole part of being a pure blood was to never allow any human influences to cloud our nature.

Being born into a royal family as a full vampire meant that I was born without a single shred of humanity within me nor did I regard it kindly. That is the massive gap that separated our race from every other. Our 'fake body' (which was our human concealment) was only created to blend in with humans but our true form differed greatly putting us in a diverse class.

I stood from my sitting position on the floor and walked over to the glass window which only reflected the darkness that consumed the sky. The moon being the only present entity in the vast open space creating a beacon of light. I always wondered what would happen to humanity if the moon had vanished and the world was consumed in a never ending darkness?

What would happen if the sun was no longer there to rise above the morning sky to awaken all living beings?

If humanity lost what provided light, what would that make them?

Would it create a generation of monsters or create sheer insanity among the race?

In each supernatural individual, they all shared one human trait which displayed how they still clung on to humanity no matter how much they wished to deny it. That trait no matter how large or how small represented the light, it was a remainder of what they would always be, the power they obtained would be meaningless.

I heard a soft knock that shook me from my thoughts and I tilted my head slightly to the side. I already knew it wasn't Aro because he would have just entered without having the decency to knock. I smelt the air around me and identified it as a vampire, a female to be exact. I felt no ill intentions and allowed whoever it was to enter.

The door softly creaked open and I was hit with a faint floral smell along with a frigid aura.

Turning around I confronted the female.

It was Athenodora, the mate of Caius.

We stared at each other for what felt like a long time, neither of us breaking the silence.

"Is there something you need, mate of Caius?" I asked speaking first.

"Please stop with the formalities, simply call me Athenodora or Athena." She replied with a glacial smile.

"As you wish." I responded indifferently, staring back out the window but still able to see her reflection.

"I came here to personally congratulate you."

"For?" I questioned without turning back around.

"Officially becoming Aro's soul mate of course." She answered in an obvious tone.

"Thank you." I say.

There was another short pause.

"Was there anything else?" I queried cautiously.

"I want to welcome you into the Volturi, seeing as I didn't get to after your battle. You and Aro just disappeared." Her tone sounded a bit disappointed.

I did not say anything, hoping she would take that as my acceptance to her words.

"I also wish that we could become friends." There was no true meaning behind her words and they sounded as if it was something that had to be said and not something she really wanted to do.

"Are you mad?" I spoke up, ignoring her previous suggestion.

"About?" She asked.

"The death of you sister." I elaborate.

I feel the air slightly grow tense but it evaporated just as quickly.

"Sulpicia and I weren't close enough to where I would call her a sister." I found her words odd considering she attempted to heal Sulpicia and even went as far as ending her life to ease her pain.

"Oh, really now?" I say in an disbelieving tone.

"You don't think I speak the truth?" She challenged.

"Honestly, no." I say truthfully.

"And why is that?" She inquired and I saw through the glass that she had raised an eyebrow.

"I saw you trying to heal her and you even went as far as ending her life to soothe her suffering. If you didn't consider her a sister then wouldn't you have just left her to die?" I explain.

"It seems you misunderstand." She replies in amusement.

"We may be the wives of the Volturi leaders but that does not mean we have to acknowledge one another as sisters. We just simply put up with one another, the only person that could ever bring us together was Didyme but she has long ago past."

Didyme, her name rung familiarity as I remembered my talk with Marcus. The passion and love behind his eyes as he talked about his lover was outstanding even to me. I truly wish the best for Marcus and hopefully he will share his wonderful laugh with his mate when he finds her.

I realized my eyes had wandered back to the moon while I was stuck in my thoughts. My eyes flickered back to Athenodora's reflection and she remained where she stood. Transfixed by my unmoving figure, waiting for a reply.

"I see, so in other words her death meant nothing to you?" I summarize.

She gave a small exasperated sigh.

"Were you not listening to a word I said?" She asked in mock irritation.

I smirked and closed my eyes as I realized I had begun to break through a bit of her glacial wall.

"I understand." I retorted.

I could hear the sound of chilling laughter that sent slight shivers on my skin. Opening my eyes and looking down at my pale skin, I shook my head in disbelief realizing that her laugh was similar to her bitter personality. I can see why she is mated to Caius as I recalled the first time we met. It did not leave the best impression.

"We may just get along after all Isabella." She says in a crispy voice and a smirk slithered its way onto her lips, I could feel as if frost coated her words and she left.

When my door had closed, I turned around staring at the spot where she had stood.

What was the point of her visit?

I knew that it wasn't just to welcome me into the Volturi, she must have been testing me. Sighing I realized she must have had her own reasons as she made her proper assessment of me. Maybe she was verifying whether or not I deserved to be in the Volturi, examining my resolve and my strength. With the way she left the room, I assume she got her answers.

I left my spot from the window and made my way to the unused bed sitting on its edge. Now what was I to do with the remaining time I had left, seeing as I couldn't go to sleep it was still far too early. My feet dangled over the ledge as I pushed myself farther onto the bed. I laid down on the warm comforter and found myself staring up at the ceiling once more.

I could always roam around the castle or maybe even go outside, but would that give Aro the wrong impression. He might think it is an act of rebellion. Well, I wasn't just going to lay around until day time arrived. I would just have to see for myself how Aro will take it when he realizes that I was missing.

I swung up from my position on the bed and headed towards the window, I opened the doors and jumped softly onto the stone balcony. I stood on the railing and stared down below into the city of Volterra. My eyes scanning for any vampire or human presences. Finding none, I unraveled my hiding wings from behind my back. The last time I had taken them out was during the final moments of my fight with Sulpicia.

It had become somewhat easier to take out my wings but the pain hadn't subsided any at all. I grunted as the bones in my back began to shift around. When the bones had finally broken through my skin, they were immediately coated in black fur, upon further inspection of my wings I noticed how the design had seemed to be altered. There were threads of silver and gold entwined with the darkness of the fur itself.

I scowled, even the vampiric side of me recognized Aro as our soul mate.

I flapped them a couple of times to get the circulation moving and to familiarize them with coolness of the air. The temperature was perfect for flying, I wasn't about to let the opportunity slip by. I crouched as low as I could on the railing, my wings still flapping creating small gusts of wind. My feet began to absorb the pressure I was going to release when I would spring into the air.

Feeling ready, I sprung up using the pressure I had absorbed. Instinctively my wings fell into the natural rhythm and I was soon soaring into the night. I didn't want to be to close to the ground, someone might see me so I flew closer to the clouds. Allowing them to hide my presence in the sky.

A couple of minutes had gone by as I flew when suddenly my throat lit on fire-not literally of course. There was an aching deep in my throat that was spreading sporadically. I nearly lost focus and fell but quickly regained my composure and swallowed down the pain.

This only created another burst of overwhelming heat and hunger. I underestimated the toll my body would take from using my abilities during my quarrel. I was annoyed that I had not realized this sooner because now my body was using whatever left over reserves in my body.

And now I was consuming my remaining energy at a rapid pace because of my semi transformation.

I needed to feed and soon before I tumbled out of the sky and risked discovery by some passing human. I don't think I would be able to withstand both Aro's fury and my parents. Making a displeased sound I could not believe that I had used up most of the blood stored in my body for the likes of Sulpicia.

Maybe this was a parting gift from her, I could just imagine how much of a mockery she would be making of me with that irritating laughter of hers. Or this was just a rare instance of my stupidity and lack of understanding of a situation.

Closing my eyes, I extended my senses within Volterra city trying to find any traces of living beings. It didn't take long for me to find them and I immediately flew in that direction with a burst of speed. I could feel my control slowly slipping and my vampiric self was growing hungrier each passing second. Soon, that part of me, the real me would take over.

I landed on the roof of a building where a group of american teenagers had just gotten out of. They appeared to be tourist from their appearance and choice of clothing. There were eight of them. Each of them were boys except for one who was a tall blonde haired girl. They looked to be later in their teenage years and there were no hints of alcohol that coated their breaths.

They were fully somber and would be able to feel my fangs pierce their skin and they would succumb to an unimaginable terror. I would gaze into their horrified faces as their lives were drained from them. I smiled wickedly at the thought and my wings tucked themselves behind my back like a second layer of skin.

I could feel the sting in my eyes as they changed color, completely taken over by my hunger I did not hesitate to lunge at them from where I stood on the roof. Taking them by surprise, I managed to drag all of them into a darkened space behind the building.

They all shook in fear as they looked up to their kidnapper and soon to be killer. I did not hold back the aura I was projecting, allowing them to feel my malice and hunger.

"W-who the hell are you?" One of the guys demanded, standing up.

The others boys followed suit except for the girl, they all gathered around her seemingly protecting her from me.

I smiled widely.

"There is no need for you to know who I am." I couldn't even feel the movement of my lips as I spoke, by looking a their expressions I could tell they heard me.

They were now drenched in fear which only fueled the desire to consume them.

"Y-you better stay away from us!" One of them cried as his knees began to tremble and buck before me.

"Are you in a position to tell me what to do when your lives hang precariously in my hand." There it was again, I couldn't sense my lips moving, they felt numb but the humans could still hear me.

The girl appeared terrified as she realized how dire their situation was and began to burst into tears. The guys that surrounded her glanced at her position on the ground then proceeded to glare hatefully in my direction, fear still eminent in their eyes.

"What the hell can one girl do when there are seven of us?!" The boy who first spoke, yelled maddeningly.

I could feel the smirk on my face grow even wider if that was possible.

"Want me to show you?" My voice was like an eerie whisper and they all froze.

The stinging in my eyes only intensified and I began to move towards them unknowingly. They all braced themselves for what was to come but none of them not even me could anticipate what was about to be done to them.

The darkness seemed to grow around me until we were shrouded in it. The malice increased as my hunger became more prevalent. The girls face was splotched in tears and fear shone on the boys faces realizing they had no way of stopping me.

"La revedere gunoi." Were the last words spoken before everything was swallowed in obscurity and screams could be heard all throughout the city but were slowly drowned out by the other festivities that had now begun to take place in the city.

Clutching the left side of my face, I skimmed over the clouds. My eyes still stung for some odd reason but my thirst had been quenched. I could only remember fragments of what happened during my hunt almost like it was a dream. I cringed as the stinging only grew worse and I soon had to stop and cover both of my eyes. Deciding that it would be better to fly with them closed I continued on.

With the loss of my sight I could still rely on my other senses that were now heightened. I glided through the air easily and was bombarded with smells of food, humans and a variety of beverages. I couldn't tell what was happening but there seemed to be multiple sets of festivities taking place. This distraction would help to cover up the disappearances of eight teenage tourists.

Not that they would really be noticed, many tourists disappear every year upon entering a foreign country. Humans always think the worst and assume they were killed and the case is dismissed, that is from what I was able to gather through the strange contraption called a 'television' and human gossip.

I could sense multiple vampires and I knew I was nearing the castle. Their sacchariferous scent was another dead give away. Feeling my way along the castle walls by extending my fingers atop the surface I was able to guide myself to the balcony. I landed on the cool surface of the stone and went to open the door that led to my bedroom, I twisted the handle only to realize that it was locked.

I don't recall leaving locked when I left, in fact I remember it being left open.

Had someone shut it? But who?

Could it have been Aro in an attempt to get back at me? But then that would mean he sensed my departure. I shouldn't be surprised his senses are quite sharp. My guess is that the second I left was when he realize it. Sighing in frustration, I flew down and landed on the ground below my balcony and walked around the building trying to find a way of entering. My eyes were still shut as I walked, suddenly I could feel a familiar presence behind me.

Instinctively I turned around to strike but my hand was caught.

"Isabella." The voice of Aro said.

I could feel the presences of others, including Caius, Athenodora, Marcus and a few guards.

"A-Aro?" My voice felt distant and the feeling of my lips movement was comforting.

"Where have you been?" He questioned unamused.

"H-hunting." I reply, the slight hesitation in my voice refusing to leave. It was like I feared speaking, I did not want to overwhelmed with the similar sensation I felt not too long ago.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked, his voice holding restrained anger.

"I-I didn't want to bother you, I wasn't going to take very long." I answer.

"Isabella, you have been gone for six hours." His voice was cold and I felt my body freeze.

Six hours? How could that be, I could have sworn it felt like less than that. What happened to me while I was in Volterra?

Unable to respond, I remained quiet. I could hear Aro sighing and shuffling behind him.

"Are you feeling alright Isabella? Your eyes have been closed this entire time." Marcus' voice resonated in the silent night with worry.

I just nodded my head, not wanting them to worry and not trusting my voice to answer. To prove so, I slowly opened my eyes and the painful ache had gone. I blinked a few times to clear my vision and everything was just as clear as it had been or maybe more so.

Peering at Aro, I noticed the visible concern in his features as he held me.

"I apologize." I say sincerely. My voice appeared to have returned to normal.

"Just be more cautious when you leave." Aro chastened before giving me a warm smile.

I nodded my head and allowed a tiny smile to grace my lips, the others blew a sigh of relief.

Suddenly the arrival of new vampires and something else flooded my senses and I was now alert, Aro seemed to sense this as well.

"Well, it seems that the Cullens have decided to make an appearance, along with an interesting ally." Aro voiced the thoughts of everyone outside and scrunched his nose in distaste while the rest of us mimicked this action.

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La revedere gunoi = Goodbye trash

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