Daughter of the Count and Countess

Serious Matters And A New Ally

We entered the castle, Aro leading the way while I stood by his side the others following behind. Considering the foul smell that polluted the air, I already suspected who the ally of the Cullen's was. If it was who I thought it was, I am quite surprised that the Cullen's managed to persuade him to come considering the history of the two races go as far back as I can remember.

The stench grew stronger the closer we got and the vampires had resorted to stopping their oxygen intake and ceased to breathe entirely which I found amusing. I on the other hand completely cut off my sense of smell, the foul odor was so intense that I could not inhale any other scents. It was far too much work to block out a particular odor considering it was not in just one restricted area but expanded in the entirety of the castle. There was simply no avoiding it.

I glanced in Aro's direction and he appeared to be disturbingly calm and made no attempt to block out the stench. It seemed like its effect had worn off on him. No one else seemed to notice because they were far to concerned with trying not to inhale it. Aro caught me staring and smiled warmly before lifting a finger to his lips, signaling for me to keep quiet and retain the new found information to myself.

I shifted my gaze ahead as we neared the throne room's large double doors. Two guards stood on each side in cloaks that covered their entire body, their hoods were pulled over their heads so I only caught a glimpse of their pale complexion and striking ruby eyes.

"Master Aro." They said in unison as their greeting reverberated through the corridors.

They bowed at the same time, one arm over their left shoulders while the other was behind their backs. A gesture I was very familiar with.

Aro nodded his head in acknowledgment to their respect and they proceeded to open the doors.

The doors made no sound just like when I first walked through them and the tiniest slither of light escaped from the room. The guards moved out of the way and Aro walked in first the rest of us following. The guards kept their heads bowed until everyone had passed through.

In the center of the throne room were the Cullen's and a cloaked figure that was neither vampire nor human stood by the side of Carlisle Cullen.

"Welcome friends." Aro says cheerily, while opening his arms in welcome.

"Aro." Carlisle nodded his head respectfully.

The three kings took their places on their thrones and the guards stood along the sides of the platform and were joined with even more of them. Athenodora stood beside Caius' throne and I followed her lead by standing beside Aro's. We all stared at one another and my gaze fell on the mysterious cloaked figure that had not moved or uttered a single word since our arrival.

I was aware of Edward's intent gaze in my direction but I made no attempt to even return his gaze. I ignored him, not able to forgive him for his atrocious display in behavior the last time we had met. I found myself growing to really hate Edward and if he wasn't careful the Cullen's would be short a son. Even if his ability was somewhat useful, it was still bothersome. I remembered the first time we met in Biology, I could feel pressure being put on my skull as if someone was trying to intrude my thoughts.

It was like an evasion of privacy and if he wasn't careful, the knowledge he would obtain from someone's thoughts could in fact get him killed one day.

Someday soon. I prayed bitterly.

Anytime I was around him I would increase strength of my shield, taking extra precaution. The only one I could never hide my thoughts from was, Aro. But he never intentionally pried only if he needed to and he never bothered to ask what was on my mind if he saw that I was already distressed. Only he could read my emotions like an open book whereas not very many people could.

Amidst my musings, Aro and the Cullen's were already engaged in a deep discussion concerning what would happen once in Transylvania.

"Have you managed to obtain any contact?" I heard Jasper ask, taking the reigns of the strategist.

I could feel multiple pairs of eyes on me, awaiting for an answer.

I fetched for my phone in my pocket and flipped it open. It was fully charged but there were no missed calls or text messages. I sighed and shook my head and put it back in my pocket.

"It is most likely my Father's doing. He won't allow any further contact with me or anyone in Transylvania. It's his way of protecting me." I explain tiredly.

If only my Father would give me a chance to lend a hand in helping him but he was stubborn and refused to implicate his last surviving child in a war that has raged on even before I was born.

Jasper pondered over the information I just gave. His fingers rested on his chin as he remained deep in thought.

"This could be a problem. Without any contact we will have no idea what's happening on their end." He muttered to himself.

"Why not use your seer?" Caius suggested, speaking for the first time.

Jasper focused his gaze on him.

"In a different circumstance that would have been a good idea but Alice wouldn't know what to look for and her ability doesn't work like that. She doesn't know anyone in Transylvania to begin with seeing as for her ability to work she needs to know the person so she can look into their future. Another problem is the fact that she can only see the future and we want to know what is going on in the present." He explained to Caius.

"Then why not send a few guards to keep track of what is going on." He prompted.

"They would act as informants and report everything back to us." He elaborated.

Everyone thought about it for a few seconds and nodded in agreement.

"That could work." Jasper says.

"Impossible." I speak shutting down the idea immediately.

Everyone turned to look at me.

"Knowing my parents there must be a form of barrier that restricts anyone from nearing our territory within a certain distance. Even without the barrier, entering is close to impossible. There are far too many guards and they are given strict instructions to kill anything and anyone if not granted permission by my Father to enter our lands." By the time I finished my explanation, the tiny hope that once illuminated in their features, vanished.

"I figured as much." Aro replied knowingly.

"I agree, there is no way that it could be that easy." Marcus added.

"One thing you all must remember; never underestimate a pure blood. We have tendencies to become unpredictable if our home or our own kin are in danger. This makes us all the more dangerous and at this time this is how my parents are reacting now. They will not take any risks." My arms were now folded as I looked at all of them.

"What would your Father do in this situation, seeing as it has already happened before." Asked Carlisle.

I didn't even flinch as he foreshadowed the tragedy that happened all those years ago. I knew his words meant not to harm but to gain knowledge.

"Well, the last time my Father had used most of the guards and resources he could to keep us safe. His top priority will most likely be to keep my Mother and myself safe, which explains why I have lost all contact with him. The next thing he is most likely to do is scour for any traitors and have them killed on the spot and strengthen the power of the guards." I stop and think before I continue.

"He would like to limit as many causalities as possible so he would most likely not participate in the fight. Next would be to evacuate any younger pure bloods or in this case hybrids because there are very few young pure bloods like myself. He would also prevent any entry into the castle and kill them off, he would organize an ambush before they even approached the castle and if any happen to sneak by they would immediately be killed by any forces that guarded the four points of the castle." I finished my explanation and waited for the information to sink in.

"Four points?" Jasper repeated, intrigued by that small detail of information.

"There are four points of the castle in which are heavily guarded, they are also the points where ambush is most likely. There is the aripă de Est which is where many weapons are secured and is closest to the forest, the aripă de Vest in which many of the guards take up residency, aripă de Sud which leads to our library that has many escape routes hidden within the shelves and lastly the aripă de Nord which is the entrance to the castle in which the barrier is heavily shielded." I elucidate.

"Why is the barrier in the North wing stronger than the others?" Carlisle queried.

"Because above the entrance to the North wing there is a tower which must never be breached." I explain rather vaguely.

Carlisle's confusion was evident in his features and they demanded further explanation.

"There must be something quite valuable that you don't want someone to get a hold of." Jasper proposed.

I nodded.

"I don't know very much about it and no one is allowed to enter except for my parents but in that room holds the secret of our existence as well as possible demise." I stated.

The look of shock on everyone's face was appalling and even Aro looked fairly deterred.

"What are you suggesting?" Caius questioned, being the first to overcome his shock.

"Did you all think that because I am a pure blood I am invisible? In most cases I would agree but like you we have our weaknesses. In that tower are the cenuşiu." I replied.

"The what?" Caius snapped, irritated that he did not understand.

"Ashes" Aro whispered in fascination.

Caius turned his cold eyes at him.

"Ashes?" He repeated.

"I see, so that's it." Aro muttered to himself in astonishment.

"You aren't making an ounce of bloody sense Aro!" Caius exclaimed miffed.

"Those ashes belong to my Father, the very creator of pure bloods and the reason for my birth." I hint.

Realization dawned on Marcus and slowly it did for Caius and Athenodora as well as the higher ranking guards.

The Cullens and remaining guards still looked perplexed, except Jasper.

"For every living thing there is always a creator, even for your species. I am unsure of how those ashes came to be, but with them the entire existence of a pure blood is at stake as well as the lives of any supernatural creature." The depth of my words took effect as everyone began to understand.

"Basically, the only person who can truly kill a pure blood, erasing their existence is my Father." I conclude.

I heard a gasp and looked at Esme.

"But, what about when the humans massacred your kind?" Esme wondered.

"They did indeed harm us gravelly but what I failed to mention in my explanation is that their corpses still remained even after being lit on fire. Those corpses are of my fellow pure bloods. My Father's ashes can breathe life or curse a creature to death. The only problem with this, is that he can not resurrect his kin only bring death to their existence." Silence engulfed the room.

"So those ashes are truly a weapon of mass destruction, huh?" Emmett broke the suffocating stillness and was hit by Rosalie. He rubbed his head while glaring at his mate in amusement. This seemed to elevate some tension in the room and I was grateful to Emmett.

"In honesty yes, I would not be the only one at risk but so would all of you. Are you sure you wish to venture into this unknown territory?" I demanded testing their resolve.

Looks of unwavering determination lit on their features and that was all I needed.

"What else do you know about these ashes?" Questioned Marcus.

"There are many conditions regarding his ashes. To resurrect a pure blood takes many years, which leads me to believe that after the incident he was already in the works to bring back those who had fallen. He must have anticipated this day to arrive and made preparations, their revival will most likely be in time for the battle. The next condition as I mentioned is that he can not bring back any members of the royal family which includes his children mate and any immediate family. The corpses of my siblings disintegrated when they made contact with the ashes. He can only ever use them once and the ashes can not be used to turn a human or a supernatural being into a pure blood." I concise trying to be brief.

"Is that al-" Carlisle had begun to speak but I stopped him.

"There is more." I add.

I looked at Aro and telepathically he understood what I would say next. He nodded his head in consent and I continued.

"There is a way to destroy the ashes, but only a certain being is able to execute such a feat and that is an Ancient." I say in one breath.

"An ancient?" Carlisle tests the word on his mouth and something dawns on him.

"I have heard of that before, I thought they had all died off." He concluded.

I shook my head at his ignorance.

"Not all." And then I turn to look at Aro; "Right, Aro."

Carlisle's eyes widened.

"T-that's not possible." He stuttered.

"Sorry to interrupt but what exactly is an Ancient?" Athenodora asked, hating to be left out similar to Caius.

Carlisle was too stunned to answer, so I did in his stead.

"An Ancient is a rare type of vampire, that's power far surpasses that of a pure blood. Their existence was created by one sole entity and that is God himself. They are granted with two gifts; infinite knowledge of the world and the ability to peer into ones soul. Along with their overpowering physical strengths these abilities are what truly define an Ancient's existence. In some cases, Ancient's are granted an additional gift but it is very rare."

"But, what does that have to with the ashes?" Athenodora argued.

I sigh.

"I am saying that your leader; Aro Volturi is one himself." I say, stating the obvious.

Every vampire in the room, including the cloaked figure turned their attention to Aro for confirmation in which he nodded his head.

"How do we know he is truly an Ancient as you say?" Marcus wondered skeptically.

In one quick movement that even my eyes had trouble following, Aro moved from his throne then was suddenly leaning on Marcus' in the same instant. His eyes glowed their argent and aurelian colors. Collective gasps escaped mouths and jaws had dropped.

"A defining trait of an Ancient is their eyes that glow two different colors, which displays their rank. Gold and silver being ranked the highest." I explain, unfazed.

"I didn't even see him move?" Marcus whispered in disbelief.

Aro smirked and gently rested his hand onto Marcus' shoulder reassuringly. An intense look crossed both their features and a silent conversation waged on between the two brothers. They reached an understanding and Aro's eyes returned to normal as he walked back to his throne.

"Why did you not tell us of this?" Caius' tone was underlined with betrayal.

"Peace brother, it was not done intentionally and I did not believe it myself which is why I spent many years searching about my true origins. I have been on this earth longer than I have said and when I began to form the coven I ignored that part of myself and my abilities became dormant. I did not want to ruin the balance of the Volturi with this secret. But when I met Isabella, they reawakened." His gazed turned soft as he mentioned my name, I had the strange urge to blush so I looked away.

An understanding past through the Volturi members and they continued to regard Aro just as they always had, his origins no longer of importance.

"As big as that revelation is, what does that leave us with?" Carlisle interrupted, bringing about the harsh reality full force.

"Not very much." Jasper answered, speaking the truth that wished to be avoided.

The room stayed silent, as everyone was ensnared in their own thoughts. Observing what was happening in my homeland was not the only problem we faced, there was also trying to even get into the country without being detected. I thought hard and blocked any exterior noise as it soon faded.

I had to come up with an idea or there would be no hope at all.

The pure bloods were craving for a complete massacre for those who had harmed them so long ago. But the question was; who were our enemies? I knew they were humans- or so I thought but they could be in fact humans with a supernatural influence because no mere mortal could cause that much destruction.

Which means that their ancestors held a grudge against my Father and our kind. I knew he had many enemies and they were all capable of doing such a thing but this must be personal. What was the greatest enemy of a pure blood?

Mythology stated it would be the vârcolac, since they were mortal enemies of vampires but that just didn't seem right.

Frustration began to grow as I thought long and hard. I knew for a fact that my Father had not told me everything about our people and he used my lack of memory of that night to his advantage. Which means that my arrival to Forks was all planned. He did not want me to observe the vampires of this time but could it be in the hopes of gathering allies?

As impossible as it may sound, my Father must have seen something like this happening and while I was asleep he must have thoroughly planned everything in preparation for me. My encounter with the Wolves, Cullen's and Volturi was not coincidental. It was all planned even to the last tiny detail.

All those years of my Father's planning was for this.

I suddenly started to laugh, soft and low but it gradually grew louder. Everyone turned to look at me, baffled that I would be laughing during such a time.

"Isabella if I may be so kind to ask as to what is so funny?" Marcus wondered, looking somewhat vexed.

"I have just come to face an epiphany Marcus." I say chuckling, while covering my forehead.

"One so large that it is unbelievable I had not realized it sooner." I continue.

"What is it?" Jasper asked, peering at me cautiously.

"This was all planned." I state.

"What was all planned?" Aro joined in on the questioning.

"My arrival at Forks, my encounter with all of you and even the battle that will soon take place in my homeland. Everything." I answer, still in shock.

No one replied so I continued on.

"Perhaps this is my Father's way of telling me that he knew of my intentions from the very beginning and wanted me to create allies in the hopes of saving my kind."

Aro's eyes glinted in interest.

"You may indeed be correct, I do not feel that everything that has happened thus far was not planned. Everything seemed to fall into place quite well. Maybe too well." Aro voiced the thoughts of those who had come up with this very conclusion.

"I have been getting the same feeling as well." Jasper added.

Carlisle nodded his head in agreement.

Then I realized yet another thing.

"If my Father sent me here in the hopes of recruiting allies, this most signify that he believes the enemy to be far stronger than expected." I whisper lowly, not believing what I just said.

Their heads whipped to me in surprise.

"An enemy with overwhelming strength." Muttered Jasper in wonder.

"Does that mean you are unsure of who the enemy truly is?" Caius asked incredulously.

I nodded my head sadly making Caius sigh in aggravation.

"I was six at the time and it happened so long ago. I was told that they were humans who sought after my Father but thinking back there is no plausible way a mere mortal could cause so much mayhem in one day. This indicates that whoever it is has a strong supernatural background." I brief.

"If what you say is true then we have a lot more problems on our hand then we originally thought." Carlisle-being the realist of the group said.

For the first time since the discussion began, Edward spoke.

"What about Celestina, wasn't she the one who told you about what was happening?"

I glanced shortly in his direction and nodded in confirmation.

"She did but she disappeared immediately after telling me what happened to my Uncle."

"You still don't know where she is?" He catechized.

I shook my head.

"But, I am getting a very bad feeling." I say truthfully.

Silence fell once more and the abruptness of the situation was beginning to limit our options and only further our despair.

"I have been meaning to ask, but who is that in the cloak?" Caius asked suddenly.

Carlisle looked up and gestured to the figure beside him.

"He is one of the allies we have gathered." Carlisle claimed.

"Who is he?" Marcus gazed curiously at the unknown figure.

"He has a repulsive odor." Athenodora rebuked while making a face.

No one disagreed with her.

"I could say the same about you blood sucker." The hooded figure retorted in what sounded like a husky voice.

Athenodora raised a delicate brow.

"Oh? So it can speak." She commended.

"Sam, please control yourself." Carlisle whispered to him.

Sam. Where have I heard that name before... Suddenly I remembered what my Mother had told me about the pack on the reservation and about their Alpha. I also went back to when Jacob and I had our discussion on first beach about the legend of the pale ones and the shifters.

Was this the infamous Sam Uley?

"Are you Sam Uley, Alpha of the shifters on the reservation in Forks?" I posed, needing confirmation.

He looked at me and I caught a glance of dark brown eyes contrasting with a tanned complexion.

"Shifters?" Voiced many of the guards.

"What is the meaning of this Carlisle?" Caius demanded.

The shifter and I continued to stare each other down. There was no doubt in my mind that he was a wolf, his scent smelt exactly like the ones I smelled in Forks.

"So you know about me and the pack?" He questioned.

"I know enough." I say.

"How much is enough?" He countered.

"Enough for me to understand that you do not like my kind." I retorted.

A smirk found its way to his lips as he nodded in approval. He slowly lifted his hood from his head, revealing his appearance. He wore no shirt displaying his toned build, his hair was cropped short and was tinged a dark black. He had shorts that past below his knees and sported tennis shoes.

I heard a hiss and turned to see Caius out of his throne and standing protectively over his mate.

"Calm, Caius. He does not belong to the Children of the Moon. He is able to shift at any given time influenced by the presence of vampires." Carlisle explained hastily before a fight ensued.

Marcus was faintly surprised and Aro had an amused look on his face.

Caius remained in his position but examined Sam thoroughly, deeming him no longer a threat he sat back down with a scowl etched on his face. I felt the urge to say something.

"If you scowl like that Caius, it will become quite a defining feature on your face." I say half joking, half serious.

He snarled at me, baring his teeth.

Chuckles erupted from the guards- even Jane cracked a smile and Athenodora wore a smirk as she turned her head in my direction. Aro gazed at me approvingly. I felt like the tension had to be broken before something happened.

The chuckles began to die down while Carlisle prepared to explain.

"Sam had agreed to provide the service of his pack-"

"Barely." He interrupted Carlisle.

"I am only doing this because the lives of my pack and the people of Forks will be in danger if this threat isn't taken care of." He continued icily.

Carlisle ignored the momentary disruption.

"We have also asked for the aid of the other covens-"

"Under the name of the Volturi." Demetri added disdainfully.

Carlisle went on, but appeared slightly embarrassed at the sudden revelation. The three kings raised their eyebrows and stared intently at Carlisle who had begun to grow nervous.

"We had to find a way for them to help us and the covens we have managed to convince will be arriving shortly." Carlisle finished quickly.

"Who are these covens?" Demanded Caius.

"The Denali Coven, Egyptian Coven, Irish Coven, Amazon Coven, a few of Jasper's allies and the Romanian Coven." Edward spoke.

Many growls of the Volturi were heard at the mention of the Romanian Coven.

"How did you manage to get them to side with you?" Caius snorted in distaste.

"We, uh sorta of had to bargain with them." Carlisle answered hesitantly.

"Bargain? Of what nature?" Caius interrogated coldly.

"That is something that should be said in private." Carlisle elaborated warily.

Caius made a noise of displeasure, Marcus had shut his eyes and shook his head in disbelief, Athenodora looked furious and Aro had a sickening smile on his features.

"To recruit the Romanian Coven under our crests' name. Do you wish to anger the Volturi, Carlisle?" Aro chastened in a child like voice but his anger was still palpable.

Carlisle gulped and shook his head.

"Many of these Coven's have pledged their service to us as favors, the Romanian Coven is no different, they just wished for more." Esme immediately jumped in Carlisle's defense.

"Employing the service of those greedy bastards is quite desperate. Don't you agree Esme?" Athenodora's tone was just as cold as her mates'.

Esme remained quiet, not able to justify her actions.

Aro's hand was raised and silence befell the large room.

"Enough. We can not reverse what has already been done." Aro declared.

"But, Ar-" Began Athenodora but was silenced by Caius.

"It is as Aro says Athena, nothing can be done."

The Volturi turned to look at Caius with incredulity in which he ignored. Even I was at a loss of words. How could Caius Volturi the most blood hungry vampire leader amongst the three, obey a command without arguing or initiating a fight? It was very unlike him.

"I didn't think I would ever see the day that Master Caius obeyed a command." Someone muttered quietly which earned a disapproving growl from Caius himself.

"When will the rest of your pack be of service to us?" Aro asked directing his question towards Sam who just stood there cautiously.

"Depending on when this fight will start." He responded.

"Isabella." Aro called.

"Huh?" I answered, awakening from a slight reverie.

"Do you know when the battle will partake?" He asked.

I froze, I had no idea. I quickly skimmed through my conversation with Celestina on the last night I saw her, nothing she said indicated when the battle would be but there was one thing she said to me that really stuck out;

"This will start a war with the humans. Every pure blood now knows that one of their own was murdered. But, it wasn't just anyone, he was a of your kin, a true royal pure blood. The death of your Uncle has broken the hold that the humans had over us. Their impending deaths will come upon them."

Their impending deaths will come upon them... I thought long and hard, thinking of any significant dates that would be of use. And then suddenly, with Celestina's words in mind something dawned on me.

"The battle will be in four weeks time." I answer automatically.

"In a month. How can you be so certain?" He verified, looking into the depths of my eyes.

"Because within a month's time on the tenth day, that is when the pure bloods will be at their strongest, where bloodshed will reign above all else. Simply because it was the day of my Father's exile and creation."


Aripă de Nord - North Wing

Aripă de Sud - South Wing

Aripă de Est - East Wing

Aripă de Vest - West Wing

Cenuşiu - Ashes

Vârcolac - Werewolf or Wolf man

Another chapter completed! I feel like I am on a roll here, hope to continue this flow throughout the remaining chapters. I still don't know exactly how many chapters are left and it is still too early to tell. I managed to attain 300 reviews, whoopee! The next goal, is to get 400!

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Question: Who is the ally that the Cullen's brought with them and what is a key indicator to determine who it is?

Answer: (There were various answers; if you could not say a name then you were allowed to name the race they pertained to which was also correct. If you said anyone from the wolf pack, or just said wolf then you got it right) Wolf Pack, Wolf (shifter), members of the pack - -(As shown it was Sam who came). There is a hint given to you at the end of the chapter stating that the Cullen's presence could be felt along with an unknown one which smelt pretty bad to the vamps which clues us in that it is a wolf.

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"You're Father's exile." Aro began.

"And creation." Caius finished.

"I can see how that date is significant, he wishes for it to end on the day it all started." Marcus briefed.

I could hear someone sighing loudly and turned towards the source of the sound.

"This is some pretty intense shit, but just as long as I can kick some ass I am all for it." Emmett quipped, resting his hands above his head.

"Emmett, watch your language and this isn't a game." Esme scolded while Rosalie hit him upside the head.

"Babe, you really need help with your violent tendencies." He grumbled while rubbing his head.

"Emmett, just you wait until we get home." The Ice Queen threatened murderously.

"Awww, babe I thought the 'no-sex' rule was lifted already!" Emmett whined and my eyes grew wide.

"Emmett!" The entire Cullen Clan shouted at the childish Cullen.

"I apologize for my son's behaviour Aro." Carlisle bowed his head in atonement.

Aro just waved his hand, dismissing the matter far more entertained than anything else.

"Do all of you Cullen boys think with your dic-" Sam had begun to say.

"Don't you dare group me with him." Edward warned dangerously interrupting Sam.

"We are not all like Emmett who only thinks about sex twenty four hours a day, seven days a week." Jasper added.

"Don't act like you don't do it either, Jasper." Emmett mused while looking at his brother.

Jasper returned his look with a deadly glare.

"What I do with my mate behind closed doors is none of your concern." He spat.

"Don't need to get all touchy about it Jas." Emmett replied with a smile on his face which only further enraged Jasper.

"Can you stop acting like a child Emmett." Edward huffed annoyed.

"Ha! You're such a prude Edward. We all know your still a virgin." He bellowed.

"You little ba-" Edward began as he advanced towards Emmett in a deadly manner.

"I thought I taught you boys better than this. We are discussing a serious matter and it is no time for your childish banter." Esme snapped at her sons.

Sam chuckled quietly to himself in the background.

And you." Esme swiveled towards him.

"Stop taunting them, you are here to help us and that's all. Grow up." She chided.

He blinked and looked at her in surprise then annoyance quickly took over his features.

"Listen lady, I decided to help you but don't blame me for the way your 'sons' choose to act." He did air quotes with his hands. "Clearly they've learned it from somewhere else." He replied snarkily.

"You have no right to talk to Esme like that, mutt." Alice growled.

"Wanna go pixie sticks." He taunted, preparing to fight.

Snarls and growls erupted from both parties, except for Carlisle and Esme who watched the madness unfold before them helplessly. Taking a deep breath, I moved swiftly and got in the middle of them. I raised both of my hands until my palm faintly touched Sam's chest and the other was raised towards the direction of the Cullens'. Neither of them noticed my presence.

Taking advantage of their obliviousness, I pushed them back. I used force to push Sam but I used my aura that created a gust of wind to push back the Cullen children.

"As disgustingly entertaining your argument is, I think you all need to start thinking with your heads and put an end to this childish bullshit." I snap.

Hope you found this comical like I did while writing it!

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