Daughter of the Count and Countess


I curiously stared at them as they made their way to a table farther away from everyone else. They all walked in pairs except for one, the first to enter was a blonde haired girl that appeared to be more like an international model, wore what I think to be designer clothing and high heels that emphasized her height. She held the hand of a very muscular man with short brown hair. Mates. The next pair was a tiny child like girl with a short hair that made her look like a pixie, she twirled and danced around a boy with dirty blonde hair that has been tousled to the side. He appeared to be in pain, lack of control, he must be the newest to this strange way of feeding. I noticed he had many scars, he must have lived through many battles. He appeared to be an experienced fighter. And lastly was a young boy who seemed older than me and had bronze colored like hair. They were all pale and moved swiftly yet quietly.

They were obviously vampires, but different from me. I turned to Jessica taking my eyes off of the strange family.

"Jessica, could you please tell me who they are?" I asked indifferently.

She immediately got excited.

"The blonde one is Rosalie, she is pretty mean and bitchy, very possessive of her boyfriend Emmett who is the guys beside her." I shook my head in disapproval knowing that they could hear, the human girl who spoke harshly of them. Disrespecting another's mate isn't the smartest thing to do.

"The tiny girl, is pretty weird her name is Alice and the one beside her is Jasper."

They were also mates.

"And lastly Edward Cullen, the hottest guy at this school." She said dreamily.

Humans and their demented fantasies.

Mike snorted and glared angrily at Edward, I laughed quietly.

"They were all adopted by Mr and Mrs. Cullen. Carlisle is a doctor and works at a hospital and Esme is pretty nice and a good mother."

I nearly burst out laughing. A vampire acting like a human doctor! Ha! Everyone back home will have a great laugh at their expense. The times have definitely changed. I contained my fits of laughter with admirable self control.

I had gotten what I wanted and changed the topic as I remembered a comment previously made by a male.

"Angela can you define the word 'tits' for me?" I asked.

Angela chocked on her food

Mike burst out laughing

Tyler cracked a grin

Eric blushed

Jessica stared at me wide eyed

Lauren smirked.

I didn't understand, why were they acting so strangely? I could feel that the Cullen's attention was directed towards my table. I also sensed that three out of the five had abilities. One was a mind reader, the other an empath and the last one a seer to be exact. And I knew exactly which Cullen had each one of those abilities.

"Umm, Isabella why are you asking?" Angela said trying to clear her throat.

"I heard a male make a comment towards me and he used the word 'tits'. What does that mean?"

They all looked at me, I was clueless.

"She really doesn't know." Jessica observed.

I rolled my eyes, thank you for stating the obvious?

Angela cautiously moved towards me, she probably felt my hostility, she leaned towards careful to not touch me.

"It is another word for saying boobs." She stated.

I stared at her.

"It means your breasts."

I didn't saying anything for a moment, the others waited to see my reaction.

"Disgusting." I said and got up and left the cafeteria just as the bell rang.

My last classes dragged on, everything that was being taught to me I have already studied. When the bell rang for the next class I got up and walked to biology. I entered the class and gave the teacher my slip.

Mr. Banner seemed to be friendly and he tried not stare at me. He said I could sit beside Cullen.

At the mention of his name he looked up at the same time I looked in his direction. I sighed.

I walked over and sat on the empty stool, I could feel him staring at me intensely. Idiot.

I had placed my shield up as soon as I realized they had abilities. I could feel him probing my brain to find any thoughts flowing through my head. He began to feel frustrated. I smiled victoriously, class began and Edward continued to stare.

Enough of this.

"Is there something on my face or do you simply like to stare at every girl who sits beside you?" I asked without looking in his direction.

He said nothing and I felt his body tense, he could smell my scent. I also had to hide my scent just in case I came across any other vampires. To him I smelt human. He clutched the side of the table forcefully, if he held on any tighter he would break it. I could see little fractures forming on the table as his hands turned whiter.

To help ease him, I moved away. He sat as far away from me as possible putting his covering his hand over his nose. How rude.

When class finally ended he stood up very quickly and was gone out the door before anyone else.

Observation #1

~Lack of self control

Observation #2

~Whatever weird diet there on, they just recently started. Which could be the reason for their golden eyes

Observation #3

~Three of the five have abilities

Observation #4

~ Their 'father' is a doctor who helps humans

Observation #5

~They try to act like humans to fit in.

I went through my observation list mentally as I walked to the office to hand in my slip. I could smell Edward's nonintoxicating sickly sweet scent. It became stronger as I approached the office, I felt like throwing up.

Observation #6

~ Possess the ability to make a pure blood sick with their sickly sweet scent

I entered the office and saw Edward speaking with Ms. Cope.

"There has to be some other-" Edward began, but was cut off by Ms. Cope

"I am sorry Edward, but there is nothing else I can do, your going to have to stay in biology." She explained.

Edward noticed my presence and ended the conversation, he swiftly walked out.


I walked up to Ms. Cope and gave her my slip.

"How was your first day?" She asked, smiling at me.


"That is good, see you tomorrow Isabella." I nodded and left.

I walked outside and noticed a cop car parked on the side of the road. I inwardly groaned. I walked over to the car as students watched me, but did not approach. Even Mike kept his distance. I got in to the car and was welcomed with Charlie's warm smile.

"I thought I would pick you up on your first day of school, so I left work early."

"Thank you." I would have preferred to walk home, because on the way I could stop for a bite to eat.

"No problem kiddo." He said happily.

I narrowed my eyes at him, until they were nearly slits. That was even worse than 'Bells'. But, he whistled off key to a song being played on the radio in the car.

This is going to be a long drive home.

I ran quickly upstairs to my room, Charlie had dropped me off and gone back to work saying that he will be back home later tonight. I quickly showered and changed into darker clothing. An hour later I decided to make dinner for Charlie, so I didn't have to make it when I got back. I made him burgers with vegetables and some fries, before deciding that it was dark enough. I quickly jumped out of my window, so I wouldn't be seen or heard and ran towards the direction of Port Angele's, the darkness concealing me.

When I arrived to in Port Angele's, I no longer concealed my vampire appearance. I was very happy. I jumped on roofs of buildings following a delicious smell. When I found my prey I crouched low, it was perfect it was in an alley. He was intoxicated and could barely walk. I made sure no other human was nearby and lunged at him. I dragged him in a corner and greedily drank his blood.

The warmth of the blood flowing freely down my throat was amazing. After he was dry I ran in a nearby forest and threw his body in a hole in the ground that I decided to dig up before I hunted. I drank from several more prey before I had enough. I tossed all their bodies in the hole and quickly dug it back up.

I licked my lips and ran back to Forks. Charlie had thankfully not arrived before me, so I showered and changed into some proper nightwear. I decided to email my parents about my findings and then proceeded to text Celestina who quickly replied.

She said my parents got the email and laughed hysterically about my findings especially the part where Mr. Cullen was a human doctor. Everyone in the castle had a good laugh. Celestina said that everyone missed me, mostly my Mother and Father. I heard Charlie come in and told her I would 'text' her later. I decided to tell her about what happened at school tomorrow.

I walked downstairs to greet Charlie.

"Your food is in the fridge if you are hungry." I told him.

"What about you?" He asked.

I smiled darkly.

"I already ate."

And I walked upstairs without another word.

Third Chapter complete!

Isabella already knows a lot about the Cullen's already thanks to her perceptiveness!

I have revealed yet another one of Isabella's abilities! She is a shield, but we are already knew that. She can mentally and physically project her shield at will and protect others as well!

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.


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