Daughter of the Count and Countess

The Golden Eyed Doctor

Weeks went by and Edward Cullen disappeared, I had a faint suspicion that he had gone somewhere where he could practice better self control. Did I smell that good? I began to adapt to my surroundings quickly and sat with Angela and the rest of the group often during lunch, so far Angela was the one I could put up with the most. Classes were as boring as ever and the Cullen's continued on with their lives as if Edward's disappearance was no surprise at all.

I noticed during the rare sunny days that occurred in Forks, the Cullen's did not show up. This intrigued me, I wondered about the many possibilities as to way they did not come. I for one, would burn if I stayed out in the sun too long. We had once done an experiment to see how long our kind could stay in the sunlight for. We observed that we could stay in the sunlight for very long periods of time, the only consequence was that we would have very bad burns on our skin. It is pretty much impossible to kill a pure-blood even if I was exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. It hurts my eyes, so I wear sunglasses.

By the end of the day I had first degree burns on my skin, but they healed quickly.

I haven't been able to speak to the Cullen's at all, I could only observe from afar, my Mother had called me yesterday and I had expressed my opinions and observations. She too concluded that I needed to get closer to them as well.

I sat in my English class writing out a plan of action on how to get closer to the Cullen's. We were suppose to be reading from our textbook, but I already read this story therefore completing the assigned work was quite simple. I already handed it to the teacher mere moments after she finished explaining our assignment. To say she was surprised is an understatement.

I had a free period to myself and I began to grow frustrated, because I didn't know how to commence a conversation with one of the Cullen's. I debated on who would be a better candidate to talk to.

Rosalie was cold, she had the personality traits similar to that of an Ice Queen. If I attempted to talk to her she would dismiss my very existence. I hissed lowly at the thought. If only she knew I was stronger than her.

Alice seemed too bubbly and happy, she would surely touch me and force me to do things that human girls of this age are interested in, like shopping. I have a new profound hate for that specific human activity.

Emmett is usually with Rosalie and he is obnoxiously loud, I couldn't be able to have a civilized serious conversation with him. Additionally Rosalie would be listening and glaring at me for talking to her mate.

Jasper always seemed tense, he would be worrying too much on trying not to kill me. I snorted, if he could. Either way it would be difficult to speak to him, he too is usually with Alice who seems to be able to help him control his blood lust to somewhat of an extent.

And Edward was out of the question, because he was not here.

The bell finally rang, frustrated I ripped the paper to shreds and walked out to my last class.

Before I even walked into Biology, I could smell it. That sickly sweet smell which could only belong to a Cullen. And no other Cullen I knew of was in the same Biology class as me. I hurriedly walked into the classroom. Just as I suspected Edward was sitting at the table he and I shared on the first day of my arrival at this school.

I also remember hearing his conversation with Ms. Cope, I frowned.

I took my seat beside him and looked at the front as Mr. Banner assigned us a lab to complete by the end of class. It was to be done in partners.

Wonderful, I was with Cullen.

I began to put the slides onto a thing called a 'microscope'. It was very simple to use and I was amazed at its different functionalities. Edward had grabbed a pencil and his notebook and scribbled the answers done in elegant cursive letters.

Not wanting to do all the work, I pushed the 'microscope' over to him. He put in the next slide and did something unexpected. He began to talk to me.

"Hello, my name is Edward Cullen. I apologize for not being able to properly introduce myself last time." He said in a velvety voice.

I simply nodded. He waited for me, expecting me to do introduce myself. Like he didn't know who I was.

"Isabella Swan." I said and placed the next slide into the 'microscope' that fascinated me.

"But, you already knew that." I added, telling him the answer as he quickly wrote it down and put in the next slide.

He chuckled. We had finished before anyone else, Mr. Banner came to see our work and nodded his head approvingly and gave Edward and I 'The Golden Onion." I scrunched my nose in disgust.

It sat on our table and I pushed it over to him.

"I don't want that, you can keep it." I said, eyeing it.

He took it without complaint.

"So, Isabella Swan what brings you to the rainy town of Forks?" He asked.

I shrugged.

"Family reasons." I answered.

"Don't you hate the fact that it rains all the time?" He asked yet another question.

My plan seemed to be backfiring, instead of me interrogating him I felt like he was trying to find out more about me. Which annoyed me.

Well, I could play this game.

"I don't mind the rain." I said staring at him.

I turned the tables.

"Has your family lived here for a long time?"

He stiffened slightly.

"No, we kind of move around a lot."

My eyes narrowed that wasn't a complete lie, I suppose. I had a feeling it had something to do with when people beginning to be suspect his family after staying there for awhile, because they obviously didn't age.

"That must be hard." I said with fake sympathy in my voice.

I was about to ask another conversation, but the bell rang.


Edward seemed revealed that the conversation could come to an end.

"Bye Isabella, it was nice talking to you." He left without a single glance back and taking the hideous "Golden Onion" with him.

I hope to never see that again.

I followed his lead and left the classroom.

I walked out to the parking lot, where my vehicle was. Charlie has gotten me a truck that a family friend named Billy Black gave him. He said that his son Jacob fixed it for me. I was thankful to Celestina who taught me how to drive, or the basics of it anyway. I had gotten a thing called a 'licence' here in Forks.

I began to put my bag in the truck when I heard tires screeching, instinctively I moved out of the way just as I did Edward began to move towards me with lightning speed from my peripheral vision.

Not wanting to expose my inhuman speed, I made it seem like I had forgotten something and went back to get it. Moving to the side and out of the way of the oncoming van that continued to slide. I saw that Tyler was in the driver's seat and attempted to get the car under control.

Seconds later his van hit the driver's side of my truck head on. If I had been there, there would have been a huge dent in the front of his van.

Everyone in the parking lot that witnessed the series of events that transpired immediately stopped what they were doing and ran towards Tyler. I stood off to the side watching in amusement.

Many came over to me checking if I was okay, I brushed them off. I do not need pity from a human.

The Cullen's watched on from afar, Edward stood where he was, staring at me. He had attempted to come and intercept the path of the van to try and protect me.

I snorted. Please! Like I would need his protection.

The police and ambulance were called. I groaned knowing that as soon as Charlie found out he would be ready to arrest.

As they loaded Tyler onto a stretcher I could hear his endless apologies to me. It annoyed me so I tuned him out and began to get into my truck like nothing happened, but was stopped by a man who was dressed in a medical uniform.

"I am sorry miss but, you are going to have to come to the hospital." He said.

I lost it.

"That is absolutely ludicrous! I am perfectly capable of driving my truck without falling unconscious on the wheel! I was in no way injured in the events of this accident! I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't talk down on me as if I was a patient!" I yelled.

I could feel a faint sensation in my eyes, they had slowly begun to glow a burgundy red.

People began to look at us. Why can't humans mind their own business.

"I understand that ma'am, but it is protocol. I am not in any way looking down on you." He explained trying to calm me down.

Big mistake.

"Listen here you Overbearing, Demanding, Peremptory, Impudent Fool! I don't give a damn about your silly protocol! You are under no authorization to stop me from going home! Who do you think you are!" I screeched. Emphasizing each word with so much power that he cringed. My accent had faintly creeped into my voice as I ranted.

Everyone was silent, even Tyler who had continuously kept apologizing. By that time I was slightly shaking.

I was going to kill him in the next second if I didn't calm down.

I took three deep breaths and suddenly Edward appeared beside me. His family continued to watch. I saw amusement on most of their faces. Rosalie was as passive as ever.

Edward began to talk to him, I tuned out so I could calm down, I noticed that Principal Greene was also outside and stunned into silence. Slowly everyone looked away and did their own things.

I pinched the bridge of my nose to try and block their scents for an instant so I could tame my wild rage. If Edward hadn't shown up I would have torn this man to shreds. I had a feeling he knew that too.

If I wanted to continue my mission, I had to be calm, cool and collected. I finally calmed down and Edward began to lead me to his car.

"You still have to go to the hospital, but I will drive you there. I will ask my father to give you a check up." He explained.

I groaned. He hadn't been any use at all. I should have just killed the man.

The drive to the hospital was silent, I didn't talk to Edward or even look in his direction. I was what you american human's would say; 'pissed off.' I could feel his steady gaze on me, as he would sometimes take his eyes off the road. Not that we would get into an accident or anything.

He parked the car and opened the door for me. I nodded in acknowledgement and began to reluctantly walk towards the entrance of this 'hospital'. Edward easily matched my pace walking beside me. At least he was a gentleman. Edward stayed in the waiting room as the human nurse led me to a hospital room.

I sat silently, waiting for the doctor. I could hear a familiar voice approaching the room, Tyler was being brought into the room by the paramedics while the nurses followed. As soon as he saw me he continued with his barrage of apologies. I looked away from him and rested my hand on my cheek, bored. The nurses closed the curtains that separated me from Tyler.

Thank god. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

Just then a handsome blonde haired man, who was wearing a white doctor's coat with golden eyes entered the room followed by a familiar face. Charlie. He looked distraught, anxious and most of all angry. The doctor, whom I presume to be Carlisle Cullen checked up on Tyler as Charlie quickly ran to my side.

"Bells, are you okay?" He asked, his eyes wild with fear.

In the midst of his worry for my safety he completely forgot that he called me be by that awful nickname that he gave me the first day I got to Forks and I hated, no absolutely despised it.

Letting that slide this one time, I nodded my head. Too upset to speak to anyone.

Charlie sighed with relief and turned to look at Tyler, the curtain was no longer drawn and I could clearly see Dr. Cullen examining Tyler to see the extent of his injuries. Tyler saw Charlie and began to ramble on about how he didn't mean to cause the accident. Charlie silenced him with a look and threatened to take his licence away. That shut Tyler up.

I raised an eyebrow. Maybe Charlie was a useful human after all.

Dr. Cullen finished examining Tyler seemingly satisfied that there was no serious injuries, he talked to a nurse and closed the curtains and faced me. He resembled like his adoptive golden eyed 'children.' He had their beauty, pale skin, golden eyes and that pungent repulsive smell that they all possessed. I nearly scrunched my nose in distaste, but I reminded myself not to be rude and I sucked it up.

"Hello, Isabella I am Dr. Cullen. I heard that you were in a pretty rough accident, I will do a thorough check up to see if you have any injuries." He explained as he approached me.

I got up.

"That won't be necessary." I said emotionlessly.

He raised an eyebrow in surprise. Charlie just stared at me, shocked.

"Look Dr. Cullen I appreciate your son going out of his way to drive me here, but I really do not what to engage in yet another argument like I did with that idiotic paramedic who insisted I come here." I huffed.

I could see a hint of amusement in his gold eyes. Charlie remained quiet, watching the exchange.

"Isabella, I understand bu-." I raised my hand, cutting him off.

"I do not wish to hear yet another person tell me how they understand my situation, I continuously have to explain that I am fine, I was not injured in any way and yet still you insist on treating me like I am debilitated!" My voice raising slightly at the end.

"I can see your frustration, but Isabella let us do our job to insure your safety. You maybe physically be fine but there is a possibility that there is something wrong with you internally." He stated calmly.

I inhaled sharply and released a shaky breath. I gritted my teeth.

"Do not treat me like one of your patients." I said in a quiet yet deadly tone.

"Isabella, I have heard quite enough!" Charlie spoke up for the first time.

I looked in his direction and he looked angry.

"Dr. Cullen is trying to help you there is no need to take your anger out on him."

I froze. What. Did. He. Know?

I looked back at Dr. Cullen, I decided to bite my tongue and took a seat on the hospital bed.

Dr. Cullen gave a small smile in Charlie's direction in a silent thanks, Charlie simply nodded and watched me intently.

Dr. Cullen began his examination, it felt like forever but it was merely half an hour. When he finished he cleared me from the hospital saying that there was no sign that I was injured.

As Charlie and I left the hospital, he confronted me about my behavior back in the hospital room. I expected this, I just couldn't predict when, he stayed silent all throughout the examination but I could feel his anger seething from within him.

"Isabella, I know you just got here and I understand that it is hard for you to adjust. I get that, really I do but, if I ever hear you talk that way to another adult ever again there will be some serious consequences young lady." He said sternly.

I wasn't in the least bit frightened, my Father and Charlie Swan were on two completely different levels. My Father has had to punish me many times, but Charlie's pitiful threats could not even come on par with my Father when he was angry.

I simply nodded my head. I didn't want to get into yet another disagreement with an adult for the third time today. I was mentally exhausted with having to deal with their obliviousness.

"But, Isabella that doesn't mean I am letting you off the hook for what you did today. Principal Greene also called me and told me that you were being very disrespectful to the paramedics as well. I am taking away your phone and computer for a week, try anything like this again and it will be for another week."

Without another word he walked to the cruiser got in, started the car and waited for me to follow.

These human's have guts if they think that they can lecture me about my behavior, when they are the most loathsome creatures I have ever known. They accuse me of being a monster with their biased unjust rumors that spread hate and their prejudice opinions!

Well, they have another thing coming for them. I will not be bossed a round especially by the likes of a human.

I could feel my eyes begin to glow a dull silver, but gradually increased in the darkness that had begun to overtake the town.

I will obey their rules for now, but their reign over me will soon be destroyed.

I swear by it!

If my name isn't Isabella Adriana Dracula.

Sorry it took so long for me to post this chapter, I have been a bit busy. But, here it is so do not fret.

Ohhh, Isabella's hate for human's is growing. Oh no! Charlie is taking away Isabella's phone and computer! What is she going to do?! Find out in the next chapter.


P.S. I do not own Twilight as much I wish I did.

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