Daughter of the Count and Countess

Unexpected Visitors

After a long treacherous week, I was given all of my things back. I was no longer grounded or in trouble and Charlie forgave me. The one thing he didn't know is that when he wasn't there I simply snuck into his room found my phone and laptop and used them to communicate to my parents. Of course I told my parents and Celestina what had happened.

Let's just say that even through the phone my Father was intimidating. I got the scolding of a life time but not just by my Father but also my Mother. Celestina wanted to come to Forks immediately to accompany me during my time here until I completed my mission. My parents declined and said that this is something I had to do myself.

I couldn't be spoon fed or else I would never learn the harsh realities of the human world. I have just recently awoken from a very deep long slumber and I must face the present even though my mind and body are still in the past. I have to figure things out myself and solve my own problems.

Father said I was old enough to make my own decisions, after all I was sixteen.

Or should I say forever frozen at sixteen.

School was the same and Edward and I talked more frequently, after learning what happened in the hospital room from his Father, Edward has taken it upon himself to be my friend in Biology class. Sometimes when I walked down the halls he would give me a crooked smile or wave at me. All the students would watch our exchange and look at me as if I was some specimen, nobody could believe that one of the Cullen's was actually choosing to acknowledge my presence.

I felt truly honored to be recognized by vampires who drank from animals. (Sarcasm inserted here.)

Today was Saturday and I had nothing to do. It was a gloomy day which didn't help my mood, Charlie had gone to work and I was left alone in the house. I sighed staring out at the window glumly.

I had fed last night, so I wasn't thirsty. But, my eyelids did feel very droopy. I had completely forgotten that I needed to sleep. It was early in the day and this is usually my bedtime. I growled frustrated, I knew going to school would mess up my sleeping pattern.

The effects of sleeping very little in my short stay here in Forks made its presence known. I nearly collapsed on the foot of the stairs. I gripped the railing firmly, but I could feel my hands weakening. I practically dragged my body up the stairs one step at a time until I finally reached my bedroom.

By that time I looked like what human's would call a 'zombie.' As I walked to my closet, I noticed my appearance in the mirror. I had dark purple rings under my eyes, my face looked thin and bony, my skin tone was even paler than it's usual vampiric color. I just looked drained of all my energy even though I fed like crazy the night before.

Using all the strength I could muster I wretched open my closet door and closed it firmly behind me, I opened my coffin with great care and I stepped inside. My body dropped into the soft gold cushioning and I was enveloped with warmth and softness. I closed my coffin and instantly fell asleep.

(*Sweet Dreams Isabella!*)

I could faintly hear my name being called from somewhere, my eyelids felt heavy so I couldn't open them, my body felt heavy as well so I couldn't move. I began to sink into darkness again until the voice became louder and more persistent. I could hear footsteps come up the stairs and doors opening forcefully in a panic. I turned over and attempted to block the noise out. Just as I was sinking into unconsciousness, I could hear my door hesitantly opening and footsteps walking into my room.

My eyes flashed open and I was out of my coffin in a matter of milliseconds, I crouched low on top of my coffin and began to sniff the air, it smelt faintly of...

I couldn't put my finger on it, but it almost smelt like...

Wet dog?

But, as quickly as I smelt it the scent disappeared.

I could hear the intruder walk around my room and my senses went into high alert a deep growl escaped my mouth, a warning to the intruder who dare enter my domain. I could hear the footsteps stop, I could almost taste the fear of whomever was in my room. I sniffed the air again, it smelt male.

The footsteps quickly retreated and my door was firmly shut. I could hear a jumbled conversation downstairs and I shook my head trying to wake up. I yawned and scratched my head and got out of my closet. I looked out my window and night time had fallen on the rainy town of Forks.

I stretched and looked in the mirror, my reflection smiled back at me as I realized how more energized I felt. I decided to go downstairs to see who was here. I smelt three different scents, one of which I recognized as Charlie's, but the other two I was unfamiliar with.

I hissed lowly, were there intruders in the house? I walked cautiously downstairs without making a sound and followed the sound of voices in the living room. I peered into the living room and saw Charlie relaxed on a recliner chair with a beer in his hand as he intently watched the television screen, beside him was a man in a wheelchair. He had slightly darker skin almost tanned and long black hair that rested on his shoulder, he too had a beer in hand and watched the television with remote fascination.

The other stranger looked similar to the one in the wheelchair and I assumed they were related, maybe even father and son. He had long black hair like the man in the wheelchair and had a tanned skin tone, he was seated on the couch closest to the television and watched uninterested.

I didn't sense any danger emanating from either of them, but I wasn't letting my guard down.

I made my presence known by pretending to trip over a nearby table.

"Oh hey Bel-." He immediately stopped himself from what he was about to say when he saw my glare.

Don't. Say. It.

He gulped.

"I mean Isabella, we have some guests. I was trying to look for you, but none of us could find you." He carried on.

I plastered a fake smile on my face.

"Sorry, I was just arranging my closet, I had my headphones in my ears so I was not able to hear you. I apologize for making you worry." I pretended to look embarrassed by ducking my head down.

"It's okay Isabella. I am just glad that you are fine." He said cheerfully.

A moment of awkward silence passed through the livingroom.

"Uh, hey Isabella my name is Billy Black and this is my son Jacob." The man in the wheelchair spoke breaking the silence and wrapped his arm around his son's shoulder.

"Hello." I waved my hand in greeting and put on a fake timid smile.

I had to try and act more human, which means no more outbursts. But, could you blame me? I have been asleep for 145 years or longer and it hasn't even been a full year since I have been awake. And to make matters worse I am thrown into this unfamiliar new world and can't grasp the sudden changes and forced to find out about what happened to the rest of my kind (if there is any hope of any survivors, which I highly doubt). It shouldn't be surprising if I am more temperamental than usual.

But, these stupid humans wouldn't understand, they have no idea how painful it is to watch your siblings murdered or watching your own people destroy themselves and get disposed of by humans. The pain and rage I felt, could knock a grown human man down on his knees and beg for someone to take his life.

"Would you like anything to eat?" I asked addressing both Billy and Jacob.

"No, it's okay Isabella we already ate while you were upstairs." Billy explained.

I nodded and turned to leave.

"Oh and Isabella you and Jacob should talk for a bit, you know to catch up." Charlie called from the recliner.

I stiffened slightly.

I turned around and with all the strength I could muster smiled warmly at him.

"Sure, come on Jacob we can talk outside on the porch." I beckoned him to follow me outside.

Charlie seemed shocked that I hadn't argued, but slowly returned my smile. Billy just watched the two of us confused.

Jacob awkwardly got off the couch and swiftly followed me.

I sat on the porch steps and Jacob sat beside me. I tried to distance myself from him discreetly, I didn't really want to be sitting beside someone who smells a bit like dog.

"So, do you like Forks?" What a wonderful way to start a conversation.

"It is alright, I don't mind the rain unlike most of the people at my school." I replied.

He nodded his head in understanding.

"I don't go to the high school here. I go to the one on the reservation."

My head snapped towards him. Reservation? Could that mean that... I let that thought drift off. A smile creeped its way onto my face.

No wonder he smelt weird, he lived on the land of the shifters that Father told me about. And by his scent he could possibly be one, but it was faint so maybe he hadn't shifted yet. I had to phone my parents right away.

"How is the school there?" I wanted to get as much information out of him as possible.

"Pretty much the same as yours." He answered playing with his shoelace.

I nodded my head, having nothing else to say.

"Ummm, Isabella I actually kind of wanted to tell you something." He blushed and looked away.

"I-" He scratched his head embarrassed.

About what?

"Look, when we were looking for you, I kind of went into your room. I am sorry, I didn't know."

I figured it was him.

"It's okay, next time I won't put on any headphones when I am cleaning my closet." I chuckled.

He laughed and nodded in agreement.

He stopped laughing for a few seconds and had a faraway look in his eyes as if he was thinking about something. Mulling it over in head, deciding on how he should begin with whatever he wanted to say.

"You know, if you want I could show you around the reservation tomorrow, if you aren't busy." He said quickly.

I thought it over.

"What time?" I asked cautiously.

"Maybe two." No way, I would be asleep.

I couldn't say no, because I knew Charlie was listening he was doing a poor job at trying to hide in the kitchen.

"How about five? I have some things to do before then." I suggested.

He looked at me and smiled.

"Sure, five is fine."

I could hear the sound of two hands making contact with each other and a 'yes' that resonated from the kitchen.

I mentally cursed him, I would have to be cutting my sleep time.

"Do you know your way around the reservation?"

I shook my head.

He gave me directions to his house and explained how to find my way through the reservation.

I had a photographic memory, so I found the explanation useless. But I nodded and smiled as if I was interested.

Later in the night he and Billy took off. Charlie continued to watch television and I was up in my room. I stared at the piece of paper that Jacob had given me that contained the directions to his house. I crumpled the paper and threw it in the garbage can.

I grabbed my phone and called my parents. My Mother answered on the first ring.

"Alo" (Hello)

"Mamă, măeste de Isabella." (Mother, it is me Isabella.)

"Fiică, cum poate tot ceea ce ai descoperit ceva nou legătură cu familia Cullen?"

(Daughter, how is everything have you found out anything new about the Cullens?)

"Nu, dar m-am întâlnit cu oameni de rezervare pe care tu și Tatăl menț al unui rezidentă acolo ma invitat să vin peste mâine."

(No, but I have met with people from the reservation that you and Father mentioned. The son of a resident there invited me to come over tomorrow.)

"Cine a sunt acestea?" She asked curiously.

(What are their names?)

"Un băiat numit Jacob Black și tatăl lui Billy. Băiatul miroase vag a câine, dar eu nu cred că sa schimbat încă."

(A boy named Jacob Black and his father Billy. The boy smells faintly of dog, but I don't think he has shifted yet.)

She chuckled.

"Mă aștept să încercați și de a afla mai multe despre acești Manete schimbator forma si a vedea dacă acestea sunt cumva legate de familia Cullen." She instructed.

(I expect you to try and find out more about these shape shifters and see if they are somehow related to the Cullens.)

"Da, mamă" (Yes, Mother.)

"Fii sigur Dragă și Tatăl tău, trimite ceea ce privește cel mai bun."

(Be safe Darling and your Father sends his best regards.)

"Oh, si pentru mirosul, încercați să nu să se gândească la asta." And then she hung up.

(Oh, and for the smell, try not to think about it.)

I closed my phone and threw it on the bed. I looked at the clock on my bedside table it was seven o'clock. I had more than twenty four hours to think about what I would say to Jacob when I got to the reservation and how I would try and get information from him without him getting suspicious.

I sighed, it was going to be a long night.

I walked over to my window and stared up at the moon. It was suppose to be a full moon tonight.

I rested my head on the window sill closing my eyes.

At times likes these I wish that I could fall asleep at night, but the vampire within me refused to let my mind wander off into oblivion.

This was one of the few downsides of being a pure-blood vampire.

Phew, this chapter is finally complete!

Until next time! I wonder how Isabella will fare, being surrounded by wolves and the smell of wet dog!

Oh and when I write in Italics it usually means that Isabella is speaking Romanian, which makes her Transylvanian accent more pronounced. (Duh!)

Good Luck Isabella!


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