Daughter of the Count and Countess


I arrived at school a tad bit late and hurriedly made my way to class. The teacher didn't notice he had his back facing me and scribbled something along the chalk board engrossed in what he was writing and completely oblivious to his surroundings. The reason for my tardiness was because that stupid hunk of metal l called a 'truck' would not start for a good 15 to 20 minutes. I don't understand why I couldn't have just run or even flown to school, but the constant reminder that it was day time nagged in my brain. Of course I had to be cautious during the day, I could easily be spotted, besides I didn't want the Cullen Clan to think that there was some other mythical being amongst their little community.

I had decided that I would make up with the Edward and his family. As much as I hated claiming defeat I found that it would be the only way to get out of this stupid town. I had similar traits to that of my Mother who was a stubborn yet diligent and a very punctual woman where as with my Father I had attributed his hatred in backing down from any challenge or wave a white flag defeat. It was simply unheard of that my Father ever lost to anyone. It is an even rarer occurrence that my Mother ever lost in an argument and usually got her way, even with my Father.

Having shared these traits with my parents, I found it very hard to submit to beings that were much weaker than I. I huffed and looked ahead of the classroom. The teacher spoke in a dull monotone voice and I ended up spending the rest of the class trying to figure out his name. I walked slowly to my next class in a daze not quite paying much attention; I sat down in a seat at the end of the classroom and began to swim through my thoughts.

The teacher who was a tiny woman with shoulder length black hair began to weave through the aisles and place a long sheet of paper face down on the desks. Slightly confused I looked up at the board .

I had a math test today. How could I have forgotten?

It didn't matter, because the material we learned was not difficult, but I noticed many of the students struggled endlessly with Trigonometry and Quadratic Relations which I found to be quite simple.

When she finished she stood up at the front of the class and began to count to make sure all the students were present and accounted for and then told us to begin. We had the full period.

I had finished the first page in a matter of seconds as I flew through the test I felt quite confident and proud of my work as I revised it. I stood up and the students began to gape at me, I made my way towards her desk.

She looked up surprised.

"Are you already finished Isabella?" She asked.

I nodded.

"Are you sure? You still have 70 minutes left." She stated pointing at the clock.

I had finished in five minutes. I frowned; I could have been done in much less time.

"Yes, I also made sure to review my answers. I feel very confident." I replied handing her the test.

She gingerly took it and began correcting it; I walked back to my desk.

All the students began to whisper, I could make out their conversations. They thought I was something called a 'teacher's pet'. I would have to search for that word tonight.

"Enough, everyone quiet down. You're wasting time." The teacher spoke in an authoritative tone, silencing everyone.

I watched as she looked through my test, reading her body language and facial expression I could tell that she was very pleased. With my enhanced eyesight I saw the mark she had given me.

I smiled. Perfect.

As the period dragged on, students slowly began to hand in their tests. Others were unsure and hesitantly handed them over to her. The rest of them were still doing their tests, they appeared frustrated and stressed.

I turned my head slightly to the side and I noticed one boy who began to chew on his writing utensil and gripped a fistful of his dark brown hair. I peered at his test and grimaced. Didn't look good for him.

Finally when the bell rang I sprung from my seat and dashed to my locker.

I felt a bit, I couldn't place this emotion. I began to rack my brain for the word; I would be what you humans would call 'giddy'. I hadn't really thought of how I was going to approach the Cullen Clan so I decided to just sit at their table and improvise from then on.

As I made my way to the lunchroom a sudden thought occurred to me. I have been here for almost a month and yet I still did not know the names of any of my teachers.

How odd.

I had my bottle of water in front of me, as I waited for Edward and his family. I was one of the first to arrive in the cafeteria and soon a swarm of agitated teenagers filed through the doors. I saw Angela look at me curiously and then gave me a timid smile, I returned a small s mile in her direction and she went t o go sit with Jessica who practically ignored me now.

Good, the more ties I break with these silly humans the easier it will be for me to leave.

Just as I began to unscrew the cap of my water bottle a foul stench made its way into my nose. I coughed out the water, spewing it everywhere.

I grimaced, here we go.

I turned to look out the window and saw Rosalie and Emmett walking hand in hand leading the rest of their family into the cafeteria. Emmett opened the side door for her and she smiled warmly kissing him on the cheek. I looked away. Next, Alice and Jasper entered. Alice began to twirl around like a ballerina. I rolled my eyes I still couldn't understand why she liked to draw attention to herself. Jasper looked in pain like he does every other day as he silently walked close behind his mate. Last was of course Edward who looked sad.

Ever since the altercation between Rosalie and myself, I refused to come within 10 feet of this table.

As they approached I could sense their shock and disbelief, especially from Rosalie.

I heard Alice let out a squeal as she skipped towards me, Edward looked relieved, but there was an unidentifiable emotion in his golden eyes that I could not decipher.

"Isabella! I am glad to see that you want t to sit with us again." Alice sat beside me and tried to hug me.

Instinctively I moved away.

Alice looked hurt but then began to smile, understanding how uncomfortable I was.

"I just needed time to myself and besides Jessica wasn't really happy that I was no longer sitting beside her."

That was not a complete lie; it is true that I needed my space and time to think things over for what I would do next. But, Jessica was madder at the fact that I had not invited her over to sit with me and the Cullen's. When I did sit with her, she would give me the 'cold shoulder'.

Edward sat beside me, Jasper beside Alice and Rosalie and Emmett on the other side of the table.

"Isabella I would like to apologize to you on behalf of Rosalie and my family." Edward looked directly at me.

The family minus Rosalie nodded their heads in agreement. Some things will never change.

"It is fine, honestly. Now let us move on from what is already done." I quickly changed the subject not wanting to get into yet another argument with her royal pain in the ass.

Edward seemed happy that I had so easily forgiven them, if only they knew how I was dying inside. The Dracula's were a family that did not forgive easily and held grudges. Most pure-bloods were like that; they didn't trust or forgive easily like the vampires now do. But, I am from a pure royal blooded family making it far more personal.

I swallowed my pride painfully and began to make light conversation trying to include everyone even Rosalie, but she blatantly ignored my attempts. I gave up and simply excluded her from any further discussion. I could feel their trust beginning to form, stronger then what it once was. That is how the rest of lunch was like.

I smiled victoriously.

I had them wrapped around my finger. I would gain Rosalie's trust somehow.

Edward walked me to my next class, telling me funny tales of his family.

I couldn't help but wonder how he was turned, I discovered that the vampires of this time cannot be pure vampires; a vampire could not create a child with a female vampire. The only way to have a child was with a female human who would give birth to an offspring child. Not only was the birth painful but very many of them died as their own flesh an d blood tore their way out of their mother's womb killing them in the process.

My kind obviously reproduced or I would not be not standing here at the moment. But, there were very few young pure bloods like myself. I could record about 60 of them scattered around the world, but that number was diminishing quickly. We use to be tens of thousands but over the years we were massacred slowly one by one, either by each other or by the humans.

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and paid attention to what Edward was trying to tell me.


"I said would you like to come meet my parents?" He asked looking at me hopefully.

I was surprised to know that within a day I was able to regain their trust (all but Rosalie) and be given an invitation to meet their parents.

I was a better actress than I gave myself credit for.

I plastered a fake smile.

"Sure, when?"

"How about this upcoming weekend, if you aren't busy." He explained watching me intently.

I nodded.

"I am free." I answered.

He smiled showing a perfect set of pure white teeth.

"Is it okay if I came to pick you up at your house at around 3?"

I inwardly groaned, first Jacob and now Edward. Why is that I cannot have a full peaceful day of sleep. Was it really so much to ask?

Reluctantly I agreed and Edward and I parted ways.

I sat at my desk unsure of what to make of the situation. Everything seems to be going according to plan, but Edward's intentions are still unclear. I can't seem to figure him out.

Class started and I made a decision that I would try to pay attention in class today and push all thoughts of the Cullen's at the furthest and darkest corner of my mind.

It proved difficult to pay attention, the lesson was so boring I just couldn't take it anymore and only ten had minutes had past.

I watched the clock, the needle that indicated the seconds moved in a jerky yet rhythmic motion, each clock hand's movements were even slower.

Knowing nothing could be done, I stared blankly ahead, pretending to listen, my resolve shattering.

After what felt like a millennia the bell rang indicating that I had to go to my last class of the day. I swiftly manoeuvred my way through the crowd and arrived in Mr. Banner's class.

Surprisingly he was the only teacher whose name I could remember. I wonder why. Biology did interest me, but not enough to pique the growing curiosity that repeatedly tried to make itself known begging to be satiated with new found knowledge that it craved.

Edward was already at our table by the time I got there. Mr. Banner did not waste any time on starting the lesson, I listened for the first half of the class- which was an accomplishment, even for me, but then got bored for the remainder of the class.

As if sensing my impending boredom, I felt a smooth piece of paper slide flawless on my table. I did not have to look down to realize what it was and who it was from. I smiled and continued to stare ahead.


I chuckled lowly as I read the message.

No, I find this lesson rather interesting don't you?

I replied sarcastically, sliding the paper back on his table without even ruffling it.

I could hear the sounds of pen making contact with paper. I felt the smooth material rub against my skin.

When has the cell theory ever been known for being interesting?

I giggled, the way he wrote it made it sound playful. I quickly jotted back a reply.

You got me there, I just can't seem to wrap my brain around how boring a lesson can actually be. Don't you agree?

I passed the paper back in his direction.

I heard a soft chuckle and I smiled.

The paper was passed back to me.

I agree indifferently, but you get used to it.

I scoffed and began to write.

I don't think I can, I have been here for about a month and I still can't remember any of my teacher's names except for Mr. Banner.

I heard another chuckle.

I am debating on whether I should consider that pathetic or just plain sad.

I frowned.


I wrote down playfully.

I could hear his intake of breath as he read what I wrote.

Now that isn't very nice Isabella.

I smirked.

Whoever said I was.

I could see a frown beginning to form on his lips.

Before he got a chance to reply, Mr. Banner was hovering over our table. We were so oblivious to our surroundings that neither of us noticed Mr. Banner walking towards our table.

How could I have been so stupid! Everytime I am with Edward I let my guard down, not all the way but just enough to not notice my biology teacher standing in front of our table with a frown and a look of disappointment etched on his face.

You imbecile! My vampiric self screamed.

I know, I was an idiot for not paying attention. This has never happened before.

I looked at Edward who had calmly yet quickly switched papers with one that was filled with notes without Mr. Banner noticing, it was too quick for the human eye. Mr. Banner nodded and walked back to the front.

We no longer passed notes for the rest of class.

Oh Edward Cullen what are you doing to me?

I arrived home after school to find the house empty as always, I took a shower and dressed in more comfortable attire to go outside in. I needed to feed. I waited until it was a bit darker before heading to Port Angele's again, I jumped from my bedroom window and took off silently in the night.

My concealment was off and I happily fed on any human that approached within my reach. I had lost track of time and realized how late it had gotten. I finished my meal and quickly dumped the body in a new hole I created. I dug the hole back up and ran back to the direction of Forks, trying to get there before Charlie was welcomed to an empty house.

As I neared the house, I felt a faint yet familiar scent travel through my nose, I halted and sniffed the air.

It couldn't be!

I ran in the direction of the scent until I reached a meadow that wasn't too far from the house.

I stopped in the center of the meadow noticing that the scent stopped there.

I had not reverted back to the human disguise so I was on high alert.

I heard the rustling of leaves, I could not tell from what direction in which it came.

I decided to use an old technique my Father showed me.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and stood very, very still.

My senses became even more acute and I could pinpoint where the sound was coming from, without realizing it my feet had moved so quickly I now stood in front of the creature with the familiar scent.

Opening my eyes, I recognized who it was immediately.

Long silver hair that cascaded down to her back with bright blue eyes that stared sadly at me as tears of blood formed a puddle on the forest floor.

"My Lady, your skills are still as sharp as ever." She said bowing her head down.

I took an intake of breath.

"Celestina." I whispered, barely even audible to my own ears.

That's it! Sorry it took forever to get this chapter posted, but it was giving me a very hard time.

I would like to inform you that I will be very busy over the next couple of days so I will try to update whenever I can. I have family over, so I may not always be near a computer and able to write another chapter for Daughter of the Count and Countess.

Thank you so much for the support, until next time.


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