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Double Double Toil and Trouble

Buffy, Willow and Dawn walked through Sunnydale. Each girl smiled sadly as they pointed out places they hadn't thought they would ever see again.

Dawn yanked Buffy's shoulder. "Look, its Spike!" she whispered loudly as she gestured with her finger.

Buffy's heart raced, her palms slicked with sweat and the butterflies in her stomach shot off fireworks. She didn't realize that her feet were moving, she didn't notice the younger Willow staring at her, all she saw was the man she loved. He turned to look at her as she ran up to him and threw her arms around his waist. She didn't dare let go, a fear of his disappearing again danced in the fore front of her mind.

William's eyes widened as Buffy gripped him tightly. He hesitantly patted her back. "Um, hello, miss."

Dawn was the next one to grab onto him. She hugged him from the side; her eyes were glossed over with tears that threatened to spill.

William stared strickenly at Past-Willow then down at the women clinging to his torso.

Willow walked over to her younger self. "Hi, loads to explain. We'll tell all at Buffy's."

Past-Willow shrugged tiredly. "A me double? Why not, everything else is weird." She gasped. "I didn't do this, did I?"

Willow looked at herself with a steely stern face. "What spell did you do?"Past-Willow ducked her head. "Nothing dangerous! I just— just gave Spike his soul back."

William, who had gotten Dawn off, but had given up trying to get Buffy to loosen her grip, shook his head. "That goes against all logic. How in the world could you give someone a soul? I'm sorry, but you don't seem like what I pictured God to look like."

Past-Willow cried indignantly, "Hey, I may not be a god, but I'm powerful. I can give a—"

William interrupted. "I didn't say 'a' god. I said 'God.' I believe there to only be one."

Past-Willow frowned. "Well, I'm not sure about that. I mean—"

Willow held her hand up. "Stop. Why does Spike sound like Giles?"

William huffed and pulled at Buffy's arm. "I. Am. Not. Spike," he said, each word spoken clearly. "I am William Pratt. And who in the world is Giles? Could I really sound so much like him that everyone must comment on it?"

Buffy pulled away from him and turned her head to Willow. "This isn't my Spike, is it?"

William bit his tongue and glared at the little blonde. His face softened when he saw how broken her appearance was at the realization that he was not her beau.

Willow sighed. "It would seem that way. Sorry Buffy, we'll find him."

The group decided that they would continue on to Past-Buffy's house. As they walked, Buffy and William snuck glances at each other when no one was watching.

Dawn broke the silence that had settled over the group. "So, is there going to be a younger me here?"

A bright light flashed in front of the group, a tall sleek man was left in its wake. He wore a black suit and sunglasses.

Buffy stepped in front of the others. "Hi, we're the Sunnydale welcoming party. If you're evil, I'd run."

The man's hand flashed out with inhuman speed. He caught Buffy's cheek and sent her reeling to the ground. Her head hit the ground with a resounding smack.

William moved forward. "You parky sod, are you pissed?" William brought his fist up. "Prepare to fight."

The man hit William in the stomach. He slammed his knee into William face as he doubled over.

William fell to his hands and knees and looked up at the man.

The man moved to Dawn and grabbed her by the hair. He shoved Willow away as she tried to save Dawn. "I'm sorry, but you have to die," he told Dawn, his voice calm and nondescript.

William felt something inside snap as the man brought his other hand to Dawn's head. William snarled and jumped on the man, the force sent all three to the ground. William leapt to his feet and kicked the man viciously in the head.

The man rolled to his feet. His glasses were broken during William's attack. His eyes were an unnatural green, and looked like the eyes of a snake. His forked tongue came into view as he hissed.

William growled; his eyes golden and his fangs bared. He glanced at the girls then at his adversary.

The man's leg shot towards William's head, but he leaned back and grabbed the man's foot. The man flipped, his other foot smacked William under his chin.

William dodged the man's next kick, and threw a punch into the man's face. The sound of the man's nose cracking made the three conscious girls cringe.

The snake-like man grabbed his nose and pulled it down with a jerk. He howled in pain and glared daggers at William. His eyes switched to Past-Willow. "Shall I do the easier job first?" he asked her.

Past-Willow swallowed hard and looked for a place to run. Before she could move, the man was on her. He snatched her up and whispered. "I have the witch, bring me back."

Another light flashed and the man and Past-Willow both disappeared.

William frowned deeply and his face melted back to his human form. "Where did Miss Rosenberg go?"

Dawn and Willow rushed to Buffy's side. Dawn shook her sister's arm. "Buffy, wake up damnit."

William kneeled at her side. "We must get her to shelter. She hit her head, the damage could be great." He gently lifted her into his arms and rose to his feet. He never thought twice about his sudden gracefulness, or new found strength.

Buffy felt herself being held and wrapped her arms around William's neck. She nuzzled her nose into his shoulder and allowed the pain in her skull to be pushed back by the pleasure of being held by a pair of strong arms.

William gulped and bit down on his bottom lip as Buffy all but purred in his arms. He focused on moving forward, and not on the tempting girl he was carrying. He wanted nothing more than to kiss her right there, but held himself back.

Willow led William up to a house. She turned to him, her eyes on Buffy. "She looks fine to me." She rolled her eyes and bit back a smile. "Buffy, stop taking advantage of Spi— William, and get down."

Buffy whined against William, but motioned for him to set her down. Once on her feet she scowled playfully at Willow. A thought came to mind. "What happened to the guy?"

Willow pointed at William. "William kicked his butt. He kinda kidnapped my double though."

Buffy's eyes widened. "What! And you're not worried?"

Willow shrugged. "We'll get her back. Besides, she's a big girl; she can take care of herself."

Buffy stared at Willow strangely, but turned to the door and knocked. The door opened to reveal Spike.

Buffy slapped him soundly on the cheek. "Jerk."

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