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Double Jealousy

Spike stared at Buffy, his eyes wide with surprise. "You're here," he whispered.

Buffy set her jaw. "Of course I'm here. I love you don't I?"

Spike grabbed her shoulders and smashed his mouth to hers. He rested one hand on her hip and the other wrapped around her back, and held her flush to his body his tongue danced with hers.

Buffy gripped Spike's hair and pulled his head closer. She wanted to feel him, know he was there, that he was hers. She gasped as Spike moved his lips to her neck.

Willow fake coughed to gain the lovers' attention. "Guys, how 'bout we, um, bring this inside?"

Past-Buffy watched the scene from the bottom of the stairs. Her jealousy piqued an all-time high as Spike kissed Buffy passionately. She glared at her double as the pair pulled apart, but kept their arms around one another.

Spike glanced over at William. "I see that you met stupid."

Buffy swatted at Spike's chest. "I like him, he's sweet. You behave."

William puffed out his chest. "I was teased where I come from. At least they had the civility to do it behind my back. I see you have no such qualms." William bit back the jealousy that pushed at him and stood tall against Spike.

Spike blinked. "Why the hell does he sound like—?"

"Giles?" Buffy finished.

"No. I was going to say William. Did you just call me Giles?"

William growled in frustration. "I am William Pratt. I have no clue as to where I am, or how I got here. You are rude and I have this inescapable feeling of admiration and familiarity towards two women I have never met before." William's eyes landed on Past-Buffy. "And now I'm seeing double." He frowned.

Buffy waved her hand at him. "That's just the younger version of me from this dimension."

Spike ignored Buffy and looked to Willow. "What happened to him?"

"The other me helped give him a soul." Willow said.

Spike nodded. "Memory loss, got it."

William threw his arms in the air before he crossed them over his chest with a pout.

Buffy leaned up and kissed Spike. "That's the cute pout I've told you about."

"I believe you called it childish and not becoming of a Master vampire." Spike raised his eyebrow and pecked Buffy's lips.

Past-Buffy rolled her eyes and sneered. "So, how did you and the other two end up here? And where's my Willow?" she aimed the questions at Buffy.

Buffy turned to her. "Did Spike tell you anything about this?"

Past-Buffy nodded. "Last night. We talked some before falling to sleep." Past-Buffy gave her twin a meaningful look.

Buffy looked at Spike. "You slept with her, didn't you?"

Spike sputtered and searched for something to say that would cool his angry slayer's nerves. "In the literal, we shared a cot way. We… I mean there was no shagging. Some kissing though…" he said sheepishly.

"Hey! That cot is ours." Buffy stuck her bottom lip out and stomped her foot in a child-like tantrum.

Spike put his hands on her hips and kissed her neck. "Still is. She's you, Kitten. I'd never be with anyone else. I love you, always."

Buffy ran her fingers through his hair, loosening his curls from the gel. "Ah, now I remember how I fell in love with you."

Spike smirked against her shoulder. "And how would that be?" He nipped her earlobe.

Buffy gripped his hair and moved his face in front of hers. "That darn silver tongue of yours did it… among other, qualities." Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she drew him into a heated kiss. She savored the taste of his mouth and the feel of his hard, unyielding body against her. She memorized every stroke of his tongue, every noise he moaned into her mouth.

"I said no more touching!" Xander stood in the living room entrance and glared venomously at Spike and Buffy.

Buffy rested her forehead against Spike's. "We need to get a room or something. I can't keep getting interrupted like this."

Spike nuzzled her cheek. "Soon as we get back we'll find somewhere nice secluded and stay there 'til all the lost time is made up for." Spike winked at her and wiggled his eyebrows.

William scowled at the cooing couple and turned his eyes to the blonde on the stairs. His heart ached at the look of pain on her face. He knew he had to make her feel better. He followed her as she moved through the kitchen and out the back door, and sat silently at her side on the steps.

Past-Buffy looked over at William. "So, you have no memory, huh?"

William shrugged. "If you are referring to the memories pertaining to how I arrived here, than true, I have none. But if you mean memories in general, than no; I remember my childhood. I remember every single cruel word the love of my life said to me. I remember a very attractive woman talking to me. After that, nothing."

Past-Buffy frowned. "The love of your life?"

William smiled sadly. "Or so I believed. She heard a poem that I had written for her, and she told me that I was beneath her." William's jaw clenched. "It was a crushing moment. I feared that my heart wouldn't live through it."

Past-Buffy studied his face. "Did it?"

"I know now that it did." William gazed at Past-Buffy tenderly.

A scream broke the calm air. In an instant both William and Past-Buffy had raced to the front of the house.

Angelus stood fifteen feet in front of the house. He held Dawn against his chest.

William stopped dead at the sight of Angelus. An unexplainable fear struck him. "Who is he?" he asked Past-Buffy.

"Angelus, let my sister go. Don't you know what happens to assholes that threaten my family?" Past-Buffy said.

Angelus glanced sidelong at Past-Buffy and William. "Now, now, I haven't made my demands yet. I won't be leaving until we've reached an understanding. And I certainly won't be leaving empty handed."

Spike took a step forward and snarled. "Let her go or I'll rip your worthless head from your shoulders."

Angelus clucked his tongue. "That's no way to start negotiations."

William moved forward. "Yes, we're quite sorry. What is it you want?"

Angelus chuckled softly. "You could learn a thing or two from this one, Spike. He's much brighter than you."

William took another step. "We want to make this as smooth as possible. Whatever you need will be given to you. I will make sure of it."

Angelus kept one hand around Dawn, and pointed at William with the other. "I want you, or the other one. You can decide which it is. But I'd prefer the one from this time though."

Spike stood straight. "Take me."Buffy grabbed his arm. "No, Spike, I can't lose you again." Tears threatened her eyes as she pleaded with Spike.

"And you can lose your sister? No. There's no way we can make the other me go, not when he doesn't remember what you Summers women mean to us. I'm not losing the Bit."

William moved closer. "I relinquish myself into your hands on the grounds that the girl will be released unharmed."

Angelus smiled widely. "Deal."

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