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Only One Way Out

William's head swam, his eyes burned with unshed tears and the pain throughout his body made him want to throw-up.

Angelus looked down at William, who was naked with his hands and feet strapped to the four corners of a table. "I must say, you don't break easily."

William bit his lip as Angelus touched a red hot knife to his rib cage. "B-bugger off."

Angelus laughed. "Quite a mouth on you, as well." He put his hand to his chin and pretended to think. "Maybe I should shut you up for a while." He leaned down and whispered into William's ear. "What do you think?"

William huffed and gritted his teeth as Angelus stuck the metal into the flesh under his ribs. "Bugger … off, berk."

Angelus shrugged. "I guess that means yes." He put the knife over the fire. "You know, Willy, after I'm done here we'll travel the world. We'll pick up my little boy, find Dru, maybe turn Cordy."

William hissed breath through his teeth. "You're insane."

Angelus sat on the edge of the table and stared down at William. "Do you really think that it's best to mouth off to me? I swear it must be your demon that gives you this attitude."

William laid his head back and focused on Angelus to help ignore the searing pain he felt. "They come with personalities, huh?"

"Of course they do. They're demons after all. Many of them were once human, many more were once angels."

William swallowed the blood that seeped from where he had bit through his tongue. "Hmm, angels and humans you say? Does that mean vampires have a whole new person in them?"

Angelus shrugged. "Usually. Dru always told me that you still had pieces of your human in you. Looks like you have a split personality. Lover and murderer all wrapped into one cocky vampire."

William's eyes flicked to the knife, then back to Angelus. "What about you, do you have anything of your old self left?" William prayed silently that Angelus would continue talking, maybe even forget about the knife all together.

"Maybe, I did like a good wench. I was all about pleasure as a human, s'pose I still am. That reminds me." Angelus turned to the fire and took the knife out. "Any last words? You won't be talking for a while after this."

"I- I think I love Buffy." William didn't know why he told Angelus that, he didn't know why he would say that he loved someone that he didn't know. But relief flooded his system when he saw Angelus put the knife back.

"What was that?" Angelus put his hand to his ear.

"I think I love Buffy?" The relief he felt a moment ago vanished as Angelus smiled widely.

"Are you suggesting that we make this a party? I could go get Buffy now, if you want."

William shook his head and nausea made his eyesight swim. "No, no. I'm sorry, don't."

Angelus rested his elbows on William's chest and clucked his tongue. "You know, I think it would be fun to have Buffy with us on our travels. I could do her up the same way I did Dru." He ruffled William's hair. "Thanks for the idea. Don't we make a great team?"

"Keep your bloody hands off her." William felt the bones in his face shift as his demon appeared; a feeling he had gotten used to after an hour of Angelus' torture and taunting.

Angelus snapped his thumb and middle finger together. "You know what, I almost forgot." He scooped the knife up and wrenched William's mouth open. "Down the hatch." He pushed the metal into William's mouth and forced his lips shut against the metal.

William struggled against his binds as he writhed. Lights shot off in his head, sirens sounded and dogs barked. The scorching hot metal blistered and burned everything it touched.

Angelus pulled it out of Williams mouth, the flesh that had been burned to the knife tore and blood dribbled out of the corners of his mouth.

Angelus dipped his finger down and glided his index finger through the blood. "Now, that should keep you quiet while I'm out." He drew his finger across his tongue. "Mmm, your blood always tasted different, did you know that? Sweet, like chocolate. "

William held back sobs as his body settled back on the table. He glared up at Angelus as his world blurred and blinked in and out.

Angelus patted William's shoulder. "Soon, we'll be a family again. You and Dru, me, Buffy, Conner and Cordy, we'll be the scourge of Europe again." He spun on his heel and left the mansion. "Soon, my boy. Soon."


D'Hoffryn rubbed his temples and sighed. "Simon, tell me, why do I put up with your mistakes?"

Simon rolled his forked tongue around his mouth and casted his eyes to the ground. "I'm sorry, Master, but she looked like the correct witch. My eyes were blurred from the fight."

D'Hoffryn nodded. "Yes, you told me. You fought a vampire, and lost. My top assassin fought a lowly vampire, one that I am told doesn't even feed from humans, and you were beaten."

Simon clenched his jaw. "I beat he slayer, I was just blindsided by the Master vampire."

D'Hoffryn ignored the angry demon and looked at Past-Willow. "Sweetheart, I am so terribly sorry about this mix up. I'm sure we'll find a solution to all of our problems soon."

Past-Willow fake chuckled. "Ha-ha-ha, no harm no foul. Now if you'll just send me back I'll–"

D'Hoffryn tsked. "I'm quite sorry, but I can't send you back."

"But- but I thought you didn't want me. Why can't you send me back?" Fear crept up Past-Willow's spine as she gazed at D'Hoffryn.

"Well, one reason is that I would be terribly humiliated to have the demon populous find out that my favored assassin made such a big mistake."

"Oh, I understand. I get really embarrassed when I mess up a spell. You know what; I won't tell anyone that it was a mistake. I'll keep that under my hat, and you can let me go." Past-Willow smiled hopefully.

D'Hoffryn shook his head. "I truly am sorry, but I'm afraid that there is only one way you'll be leaving."

Past-Willow cringed in anticipation of bad news. 'How's that?"

"As a Vengeance Demon." D'Hoffryn turned to Simon. "Go, finish the job. Kill the slayer's sister."

Simon placed dark shades on, and covered his inhuman snake eyes. "Yes Master." His voice was tinted with irritation.

D'Hoffryn grabbed his arm. "And do not fail me again, or I will find another assassin, one that I will send for you."

Simon bit his tongue and held back a growl. He bowed his head. "As you wish, Master."

With a whoosh of white light Simon's disgruntled figure disappeared.

D'Hoffryn smiled at Past-Willow. "So, do you like to watch T.V.?"

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