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Guardian Angel

A bite of pain shot through Past-Buffy's unconscious state. It grounded her mind and shook her from her involuntary slumber. She mumbled incoherently and blinked. She took in her situation with blurred vision. She hung by her wrist from a wall in a small room with no windows. She stood on her toes to relieve her wrist from the agony of holding her weight.

"Ah, good, you're awake." Angelus said.

Past-Buffy's head swiveled to her right. Angelus stood by a table in his game-face. She squinted and looked at the table, and her eyes widened. William was stripped and secured to it. Ropes were tied around his wrists and ankles, and then tied around the legs of the table.

"I wondered when you'd grace us with your attention. Now we can begin." Angelus winked at her.

"Begin what, the boring bad guy monologue? No thanks just kill me and get it over with."

Angelus shook his head. "Sorry Buff, but I'm trying to bring my boy here back to the fold. As I see it, there are two things I need to do to have that happen."

"What, tie him up and give him a makeover? I tried not to tell you this the last time, but makeup isn't your thing. I'd go wash that off if I were you."

Buffy jumped in surprise when Angelus used his enhanced speed to appear at her side. He slid a knife across her cheek and blood burbled up in its wake.

William struggled against his restrains and roared in rage. "Keep your hands off her!"

Angelus glanced back at William. "As you wish." He leaned in and licked the blood off Buffy's cheek. He slowly swirled his tongue around the wound.

William pulled with all his might against the ropes. His face shifted and pulled harder. The legs splintered and broke and the table smashed to the ground. He pulled his hands free and tore the rope from his feet.

Angelus allowed William to slam into him. The hit brought both of them to the ground, and Angelus quickly rolled on top of William. He slid his fangs into his neck and drew deep droughts of blood.

Angelus pulled back. "From the blood of my blood you were made, from your blood you are made mine."

Angelus bit his wrist and pushed it against William's mouth and forcing the crimson liquid down his throat.

"From my blood you are bound to me."

Past-Buffy squealed in protest and fought against the chains the held her to the wall.

Angelus rose. "Stand, boy."

William climbed to his feet. He winced and grabbed his side where Angelus stabbed him earlier, the pain prominent in his weakened state.

"Move to Buffy."

William gritted his teeth and resisted. Against his will, William's feet advanced him to Buffy.

"Why are you doing this?" Past-Buffy asked Angelus.

Angelus patted William's shoulder. "Well, Buffy, I'm yearning for a family in my older age. Willy and I were inseparable back in the day, I miss that."

"So you torture him?"

"Why not? Did it back then as well. We're vampires, he's tortured me." Angelus pushed William forward. "Willy, I want you to rape the slayer, then turn her."

William sucked air into his lungs and fisted his hands. His nails bit into his flesh and blood dripped down his fingers. "I… won't…"

Angelus backhanded William. The force of the blow sent William to his knees. "Through the sire blood bind, I demand you do as you were told."

William raised himself to his feet and stood in front of Past-Buffy. "I'm… Buffy."

Past-Buffy fought against her chains with no avail. "Please, Spike. Don't do this."

William gripped Past-Buffy's arms. "I'm trying. Buffy, I'm not strong enough." Tears built in the corner of his eyes and his hands tightened on her arms.

"Shame, shame Daddy. William doesn't belong in the dark. He's got the spark, he has." Drusilla ran one index finger over the other. "The naughty boy."

Past-Spike turned his head, his game face melted away. "Drusilla." Memories filled his mind and made him sway on his feet.

Drusilla danced, undulated. She stopped in front of Past-Spike. "Mummy's missed you." She snaked an arm around Past-Spike's waist and pulled him flush to her body. "Did you miss your princess?"

Past-Spike dipped his head down and kissed Drusilla. He cupped her face with one hand and pressed his other around her neck until she went limp. He held her close so Angelus couldn't see she had faded out. "Yeah, Dru, I missed you."

Past-Buffy curled her lip in disgust. "I really hate vampires… and men… and vampire men." Angelus turned his attention to her and she immediately regretted reminding him that she was there.

Angelus snorted. "What? You thought that you're shining knight would save you?" He slid a finger down her neck and shoulder, he stopped above her cleavage. "I'm feeling a bit more patient now, Buff. I think I'd like to see you break before turning you."

Past-Spike let Drusilla drop to the ground and he turned to Angelus. "You won't touch her."

Angelus flicked his eyes up and down Past-Spike's body and appraised his condition. "Are you going to stop me, childe?"

Past-Spike smirked. "Yeah."

Angelus pointed at his feet. "Bow in front of me, boy," he spat the words like poison.


Angelus blinked at Past-Spike's easy potion. "I demand that you bow in front of me."

"Uh, I don't think so. I'm a Master, Peaches. I don't need to do anything you want."

Angelus swung his fist at Past-Spike. Past-Spike leaned back and the strike flew past him.

"Little slow, aren't you?" Past-Spike taunted.

Angelus threw another punch. Past-Spike ducked and came up with one of his own. Angelus stumbled back a step when the blow connected with his chin.

Angelus rubbed his jaw. "A little weak, eh? I wonder why. Oh, yes. It must be all that cutting and draining I did. Tell me, Willy, what do you plan on doing now?"

"I'll figure somethin' out."

"Or the cavalry could arrive." Angel stood at the entrance of the room and shrugged. He glanced at Lorne and Illyria. "Just sayin'."

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Simon navigated through the streets of Sunnydale. He had a mission to complete, and this time he was certain that everything would go as planned.

He shoved the door to Willy's bar open and stepped in. Demons of various classifications sat scattered, involved in debauchery of one sort or another.

Simon hailed their attention. "I am in need of strong arms. Payment will be handsome."

Half the bar moved near him. The two dozen demons ranged small and giant; thick and thin. The tallest threw his bulk into the crowd, pushing the others out of his path.

"What's the job?" the seven-foot, purple horned demon demanded.

"We're attacking the slayer's home." Simon answered.

Simon sneered as more than half the group dispersed.

The big demon rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh, I would help, but I'm busy." He backed away. "Um, good luck." He turned and disappeared into the back room.

Simon studied the eleven remaining demons. "Pathetic. Does the slayer scare you all this much?"

Clem, from the back of the bar, raised his hand. "She's killed every demon that has tried to fight her, she the most powerful slayer yet. I don't know why you're going after her, but I- uh, wouldn't." He smiled. "And if you can get Spike to vouch for you, she won't even try to kill you… unless you're doing evil of course."

Simon snarled, "Those who are man enough follow me. The rest of you quiver in your cowardice."

He strode out with seven demons in tow.

"Pathetic," he hissed.

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