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Past-Spike sat on the couch in the living room of the mansion. He had been there since Angelus left him and took Drusilla upstairs twenty minutes before.

"I'm a real prat," he said dejectedly. "Should just stake myself."

"Naughty, naughty. My dear boy shouldn't speak of such things," Drusilla scolded as she and Angelus entered the room.

"You're not thinkin' of offing yourself, are you, William?" Angelus asked. "We're a family after all; don't you think we should vote on that?"

Past-Spike scoffed. "I'm not that big a poof. Hell's gonna have to work for this vamp."

"Good." Angelus threw himself down on a big, patted chair. "Think we should talk plans. Got any good ones?"

Past-Spike motioned Drusilla over, pulling her onto his lap and draping an arm over her shoulders. "Nah, new Slayer's a right careful one. Got the house protected, shielded against the likes of us."

Drusilla purred and ran her hands up Past-Spike's throat, cupping his cheeks. "Not against my boy. In an' out, in an' out. Little girl likes you. She'd let you in."

He cocked his head. "Stars speakin' to you again, Dru?"

"Do you hear them? They sing of blood and death. It's so lovely Spike."

Drusilla pressed her lips to his. Her hands wandered over his chest, and she bit through his lower lip, sucking the blood.

Angelus watched Drusilla suck, bite, kiss and touch Past-Spike, he watched Past-Spike move stiffly under her. "We have company coming. Think you two can stop for a breather?"

Past-Spike pushed Drusilla back and wrapped her in his arms instead. "Don't breathe, mate. Who's comin'?"

"Angelus," Simon intoned as he appeared in the room. "You have a plan I assume?"

"Not yet, takes a bit of time to envision a master piece."

Past-Spike looked him over. "Didn't I kick your arse?"

Simon ignored him. "I need to destroy the Key. Remember our deal."

Angelus rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I'll kill the Slayer's damn sister."

Past-Spike jumped to his feet and Drusilla fell to the floor at his feet. "What bloody deal? I swear I'll rip the hands off of anyone who touches Dawn." He shifted into his vampire features and growled lowly.

"I'll allow you to deal with your childe. Remember, both Keys need to be killed." Simon disappeared with a flash of light.

Angelus snorted. "Like I'd honor a deal." He stared at Past-Spike. "I didn't care whether the little girl died or not, I just wanted what Simon's going to give me."

"If Dawn is hurt I'll-" Angelus cut him off.

"I didn't care, but now I think you feel a tad too much for the little girly." He climbed leisurely to his feet.

Past-Spike snarled. "Don't touch her."

"Oh, the girls will die, that's for certain, but the question now is how do you think I can break you of those feelings in the mean time?" Angelus curled his tongue behind his teeth. "I think I have a few ideas."


Everybody roamed through the Summers house hold, waiting anxiously for Past-Willow to return.

The TV played in the background in the living room, but nobody could concentrate on it.

"It's taking her a long time, isn't it?" Past-Dawn asked.

Anya drew the nail file back and blew on her nails. "No, she's new at teleporting, and who knows where she's going to find everything she needs. Vampires destroyed a lot of material that's needed after Angel was resouled." She started filing her other hand.

In the dining room Spike paced impatiently. "Is the shield holding up?"

Wesley shook his head. "I'm not very powerful, I'm afraid I can't keep it up much longer. As it is there are probably holes in it."

Angel watched Spike. "That's an ugly sweater."

"Who bloody asked you?"

"Spike, will you sit you ass down? You're making me dizzy."

"Bugger off."

Angel sighed and stood. "I'm going outside. I need fresh air."

"You don't breathe, Peaches."

"Shut up," he muttered and walked out front.

"You need to put your boy in his place."

Angel's eyes snapped up and he saw Past-Spike and Angelus standing by the tree in the yard.

"Got mine trained," Angelus sneered. "Guess you're not vamp enough with that soul."

Angel looked Past-Spike over. His lip was split and he had burses on his throat and cheeks. He stood wrong, as though it hurt him to stand.

"Aren't you afraid of the state taking him away? I'm pretty sure you can't beat your children."

Angelus chose to ignore him. "You let him challenge you, which all childes will do, but you let him win. What kind of Sire are you? Can't even control one insolent childe."

"I'm a Master, you prat." Past-Spike gritted.

Angelus turned right into Past-Spike's fist. He stumbled back. "What…?"

Past-Spike threw a kick for his head, but dropped it, smashing his boot into his knee. Angelus cried out and fell on to all fours. He rammed his foot into his ribs.

"I'm not your sodding boy."

Angelus growled at him and Past-Spike kicked him in the head.

"Actually thought you could beat me?" he screamed and kicked him again. "Thought you could break me?" His foot smacked into his head again. "I'm a Master vampire, killed two Slayers; you thought I would follow you?"

Angel stopped him before he could kick the unconscious Angelus again.

"It's okay, Spike. It's okay." Angel squeezed his shoulders. "You did good job, he's out."

Past-Spike breathed in a shuttering breath. "The things he…I told myself I'd never let him..." His jaw clenched. "It hurt so bad."

Angel patted his arm. "I know, I'm so sorry."

He nodded sharply. "It's fine." He lifted his eyebrow, composed once again. "Got any chains?"

"I think we can accommodate you."


Drusilla moaned and writhed in the moonlight. Angelus had left as soon as he was done disciplining Past-Spike, leaving his insane childe all alone.

"My Spike did a bad thing." She swayed and gripped her neck. "Hurt our Daddy he did. Oh the blood. He did a very bad thing. But Daddy will make him pay."

Her arms splayed out and she danced wildly to the music in her head. "Look at all the beautiful blood. Soon, it will flow like wine." She giggled madly and twirled.

A wicked smile upturned her lips. "And Daddy will let me help punish 'em all."


D'Hoffryn growled and slammed his fists on his desk. "Damn!"

There was a knock on his door. "Sir?"

D'Hoffryn sneered disgustedly at the vile contraption he had been trying to fix and answered, "Come in, James."

The young Vengeance Demon scuttled in, keeping his eyes down. "Sir."

"Yes, James, what is it?"

"The report on how Simon was doing?"

D'Hoffryn folded his hands and stared calmly at James. "Are you asking me, or telling me?"

"Uh, telling." James winced. "Sir."


"He… uh. He failed with the frontal attack, but managed to cut a deal with a vampire named Angelus because of the exploit."

"That should help him. Angelus is old, and powerful. Very evil as well… Perhaps we should send a Vengeance Demon or two down there after all is said and done."

James rubbed his hands nervously. "Angelus was blindsided by his grand childe and captured by the Slayers and their team. They intend to ensoul him, I believe Rosenberg is helping them."

D'Hoffryn shrugged. "I suppose I'll have to see to that." He glared at the infuriating hunk of junk sitting on his desk. "James, what do you know about computers?"

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