In Another Universe


He should have never been there in the first place, but he was.

Scifi / Action
Alex Thurman
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Chapter 1

He should have never been there in the first place, but he was.

His eyes snapped open as a gust of wind hit his chest, causing his lungs to restart his breathing. But instead of clear vision, he was met with blurred the colors, making it hopeless to see. His feet staggered against the metal ground, causing his body to sway back. For fear that he might fall he leaned forward, only to find he went too far. The dominant foot was too late to catch his weight; falling forward, he pushed his arms out in front of him, hoping to break his impact. Not a moment later, he found himself in a set of strong but comforting arms. As his eyes started to regain focus, he looked up. Mouth open wide, he studied the face of his savior.

The creature had a medium complexion, dark hair, fairly thick eyebrows, and blue-grey eyes that look purple in the light. Their hair had unevenly-trimmed bangs that swept to the left of their face in three large clusters. The longest tip of the center cluster reached just under their eyes; the bangs on the sides framed their face, getting slightly longer as it curled at their cheekbones. The rest of the hair reached the base of their neck and wildly flared out in curves. He moved his gaze to the side. Astounded, He pushed back sending himself to the floor. Their ears were round: not at all like his pointed ones.

Wide-eyed, he continued to gawk at the creature that towered over him. “W- Who are you? Where are Allura and my father?” He shivered, unconcerned about the fear in his voice.

“Who?” A profound voice came from the side. Alarmed, he frantically shifted his glance to another creature standing behind the first. He started to shake.

A whooshing sound from behind broke his panicked trance. Whipping his head around, he watched as two more cryopod units rose from the floor. He scrambled to his feet, his heart racing. As the first door opened, it revealed a young lady with hair as white as snow. Despite standing perfectly still, her body collapsed; before hitting the ground, however, he seized her torso, pulling her back to her feet.

“Allura!” he cried. A grin spread across his face as he clutched her frame. “You’re okay.” He let out a relieved sigh.

“Lance,” she croaked shakily, “what happened?” After she steadied herself, she took a glance around their surroundings. She noticed the four creatures standing around the main control panel, who were looking questioningly up at the two. She focused her full attention at the four. “Who are you? What are you doing in my castle? Where’s King Alfor?”

The young man with white bangs ventured forward. “We found a giant yellow lion. It brought us here. Can you tell us who you are? We might be able to help.”

Her eyes widen. “How do you have the yellow lion? Where are the other Paladins? long has it been?” Without waiting for an answer, she strolled past the four, heading towards the control board.

The panel started up without complication, providing a blue screen. Allura concentrated on the screen, refusing to turn away even as the third pod finally opened, revealing another man.

“Intruders!” The orange-haired man proclaimed. “Princess, watch out! They’re surrounding you!” The beings scampered away, as he rushed to Allura.

“Coran, it’s fine.” Lance stepped next to the older man. “On the off chance that they would hurt us, they would have attacked us at this point.” He turned to confront the four individuals. “You’re not going to attack, right?”

“Oh no,” The oldest shook his head. “We’re not. I’m Shiro, the enormous guy over there is Hunk, and the one with the mullet is...”


“My name is Pidge,” The most youthful looking alien said, without breaking his gaze at Allura. “What type of alien are you? Like, can you see into minds, or can you change...”

Shiro wrapped his arm around Pidge, placing his hand firmly on the other’s mouth. He offered an apology before moving on.

“No worries. He’s quite cute anyways.” Lance winked, giving one of his signature smirks. A light red blush formed on Pidge’s face. The others awkwardly shifted their positions. “The name’s Lance.”

“Um, thanks. I guess.” Pidge mumbled. Lance smirked once more.

“Is he typically like this?” Shiro questioned.

“No, he can be much worse.” Coran hummed, stroking his jaw. “I’m astounded it took him this long. The sleep chambers might of had an effect on him. Anyways, my name is Coran. Rhymes with man, if I do say so myself.”

A low muffled gasp came from Allura. Worried, Lance shifted his attention to his sister.

“Allura? What is wrong?” Lance hurried to her. “Are you hurt? Or do you feel sick? Do you need to lay down? I’ll set up a—”

“Lance, I’m perfectly fine,” Allura grumbled under her breath. She gave a sideward glare. “But I can’t say the same for Altea. Lance, we’ve been asleep for ten thousand years. Father is gone; our home is gone. We’re the last Alteans alive.”

“Everybody is dead?” Lance held his hand against his chest. “That implies... that means...” He managed to keep down a stifling cry.

“Lance?” The one named Hunk ventured near, and his hand hovered over the Altean’s back.

“This can’t be true! Allura, please tell me this some sick joke! Please!” Lance shouted as he felt his heart shatter. “It can’t be true.”

“Lance, you need to calm down.” Allura wrapped her right arm around her sibling’s shoulder. “Take a deep breath.”

“But....but she’s dead!” Lance cried. His breathing slowly became uneven. “She’s dead, and I couldn’t save her. It’s all my fault.”

As tears gushed down Lance’s face, Allura maneuvered him into a more profound embrace. She stroked his hair, pushing the white strands back. He tightly hugged back, burying his face into her chest. The others observed silently, concern appearing on their faces.

“You couldn’t have stopped Zarkon.” She delicately said.

“Zarkon?” Shiro murmured.

Allura whipped her gaze to Shiro. “You knew him? ”

“I was his prisoner.” He replied, his voice sounded forced.

“He’s still alive!” Allura’s eyes widened, causing her grip on Lance to tighten. “How is that possible?”

Shiro shook his head. “I don’t know. But he is searching for a superweapon called Voltron.”

Allura sighed, and a stiff frown formed on her face. “He’s searching for it because he knows its the only thing that can defeat him, and that is exactly why we must find it before he does.”


“Princess, you need to eat. It has been ten thousand years.” Coran remained by Allura as she concentrated on the screen.

“Allura,” Lance chimed in. “You should eat something.”

The oldest Altean turned to look at Lance. “Don’t give me that. You have to eat as well.”

“Be that as it may, I’m not hungry. I feel fantastic.” Lance stretched his arms above his head to prove his point. “Besides, I have been asleep for ten thousand years. That’s like, a thousand plus ten.”

“It’s a thousand times ten, doofus.” Keith crossed his arms over his chest, his head turned the other way.

“You’re a doofus!” Lance responded, sticking his tongue out.

“Like you know what doofus means.” The black hair alien shook his head.

Lance was irritated. This Keith had been nothing but trouble— making keen ass comments, calling him a doofus. It was true; he didn’t know what a doofus was, but he knew it wasn’t a compliment. Taking a deep breath, he turned to the teen.

“What is your problem?” Lance demanded, sending a solid glare. In return, Keith scoffed before walking closer to the group.

Soon after, Lance stepped closer as well. Hunk and Pidge’s conversation was muffled as Shiro began talking. He mentioned the technology of Altea while looking around one of the many rooms in the castle. He turned to Coran, but Lance had tuned out the alien’s words. The Altean focused on his sister. Her frown hardened. Without a second thought, Lance rushed forward, engulfing the princess in a tight hug.

“It must have been an amazing place.” Shiro said.

“Yes, it was. But now it is gone,” Coran gently said, his voice cracking at the end. “We are the last.”

The three stood together, silently looking down at the floor. Thoughts of their families and memories running through their heads.

The others watched, unsure of what to do.

An alarm started to blare, causing everyone to jump. The blue screen emitting from the panel turned red as a video popped up, revealing a large purple ship.

Coran turned to the feed, shocked. “It’s a Galra battleship. Its tracker has set a course to Arus.”

“How did they find us?” Allura breathed quickly, her voice brimming with stress. Pushing herself from Lance’s hold, she rushed to the panel.

“I don’t know,” Lance responded. “but we need to get the lions before they arrive.”

“He’s right. We don’t have much time; once they get here it will be too late.” Shiro stepped up to the two royals. The others nodded in agreement.

“How are we going to find the other lions?” Hunk spoke up after swallowing a hand full of food goo.

Allura took a deep breath before moving towards the exit of the med-bay. “Follow me.”

Coran and Lance followed without hesitation. The others, however, traded inquisitive looks before advancing. They lagged behind, unsure where they headed. As quiet as the journey was, they quickly ended up in a much larger room than before. It was quite obvious, with the many control boards surrounding the center platform, that it was the main control room. As the alien beings gawked at the surrounding, Allura staggered to the platform, her arms visible trembling. It was her first time after all. The others soon realized the tension, turning to watch Allura rest her hands on the two stands next to her.

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