Witches Fire (A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction)


"You cannot keep running forever Arthur,” Rodrick told him softly. “She will one day want to know the truth.” Forty years had passed since the Battle at Hogwarts, the tale of how the students fought and won against Lord Voldemort with the final confrontation. With peace returning to the school many students are looking forward to going back to learning magic. That is except for one. Abigale Adeline, an eleven year old witch is wary of going to this grand school. With all the stories that had been told and written she would much rather stay at home with her father and best friend Mordecai, but on constantly being told that it’s the best and safest place for her (even though the history books say otherwise) she reluctantly goes. Yet during her first year things slowly take a turn in which young Abigale had worried about, now Abigale, Mordecai and there new found friends must stop a mysterious person from trying to harm the students of Hogwarts all the while Abigale slowly begins to discover things about her family that she had never known.

Fantasy / Adventure
Tarynne Bourret
Age Rating:

~ Chapter One ~ The Scholar and The Wizard

Arthur Adeline strolled down the busy street of London passing many people by with a newspaper tucked snuggly underneath his arm as he briskly made his way past many of those who rushed to their normal unassuming boring jobs, whatever those jobs happened to be.

But Arthur’s job was less than normal or ordinary. And it wasn’t boring ether; well at least he didn’t see it as boring. He worked in learning about old artifacts, weaponry, old parchments, and the possible meaning behind the old scrawled words in a long since vanished tongue that was now being rediscovered, to some, they would find it boring reading things from the past or going over old objects that may soon turn to dust. But he loved it, and the job, finding things about the past was important, but even Arthur knew that there were somethings that should be left in the past and forgotten, sadly though with human curiosity those things one would wish to stay hidden would one day reappear and could may even cause trouble to the unsuspecting person who happened to discover the truth.

His grey eyes glanced to the people around him; many were of varying heights and size, age and ethnicity, with an assortment of different kind of clothes. If any were to look at him the last thing that a person would assume what his work might be with how he dressed in dark grey trousers and a matching vest done up and white dress shirt and tie. The weather was far too hot to even wear his suit’s jacket, but even still he was dressed as unassuming as the rest of the people walking or running about.

With his short dark brown hair brushed back and a thin pair of spectacles resting on the bridge of his straight angler nose. He was rather tall and fit for his age, yet it never perturbed him from his work and the life he now lived and what he would do to keep that as safe as he possibly could with help from those he was close too.

He made a turn down a small alleyway passing a number of regular folks and then coming to a stop at a small darkened pub known only as The Black Cat. Reputable people would see this as a place for food and drink, a spot that not many would go too with it being so out of the way and hidden.

And in truth there was reason for that, but one that not many were probably aware of, at least not anymore. Arthur glanced within the slightly fogged window to see a number of patrons inside talking to each other before he too went in. The place was lit well with the orange glow of old lamp lights making the place seem far older then it truly was. He noted to himself that there was a number of people talking and laughing amongst themselves but as he made his way further in a man leaving bumped and knocked Arthur’s glasses from his face causing on of the lenses to crack like a spider’s web.

He let out a tired sigh as he picked them up and looked at the broken lens. That was the fifth pair this month that had broken. In truth he didn’t need them to see, he could see perfectly fine without them but he had always felt out of sorts if he didn’t have them on.

Folding them up he placed his now broken glasses into his trousers pocket and looked around the establishment for the one person he came here to see. It didn’t take him long to find the man Arthur searched for.

In the far back of this small establishment a man sat in a large worn armchair by a dimly lit fire while writing in a leather bound book, it wouldn’t have been an odd sight to see if not for the fact that this man was using a quill rather than an actual pen. What’s more the man seemed to be dressed in an odd fashion, with black and deep reds, velvets and silks as he hummed an odd tune underneath his breath.

Owls take flight and see,

High above the sky like an ocean of cloud,

Witches and wizards soring past,

Dragons and unicorns steadfast,

Within the world we breathe,

Know that magic is always the key,

For we will always be free

A life of harmony for you and me

We can fly and sore

More than ever before

With magic and words

We will always be better than birds

Arthur knew that the man was only making things up; his songs were as unorthodoxed as how the man would sometimes dress. Though in many cases he could not blame the man for how he lived as was raised.

Clearing his throat Arthur spoke. “Good to see that you still can not sing Rodrick.”

The man looked up; with curly dark red-brown hair that stopped at his nape and dark brown eyes he smiled through his evenly kept short beard before he stood up with a booming laugh. “Arthur my brother, so good to see you.” he said as he embraced Arthur in a tight hug before resting his hands on Arthur’s shoulders. “As fit as ever I see,”

“And as loud as ever with you,” Arthur replied as Rodrick motioned him to sit next to him which Arthur did. “I brought the paper you asked.” He said as he handed it to Rodrick.

“Ah thank you, it’s always a fascinating thing to read, and the puzzles that these Muggles come up with are always enjoyable.”

“Don’t speak too loudly about the ‘M’ word; some people I happen to find are still blissfully unaware.” Arthur spoke in a hushed voice of warning.

Muggles was a term to describe those who were not able to use magic at all, Rodrick was one of those people who could use magic with ease and if the people here were not Muggles, then he would be using magic to write in that book while drinking coffee or tea. It was something he would often do when in a place where Witches and Wizards, those who could use magic, would reside or when Rodrick was alone in his own home or in Arthur’s.

“Yes you’re right,” the man said as he cleared his throat and lowered his voice to a softly tone. “Sorry Arthur, it’s been a busy few months I tend to forget that some of them do not know.”

Arthur merely shook his head at this. “It’s fine, no harm done. But I just don’t understand why you are so interested in this kind of paper. The news has been nothing but gruesome story after gruesome story; I’ve reached the point where I can no longer stand to look at it.”

“But it’s for the games Arthur, for the games.” Rodrick explained with a smile showing through his beard. “You can’t get this kind of enjoyment in ours, besides it always moves around. Frustrating thing that is…”

“I suppose it would be.” Arthur said as his gaze began to drift only to stop when seeing a young couple talking and laughing together he glanced away as his right hand went up to rub the ring on his left ring finger.

“Still uncomfortable with being in crowds I see,” Rodrick said drawing his attention, but the man wasn’t even looking at him, he now seemed preoccupied with a word-cross. “You can’t let it get to you forever.”

Arthur scoffed at the wizard. “You know well enough why such things get to me,” he told him. “Besides, you’ve never married you could not understand.”

Rodrick paused as if contemplating on what Arthur said before merely shrugging in response and going back to the word-cross. After a moment or two did Rodrick put down the newspaper and looked Arthur dead in the eye.

“You cannot keep running forever Arthur,” Rodrick told him softly. “She will one day want to know the truth.”

“The truth?” Arthur repeated to the man. “She is still only a child, and in the world you live in there are a lot more dangers then I’d care to admit. After all that has happened to that school, she’s heard the stories and read articles in papers that you bring to my home. I do not think she’d be willing to go.”

“She will have to Arthur; you cannot protect her alone forever. Even with that boy as close as he is to her. They have the potential to do great things, you cannot let it go to waste, she may be your daughter but she is different and you know this to be true. Things have changed Arthur; it’s not like what it was forty years ago…”

“You know that is not what worries me,” he told Rodrick plainly before eyeing him with a leveled gaze. “It doesn’t have anything to do with magic or what she can do now but what concerns me the most is that I can’t bloody visit, to make sure that she will be alright.”

“You worry too much,”

He glared at the man. “And with good reason, she’s my only daughter, my only child. As a father I have to protect her, even within the world you lot live in.”

“Arthur, you need to put more faith in her. She is your daughter but she is also like Anna as well, she has a strong will even at that age.”

Arthur smiled slightly. “I know, she’s grown so much already and with her birthday already come and gone I still can’t help but worry in what the future may have in store for her.”

“Any decent father would worry.” Rodrick admitted. “But you also know that even with what has happened to that school in the past it will be good for her, and keep her safe from things that are in the dark corners of the world.”

Arthur gave him a knowing stare that was an answer all of its own.

“Ah, that reminds me,” he said diverting the topic quickly. “You wanted that documentation right?” Rodrick then bent over the arm chair and dug in a small bag and pulled out several documents carefully warped and tied with a string, it was such an amount that any normal person would question how Rodrick was able to carry it all.

But with magic there was no question.

At least not with this.

When Arthur accepted it Rodrick frowned at him.

“Arthur, where did your glasses go?”

“They broke when I came in here; it’s happened a lot recently.”

Rodrick held out his hand to Arthur and with reluctance he handed the now broken pair to the wizard, he glanced around as if making sure no one was watching before he took out his wand and whispered. “Oculus-repairo.” And just like that Arthur saw the glass mend itself, fading away like it was never there to begin with before Rodrick handed it back to him. “There you are, good as new. Your daughter should learn that spell, it should come in handy.”

“As of now she’s mainly into learning about the different creatures of the world, she and Mordecai have been looking them over, he even tests her on it. Can you believe that?”

“He’s a smart lad and a good influence too. But be wary when they get older.”

Arthur gave the man a droll stare before shaking his head.

Though Rodrick didn’t seem bothered by it one bit. “That reminds me, when the letter arrives, let me know and I’ll be sure her medication will be ready. I can send Professor Horace a message as well to keep him informed.”

He frowned slightly. “Would Oswald be able to respond though? I know he’s been busy since he became Headmaster of the school a few years ago. ”

“He’s still our friend Arthur, he knows of the situation with your daughter, she will be fine.” Rodrick then stood up and gathered his things. “It’s good to see you Arthur, I am sorry for not keeping in touch like I should. But say hello to my niece for me when you return home.”

“I’ll be sure too.” Arthur told him as Rodrick patted him on the shoulder.

“That reminds me, before I forget.” he then pulled out a glass jar and handed it to him. “You told me that you were getting close on empty; I think this will help for a while.”

Arthur looked at the jar that contained a white based rubbing cream, something of which Arthur had been using for the past seven years now. “I’m sorry to be such a bother with this.” he told the man. “How much do I owe you?”

“Nothing at all, as I keep telling you time and time again, we are brothers, even if it is not connected by blood.” he then put on a hat that looked like that of a privateers, with a deep crimson feather sticking out. “I’ll see you again at another time.”

Arthur watched as the man then left the establishment, followed with a number of curious stares from several on lookers, a few even took photos with their phones. Not that it would matter, Rodrick always used a cloaking spell to cause issues like cameras or phones to malfunction when someone tried to take his picture without his permission. It was a handy thing magic, but even magic had its bad instances.

Taking the objects in hand Arthur left The Black Cat and headed quickly to his car, once inside Arthur let out a tired breath before glancing to the papers that were folded neatly and tied with string to keep them in place. It made him wonder just how long he’d keep doing this kind of work for both Muggles and Wizards alike.

Needless to say, magic could be useful but also immensely tiring as well. But for Arthur Adeline, it was something he’d worry about in his own way, because magic could be used for anything, good or bad. And it was always the bad that worried him the most and those who did horrible things along with it.

But now was a long time for piece, and in truth he hoped it stayed like that forever.

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