You Belong With Me


Bella and Paul have lived next to each other since they were children. What happens when Paul gets closer to Bella then either of them planned. Told in both PxB POV chapters do overlap

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hey guys this one just popped in my head whilst listening to Taylor Swifts 'You Belong To Me' I remembered the video to it love this song and just thought it would be good for Bella and Paul so love this pairing.

Gonna try and write it differently than I usually do so please tell me if it sucks also in this one Harry died years later when Leah and Bella was little and Seth a baby and now Charlie and Sue are married.

BRRRRRR went my annoying alarm clock I groaned as I reached over and shut it off more like slammed it off I hated Mondays.

I forced myself up and dragged myself to the bathroom for a quick wash and to brush my teeth once done with that daily routine I walked back into my bedroom and quickly got dressed.

Once I was dressed I opened my curtains and smiled as at the very same time Paul my next door neighbour opened his. We lived next door to each other since we were little both our windows faced each other so we had to be careful when we changed.

I smiled as I saw him pick something up I giggled when I noticed it was the white board we both got so we could pass messages.

'Morning' his read I smiled and rushed to get mine writing the same back he smiled before putting his down and waving good bye. I followed his example and rushed downstairs Charlie was already gone and Sue was making breakfast.

"Morning Bella" she greeted I smiled and took an apple from the fruit basket I looked around for Leah and Seth but I couldn't see them anywhere. Sue noticed my glances "they had to attend a council meeting" she explained I nodded.

I knew not to say anything about the council meetings and the lack of my attendance I figured it was simply because I wasn't a Quiluete even though I lived on the reservation all my life almost.

"Well I guess I better go" is said waving bye to Sue as I walked out the door I saw Paul leaving with some of the guys he hung around with there was Embry, Jared and Jake I smiled at their behaviour they seemed more like brothers than friends.

"Hey Bella" came a chorus of voices Paul and his group weren't the popular jocks you would think but they were pretty high up in the social ladder at school. Their group consisted of Paul, Sam, Jared, Embry, Jake, Quil, Leah, Seth and Emily who was Sam's girlfriend and Kim who was Jared's.

A lot of people whisper about them they think they are all on steroids because right now all the guys are huge six feet at least and they were well built, broad shoulders, six packs to name just a few things and they didn't use to be.

Each one at different times took several weeks of with a case of mono and then came back looking like gods even little Seth. Their group are very selective no one outside their group can sit with them but they are friendly enough at least to me.

Everyone tends to steer clear of me klutzy nerdy Bella I swear I have like no real friends sad I know but I'm a shy person I stand a little over five feet with long mahogany hair, brown eyes and pale skin. I'm not big in my build but I aint skinny either, I have curves that I am proud of and I constantly ignore the skinny popular bitches that constantly say I am fat.

So you can imagine how I hate to stand out and as the only pale face going to the Rez School no one really wanted to be near me since the popular bitches decided to single me out for some reason. I remember when I first started on the very first day of high school they came up taking the micky out of my looks good job I had some self esteem and a backbone.

In my musing I had made my way to school I had done this run so many times now I knew it blindfolded. I pulled up and made my way into school with a start I headed towards my locker collected my things and went straight to my home room.

I went to my usual seat at the back and started reading a book waiting for the teacher to come in Paul and Embry were in my home room as well all the girls looked up and sighed as they came in and walked past them.

They sat at the back as well I usually sat in the middle chair of the three I offered to move so they could sit next to each other and they just shook their heads and sat either side of me.

I wouldn't call them my friends I knew better than that but they were friendly towards me they weren't as mean as some of the other boys in school.

The boys would tease me call me fat and other names so you can imagine that I have never had a boyfriend or been kissed but when I thought about it I would just shrug my shoulders didn't let it bother me.

Embry playfully bumped into me as he sat down as did Paul causing me to chuckle at the pair but before I could retort back Mr Abram's came in and everyone took their seats and quietened down.

My classes had at least one of Sam and Paul's group in them and they always seemed to sit next to me and if we had to pair up one of them would pair with me if there was a spare.

My morning flew by and before I knew it, it was lunch time I put my books away in my locker and made my way to the cafeteria. I sat at my usual table at the back near the exit not many people would sit here the cold breeze coming from the open doors would drive people away not me I liked it.

I started reading my favourite book Wuthering Heights even though I had read this book a hundred times I couldn't help reading it again and again.

"Paul!" came a shrill voice that had me looking up I immediately regretted the decision as I noticed Kira the most popular girl in school head cheerleader and Paul's latest girl. Though she has lasted a lot longer than some of his girls I shook my head and smiled as I looked away and continued to read my book.

I was able to drown out the noisy cafeteria which was probably why Seth managed to make me jump I looked up at him and glared as he burst into a fit of laughter so loud many people started staring wondering what the gag was including Kira and Paul.

Paul smiled at me knowing Seth must have done something to me but Kira smirked evilly and sauntered over with her sheep following close behind her.

"Seth what's so funny" she asked in an annoyingly sweet voice which grated on my nerves Seth sobered up quickly and looked at me sympathetically. I knew he hadn't meant to cause a scene so I just smiled back at him.

"Nothing Kira" he said as he took a seat next to me she wasn't satisfied with that so she sat down as well.

"Really Seth you were laughing like a hyena I know Bella's ugly face and fatness is funny no matter what but you must of seen something else even more funny than that" a lesser girl would of started tearing up at her words but luckily I learned to ignore her years ago.

Before I could defend myself Seth said "I think Bella is beautiful not ugly and don't speak that way about my sister" he demanded as he stood up and glared at her. I smiled at him silently thanking him Kira didn't look pleased she didn't like it when people didn't play her game she huffed and stormed back to Paul who was trying to hold back his laughter.

Sometimes he drove me mad he was nice to me in school and even talked to me outside of school why couldn't he stop his girlfriend from trying to hurt me. I thought about it for a second then I blush I knew the reason if he did that she would get pissed at him not screw him anymore.

I shook my head of my thoughts and looked back at Seth he seemed to be vibrating with anger most people would be a little scared of the look in his eyes directed at Kira but I was used to it and he was defending me.

I placed a hand on his arm to calm him it took awhile but eventually he was calm enough to give me one of his sloppy grins.

"Thanks Seth" I said he nods and smiles at me "sorry for scaring you but in my defence I did call your name three times" I blushed and dipped my head down causing him to chuckle I hadn't realised I had zoned into my book that much.

"Anyway I came over to ask if me and Leah can get a ride home with you after school" I nodded and he kissed my cheek muttering a thanks sis I think and walked back to his group.

I stared at the group and felt a little jealous of Seth and Leah the group looked like a close family I mean yeah I had a family but not a close friend like that shaking my head at myself I got up and headed to my next class.

Finally school was finished and I was now stood leaning against my truck 'Bessie' I loved the thing it was old styled and vintage most kids my age want fancy cars me I was happy with Bessie sure she was loud and broke down a lot but I wouldn't change her for anything.

I was waiting for Leah and Seth to come out I really wanted to get home I could see Kira and her friends and so couldn't be bothered with her. I sighed in relief when I saw Sam and the others emerge I knew Leah and Seth would be with them.

The group had a private talk causing the pang of I wasn't sure what it was called wasn't jealousy and wasn't loneliness either maybe a bit of bother I longed to know what it felt like to be apart of a group like theirs you know like everyone had a part were everyone belonged.

I shook my thoughts out my head as I watched Seth bounced his way to me with Leah quickly following. "Thanks sis" greeted Leah as she climbed into the cab whilst Seth climbed into the back.

"Annoying council meeting this morning I wanted to come in my car" complained Leah I shook my head at Leah I never understood why she hung around with Sam especially after what he did.

A year ago Sam and Leah were together really tight and close then he disappears for a while with mono when he comes back he basically ignores her I did my best to comfort her but I wasn't helping so Emily came and I dunno what happened within two weeks of her coming she was seeing Sam.

Leah was furious refused to talk to either but then Leah got the same sickness came back ignored her friends and joined Sam and his group after declaring her hate for them hundreds of times.

"Anything bad" I enquire I know she won't tell me but its just a response I give I know to stay out of council stuff around the time after Leah got better I started asking Charlie and Sue about why Leah suddenly had to go and stuff.

He chewed me a knew one when I kept pestering about it the first time I had truly seen him angry he had been the one to say it was because I wasn't a Quiluete I felt hurt by that and he immediately softened and tried to apologise but I just ran away.

Leah shrugged "same old same old nothing we couldn't handle" she said cryptically I knew she wouldn't say anything else so I left it at that.

Once we got home I quickly finished my homework and decided to go for a walk in the woods surrounding our home I never went far but there was a little clearing I went to not to far that I loved.

I stumbled and tripped my way there but once I got there I instantly felt at peace at home here more than anyway I loved being surrounded by the trees. I sat somewhat in the middle and started reading my book again which is probably why I jumped when I heard a twig snap.

I shot my head up and gasped in relief "Paul you scared the hell out of me" he chuckled as he came to sit next to me.

"I was waiting for you at the window but then I heard the back door go and saw you walk out figured you would be here" he explained as he took the book from my hands and fanned through it.

"Head always in a book Bella" he chuckled as I took my book back I stuck my tongue out at him causing him to laugh at me.

"What did you want anyway" I asked with a smile he looked serious for a second before his 100 watt smile came out making my smile widen.

"I just wanted to see if you were alright after what happened at dinner I was about to come over there but Seth beat me to it" he asked. I smiled then frowned "wait a minute how did you know what was being said you were at the other end of a noisy cafeteria.

He looked panicked for a second "well I didn't I meant I knew she was saying something bad and I saw Seth stand up an glare so I knew he was defending you plus he told me later on as well" he explained in a rush.

I nodded satisfied with his answer "well to answer your earlier question yeah I am fine nothing she says to me matters so I don't listen" I explained causing him to chuckle.

"Well ok then I better get back dinner was almost ready when I left and you know how I am with food" I chuckle as he sped off he was a wolf when it came to food I honestly didn't know where it all went.

I returned as well just in time to help make dinner with Sue it was one of our bonding things Leah and me both helped out at the diner but Sue was always here, there and everywhere this was our time we glided together in the kitchen Charlie often said he liked to watch us whilst we cooked.

Finally it was getting late I made my way upstairs collected my PJ's and went into the bathroom I had a quick shower and did all the usual stuff before going back into my bedroom.

I looked out the window to see Paul walking around half naked now I did say earlier how hot all of his groups was well Paul was no exception his tanned skin and six pack would make any girl hot and bothered.

I had seen him in a wife beater since his amazing transformation a few months and that was drool worthy but this was wow.

I blushed as he caught me staring I quickly looked away and back again to see if he was laughing at me instead he was writing.

He showed me his board with a smirk 'see something you like' it said I was lucky that he wasn't so close he would of seen my incredibly red face I instead got my board and wrote 'yeah your wallpaper its nice'.

He looked like he was laughing which caused me to laugh as well until I saw what he put in reply 'yeah its hot isn't it I bet you wanna come over and touch it' I blushed even deeper I didn't think that was possible.

'I think form here I can see it needs re doing better' I put back I laughed as he glared at me before smiling 'you wouldn't say that if you were inspecting it up close touching it'. I shook my head at him 'I don't think so' I challenged ducking my head when I looked up he was gone.

I peered through the window trying to see him but he was gone just then I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and gasped to see Paul smirking he walked past me shutting the door as he came in.

He was now wearing a shirt and I was confused as to why he was here but before I could ask he whipped off his shirt and stood looking at me expectantly.

I just stood their mouth wide open in shock his chuckle shook me out of my surprise "well" he said I looked at him in confusion in all the years we had known each other he had never been in my room so to see him stood their now was shocking.

"Well what" I managed to croak out his smirk grew wider "Well come and inspect it then see if it needs redoing" he said I stood stock still in shock. He finally made his way over to me I avoided his eyes but then all I could see was his large chest as it came closer so I quickly lifted my eyes up to his.

I heard him gasp as I did I felt pulled into his eyes this feeling swooped over me I could feel the heat rolling off of him as he took another step closer causing me to lift my head up to keep contact with his eyes fearing I would lose the feeling if I looked away.

OMG longest chap I have ever done hehe let me know what you all think please

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