Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 10

"Where have you been?" Hannibal asked B.A. as the man with the short-haired mohawk came walking into the garage they were currently inhabiting after Hannibal and Murdock had threatened and scared away a group of men and women running an illegal chop shop two miles down the street from the pool hall that had quickly become a battlefield. "I expected you to be back over an hour ago."

"Yeah, sorry about that, but it took me a little longer than expected to get my hands on the amount of Sufentanil we're going to need," the tough guy replied in frustration. "It wasn't easy. I had to threaten two paramedics parked outside of the hospital and believe me, I really hated it. I mean, they were getting ready to go out on a call."

Hannibal looked at the man he knew struggled to find inner peace and responded, "I know that what I asked you to do would be hard and that most likely everything we're going to do from here on out will be difficult too, but…"

Baracus interrupted, "Don't worry, we're doing this for Face. I'll do whatever I have to do to help get him back."

"We'll get him back," Murdock stated upon sensing B.A.'s apprehension, a feeling that he felt himself as he knew their leader felt as well. "I know we will."

"Of course we will," Hannibal answered quickly. "Failure is not an option here. Now, while you were gone, B.A., we heard from Sosa again. She and her team discovered that an Army Colonel named Roderick Decker is the man placed in charge of tracking us down and bringing us in. According to Lieutenant Ravech, Decker is known to be ruthless and on the border of being a psychopath himself, just like Burress."

Murdock looked at their leader as he replied, "No one's as bad as Agent Lynch. That guy's crazy evil. This is just perfect."

B.A. grumbled and blew out his breath then asked, "Did Sosa or her team find out how this Colonel Decker had the pull to get Lynch released? The guy was CIA and Decker's only U.S. Army."

"That's a secret that's so far still a secret," Hannibal responded in frustration. "I suppose it doesn't really matter. It's done. Now we just need to find out where they've taken Face. If we can do that, we're ready."

"I sure hope Face is doing alright," Murdock spoke again fearfully. "I have no idea how bad his wound actually was."

B.A. continued, "No matter how bad it was, there's no doubt that he's going to be in even worse shape when we finally find him. He's going to need a doctor. How are we going to get him the help he needs when we've got the Army and probably every police officer around?"

The Colonel pulled out a cigar and began to smoke it, then he answered, "I noticed a small clinic outside of town, not too far from the motel we stayed at. We'll take him there."

"But Hannibal, do you really think that some doctor isn't going to call the police the second we bring Face in?" B.A. asked worryingly. "I mean, doctors are supposed to call them if a patient comes in with a gunshot wound. He or she will know we're fugitives the moment we step foot in that clinic."

"Perhaps so, but we're just going to have to make sure that he or she won't be able to make that call," Hannibal replied. "We'll worry about that when we come to that."

Murdock spoke up again saying, "I sure hope the doctor's Dick Van Dyke."

B.A. looked at Murdock as he shouted, "What? Dick Van Dyke's no doctor. Stop driving me crazy with all your actor talk."

"Dick Van Dyke's an actor too?" Murdock asked. "Gee, I thought he worked at that hospital, uh… Community General Hospital I think it was. Chachi too. I think they go around solving murders too."

"I don't think I would trust Chachi Arcola, or even the Fonz, to operate on me," Hannibal answered with a chuckle, realizing that the Captain was confusing reality with the new TV series, Diagnosis Murder. "Murdock, you just gave me an idea."

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