Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 11

Face fell in and out of consciousness over the course of what felt like several hours, though he didn't actually have an idea as to how long he has been held prisoner for. The wound in his abdomen hurt far more than he cared to admit, but despite the pain, crude bandages, and poor treatment, the former Lieutenant felt confident enough that he'd be able to hold out as long as he needed to, hopefully long enough to be able to make some sort of escape attempt. All he had to do was come up with more than a partial plan that wouldn't end with him being shot again or beaten senseless.

Suddenly, Face heard the locks being released outside the door of his cell and slowly sat up as the door opened and a man wearing stripes on his Army uniform walked into the room and stood tall, staring down at the younger man, whose wrists and ankles were still tethered to the wall.

His captor spoke first saying, "Good evening, Mr. Peck. And how are we faring in your newfound accommodations?"

Face immediately hated this man, but shook it off and replaced his glare with a cheeky smile and answered cockily, "I have to admit this room's bigger than some of the places we've been staying in. It's even more comfortable than some, but as I told your buddy Vance, your decorator could take some advice on paint and design."

"It's good to see that you still have your humor," the man responded as he closed the door behind him and continued to stand over his prisoner. "I doubt you'll have it by the time I'm through with you."

"You'd be surprised," Face replied curtly. "Let me guess, you're the stooge that the Army's hired to bring in the infamous A-Team?"

The soldier nodded as he answered coldly, "I'm Colonel Roderick Decker and yes, I'm going to bring you, Baracus, Murdock, and Hannibal Smith to the prisons where you all belong."

The young Lieutenant scoffed, then responded, "And you thought that having Burress released into your custody was a good idea? You thought, that he would help you capture us because you asked him so nicely?"

"I know the kind of man Vance Burress is, Templeton," the Colonel replied cheekily. "I have known him a lot longer than you."

"Then you would know that to trust him is the same as setting yourself up in front of a firing squad at your own court martial," Face answered angrily. "He'll betray you the first chance he gets, Colonel, just as he's betrayed his Country and everyone else he's ever worked for and with. Did you see what he did to the men he used to lure us out? I'm guessing that was his handy work, unless you're just like him. They're all dead! Vance Burress is a cold, heartless son of a bitch. He's an ex CIA agent. He's got connections, numerous passports, and plenty of money stashed away somewhere. He'll disappear to where you'll never find him. You'd be better off if he killed you."

Decker swiftly wrapped his large hand around Face's throat as he roughly pushed him back against the wall behind him, then responded coldly, "You underestimate my power, Peck. I will bring the rest of your team in using you as bait to trap them. They will come for you and when they do…"

The former Lieutenant rubbed his throat after Decker finally released him, then he replied, "I hope they do if only to see the smug look on your face disappear the moment you realize that I'm right about you being finished."

Without another word, Colonel Decker stood straight, then left the room, slamming the door behind him, locking it before finally walking away. Face was grateful to be left alone in peace and he fought to get his breath back under control, as the man grabbing his throat had hurt more than he let on in front of his captor.

Looking into the man's eyes, Face saw a darkness there and realized that Decker was almost as dangerous as Lynch. It was obvious that this Colonel didn't care whether he lived or died, so long as he gets what he wants in the end, which meant that his friends were in far more trouble than they realized.

Face weakly laid himself back down as he felt himself losing consciousness once again, as only one thought came into his mind; a hope that Hannibal would realize the danger before it's too late and know that coming to get him would be too much of a risk, a risk that could cost the others their lives.

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