Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 12

After finally speaking with his prisoner, Colonel Decker walked back out onto the ship's deck and found Vance sitting upon a crate while he spoke with a small number of the Colonel's own men, but stopped talking to them the moment he noticed his old acquaintance coming toward them.

"And what exactly do you have to talk about with my boys, Vance?" Roderick asked coldly as he stared at the man he hated more than he let on, though no more than he hated the criminals he was charged with to bring to justice. "You aren't giving them any advice on how to capture the traitors, are you? You are working for me, remember? You do what I tell you."

"Believe me, I can't forget," Lynch responded coldly. "Don't worry, I'm not doing anything of the sort. We're only talking. I take it that you've just visited with our prisoner? He doesn't appear to be worried enough. I think you're being too soft on him. We ought to do what I've done a hundred times. We need to torture Hannibal's and his men's whereabouts out of him."

Decker shook his head and answered, "I may not know Peck as well as you seem to think you do, but I do know his kind. He won't betray his brothers no matter what we do to him. He would die first. The only reason why I agreed to your plan to capture one of Hannibal Smith's men is so that we can use him to lure the rest out when they come for him. I am not in the business of torture."

Burress scoffed, then replied, "Then, you'll soon see that you've failed. They'll come for him sure, but you might need to learn where to send the fugitives proof of life. Without that, they might never come, unless of course Peck is dead and they come to us for revenge."

"You really are sick, Burress," the Army Colonel responded coolly. "I can't believe that I actually liked you once."

"I often wondered," the former CIA agent stated smugly, then watched Decker walk back inside the ship's hull toward the Captain's quarters.

Lynch then turned back to the men he was speaking to before they were interrupted and asked, "So gentlemen, do we have ourselves a deal?"

One of the men looked at the arrogant man standing before them and asked, "How do we know we can trust you? If we're caught, we'll all be court marshaled."

"You don't," Vance answered with a smile on his face. "But if you betray Decker and join with me, I can make you all very rich men. What do you say?"

"I say we do as he says," another of the soldiers replied coolly. "Peck and the rest of Hannibal Smith's team deserve to suffer for betraying our country and taking out our men we lost back at the pool hall."

The youngest of the men spoke up quickly saying, "But no one died."

The first soldier who spoke out, whom the rest appeared to rally behind, responded, "But a number of us are in the hospital now. We need to do whatever it takes to take the A-Team down. I'm with Lynch. Who will stand behind me?"

"I will," the rest answered one by one. "What do we do?"

"Just follow my lead," Vance replied smugly. "We need to rid ourselves of Decker and the rest of those who are only loyal to him. And I believe that I know just how we're going to do it."

A little more than an hour later, Lynch walked down into the hold where the Colonel was resting and knocked on the door as he entered the room, successfully waking the older man up as Decker asked angrily, "What are you doing down here, Burress? I warned you against disrupting me."

Vance nodded and responded, "Yes, you have, but I'm afraid this can't wait any longer. I am relieving you of your prisoner and taking a few of your men along with me. I'm going to be the one to take down Hannibal Smith and his team, my old friend; not you. This here is a mutiny. Don't worry, not all of your men signed on to join with me. Those that haven't are currently being herded and locked away inside the tiny room currently being occupied by Peck."

"How dare you…!" Roderick started to growl until the disgraced and disgruntled former agent suddenly and swiftly slammed his fist as hard as he could against the Colonel's left temple, successfully knocking him unconscious, as the man never saw the right hook coming.

"I'm a traitor, Roderick," Vance Burress stated coldly as he shuffled through Decker's pockets and papers strewn out on the small desk in the room, looking for the files the man kept on each member of the A-Team. "I have no qualms betraying anyone that stands in my way. You just happened to be the unlucky sap today."

A few minutes later, Lynch stepped out on the deck again, finding the four, now heavily armed men who sided with him, two of them holding tightly to their prisoner, who glared at the real criminal as he struggled within their grasps, knowing full well what was happening, as he had warned Colonel Decker that it would.

Face spoke up saying coldly, "You work fast; faster than I expected, but then again you are a ruthless son of a bitch. Where are we going now?"

"You'll find out soon enough, Peck," the ex CIA agent answered cruelly. "Don't worry, we'll take good care of you."

"Don't go to any trouble on my account," Face replied, then suddenly passed out in the soldiers' arms, due to painful exhaustion and the pressure forced upon him when he was dragged from his prison.

It wasn't long before Burress, the soldiers, and their prisoner were well on their way to their new hideaway. Before leaving, the criminal had the men disable the ship's rudder and technical equipment, including the radio, so that Decker and the rest of the soldiers would be trapped at sea until Smith and the other two wanted men would track them down, knowing that Hannibal would do so before long. Too bad for them, their teammate won't be aboard when they arrive.

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