Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 14

"Why don't you just kill me already, Burress?" Face asked coldly as the men now working for the former CIA agent strung him up by his wrists within a small cabin in the middle of the mountains, not caring that the actions caused their captive's wound to reopen as his blood slowly began to trickle out through the crude bandages. "We both know that I'm as good as dead."

"You're right," Lynch answered cruelly. "You are going to die, but you see, I have plans that are going to require you to hold out just a little bit longer, Peck."

Face glared at the psychopath before him as he smiled and replied, "You know as well as I do that you will never catch them. They're not coming for me. If they were, they would have come long before you dragged me right back here to Colorado. And you'd be dead. What's the point of coming back? You don't really expect them to still be here, do you?"

Vance mocked his prisoner as he responded smugly, "You don't? What happened to that ridiculous, blind faith you each had in one another?"

"Sir, I've got the parcel you asked for," one of the men suddenly interrupted as he came running into the cabin. "They were reluctant to give it up, but it didn't really take too much convincing."

"Excellent," the agent answered as he took the package in his hand and opened it up to reveal a syringe with a clear liquid inside, then turned to look back at the youngest member of the A-Team, whose head hung down on his chest . "It's time that you begin your role in helping me to capture the rest of your friends."

Face shook his head and without looking up at the man before him he replied, "Do what you want. I don't care."

Burress carefully picked up the syringe, then swiftly jabbed its needle hard into Face's neck, causing the man to scream and cry out, "What the hell are you doing? What did you just do to me?"

"You'll find out soon enough, my clever friend," Lynch responded coolly as Face slowly lost consciousness, not due to the pain from his wound, but from the drug now flowing into his bloodstream. "Go ahead and relax fellas. It's going to be awhile. Keep an eye on him and while he's out, try to get him to stop bleeding out on me. Our plan won't work if he's already dead. I'm going to step out for a bit."


Three hours passed since the now, mercenaries' new leader had stepped out without a word as to where he was headed and their prisoner still had yet to awaken after he had been injected with whatever drug Lynch had given him. Not even the man Vance had sent to go pick up the package knew what it was he was supplying the man with.

"Hey, I think that I'm… whoa, I'm not… does anyone… else feel… strange?" one of the men started to say as he stood up until he began to feel woozy, as did the rest of the men inside the cabin. "Some… thing's not… not… right."

It was then that the men began to collapse and fall unconscious, before they discovered the liquid form of a sedative now being pumped into the open room from the chimney, nor were they awake to see three men enter the cabin wearing gas masks over their faces to keep themselves from being affected by the gas.

The leader of the new arrivals swiftly made his way over to the wounded man strung up in the middle of the room and called out to the others, "I've got Face! Is there any sign of Burress?"

Murdock answered in frustration, "He's not here, Hannibal. The man's disappeared, again."

"The important thing is that we've found Face," the Colonel replied worryingly as he broke his closest friend free from his bindings and pulled him into his arms. "We'll deal with Lynch later."

"You bet we will," B.A. responded coldly. "And when we do, I'll kill him."

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