Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 15

When the former CIA agent finally arrived back at the cabin, he found the front door had been kicked in and the vehicles belonging to his men had their tires slashed, immediately alerting him to the possibility of an attack. Burress swiftly pulled out one of his guns and slowly made his way inside, but as he did so, he found all of his men lying unconscious on the ground, as well as someone he didn't expect he'd see again so soon wearing a mask over his nose and mouth, pointing his own weapon straight back at him.

Lynch quickly pulled his shirt over his own nose and mouth upon feeling the effects of the gas throughout the room as he began to waver and slowly lost his control of the gun within his hand, then tried to focus on the man now standing before him, his gun still firmly planted, and spoke up saying weakly, "Funny… seeing you here. I see… Hannibal has been… here and… found their team…mate."

Colonel Decker nodded and responded smugly through the mask, "That's right, the team's been here and they've gotten their friend back, no thanks to you. We both have failed, mostly because I made the mistake of believing it was right to have you released into my custody."

"They may have found… Peck, but they… don't… don't have him back yet," Vance struggled to reply, the gas making it more and more difficult to remain conscious without the proper protection in place.

"What are you talking about?" Decker asked angrily after dragging Burress back outside into the fresh air so that he could explain. "They cut him down and drove off with him, leaving me behind here so that I can take you back to prison where you belong."

The ex agent smiled and answered, "I injected the guy with a fun little drug that will make it so that he won't quite be himself and if we're lucky, he'll be so freaked out and angry that he'll take care of our pain in the ass problems for us, as well as himself. I've seen this drug's effects before. It's a lot of fun!"

The Colonel shook his head in frustration and then responded, "You're sick. You are definitely crazier than I ever believed possible. We're going to find Hannibal and his team again, this time with me keeping a much closer eye on you, then we'll capture and arrest those of them that manage to survive whatever it is you've done and when we're done, I'm taking you back to prison, where you're sentence will be lightened and the cell will become more secure as agreed, not to mention your perks will be better while you remain there, only if your plan works. I shouldn't help you after you betrayed me, but unlike you I keep my word. However, if you betray me again, I will shoot you. Is that understood, Vance?"

"It's crystal clear," Burress replied. "Let's go."


"I still can't believe you just let Colonel Decker go back at that cabin," B.A grumbled in frustration as he continued driving as quickly as he could through the streets, while Hannibal and Murdock worked in the back of their van to stabilize their wounded friend the best that they could. "We should have beaten the fool and left him to be found by the Army in the middle of the desert. I can't believe we had to come all the way back here!"

Hannibal looked up toward the front as he answered, "Just keep driving into town, B.A. We need to get Face some help."

B.A. looked back at them through the rearview mirror as he asked, "Where exactly am I goin'? We can't take him to no hospital. That'll be the first place the Army look."

"Sosa gave me the name of a small clinic run by a woman by the name of Maggie Sullivan," Hannibal responded worryingly as he looked down sadly upon the younger man in his arms. "She says we should be able to trust the woman and the Army won't be able to find us for some time. It should give us the time we need to help Face."

"And if we can't trust this woman?" Murdock asked. "What then?"

The Colonel looked at the Captain as he replied, "Then, we'll worry about that when the time comes, but we don't really have any other choice. Charissa said that she looks clean and so for now, this is what we're going to do. Everything is going to work out, you'll see."

Always having faith in their leader, Murdock nodded and answered, "I trust you, so let's find this doctor. Maybe finding this, Maggie, is a good thing. You always did say things come together for a reason."

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