Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 17

Vance stared at Roderick while he spoke to who he believed were his superiors over the phone, as he struggled to get out of the handcuffs locked around one of his wrists and the pole attached to the vent to keep him from escaping again, then when the man hung up, the ex CIA agent chuckled and stated, "I have to say I am surprised that you have the guts to call them after you have messed up so royally."

Decker turned back to the criminal as he answered, "I'm still a Colonel. The Army knows I'm good and an asset to them. Only Smith sees me as a psychopath that you are."

"I am still amazed he just let you go knowing full well that you were only going to continue going after him and his boys," Lynch responded with a shake of his head as he looked over at the men still unconscious on the floor of the cabin, even though they had aired out the room to get rid of the gas the A-team had used to knock them out. "Maybe the guy's not as smart as he thinks he is. Look, I'm sorry for what I did to you and the rest of your own men earlier. It was a dick thing to do and I realize the error of my actions. I just…"

"Save it," the Colonel interrupted. "I don't want to hear any of your lies. We're waiting for air support to come give us a lift back into the city, then we're going to continue our search. Peck is injured, so they will have brought him someplace to get some help. We're going to search everywhere."

The agent scoffed, then replied, "Do you really think Smith is stupid enough to take Peck and the rest of his team to a hospital? He isn't stupid! He knows that the minute that he does, they're finished."

Decker looked down as a few of the men slowly began to come to, then looked over at Vance as he answered, "I've read every word in the man's file, as well as H.M. Murdock's and Bosco Baracus'. Neither of them have the skills needed to patch Peck up, so they will have to take him to one of the hospitals. We will search them all for as long as it takes."

"This is Denver, Colorado and the towns around us are tiny, so it won't take that long, but I'm telling you, doing this your way is a waste of time," Burress responded as he folded his arms the best he could. "We should just go right now. Leave these screw ups here."

"And how do you expect us to do that?" Roderick asked angrily. "That bastard shot out all of the tires of our vehicles! Just sit there, and shut up. I need to think."

Burress chuckled again and then said, "It was nice of them to leave you with your phone."

Decker glared at the man and replied, "If you must know, he took my phone too, but he didn't count on me having a second one hidden on me."


When Maggie finally finished pulling out the shrapnel from her patient's stomach, then stitched up his wound the best that she could, she gently patted Hannibal's shoulder, walked over to the small sink to wash the younger man's blood off of her hands, and walked into the next room where the other two soldiers were busy cleaning the few weapons they had while waiting for news on their friend.

"He's still holding his own," the doctor spoke sadly. "If he's survived this long, I think that he's strong enough to pull through. You all are welcome to stay here for as long as you need to, so you might as well make yourselves comfortable."

"We will once we know there's no more danger," Murdock answered quietly.

The woman looked between them and asked fearfully, "A war is coming here, isn't it? The men that did this will stop at nothing to capture you, or kill you?"

Hannibal walked out as he responded, "I'm afraid so, Maggie, but I promise you that as soon as Face is able to be moved, we will take him out of here, so that hopefully you won't be pulled into our mess."

"You will do no such thing," she replied firmly. "I am an old woman, Colonel Smith. I've lived a full, good life and should anything happen, I will be glad that it is because I was doing the right thing. Besides, I trust you. We may have just met, but I like you. You boys have guts."

"We thank you, ma'am," Hannibal answered sincerely.

She scolded the man her own age as she asked, "I thought I told you not to call me ma'am?"

Bosco spoke up as he responded, "It's a symbol of respect ma'am. And you have ours. Our friend is still alive thanks to you. We won't forget that."

"I don't expect anything in return," the woman stated. "I wouldn't hear of it."

"Of course not," the Colonel replied with a smile.

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