Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 2

Less than an hour later, a truck pulled up outside of a home within a nice, well to do neighborhood, a place where a number of citizens with plenty of wealth and some with powerful positions within the government lived. The four men who exited the vehicle made their way inside the house where three others remained standing guard over a man sitting in front of a computer, his leg chained to the desk. In the kitchen of the house, a much older man sat tied to another chair, as two others kept watch over him.

One of the hostage takers handed one of the others a bag containing a couple of cases of beer, then spoke up asking, "How is everything going here? Are we any closer, Mr. Chase?"

The hostage looked away from the computer screen to look at the man in charge and answered, "As I told you before, what you and your friends are asking me to do here takes time, even for a hacker like me. I went straight and haven't even touched a computer since I was released from prison two years ago. I'm out of practice."

"Well, if you don't have all of the money transferred into the account by the end of the hour, your grandfather is dead and then we will kill you too, but much less mercifully," the woman in charge replied coldly.

"Please, I'm working as fast as I can," the young man pleaded again as he continued typing wildly on the keys. "Let him go and I will get you want you want."

Another of the men replied, "That's not going to happen."

The hacker scoffed, then stated, "I don't know why I'm helping you. You're all just going to kill us both anyway."

"Actually, they're not," another man no one recognized, including the kidnappers, responded as he suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs, above everyone inside the house, holding a large gun directly at the woman leading the rest of the men and women with her. "I hate to crash your party, but I'm afraid that's kind of what my friends and I do."

"Who the hell are you?" the leader asked angrily as she raised her own weapon up at him, as did several of the others.

The mysterious stranger smiled and answered smugly, "You really don't want to point those things up at me. I'm no one to mess with. I warned you I have friends, which means that I'm not alone and you've all got guns aimed directly at you, right now. Do you need proof? B.A., if you would?"

All of a sudden, the front door crashed as a large man with big muscles and a low cut mohawk busted in, holding an even larger weapon that was now aiming from one assailant to another as he said coolly, "I dare you to test me."

"There are only two of you against nine of us," one of the hostage takers spoke angrily.

"Actually, there are really only six of you," the Colonel replied smugly. "Face!"

Face moved out to stand at the entry way between the living room and the kitchen with two firearms and responded, "Three men down, boss. Chase's grandfather is safe and sound. Who's next?"

Hannibal pulled a cigar from his coat pocket, lit the tip, then blew out smoke as he smiled down at the assailants and answered, "I suppose that's all up to them. Ladies and gentlemen, I am ordering you to lower your weapons and release your second hostage, or my men and I will have to take you down one by one and I assure you, we will."

"You heard the man," the woman replied in frustration as her own teammates did as she did, lowering their weapons to the floor, then looked up coldly at the team leader. "What's going to happen to the rest of us?"

"We're going to deliver each of you to where you belong and allow the police here in this state do with you what they will," Hannibal responded as he motioned for the men and women to move toward the front door and walk out past B.A.

It was then that Murdock pulled up the truck that the men who had gone out for alcohol had pulled up in shortly before the A-Team interrupted them and called out, "Hey Hannibal, I know that this truck is pretty big, but I don't think nine gunmen are going to fit, as well as the rest of us?"

Face shook his head as he answered, "That's why B.A. brought with him his own ride, Murdock. Don't you remember our briefing?"

"I remember most of it," the fool replied with a smile. "I think I zoned out as soon as Hannibal said that I couldn't fly our prisoners to prison."

"Not every mission requires us to fly, Captain," Hannibal responded, when suddenly he fired a shot that struck the leader of the hostage takers directly in her head, killing her instantly, after seeing the woman slowly pull another gun from behind her back, prepared to shoot B.A. in the back.

Bosco looked over at his friend as he stated, "Thanks Hannibal."

The Colonel looked between their remaining prisoners as he said, "I am giving you one final warning. If you don't want to end up dead like your boss, you will obey our orders. Now move."

As Bosco and Murdock made sure the rest of them cooperated, the hacker the A-Team had just saved finally ran over to Hannibal and Face and cried out happily, "Thank you, thank you for saving my grandfather and me. I don't… I don't understand, who are you guys?"

"Who we are doesn't matter," Hannibal answered as he looked between the two men they had just finished rescuing. "A very close friend of your grandfather's hired us to save the two of you before you could hack into each of your rich neighbors' bank accounts to transfer funds into these terrorists' own account."

"We know that you only went to prison for trying to help your grandmother with her hospital bills by hacking into the hospital's networks to try to wipe her records clean before she died," Face continued. "You're a good man, with good hacking skills. You've played a few pranks, erased all of your speeding tickets, and made some other mistakes a long time ago, but you've never hurt anyone. I suggest you take this one chance we're giving you and keep your nose clean from now on. If you don't…"

"Don't worry, I won't mess up again," the kid replied quickly. "I lost my grandmother while I was in prison and didn't get to say goodbye to her. I won't risk that with my grandfather too."

Hannibal nodded, then the old man walked over and reached out to shake the soldiers' hands as he responded, "Thank you, gentlemen. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask if you're ever in town again."

The Colonel spoke up again saying, "You're welcome. Stay safe."

Once the mission was finally over and the kidnappers were in prison where they belonged, the members of the A-Team were driving on to their next destination. It wasn't any place in particular, but they all knew how dangerous it was for them to remain in one place for too long. B.A. was driving and Hannibal sat in the passenger seat beside the big man, while Face laid back against the reclining seat in the back, having fallen asleep due to exhaustion, and Murdock sat next to him as he listened to music through his headphones. All of them were unaware of the trouble heading their way in the form of an enemy seeking vengeance with the law on his side once again.

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