Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 3

When the A-Team finally pulled over and stopped at a small family owned motel so that they could all get some much needed rest, they had driven for over twelve hours, putting plenty of distance between them and the last city they had done a job in. Face had managed to sleep most of the trip, so once they had paid for two rooms, Murdock and B.A. taking the first and Face and Hannibal taking the second, the Lieutenant quickly volunteered to take first watch, while the others could get sleep.

After Bosco and Murdock had gone to their room, Hannibal sat down upon his bed and looked up at the younger man he had known far longer than their other two teammates, he asked calmly, "So, what's going on with you?"

Face looked at his boss in confusion as he asked, "What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about," the Colonel responded. "You haven't been acting like yourself ever since we cleared our names and took down Lynch. You've been quiet, nervous, and earlier, I walked in on you as you were caught up in some kind of nightmare. Spill it, kid."

"If we actually cleared our names, we would no longer be on the run," Face replied quietly as he turned his back to his friend again while he started to unpack their gear, preparing to clean and reload their guns.

Hannibal corrected, "Actually, we're on the run because we escaped from prison."

Face glared at their leader as he stated, "Semantics."

"What's wrong?" Hannibal asked again. "You know that you can talk to me about anything."

"I promise you, I'm fine, boss," the younger man answered as he stared down at the weapon in his hand while he began to clean the gun's barrel. "I haven't let you guys down yet, nor do I plan to in the future. When our next job comes up, we'll be ready. I've got our gear. Go get some sleep. You're looking a bit tired yourself."

The Colonel nodded as he responded, "Okay. Wake me in four hours for the next shift."

Face looked back at him as he replied, "Four hours isn't very long, Hannibal."

"I've never slept long at one time, kid," their leader answered. "How long have you known me?"

"Too long, boss," Face spoke again as Hannibal laid across his bed with his back to his teammate. "Too long."

Face remained quiet as he continued working to clean the team's guns and putting back together the rest of their equipment. At first, he could hear B.A. speaking gruffly toward Murdock, as the crazy member of their group annoyed him as he always did without much effort, but eventually the two of them became quiet as well, leaving the youngest member of their team alone with his thoughts.

The four hours was almost up when a disturbance from a room several doors down disrupted the team's rest, causing each member to race outside, in time to see three men run from the motel's office carrying guns and dragging a fourth man between them, then take off in an old, black Camaro. The motel's owner ran out shouting that her husband had just been abducted, crying out for someone to call the police.

Without the team's leader having to ask, Face, Murdock, and B.A. all ran after Hannibal as Murdock shouted, "Is it just me or did anyone else see Steve McQueen lead those other two gunman and escape in the car he drove after that guy, Walter Chalmers was it?"

Bosco growled, "Get in the van, you crazy fool! We ain't chasing no one named Steve McQueen or Walter Chalmers."

"First of all Murdock, McQueen drove a 68 Ford Mustang in the movie Bullitt and second, he died back in 1980," Face responded as B.A. sped after the vehicle.

"I didn't realize that Steve McQueen was in a movie," Murdock said in confusion, making B.A. shake his head in frustration. "Is he an actor?"

Hannibal interrupted the useless conversation as he called out, "We need to focus, gentlemen. Our kidnappers aren't being led by McQueen or Chalmers and this is not some fake Hollywood car chase. The police are more equipped to deal with this, but we're here right now and they're not."

B.A. replied coolly, "How is it that we're always getting involved in these kind of situations? We're not even getting paid to chase these suckers down."

"Perhaps not, but maybe the man's wife will let us have our rooms for free if we manage to save her husband," Murdock answered.

"Shut up, crazy fool," the big guy responded angrily, then turned to look over at their leader in the passenger's seat. "What exactly is the plan should we actually catch these scumbags, Hannibal?"

The Colonel smiled as he pulled a cigar from his pocket, lit it and placed it in his mouth, then replied, "What we do in any situation we get involved in. We introduce ourselves to them when we put them down, making them regret their bad decisions."

Face answered, "You act as though this is going to be easy. We're chasing after three heavily armed men we know nothing about, to save a man that for all we know could be a man just as dangerous as his kidnappers."

"Would you rather we ignore his wife's pleas for help?" Hannibal asked, looking back through the rearview mirror.

"Exactly what kind of man would I be if I said yes?" Face stated, making his teammates laugh as they continued on in their chase.

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