Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 4

"So, exactly what is the plan now that we've caught up with them, Hannibal?" Murdock asked their team leader as B.A. pulled over several feet away and watched as the kidnappers parked ahead of them, pulled the man they had taken from out of their car, and dragged him into a parking garage across the street. "Where do you suppose they're going?"

"To hand their prisoner over to whomever hired these men to take him," Hannibal replied as he stared ahead, trying to come up with a plan.

However, his thoughts were cut short upon the sound of gunfire erupting from within the garage, causing the four soldiers to race inside until they came upon three bodies within the car the A-Team just chased down to where they stood now. The man these men had kidnapped was nowhere in sight.

Face leaned over the car to examine the bodies, then spoke up saying, "Each of them were shot once in the chest. Whoever did this is good."

Hannibal nodded in agreement and continued, "They were fast. Whoever we're really dealing with is either a soldier or a hired killer."

"Whom we have no idea what direction he or she took off in," Murdock responded in frustration. "What are we going to do now bossman?"

"I realize this isn't a job we're getting paid for, but…" Hannibal started until he was interrupted.

Face quickly cut in, "Hannibal's right, we should see this through and try to get the motel manager back, for his wife."

Hannibal looked at his Lieutenant in confusion and worry as he answered, "Right. Let's head back to the motel and talk to the wife. Maybe she knows why someone might have wanted to take her husband."

"I think something's going on with Face," Bosco stated once Face walked off toward their van ahead of the others. "It's not like him to volunteer to do a job for free, unless our targets say something to insult him."

"Something is going on with him big guy, but that's going to have to wait, for now," the Colonel replied as he walked faster to catch up to Face, as did B.A. and Murdock, then took off just as the police arrived to investigate the shootings.

Once the team drove back to the motel, B.A. stopped his van several blocks down the street upon seeing several police cars already pulled up outside of the managers' office, an ambulance where two paramedics were treating the manager's wife, as well as two U.S. marshal SUVs. The four soldiers waited as they observed the scene the best that they could, knowing that they couldn't interfere without drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

Referring to the marshals, B.A. asked, "Who invited these guys? I get why the police are here and the ambulance, but marshals?"

Face leaned forward from the passenger's seat in the back as he responded, "It looks like our current landlords are in witness protection. Somebody within the marshals office messed up, or is a mole maybe."

"How are we going to speak to her now?" Murdock asked, hoping Hannibal wouldn't come up with a plan that might result in them getting caught and arrested.

"We've impersonated cops before," Face answered smugly until he noticed B.A. and Murdock both glaring at him. "Maybe not."

Hannibal smiled and replied, "Actually, I think Face might be on to something, only he won't be impersonating a cop, but a doctor instead."

Face stared at the Colonel as he asked, "Wait, what? You want me to pretend to be a doctor?"

"Come on Face," Hannibal responded as he patted the younger man's shoulder and squeezed it to reassure him. "You're the conman of our little group. Weren't you bragging the other day about being able to get us anything we needed thanks to all your charm and good looks?"

"Yes, but Hannibal, a doctor?" Face answered nervously. "I mean, I don't know anything about being some doctor, or any medical jargon.

Murdock replied, "Maybe not, but you do know how to get people to tell you whatever it is you want to know, especially women."

Hannibal smiled again as he responded, "Exactly."

Ten minutes later, Face walked into the motel's parking lot as he carefully made his way over to the ambulance to speak to the woman until he was cut off by one of the marshals standing nearby as he shouted, "Hey! Back away from here right now! Who are you?"

"It's all right, I'm a doctor… uh a psychiatrist," Face answered, acting nervous as anyone interrupting a crime scene would. "I just want to see if this woman's alright."

"He's okay, officer," the manager quickly cut in when she saw the handsome young man she had helped earlier. "He's one of the tenants here. He and his friends are very kind."

"Sir?" one of the cops who had started to apprehend Face asked as he slowly loosened his grip, waiting for a confirmation from the marshal to release him.

Face looked confidently at the man in charge of the scene as he replied, "I really just want to help. I can help her, I promise."

The man nodded and responded, "Fine. It's okay, officer. Release him. If you think you can get her to open up about what happened here earlier, we'd be much appreciated, but we won't be far away. Let us know when she's ready to speak to us."

"I will," Face answered smugly as he flashed his charming grin.

"Way to go, Kid," Hannibal stated confidently, the rest of the A-Team having listened to their friend's act from inside the van.

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