Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 5

Face knelt down before the woman sitting in the back of the ambulance and looked up at her with compassion in his eyes as he asked softly, "How are you feeling, Mrs. Wilde? Is there anything I can get for you? Some water perhaps?"

The woman smiled down on the young man before her through the tears that fell from her eyes, then answered just as quietly, "That is very kind of you young man, Dr. Riley. Thank you, but no. I'm scared. They took my husband."

"Do you have any idea why anyone would want to kidnap him?" Face asked again as he stood up and then sat down beside her.

"What kind of question is that for a therapist?" the marshal inquired suddenly as he was standing close by in hope of trying to overhear the conversation between the stranger and the wife of the abductee. "That's my kind of question, not yours, doc. I suggest you stick to the how are you feeling crap."

Face glared up at the lawman and responded, "You're a real ray of sunshine. Would you mind standing somewhere else so that I can do my job? This is supposed to be a private conversation. You know, doctor patient confidentiality?"

The marshal stared coldly at Face as he replied, "Yeah, just do what you need to do, but stick to the right questions, would you?"

"I'm truly sorry about that, ma'am," Face continued once the marshal left them alone to go and speak with the two paramedics who treated the motel manager, then to the rest of the officers on scene. "Please, go on. Do you know who might have done this?"

"I have no clue!" she answered angrily. "My husband never did anything to anyone. He's a good, kind man. We're simple people, running a rundown motel at the far end of a small city here in Colorado."

Having noticed the woman's glances to her right as she spoke, Face quickly saw that she was lying about something, so he gently laid his hand over hers and looked deeply into her eyes as he spoke kindly, "Ma'am, if there is something you're not telling me, either because you're afraid, or because you don't think it would be a good idea thanks to the hotheaded marshal over there, I assure you, you won't be in any kind of trouble. You want to help your husband, and so do I. My friends and I… we are more than what we seem. You can trust me."

Mrs. Wilde looked at him in confusion, but saw the gentleness and sincerity in his face, and though she knew it was wrong, she couldn't help it as she finally responded, "My name isn't Sarah Wilde, my husband isn't Jeremy Wilde, and we're not managers of a motel, at least, we weren't before we became witnesses in the federal witness protection program. My husband made some mistakes and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. He did a few jobs for these people and soon, he was asked to steal the blueprints of some project his one-time boss and partner were creating some time ago. At first, my husband refused, even after he was offered a very generous bribe, but it wasn't long before the bribes turned into threats. That was when I begged him to get out and speak to the cops in exchange for protection. But, they must have found us. The people my husband is supposed to testify against. They must have taken him. I need you to save him. I have a feeling that you can, please!"

"I'll do what I can," Face replied sincerely, then quickly asked her a few more questions before warning her not to let the marshals on scene know that she had just told him everything.

Face then took off before the marshal could question him about what was said and made his way back to the van were his friends waited for him, while listening to the conversation that took place through the coms they used while on the jobs they took on. B.A. quickly drove away before the cops and marshals could find out where the imposter, unknown to them just then, had gone to.

"You did good, Face," Hannibal spoke up after a few minutes, giving the Lieutenant time to catch his breath. "I knew there is more to this than what it appears."

"So, our hotel manager is really a hacker," Face stated curiously. "Although, somehow I don't really think that the people who dragged him and his wife into the mess before witness protection, are the same people who kidnapped him now."

Bosco looked back at Face through the rearview mirror as he asked, "What makes you say that? It's obvious that these people, whoever they are, would have the biggest motive for wanting to make sure he can't rat them out."

Face sat up quickly as he explained, "That's just it, isn't it? If that's true, then why would they kidnap him? Why not just kill him and his wife? That would be the simplest way to make sure that he can't testify against them. And then there's also the three men they chose to hire to kidnap our man. It doesn't add up. I'm telling you, something else is going on here."

"I think you're on to something Face," the Colonel answered as he thought for a moment.

"Look, I know that we should probably just move on and let the police and the U.S. marshals back there handle all this, but I looked into that woman's eyes and promised her we would help her save her husband and she believed me. Before I spoke to her, I wouldn't have cared whether or not we continued, but please, do not make me a liar in regards to this."

Hannibal looked back at his Lieutenant and nodded as he responded, "Don't worry, Face. We'll finish this. I can't say that I'm not intrigued."

Murdock quickly replied, "Me too. Anyone who can kill Steve McQueen and his pals deserves to get put away for the rest of their natural lives."

"We told you, you crazy fool, this isn't no movie!" B.A. stated angrily.

"I know that," Murdock said again as he smiled, the others realizing he was only trying to get on Bosco's nerves as he did most days without trying hard at all. "But if it were, it would be one hell of a plot we're caught up in now, wouldn't it?"

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