Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 6

"So, this is where our dead thugs hang out," Hannibal stated in surprise upon looking around an old, smoke filled pool hall in downtown Denver, twenty minutes away from the Wilde's motel outside of the city. "It looks like it comes straight out of Al Capone's era."

"Was Al Capone a big pool player?" Murdock asked. "That's cool."

Face chuckled, then responded, "I'm not really sure he was, but that's beside the point. How exactly did you find out that McQueen and his pals hung out here, boss?"

B.A. glared coldly at Murdock, who only smiled at him, as Face had stuck to calling the ringleader of the dead men in the parking garage by the name of the old Hollywood actor, while Hannibal answered, "When we were looking at the bodies, I noticed a book of matches with the name of this place on its cover inside the cigarette tray of his car. It's possible the thugs only stopped in here once, but I played a hunch. From the look of this place's cartel, I'd say I was right."

"I don't think anyone is going to be willing to talk to us, Hannibal," Bosco replied as he looked around the room, while all of the patrons stared at the four former army rangers, most of them looking like they were ready to fight. "It's obvious that we're not welcome here."

"Then, we'll ask them real politely," the Colonel spoke again, then turned to address the people within the room. "Gentlemen, and ladies, my friends and I are looking for a little bit of information."

One of the men moved toward them, as did a couple of his friends, then spoke up saying coolly, "I think you're in the wrong place, Granddaddy."

The Colonel looked back at his men and asked, "Now why is it that everyone always assumes I'm a grandfather?"

"Because you're old enough to be," Face responded mockingly.

"Fair point," Hannibal answered and then turned back to the thugs as they slowly began to surround the men. "Please gentlemen, we're only looking for a few answers. Surely you want to see the people who killed your own friends pay for what they did. We can do that, if you just tell us if you know of anything that might help us find them. Did your friends speak to anyone, about a possible kidnapping, or perhaps just a job that someone needed done?"

A woman in the group smiled as she answered, "A job did need to be done, and we got paid good money for it too, or we would have if you soldiers didn't get involved and screwed everything up."

Face growled back, "We didn't mess up anything! Your buddies were killed by the same men that hired them to kidnap the man we're trying to find, even before we caught up to them. If you want to blame someone…"

"Enough!" the leader of the thugs shouted angrily as everyone, including the A-Team, raised either guns or knives and prepared for a fight, waiting for the opportune moment. "You want to know who hired our friends for the job? Some army soldiers as well as some crazy lunatic came into our place and hired us to kidnap the man you're seeking. We didn't ask questions. They simply paid us half the money up front, then told us that four men matching your descriptions would eventually come here looking for answers. They were right."

"These men knew we'd be here?" Hannibal replied in confusion, becoming worried as he realized he had led his own men into what now appeared to a trap. "Who are they?"

The woman responded, "He said you would know him by the name of Lynch."

The four U.S. soldiers froze and it was then that someone else entered the pool hall from another entrance in the back and spoke up answering, "You knew me as Lynch, but as your sweet, sweet Lieutenant Sosa discovered, I go by Burress now and it's clear from the comical looks on your faces that you didn't expect to ever see me again did you, Colonel Smith?"

"How the hell…?" Face started to ask until he was quickly cut off when the fight broke out as the thugs attacked both the former Agent Lynch and the four members of the A-Team, all of who pulled out their own weapons to fight back.

B.A. tackled three of the thugs without much trouble as he was used to fighting in brawls since he was old enough to get into fights. Murdock shot one of the men, then knocked another unconscious as he hit him hard over the head with one of the pool cues that once hung in a rack on the wall behind him. Both Face and Hannibal fought against their own assailants while the Colonel fought his way through in order to get to Lynch, who was also killing anyone that attacked him.

"B.A! Get to the van so we can get out of here!" Hannibal cried out finally upon seeing that his team was quickly becoming outnumbered once several more U.S. soldiers broke in to come to Lynch's aid, then noticed as Lynch suddenly fired his gun in Face's direction as his Lieutenant was busy fighting hand to hand against one of the gang members, the two of them swiftly falling to the ground upon the bullet's impact.

The man with the mohawk complied with his leader's orders and Hannibal cried out his Lieutenant's name as he struck down another of his own attackers, but Face quickly forced his fist against the face of the man that fell on top of him and knocked him out cold, then stiffly got up and continued to fight.

Hannibal shouted again, "Face, Murdock, move! Out the back, now!"

The Colonel struck down the last remaining men standing in the way of his team's escape exit, then Murdock ran after him, followed by Face as they continued fighting through, but as soon as both Hannibal and Murdock made their way through the door of a second building to get free of the battle to where B.A. was waiting, Face all of a sudden stopped and slammed the door in front of him closed and stared through the small window before him at the Captain, who stared back at him in shock, fighting to open the door again to help his friend.

Murdock cried, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Get out of here, Murdock," the Lieutenant replied weakly. "Get back to the van and go. I'll lay down cover fire."

"I'm not leaving you!" his teammate responded fearfully. "I would never…"

Face interrupted him forcefully as he raised his hand to reveal blood smeared across it, "You have to! I've been hit. I'm wearing my vest beneath my jacket the same as you, but a bullet found its way through. I'll only slow you down if you have to help me get back and I won't risk you getting caught too. Now go!"

Before turning to run, Murdock stared at his friend and stated firmly, "We'll be back for you."

"I hope so," Peck said quietly as he watched his friend run after Hannibal, then was suddenly forced back hard against the door by a large soldier now standing in front of him upon being forced around to face his assailants once again, the force causing pain in his back and chest and knocking air out of his lungs. "Aagh… Agent Lynch."

"Hello again, Lieutenant Peck," Lynch spoke cruelly. "Did you and your precious Colonel Smith really think that I would go down so easily?"

Face breathed heavily through his pain as he answered, "I hardly call our plan… easy. They're gone. You won't get them."

Lynch smiled, then replied smugly, "We will when they come for you. It's only a matter of time. This was my plan."

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