Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 7

As soon as Murdock came running around the corner toward the van where Hannibal and B.A. were waiting for the remaining two members of their team and finally jumped inside, he quickly shouted for Bosco to go while Hannibal glared at the man as he asked quickly, "Where's Face? Murdock, where's Face?"

The crazy man looked at his friends fearfully and replied, "Face stayed behind to make sure that we got away. I tried to stop him, but… He was hit. A bullet somehow pierced the kevlar."

"Damn it, Face!" Hannibal shouted in frustration, slamming his fist against the van's dashboard. "How bad?"

"I only saw the blood, on his hand," Murdock answered. "I tried to help him, but he told me to run."

B.A. looked back at their friend through the rearview mirror as he grumbled, "So you left him because he told you to?"

Murdock cried out, "Do you really think I wanted to? He didn't leave me a choice! They were right behind us. We wouldn't have made it and Face knew that."

"You shouldn't have…" Bosco tried to continue until Hannibal stopped their bickering.

"Enough!" the Colonel cried out. "The army won't kill him and neither will Lynch. They will use him to draw us out. They know we'll come for him."

Murdock shook his head out of contempt for himself, then responded, "Yeah, but in what condition will he be in when we do find him?"

Bosco added, "And how are three of us supposed to take on an entire army and a psychopath like Lynch, or whoever he is now? All of our plans have worked so far because it has been the four of us."

"That's true, so since we're a man down, it looks like we'll have to call in for a little bit of help," Hannibal replied as he pulled out his phone and dialed a number he hoped he would never have to call again because of the risk to his team.

"Face, I thought I made it clear that we couldn't speak again for a long, long time," the woman on the other end of the line stated coldly when she finally answered after the third time through the preset ring tone on the drop phone.

Instead of it being the man she expected it to be, Hannibal spoke up saying, "I'm sorry, Sosa. I'm afraid we didn't have much of a choice, and Face isn't here."

Charissa hesitated and then asked worryingly, "Did something happen to him? I'm guessing you wouldn't have called me unless it was absolutely necessary."

"We're going to find him, but we could use your help," the Colonel responded curtly.

"You know I can't get myself involved with you," she replied quickly. "I know that you guys are doing what you feel is right and I completely understand, which is why I already risked my career for you once, but I can't lose everything I've worked for. I can't help you."

Hannibal quickly said, "Take it easy. I'm not asking you to risk anything. We simply need to know who it is that has been assigned to track us down and bring us in. We also need to know how the army managed to get Lynch, or Vance Burress, released into their custody so that he could help them find us."

Sosa was shocked by this revelation as she asked, "Burress is roaming around free, after all the crimes he committed? I can't believe that's even possible. Whoever had him released must be very powerful or may just have the right kind of pull over somebody within the high security prison he was sent to. I promise you, I'll look into it and let you know what I find out as soon as I can. And Hannibal…"

"Don't worry, Charissa," he interrupted before she could finish. "We'll find him. Face won't give them the satisfaction of letting them beat him."

"You're right," the newly reinstated Captain answered with more confidence than she actually felt. "I'll be in touch."

After hanging up, B.A. looked over at their leader and asked, "Do you really think Sosa will come through? I don't think it's a good idea to become involved with her again. She may have helped us to escape before, but you heard her, Hannibal. She won't risk her career, even if she does love Face."

Murdock spoke again as he said, "No, she'll come through for us. It's not like we're asking her to break the law."

"Actually, asking her to give whatever information she finds out to three convicts on the run is asking her to break the law, but it's not something she'll get in trouble for, so long as she doesn't tell anyone she's even speaking with us," Hannibal responded as he continued to think about the next step in the plan he was trying to form in his mind.

"So, what now bossman?" Murdock asked after a minute passed in silence. "When El Diablo does come through for us, how are we going to fight against that army and Lynch, or whatever that man is going by now?"

The former Colonel smiled and then replied, "I think I know exactly how we're going to do this. B.A. do you think you can get your hands on Sufentanil?"

The larger man behind the wheel stared back at their leader as he asked, "Sufentanil? I think so, but how do you think that can help us rescue Face?"

"Leave that to me," Hannibal answered smugly. "Can you get it?"

"I suppose so," Bosco stated in confusion. "How much do we need?"

The Colonel looked between his men, then responded, "A lot. Try to get as much as you can get. We can't risk Face getting hurt even more than he already is so we can't break in guns blazing. We're going to have to do this more subtlety and without bloodshed. Sufentanil will work nicely, so long as we do this right. While you and Murdock work on getting our equipment together, I'll work on finding out where they're hiding out."

Murdock spoke again, "I'm liking the sound of this plan, but will it require wings or a chopper by any chance?"

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