Dogs of War Will Rise

Chapter 8

"I need you two to drop whatever it is you've got going on right now and help me to figure out who the hell has the right kind of power to have Vance Burress released into his or her company," Captain Sosa stated in frustration as she came into the office where the two lead men on her own team were busy writing up paperwork.

"Wait, wait, wait, Burress, as in Lynch, who stole those plates months ago and tried to have Hannibal and his team killed?" Ravech asked in confusion as he looked between his partner and boss.

Lieutenant Gammons continued, "Why would anybody want to help a psychopath like Burress?"

Charissa sat down across from them and answered, "I'm pretty sure that Burress is going to be helping them, or at least that's what whoever did this thinks. The point is, I want to know who."

"And how is it that we know he's even been released?" Gammons asked again as Ravech reached for his phone and started to make the first call.

"That doesn't matter right now," she replied quickly as she turned away from her men while starting to write something in one of the files she carried in with her. "What matters is that he is free, in the hands of someone, who has no idea how truly unstable Burress really is. The first chance he gets, he'll escape and disappear and we may never find him."

Gammons looked at his partner and responded jokingly, "We could always call Smith and have him and the rest of them take care of Burress for us."

Upon seeing the cold glare on their Captain's face, Lieutenant Ravech quickly spoke up again saying, "Or not, unless of course… they're not already looking… Is that how you know Agent Lynch has been assigned to someone else's custody? We thought you were done with Peck?"

"I am done with him," Charissa said, though too quickly making it obvious to the men under her that she hasn't fully given up on the escaped, albeit innocent, criminal they knew she loved. "Look, as I said, how I learned Burress is free isn't what's important. I want to know who thinks that this was a good idea. I'm willing to bet that whoever these soldiers are using him, are doing so in order to track down Smith and the rest of his team."

"Look Captain, I know that the four of the them are innocent men, but they are still fugitives and if the army is hunting them down, shouldn't we stay out of this and let them do whatever it is they're doing?" Lieutenant Gammons asked. "I mean, if they chose to have Lynch… Burress, released into their custody legally and Burress escapes, then the consequences fall on them. Why should we care?"

Charissa cried out angrily, "Because I am ordering you to help me with this! And because… because they've captured Face. I realize that I am asking you to go against what we've been trained, but please, help me with this and if blame comes around, I will make sure that I am the only one who falls. We only need to figure out who the man in charge of the army unit assigned to bringing the A-Team in is and how they got the pull they needed to release Lynch… Burress."

Ravech and Gammons looked at each other, then turned back to Sosa as Gammons answered, "Whatever you need, Lieutenant. And don't worry, you said it yourself, Hannibal and his men specialize in the ridiculous. They'll stop at nothing to save Peck."

"Thank you," she replied sadly. "Let's get this going then."

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