Understanding your Allegiance

Ron and Roses

Hermione was sat reading in her common room when there was a knock at the door. Puzzled, she walked over and opened it. Behind the portrait was a nervous looking Ron. He was holding something behind his back, which he bought forward slowly. It was a bouquet of black roses she recognised from the Herbology gardens.

"I tried to charm them red." He said quietly, "But I'm not as good as you at charms."

Hermione smiled and opened the door wider. "Want to come in?"

Ron nodded and stepped in. Hermione took the roses gently and went to find a vase for them. When she came back into the common room, Ron was sitting on the sofa fidgeting.

"I came to apologise." He said as she sat down next to him. "I totally bollocked up what I was trying to say. I love you, and assuming that meant we'd be like my parents who are also in love was stupid." Looking up at her he said, "I guess there's all different ways to love."

Hermione was touched. "I hoped you'd understand that Ron, and I l -l-like you too." Ron looked down defeated.

"You still can't say it can you."

Hermione reached out and tilted his chin upwards.

"I want to, I do. But " Thinking quickly she thought up a suitable white lie to smooth his fears, "I don't want to jinx what we have, we'll be fighting next year, and I don't want to lose you. If I don't say it, I can fight."

She closed her eyes as Ron lent forward and captured her lips. She smiled at how things had turned out. She placed a hand on Rons chest, his arms surrounded her and she settled into his embrace. Closing her eyes she opened her mouth a little, leading Ron to do the same. Without hesitation she slipped her tongue into his mouth.

She could feel Rons hesitation, his arms stiffened around her for a moment before he too joined the kiss with renewed fervour. Lifting one leg over his lap Hermione straddled him, flicking her hair back over her shoulder and licking her lips as they caught their breath.

"We should fight more often." She purred, "making up is turning out to be such fun."

With a grin Ron pulled her head back down to his, one hand caressing the side of her face, the other going down to rest on her waist.

She rocked forward, her hands around his neck she pressed her breasts against him, aware of what the increased contact would do to him. With a moan he took her by the waist and tossed her down onto the sofa. Then he jumped out of his seat.

"Ron what?"

Then she saw that Draco had entered the room and had a sneer on his face at the sight of Rons discomfort.

"Not disturbing anything am I?"

Hermione sat up and smoothed her hair down. "Draco you have the worst timing. Don't you have some terrorising of first years to keep you busy?"


Hermione rolled her eyes and stood up. "Fine, we'll just take this elsewhere then." Taking Ron firmly by the hand she led him across the room to her private chamber.

"I can't say it Ron, but I can show you."

Walking over to the bed she sat down, then turned and faced him. "I want to show you."

As if walking with lead weights on his feet, Ron slowly made his way over to her, and sat next to her. Hermione pushed him backwards once more. "M-Mione, I'm sorry but I'm not quite…"

"Sssh." She whispered. "I know, we'll do this one step at a time, I'm learning too remember?" But I wouldn't mind if you took the initiative now and again.

Lying down next to him she stroked his face, and he pulled her down into a passionate kiss. Gasping for breath, Hermione drew back enough to take a breath, nibbling on his ear lobe. "Relax, I'm not going anywhere." She whispered.

She sat up and slipped off the bed to the floor. "Mione?" Asked Ron from above her, drawing himself up to rest on his elbows.

She didn't answer, but reached for the zipper on his trousers. Ignoring him shifting uneasily, she made short work of the fastenings and pulled his jeans so they pooled around his feet. Despite his unease, Rons pants were tented. She smiled and reached for the waistband.

"Mione" Ron croaked, but she ignored him again. If I stop now, its finished. she thought.

Rising up onto her knees she took off his pants and Ron jerked as she breathed on his cock.

"Ready?" She muttered. "Yes." Answered Ron, but it hadn't been him she'd asked.

Taking a deep breath she grasped his cock at the base, and took a tentative lick of the tip, Ron gasped from above her. Encouraged she licked from the base right up to the tip and he shuddered beneath her. Without warning she took the plunge and took him whole into her mouth. Ron sucked in a breath and bucked under her.

Smiling she began to move up and down along his cock, following her mouth up and down with her hand. Ron began to breathe heavily, and she could feel him throbbing under her tongue. After a minute or so, Ron began to writhe more under her ministrations, and she quickened her pace, flicking her tongue against the top when she came to it.

With a moan, his cock twitched violently and he spurted into her mouth. Hermione was unprepared for the quantity of it, and spat out what she couldn't swallow fast enough. When he was done, she cleaned him with her tongue, and moved back onto the bed with him. He kissed her long and hard, and she was turned on by the taste of him in her mouth as they did so.

They lay there for a while, Ron overwhelmed, and Hermione wondering when he was going to offer to return the favour. She was desperately horny, and needed him. So when he sat up and started to dress she was understandably shocked.

"I've got to go Mione."

"What, why?"

"Quidditch practice."

Hermione gaped at him. "Now?"

"Yes, and thank you, you were bloody brilliant."

Kissing her on the lips, he took his leave and left her room, leaving Hermione shaking with anger.

"Bastard." she whispered.

Despite a self-adminsitered orgasm she was still extremely hot under the collar when she arrived at Snapes classroom at 8'oclock. She loitered outside the door until it was exactly eight, wanting to be perfectly on time. Snape was a git, but the urge to impress him she'd felt since first year was foremost in her mind.

To her confusion Snape was nowhere to be seen when she walked in.


"Through here Miss Granger." He replied from the store cupboard. Curious, Hermione joined him.

Snape was standing waiting on the far side of the cupboard, piercing her with a searching look he took a deep breath.

"What I am about to show you is to be discussed with none of your little friends Miss Granger. It is a secret unknown even to the Headmaster."

With that he turned and pushed a dusty jar of newt spleens into the shelf, and to Hermione's excitement a door appeared, the jars and boxes shifting and twisting just like the bricks of the entrance to Diagon Alley.

Snape stepped through, and beckoned for her to follow him. With a weak smile, she entered his private domain.


Severus had been waiting all day for the evening appointment with Miss Granger. It had surprised him when she had submitted her project idea to him, and pleased him too.

A mind as bright as hers is a valuable asset; the order does not appreciate what they have in her. He mused. The woman she is becoming is powerful, and this school is hindering the growth of her potential, the curriculum is faulty in so many areas...

He heard the door to his dungeon open with a creak, and her voice call out for him.


He closed his eyes, if he hadn't known who it was, he'd have sworn it was a woman and not a student. Although, with the time turner, she easily a year older than her peers.

"Through here Miss Granger."

When she entered the store, he had to stare. She was flushed, and her lips looked swollen.

No doubt had been up to something with that Weasely boy. He thought, and took a deep breath at the pang he felt as he thought it. I'm jealous of a boy for having a companion, pathetic.

"What I am about to show you is to be discussed with none of your little friends Miss Granger. It is a secret unknown even to the Headmaster."

He then turned and opened up the hidden door to his private library. Not quashing in time the desire that she be impressed with what he had to show her.

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