waking up in the T.V.D World


“um guys...“i say scared as i pointed.i screamed just as the car collide into my side.then their was the cold painless feeling called death. disclaimer:i do not own t.v.d . also their is a bit of cursing,just to be warned. how would react if you know that you died in a car accident but wake up in a tv show.well this what happen to me.my name is Rachel Young.well it use to before i got in a hit and run and died.all of a sudden i wake up in my favorite tv show with a body that is definitely not mine.now my name is Beckie "Marianne" Bennet. yeah thats right,i am the Bonnie Bennet's older sister by nine months.who was apparently suicidal. Helen says that their more surprises in store for me besides me staying here permanently. i don't know how much my presence is going to effect the storyline and i am scared because of that,but i have one thing to say.Game On.

Humor / Adventure
luna archer
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

disclaimer:i do not own the vampire diaries.

rachel p.o.v

‘i cant believe that i am here.’“this is so dangerous.“i whispered to myself watching as my drunk friends drive the car that i,m sitting in while singing along to ‘black magic’,quite horribly.’how did i let them talk me into this?’i thought to myself.like every Friday night my friends drag me to a random bar so they can get drunk because they need the responsible one their to drive them home.it was like usual,i was dragging my drunk friends to the car but some how i ended up in the backseat.’okay Rachel,breath.why don’t you check up on t.v.d?‘i thought a i pulled out my phone and type in t.v.d.i skimmed around the web until i came across a link.i stared at the big bold caption on my phone is shock.’elena’s choice revealed! wait, what? how could they know?who does elena pick?’i thought as i clicked on the link.i quickly skimmed the article,ignoring the spoiler warning only to exclaim:“THAT SON OF A BITCH!“Hailey stopped the car so her and Sarah can look at me in shock.i can feel my cheeks getting redder as they stared at me with open mouths.even while their drunk they are shocked that i cussed.“s-s-stop staring at me.....“i mumbled embarrassed. they just look at me dumbly and continue chuckling.“who*hic*knew little*hic* miss virgin i-*hic* -s so nau-*hic*-ghty.“said Sarah as she looked at me with a amused face.“*hic*yeah...“agreed Hailey.“quit it you guys....’i mumbled embarrassed with a red tomato looking out the window.as i started to regain my natural color i looked outside to see car lights coming towards us fast.“um guys...“i say scared as i pointed.i screamed just as the car collide into my side.then their was the cold painless feeling called death.

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