Xenoblade Chronicles Rebirth


A fan-fiction that takes place 300yrs in the future after the events of the game Xenoblade Chronicles with original story and characters. Long after the fall of the Mechonis and the Bionis, all races which survived now coexist together in many different Colonies scattered across the lands, some close, and some far away from what is left of the Bionis. Meyna is one of the inhabitants of Colony 13, one of the furthest Colonies to date. However Meyna merely wishes to travel the world and see new things that no one else has before, but with her overprotective brother Grithiff it seems only to be a fleeting wish until Telethia appears, threatening to destroy the colony. Causing old memories to brim to the surface, Meyna fights off the creatures when something strange and unnatural occurs…

Fantasy / Adventure
Tarynne Bourret
Age Rating:

Spoiler Warning!!!


This story will contain spoilers to the game Xenoblade Chronicles, if you have not played the game or watched a walkthrough of it. I highly suggest that you do before reading this, the story and the game itself is wonderful and should not be overlooked even if this is purely a fan-fiction.

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