Xenoblade Chronicles Rebirth

Chapter Twelve

Grithiff sat along the ledge of the window in the Clinic, his lower torso was wrapped with crisp white bandages, the pain was still there but minimal. It had gotten better over the days he remained in the Clinic but found that he wasn’t able to go back to their home.

Call it cowardice, it was how he felt, he would talk with Meyna, but only when she was up for it, he wouldn’t push. What’s more he should have given her more freedom and let her roam and go with her, like a real older brother should, like when he promised her long ago. But with the incident with the Telethia twelve years ago, and the aftermath… he feared what others might think if she became like that again. And in that moment, when her body changed and attacked the Telethia no longer acting how she normally would, it left a haunting memory for Grithiff with that incident.

The sounds of Meyna’s screams drew Grithiff towards the doors where his sister was strapped down to a table snarling in anger like that of a feral wild animal. Eyes blazing red, those who worked in the Clinic, Igholt Linada and a Homs man where trying to keep her calm but nothing seemed to work, not even sedating her took any type of effect. In that moment of chaos the restraints, which could hold down even one of the strongest men, snapped from the six year old’s wrists. Before anyone did anything Meyna launched herself off of the table and ran into the hall.

“Meyna stop!” Grithiff cried but Meyna didn’t stop or respond.

She kept moving through the empty hallway, it was late at night so there was barely anyone around; the Homs man that was with them was able to grasp her arm and practically threw her into an empty room like she was nothing more than a doll.

“You freak of nature!” the man cursed as he did so. “How the hell something like you was allowed to live is beyond me!”

Grithiff was at a loss for words, that man, who could be seen talking to the women of the Clinic so sweetly, speaking such cold and venom filled words.

“That’s enough Jabar!” Igholt demanded. “You can’t treat her like that.”

“She’s something that should be put down!” Jabar hissed. “This freak, whatever the hell she is, shouldn’t even be allowed to breath. She could kill us all if we give her the chance!”

“Meyna’s not like that!” Grithiff demanded. “She’s---!” but the rest of his words came short when Igholt stepped forwards, a firm hand resting of the boy’s shoulder before stepping in front so that he would be in between.

“Jabar if you continue like this then we will be forced to take action. Meyna is still a patient within this Clinic, and as such deserves the equal case as anyone else, no matter what she is. And, if you were to strike at her again in front of me, then you will sorely regret it.”

Grithiff stilled as he looked to the High Entia man, this was the first if not the only time he had ever heard that note of rage in Igholt’s voice. And those deep amethyst eyes of his were filled with so much anger the boy thought for a moment that the Homs man might burst into flames from it.

Jabar merely gave an arrogant grin. “And what pray tell will you do?”

But before Igholt could speak Meyna was up again, and this time she lunged right for Jabar, small hands digging into his arm before she threw him into the room out of sight.

The sounds that were heard, the mix of screaming for help and the tearing of flesh before all had gone silent; everything was as quite like that of an old forgotten tomb. Far from his best judgment Grithiff ran to the room, he needed to be sure that Meyna was alright.

To the boy’s horror however, he saw the aftermath of the violent massacre of Jabar, now bloody and torn open like that of a flayed fish. Those deep red eyes of Meyna’s soon turned and locked sights with his deep green before she rushed him.

Grithiff shook his head recalling that moment, it was something he’d honestly not remember at all, but it would forever be engraved into his mind. What’s more, after the event Meyna remembered nothing of it, or the events prior to the Telethia attack when they escaped Colony 4. Grithiff wasn’t sure if that was a blessing or not.

“Still sulking I see,” Igholt said as he entered the room. “Have you tried going back home and speaking to Meyna when she’s not asleep?”

“That humor of yours is unbecoming,” Grithiff replied.

“So I take it that you haven’t gone then,”

He shook his head. “I know I must, to try and talk things out, but as of now, what I said to her, I doubt she’d want to even speak to me at all.”

“You’re probably right…” Grithiff glared at the High Entia man who merely shrugged in response. “I’m merely agreeing with you, you know if it wasn’t for Meyna, and the power she holds, both you and Rei would probably be dead, along with the whole Colony, we owe our lives to her for doing that but other than a select few none even seem to be the wiser.”

“That’s probably for the best,” Grithiff said softly. “If they were to know, what Meyna truly was then… they’d turn on her and do hell knows what.”

Igholt knew instantly what the man meant. “You mean like Jabar? I know the man was egotistical and a feverish womanizer, but I never did think he’d be willing to try and cut open your sister when she was in that state. I suppose it’s a blessing that the IV wasn’t hooked up properly…”

Grithiff frowned. “I thought she was immune to that kind of thing?”

“Hmm? Oh, yes I apologize, I suppose in the heat of the moment I thought the IV wasn’t properly connected. But speaking of your sister, you think clearly with a strong rational but many times you jump the gun when it comes to Meyna, sooner or later it’s going to come back and bite you in the…”

“Mey-Mey gone! Mey-Mey gone!” Ethon came into the room hopping quickly with his large arms in the air panicking.

“What?” Grithiff demanded as he stood up quickly only to wince in pain, pain which he quickly ignored. “What did you say?”

“Ethon go visit Mey-Mey at home, very quiet not a peep, Ethon go inside and no one home. Home empty, Mey-Mey left Colony!”

“Now calm down Ethon,” Igholt said softly. “Meyna could have just gone out; she is allowed to do so, what made you think that she’s left the Colony?”

Ethon then handed Igholt a piece of paper. “Ethon find this in Grith’s room when looking for Mey-Mey.”

Igholt took the piece of paper from the worried Nopon and read it. “Oh dear…”

“What is it?” Grithiff asked.

“It seems karma is coming to take a bite out of you my friend,” Igholt said as he handed the note to Grithiff. “I warned you and Linada the keeping a tight leash on her would only make Meyna want to leave even more, now it looks like she has.”


If your reading this then it means that I’ve left the Colony, you and Linada talked about taking me to Colony 6, but by the time the transporters are back it could very well be too late. That man who attacked could return with us being undermanned and not enough supplies to fight like before. So I’m heading there myself.

If that man is coming after me then it is better that I’m a moving target, rather than sitting on my hands and waiting for him to come back. It’s me that he wants; I have no idea why he does but this way you and the others won’t get hurt because of me.

I’m sorry, I knew if I tried to tell you this you’d try and stop me, but you can’t. Not this time, I know you care, so trust me when I tell you that I will reach Colony 6. I don’t know when but I will, and when I do I’ll send word.

Until then get better.

Hope you’re not too angry,


“What is she thinking?” Grithiff demanded in a growl as he tried to leave the room only to be stopped by Ethon and Igholt. “Igholt get out of my way I need to go after her!”

“And do what? You can barely move around in the condition that you’re in now, don’t try to deny it ether, I’ve seen it. You think you can get to her the way you are now then you are asking yourself a death wish by doing this you stupid fool. Think about yourself first for once!”

“I can’t!” he snapped. “I promised our parents that I would watch over her, I can’t very well do that in the Clinic while she’s outside the Colony walls.”

“Do you even know how far she is?” Igholt questioned. “Yes she’s left the Colony, and yes she’s going to Colony 6 but we don’t know if she’ll go to other places as well like the other Colonies and the like. You can’t just expect her to drag her feet. Knowing Meyna she’ll probably explore everything she can before heading to a new place.” he sighed. “I know you worry for her, but you have to remember that I’ve known her for just about as long as you. And I know how determined she is when she sets her mind on something, much like you. Have some faith that she’ll be alright.”

Grithiff sighed knowing that the man wasn’t going to let him pass no matter what. “All right, you win, I won’t run off. But I have a favor to ask in return…”

Meyna couldn’t believe it; she was finally away from the Colony, away and free to go wherever she wished. It felt so surreal. It wasn’t the first time that she left the Colony, but now it would be when she wasn’t coming back.

Thinking that nearly made her home sick, but with being gone for at least several days now she still expected to wake up and find herself back in her room in Colony 13.

Rei would keep teasing Meyna about it, saying that Grithiff would keep her so sheltered that everything looked amazing to her, even at night. But Meyna merely shook it off as slight playful banter.

“What are you reading?” Rei asked as she sat down next to her with a cooked piece of meat that she was gnawing on. “Some story book.”

“Not really,” Meyna said keeping her eyes on the book. “It’s a complete history of the Bionis, Mechonis, the war with the Homs and the Mechon and the events of Shulk and his party with the Faced Mechon and Egil, the fight with the god of the Bionis and the recreation of the Colonies.”

“Don’t you know all that stuff already?”

“I do, but there was something that’s been bothering me. Remember Alvis?”

“Yup, whatever happened to him? I thought he was from another Colony, it’s not uncommon these days.”

It was true, many Homs and the like have traveled from Colony to Colony trading goods and even information of what has changed in other Colonies.

“Yeah… but something about him… doesn’t sit right with me. I don’t know why but…”

“It was good to meet you as well, Miss Anomaly. Let us meet again, in some other time.”

“Alvis, he seemed to know about those strange runes, he knew where to go like he had been through there multiple times.”

Rei thought about it for a moment. “Maybe he’s been there a few times?” she offered. “A number of Homs and others tend to explore areas, much like the research groups that go to the remains of the fallen Bionis.”

Meyna had to agree with that but that man seemed different from the regular researchers, what’s more no one else seemed to know of the ruins. While she was recovering in the Clinic, and avoiding her brother, she had spoken about the ruins that Rei and Meyna had found, yet no one seemed to know of it, which was strange. It was at a long distance from Colony 13 but not so far as to the two to become lost on the way back. Alvis seemed to know so much of that place, a place which the two actually did go back and investigate but found nothing new from what they had seen before.

And then there’s was Meyneth’s Monado, a relic from the past, three hundred years ago it had been said, even within the book that Meyna held, that it along with Zanza’s Monado had been destroyed, yet there was something that Meyna couldn’t properly recall, something about Shulk and those in encountered.

Rei noticed how Meyna was deep in thought. “Something wrong Meyna?”

“Hmm? Oh, I’m alright, just thinking is all…”

Laying down on the ground Rei looked up towards the night sky. “Hey Meyna…”


“That guy the one wearing the cloak who could control the Telethia, who do you think he is exactly?”

Meyna shook her head slowly. “I don’t know who he is, I know… I know he’s after me because of some power I have but I don’t even know what that is!”

Rei remained quiet, recalling how Meyna looked when that sudden flash of white light engulfed her and when it was gone, Meyna’s whole appearance changed her brown hair now white and eyes crimson red as her body had become clad in some type of mechanical black armor. What’s more was the weapon that seemed to appear out of thin air, it looked like a Monado, one of which Rei had never seen but it looked like one none the less. Was that the power which the cloaked man sought or was it something else?

“Well whatever it is this guy is after we won’t give it to him.” Rei proclaimed as she threw her hands up in the air. “You hear that you cloaked bastered you’re not getting whatever it is you want so lay off already! Come back again and I show you what for with the business end of my spear-lance!”

Meyna laughed, she wasn’t sure if Rei was saying that to fill her own self confidence or trying to get her friend to think more positively, whatever the case it was, it worked. Hearing her friend say that made her feel better.

“I don’t think he heard you,” Meyna said. “Besides if he had he’d probably chase us down with a whole bunch of Telethia.”

“Ah we could take’em.” Rei said as she fell on her back with her arms folded behind her head. “And if we couldn’t we’d always take the second option when it came to a fight.”

“And that’d be what?”

“Run away, if it’s too strong or too many gang up on us fleeing is always a good choice you know? Nothing wrong with running from a fight.”

She gave her friend a slightly amused frown. “But Rei, you never do that, if anything you run towards a fight.”

Rei thought about it and laughed good-naturedly. “Yeah I would, I do, but I can’t help it. It’s who I am, always rearing up to go, I love a good scrap.”

“That you do,” Meyna said as she turned her gaze back to the book only to become still when she caught sight of something. Frowning she turned the page only to discover that it had been torn out, odd she could have sworn that the book wasn’t tampered with the last time she used it. Looking back at the other page the name was there clear as day.


If his name was there then she could surmise that he was somehow involved in what happened with Shulk, but that was over three hundred years ago, the Alvis that she and Rei had met couldn’t possibly be the same one. Could he?

The cloaked man watched through a screen of the recorded fight with that Homs girl and those who interfered when he was close to wearing her down. If they hadn’t shown she would have been his, still, he could not deny the information that he had obtained because of that fight, which had drawn out something he sought. He watched seeing the girl’s new form and how she fought and killed the Telethia with such ease and skill; what’s more the moves she used seemed almost familiar to him. Though he wasn’t sure as to why.

He glanced over his shoulder when he sensed a presence with in the dark, the faint glow of Ether crystals casting a faint blueish green light did little in revealing his subordinate.

“You’re late,” he said looking back to the fight with the girl. “So… am I to assume that she has left the Colony?” his subordinate nodded in silence. “Good, she thinks moving around will stop me from catching her then she is very naïve to believe such things. With less people it means there will be fewer bugs to get in my way. That power she holds, she isn’t even aware of it, I doubt she can even recall whenever she takes this form.” He glanced over his shoulder again. “Go, you know what to do next…”

His subordinate merely bowed and turned to leave only to stop when the cloaked man spoke once more.

“Avoid conflict,” he said. “The less that girl knows your there the better.” When his subordinate merely left in silence he turned his attention back to the screen. “The more I see if this image this version of that girl, the more I begin to see parts of you…” his hand reached for the screen on the frozen image of the girl, red eyes staring back at him. “Well I suppose that’s to be expected isn’t that right… Daud?”

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