Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky


In the world full of Pokemon, there'll be two certain heroes that will save the world, not once but twice! Stormy the shinx, a female human from another world who helps Flame the Charmander

Adventure / Other
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Chapter 1

On a nice sandy beach in the Pokemon world, there was a female Shinx, lying there unable to move as she was confused on where she was. She fainted a few seconds later from weakness. We now come upon a male Charmander named Flame, he was standing next to a crate, walking back and forth. He looked at the guild a moment later with determined eyes. "No, no more wimping out, I'm going in" He stood on the crate as he heard a voice below, which kind of freaked him out. "Pokemon detected, Pokemon detected!" "Who's footprint? Who's footprint?" "Footprint is Charmander's, Footprint is Charmander's". "Waaa" cried Flame as he stood back from the crate, now looking down. "I can't do it, I can't go in, I wanted to go in, I told myself today's the day. *brings out his little rock with a carving in it* "I thought my personal treasure would inspire me" *shakes his head as he puts his treasure away and sighs* "I'm such a coward, this is discouraging" *walks away not happy with himself as he heads to the beach. behind him came out two Pokemon who was hiding behind a rock* "Hey Koffing, did ya get a load of that?" asked Zubat. "Sure did Zubat, wimp has somethin' special eh?" Said Koffing. "Wimp has some kinda special treasure, looks very expensive" Said Zubat. "Wanna go after it?" Smirked Koffing. "Yes, let's" Chuckled Zubat. On the beach, Flame was walking, stops before the ocean looks at the scenery. "Wow, what a beautiful sight!" The Krabby are blowing bubbles, making a beautiful show of bubbles. "When the Krabby blow bubbles, it's always beautiful. I always come here when I feel low, coming here makes me feel better" He looks over and sees something. "Huh? What's that, What's going on over there?"*walks over and sees a female Shinx lying on the beach* "Woah, hey are u ok?" Asked Flame as the Shinx wakes up. "Phew, I'm glad ur ok, u were passed out and I was worried" Said Flame smiling. The Shinx looks around then at Flame "W....Where am I?" asked the Shinx. "Ur on the beach," Said Flame as he was worried. Shinx looks around in shocked as she looked at the water. "Oh no, I'm a Pokemon, but I'm human," said Shinx. "Human?! Yea u look like a normal Shinx to me, are u pulling some kinda prank or trick on me?" Asked Flame as he looks at her weird. "N...no, I'm not," said Shinx "No, then what's ur name, what do u call urself?" Said Flame becoming curious. "My name? That's right, my name is Stormy" Said Stormy. "Stormy? Ok, u seem like a good Pokemon, sorry for doubting u, it's been unsafe lately" Said Flame as he was knocked into Stormy as his treasure falls out. "Oops, I beg ur pardon," Said Koffing. "Hey, why'd u do that for?" Said Flame as he stood and was angry. "Can't figure it out? We're messing with ya, can't stand up to us can ya?" Asked Zubat smirking. "Urk," Said Flame as he stands next to Stormy. "What's the matter too scared? Didn't expect ya to be such a coward, come let's get outa here" Said Koffing. "See ya around chicken! heh heh heh" Laughed Zubat as they headed to Beach Cave. Flame watches them go then turns to Stormy. "Aww man, That's my personal treasure, it means everything to me" Flame begins to cry but shakes it off. "No, this isn't the time to cry, I gotta get my treasure, Stormy will u help me get it back?" Asked Flame. "Of course I'll help u Flame, there's no way we'll let them get away with ur treasure," Said Stormy as they both go into Beach Cave. Both Stormy and Flame made it to the Beach Cave Pit, where Zubat and Koffing were waiting. "Hey!" Said Flame as Zubat and Koffing spun around. "Well, Well lookie here it's our old friend the big chicken," Said Koffing. "urk. G....give me my treasure, it means everything to me" Said Flame. "Treasure u say? My my, it seems like we hit the jackpot" Said Zubat. "Woah ho ho, more reason not to return ur treasure" Smirked Koffing. "No, I want my treasure!" Said Flame. "If ya want ya treasure back that badly come get it" Said Zubat. Stormy and Flame fought Zubat and Koffing, worked together to win. "ugh, I can't move" Said Koffing. "Ugh, got roughed up" Said Zubat. "B-Blast it, how'd we get beat by wimps like them," Said Koffing. "Bah, here take it then" Said Zubat as he returns Flame's treasure. "Woah-ho! Don't think highly of urselfs. Ur victory was a fluke!" Said Koffing. "Yeah, you remember that!" Said Zubat as they run away. "My treasure, am I glad! I actually managed to get it back. It's only because u were there to help me, Stormy. Thank u, Stormy, seriously" Said Flame. "No problem Flame, I'm happy to help" Said Stormy. "Here's what they stole" *brings out his rock* This is a Relic Fragment, it's my precious treasure. I love legends and lore, I get excited to just hear stories from the past! Don't u feel the same way, Stormy? Hidden dungeons full of treasures and relics, unseen territories veiled in darkness, and big lands waiting to be discovered! Those places must be filled with lots of gold and treasure and history! I've always dreamed of it and it makes me excited. Well, one day, I just up and found my Fragment, I admit that it looks like junk, but take a closer look. *the rock comes in view showing a weird pattern on the rock* See? It's a weird pattern eh?" Said Flame. "It's true, I've never seen this pattern before" Said Stormy. "There must a mystery behind this pattern, it may be a key to legendary places, maybe a key to a very special treasure just a feeling I have. I wanna join an exploration team, this pattern must fit somewhere, I wanna discover where it is, I want to solve the mystery of this pattern. Earlier, I tried to join the exploration team as an apprentice, but I chickened out. What about u Stormy? Do u have a place to stay? If not, may I ask a big favor? Would u be willing to form an exploration team with me? pretty please?" Said Flame. "Yes, I'll join u Flame, I have nowhere to go besides two is better than one" Said Stormy. " Really?! U'll really form an exploration team with me?! Yay! Thank u! We'll be a great combination, let's make this work. Now we have to go to Wigglytuff's guild to sign up as apprentices, it's where we can train to be a first-rate exploration team. Training may not be easy, but let's do our very best, Stormy!" Said Flame as they give a pose teaming up to be an exploration team.

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