Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Chapter Two

Flame and Stormy arrive safely to Wigglytuff's Guild, Flame begins telling Stormy about what Wigglytuff's Guild does. "To form a team, u must sign up here at Wigglytuff's Guild. Then u gotta train til u become a first-rate exploration team. Y-y-yikes! There's something odd about this place. No! I've got Stormy with me this time! Time to be brave! *walks onto the crate* The same mysterious voices appear again. "Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!" Whose footprint? Whose footprint?" "The footprint is Charmander's! The footprint is Charmander's!" "Waah. N-no. I have to be strong" Said Flame. "You may ENTER! Someone's with u! So get that stranger to stand up THERE!" Flame moves to one side and turns to Stormy. "They probably meant u, Stormy. U have to stand up here" Said Flame. Stormy stands for a minute checking out the crate not sure to trust it. "Hey, u! Stranger! Get on the GRATE!" Stormy now stands on the grate. "Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!" "Whose footprint? Whose footprint?" "The footprint is... The footprint is... Um..." "What's the matter?! Sentry! Sentry?! What's wrong, sentry Diglett?" "Umm... Er... Umm... The footprint is... Maybe Shinx's! Maybe Shinx's" Said Diglett. "What?! MAYBE?!" "B-but... It's not a footprint that u normally see around here..." Said Diglett. "UGH! That's pretty crummy! Checking the footprints of visiting Pokemon... That's ur job, ISN'T it, Diglett?" "Yes, but... I don't know what I don't know" Said Diglett. It goes back to Flame and Stormy on top. "What? Are they arguing?" asked Flame. "... Sorry to make u WAIT. Well, it's TRUE that u don't see any Shinx in these parts.... But u don't SEEM to be bad... OK, good enough! ENTER!" *gates open up* "Yikes! I'm so nervous! So jittery! But I'm glad we're finally allowed in. My heart's pounding though...OK, let's go in. Th-there's a hatch that leads underground here! Wow! So this is Wigglytuff's, Guild! So many Pokemon! I wonder if they're all on exploration teams?" Said Flame. "Excuse me! It was u two that just came in, right?" "Y-yes!" Said Flame. "I'm Chatot! I'm the Pokemon in the know around these parts! I am Guildmaster Wigglytuff's right-hand Pokemon! Now, shoo! Leave the premises! We have no time for salespeople or silly surveys. Off u go, if u please!" Said Chatot. "N-no! That's not why we're here! We wanna form an exploration team. That's why we came. We want to be trained as an exploration team" Said Flame. "Wh-what?! Exploration team? It's rare to see a kid like this want to apprentice at the guild. Especially given how hard our training is! Surely the steady stream of Pokemon that run away from our rigorous training proves how true that is!" Said Chatot. "Excuse me. Is the exploration team training that severe?" Said Flame. "What?! Well...no! No, no, no! It's not true in the slightest! Our training program for exploration teams is as easy as can be! Well, well, well! I wish u had told me up front that u wanted to be an exploration team! Hee-heeee!" Said Chatot. "His attitude suddenly changed, didn't it?" Said Flame. "OK! Let's get ur team signed up right away. Follow me! Oh, anything wrong? Come on! Over here! Quickly, please! This is the Guild's second underground floor. This is mainly where the apprentices work. Team registration is this way. Come along, please." Said Chatot. "Wow! We're two floors under the ground, but u can see outside" Said Flame. "Oh, please! Hush now! The Guild is built into the side of a cliff. It's only natural that you would be able to see outside" Said Chatot. "Oh." Said Flame. "Now here we are at Guildmaster Wigglytuff's chamber. On no account... I repeat, on no account should u be discourteous to our Guildmaster. Guildmaster! It's Chatot! I'm coming in! Guildmaster! I present to u two Pokemon who wish to join our guild as apprentices. Guildmaster... um... Guildmaster?" Said Chatot. "Hiya! I'm Wigglytuff! I'm the guild's Guildmaster! U want to form an exploration team? Then, let's go for it! First, we must register ur exploration team's name! So tell me ur team's name?" Said Wigglytuff. "Oh? Our team's name? We didn't think of that. So what do u think would be a good name for us, Stormy?" Said Flame. "WWE." Said Stormy. "WWE?! Team WWE! Yeah... That's a good name! It suits us!" Said Flame. "All settled, then! I'll register ur team as WWE. Registering! Registering! All registered... YOOM...TAH! Congratulations! From now on, ur an official exploration team! I present u with this in commemoration. *sets down an exploration team kit*" Said Wigglytuff. "A Pokemon exploration team kit?"Said Flame. " Yup. It's what every exploration team needs. Quick open it up." Said Wigglytuff. Flame opens the kit, there was an explorer badge, a wonder map, and treasure bag. "Yeah! There are all sorts of great items in here!" Said Flame. "That's ur explorer badge! It's ur official team identification! And there's the wonder map, which is a wonder of convenience! Finally, there's a treasure bag. It let's u carry items u find in dungeons. Ur successes as an exploration team can lead to bigger and bigger space for ur treasure bag. It's a very wonderful bag! Have a peek inside ur treasure bag" Said Wigglytuff. Flame peered into the treasure bag, it has a zinc band and a fuchsia bow. "Those two items are special. I'm sure they will help u on ur adventures!" Said Wigglytuff. " Th-thank u! We'll do our best!" Said Flame. "Yup. But ur only apprenticing right now. So do ur best... to train!" Said Wigglytuff. "We will! Let's always do our best, Stormy!" Said Flame as they again do a pose. "This is ur room!" Said Chatot. "Great! We get beds!" Said Flame. "U will live here while u work for us. Things will start getting busy for u tomorrow! So rise early and start living up to our code! Don't stay up late. Get to sleep early tonight! That is all." Said Chatot. later that night..."Oh, are u still awake Stormy? My heart's been racing all day today over every little thing... But I'm glad I finally made myself come here. I thought Wigglytuff would be scary, but he seems pretty friendly. We're going to experience all sorts of things starting tomorrow, but I'm not very scared. In fact, it's the other way around. I'm super excited about the adventures we'll face! I'm feeling a little sleepy... Let's give it our all tomorrow. OK, Stormy. Good night."Said Flame. Stormy falls asleep too. The next morning... "HEY! HEY THERE! RISE AND SHINE!" "Ugh, M-my head is pounding. Wh-what a ridiculously loud voice! It almost blasted my eardrums!" Said Stormy. "Why are u still ASLEEP?! WAKE UP!" "Ugh!" Said Stormy. "M-my poor ears..."Said Flame. "C'mon! Snap OUT of it! I'm Loudred! and I'm a fellow apprentice! If ur late for our morning briefing, u'll be SORRY! So MOVE it! Guildmaster Wigglytuff has got a BIG temper. If u make him lose it... YOWEE! That would be one very scary scene! I've got goose bumps just thinking about it! YEESH! So ANYWAY... I'm not about to get in trouble because u rookies got up LATE! SO GET IT IN GEAR!" Said Loudred. "Urk! My ears are still ringing...What did he say? Something about getting ready? Er... Oh yeah! We signed up as apprentices at Wigglytuff's guild, that's right! But that means... Waaah! We totally overslept! We've got to hurry, Stormy!" Said Flame. "You're LATE, rookies!" Said Loudred. "Hush! Your voice is ridiculously loud!" Said Chatot. "Humph..." Said Loudred. "Everyone seems to be present. Very well. Let us conduct our morning address. Guildmaster! The guild is in full attendance! Thank u, Guildmaster! Please address the crew." Said Chatot. "Zzzz...Zzzz...Snorfle...Zzz..." Said a sleep walking Wigglytuff. (Psst! Guildmaster Wigglytuff never ceases to amaze me!) Whispered one apprentice. (Yeah, u got that right!) Whispers another. (Yup, looks like he's wide awake) whispers a third. (Eek! His eyes are wide open! But he's fast asleep)whispers a fourth. "Thank u, sir! We all value ur...words of wisdom! OK, Pokemon! Take our Guildmaster's words of wisdom to heart! Finally, let's not forget our morning cheers! All Together now!" Said Chatot. "A one, a two... A one-two-three! One! Don't shirk work! Two! run away and pay! Three! smiles go for miles!" Said all apprentices. "OK, Pokemon! Get to work!" Said Chatot. "Hooray!" Said all apprentices. Chatot turns to Flame and Stormy. "Hey, u shouldn't just be wandering around there. You two come here.*Takes Flame and Stormy to a wooden job board* You're just beginners. We'll have u start off with this assignment. This is the Job Bulletin Board. Pokemon from various regions post job requests here. You're aware that bad Pokemon are cropping up in greater numbers, right?" Said Chatot. "Yup. Because the flow of time is getting messed up. It's wreaking havoc right? Which is why lots of bad Pokemon are appearing!" Said Flame. "The flow of time is getting messed up? Time? As in hours and minutes? Do u mean something has gone wrong with time here? And, because of that, more and more bad Pokemon are popping up? What's going on here?!" Said Stormy. "Precisely. Time getting out of whack has caused an outbreak of bad Pokemon. Perhaps because of all that...We have noticed an increase in the number of jobs. In addition...and it's unknown if this is because of time's influence...There has also been a mass outbreak of... mystery dungeons." Said Chatot. "Mystery dungeons?!" Said Stormy. "So, Stormy! u know how we got my Relic Fragment back yesterday? The place where we found it was a mystery dungeon. A mystery dungeon changes each time you go into it. There's a different layout and different items every time u enter! If u faint in the middle of a dungeon, u lose half of ur money...You can even lose half ur items or more... Finally, u get kicked right out. They're very strange places. But every time u go inside one, there are always new things to discover! They really are fantastic places to go exploring!" Said Flame. "Well! You're quite informed, aren't u! That makes things much easier for me to explain! Jobs all take place in mystery dungeons. So...let's look for a job that u should perform! Ah,yes. Maybe this will do?" Said Chatot. "Oh, really? Let's read it!" Said Flame. *letter*: Hello! My name is Spoink! An outlaw has run off with my most prized possession. My precious pearl! That pearl is life itself...to me! I just can't seem to settle down if that pearl isn't in its proper place atop my head! But I've heard my pearl has been sighted! It's said to be on a rocky bluff. But this bluff is reported to be extremely unsafe. I could never go somewhere so frightening! Oh, friendly readers! Would u be so kind as to go the bluff and get my pearl? I beg ur help exploration team members! From Spoink. "Wait a second... We're going to fetch an item that someone dropped? I would rather do something that's more of an adventure. I'd rather look for treasure or explore unknown places. Things like that!" Said Flame. "Hush!" Said Chatot. "Yikes!" Said Flame." It's important that u rookies pay ur dues! Now pay attention! I'll repeat the warnings again to make sure they stick! You'll be forced out of a dungeon and sent back here if either of u faints. U'll lose half ur money! And you could lose half ur items or more. U'd best be careful! If u've understood all that, I suggest u get on with the job!" Said Chatot. "Hmm..." Said Flame as they headed to the bluff. At the bluff: "This must be the bluff's entrance. Spoink's mission description said the pearl is deep down on the B7F level. It sounds like a seriously dangerous place. Let's be careful." Said Flame. "Oh! Look at that! This must be Spoink's pearl! Let's hurry back with it!" Said Flame. "Th-thank u! That pearl must be be propped on my head, u see. I missed it so much! I just couldn't settle down without it up there! So I was boinging and sproinging everywhere! That's why I'm covered in dings and bumps. But thanks to u, that long nightmare is over! u have my sincere thanks!" Said Spoink as he awards his heroes. "Oh, wow! 2,000 poke?! All this money is for us?"Said Flame. "Of course! Of course! That's nothing compared to my pearl's value! Farewell!" Said Spoink as he leaves. We're rich, Stormy! we got rich just like that!" Said Flame. "Well done, team! Now hand that money over, if u please!" Said Chatot. "Huh?!" Said Flame. "Most of the money from jobs goes to the Guildmaster, u see! And ur team's share of the money comes out to this much" Said Chatot. "Huh?! We keep only 200 poke? That's awful" said Flame. "Well that's the guild's rule. u simply have to accept it!" Said Chatot. "Hmph" Said Flame. "Everyone! Thanks for waiting! I finished making dinner! Come on! Dinner's on!" Said Chimecho. "Yeah!" Said everyone. *everyone ate dinner* "Aaaaah! I'm done eating! Excellent meal!" "I'm stuffed, and now I'm getting sleepy..." "Yep, I'm off to bed! Good night, gang!" "Good night" *a bit later in Flame and Stormy's room* "Listen, Stormy... Wasn't today hectic? So much happened! But I'm relieved that our first job was a success. It was really upsetting how Wigglytuff's Guild took most of the money... That's just the cost of training, I guess. We can't do anything about it. But what made me really happy today, though, was getting thanked by Spoink! Yawn... I'm getting sleepy. I'm going to sleep. Let's trty our best again tomorrow. Good night, Stormy" Said Flame.

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