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Progress Incomplete

By xoxstorii-gurrlxox

Adventure / Drama

Book One: Chapter 1

Progress Incomplete

By: xoxstorii-gurrlxox


Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from the book Twilight. Just the ones I created.

Bella's POV

Mom got remarried last year, to a minor league baller named Phil. He was alright as a step father, well that is if he actually lived with us to be able to tell. We knew mom wanted to be with him so my sister, Taylor, and I, Bella, decided to move to Forks to go live with our dad. Oh right, I have a younger sister Taylor -she is only three minutes younger than me, but no, we are not twins.- she was about 5'8", taller than my 5'6", she had short brown hair with blond highlights. Her eyes were very unique, she had blue-green-gray eyes, they always changed color though. She is well balanced, very good in sports, and muscular.

And I am completely the opposite. I have long dark brown hair, it goes to my mid back, I am skinny, I have no balance what so ever, I have been to the hospital more times than I can count. I suck at everything I try to do, the only thing I am good at is school, and even than it's a challenge for me. Well, we were packing to go live in Forks, it's this small town where the sun like never shines. It's always wet, and rains pretty much every day. I hate the rain, and everything wet.

"Bells, come on hurry up! We are going to miss our plane!" Taylor screamed up the stairs.

"Okay okay. I'm coming, don't have to rush me!" I hollered back. Smirking in satisfaction when I heard Taylor harrumph.

I trudged down the stairs, a few minutes later. Looking around me one last time, depressed already I took my suitcase outside and shoved it into the trunk of the car. "It's about time sweetie." Mom smiled sadly at me.

I forced a smile on my lips. "Sorry mom, just was making sure I had everything I needed."

Taylor rolled her eyes, "Have I ever told you that you are totally hopeless at times?"

I glared at her, "Remember I am older than you!"

"By three minutes!" She hissed under her breath. "And you never let me forget it."

"Good, now get in the car. Like you said, don't wanna miss our flight." I chuckled at her angered expression as she shoved herself in the car.

The airport and the ride were uneventful. The flight was four hours, and we landed in Port Angeles. The ride to Forks is only suppose to take an hour, but with Charlie driving it took us an hour and a half.

"How was your plane ride?" He asked Tay and me.

"Fine." We both replied.

Charlie nodded, while pulling up into the driveway. I looked up at the house I haven't been to since I was five. Nothing changed, except maybe it got older. The white paint was peeling off the panels, sighing I got out of the car. There was an old truck in front of the cruiser, it looked like it was made in the 50's and was a faded red. I glanced at Taylor, seeing her scowling face I smiled in satisfaction. She was going to hate it here as much as I was going to. Charlie grabbed my suitcase before I could say anything, I glared at him and made my way to the front door.

"No Charlie, I got it. Thanks." I heard Taylor say back at the car.

"Well if you're sure Tay." Charlie replied, disappointment evident in his deep voice.

I shook my head and unlocked the door. I walked in, and headed straight upstairs, not wanting to site see at the moment. Finally up the stairs, I heard the door close, I looked between the two closed doors in front of me. I chose the one on the right, hoping that it was my bedroom.

"Wow, Bells, your room looks so kiddish." Taylor laughed from behind me.

I turned around and glared at her, "Shut up! I haven't been here since I was five."

"Your using that as an excuse?" Taylor sneered and walked out of the room, going into her own.

I smirked and followed her into her room. What I saw, was nothing child like at all. Her walls were painted a dark blue, with light blue clouds everywhere. She had this major thing for the sky, she have always wanted to fly, ever since she was little. Her dresser matched the clouds, and her bed was 3x the size of mine.

Taylor saw me staring at awe at her room, "Like it?"

I shook my head, getting out of my dream state, "How were you able to do this?"

"I didn't do anything Bella. I called dad and asked him to do it." She smirked.

"Oh. Well I'll let you unpack." I turned sharply on my heel and stalked off.

Charlie came up 30 minutes later, knocking on my door. I got up to answer it. Looking at my aged father, waiting for him to say something, when that never happened I raised my eyebrow. "What?"

He cleared his throat nervously, "H-how are things coming?"


He nodded. "Do you like your room?"

"It's fine dad. I am only staying till August, so it's good."

He looked down at his feet suddenly. I stiffened, thinking I hurt his feelings. "Oh, right. Well I was thinking that you, Tay and me would go to the diner."

I sighed in relief, "Sounds cool. Might want to go ask Miss Priss first though." I laughed and closed my door.

I sat in my 'childish' room, waiting for Charlie to tell me when we were leaving, but two hours have passed and still nothing. I sighed, walking out of my room I listened for any sign of life, hearing laughter downstairs my feet headed in that direction.

"Jake, do you remember the time when Bella fell into the lake and you jumped in to rescue her?" Taylor's voice drifted to my ears. Who was Jake?

I walked into the living room, stopping when I seen a man and a young teenager. The man was in a wheelchair, he had long black hair that was in a loose ponytail and was aboriginal. The teenager looked exactly like the man, minus the wrinkles and being younger.

"Ah Bella, finally you emerge from your prison." Taylor smirked.

I scowled at her and went to go sit by Charlie. "I thought we were going to the diner?" I muttered.

Charlie looked over at me, his eyes looking me over. "We are, but Billy and Jacob are going to come with us."

I nodded. "Okay."

"Hey Bella, don't know if you remember me, but I'm Billy and this is my son Jake." Billy introduced himself.

I wracked the back of my mind looking for some memory of the two. When none came, I looked at him blankly. "No, I'm sorry. I don't remember you."

Jake looked at me in surprise, "Bells, don't you remember? We used to make mud pies and try to feed them to Taylor." She scowled at the memory.

I smiled than. I remember that summer that I was here, I was only four.

"Come on Tay! Jakey is going to be here soon." Bella yelled as she ran down the stairs.

"I'm coming!" Taylor screamed back.

The doorbell rang a few moments later, Bella rushing to go answer it. She opened the door revealing a three old Jacob wearing a wide grin on his face.

"Who is it honey?" Mom called from the kitchen.

"It's Jake!" I yelled back. "And his Daddy."

Charlie came out than, "Well move out of the way, so they can come in." Bella scampered away from the door.

"Hey Charlie, little Bella." Billy sat back on his haunches, than patted my head. "Where's Renee and Taylor?"

"Renee is making some supper and Taylor is upstairs." Charlie answered.

"Not anymore." Taylor announced as she walked into the room.

Charlie smiled, "Why don't you three go play outside, we'll call you when dinner is ready."

"Yes daddy." Bella grabbed Jake's hand, dragging him to the back door. "Come on Tay!" She demanded, Taylor raced towards them.

"Nice seeing you Billy!" She yelled behind her.

"Those girls of yours are always in a rush." Billy chuckled while walking into the living room.

"Jakey, come play with me!" Bella pulled on his wrist.

Taylor rolled her eyes. "Why can't we all play together?"

Jacob nodded. "Yeah."

"Oh fine. What do you want to do?" Bella looked at Jake. He whispered something in her ear and she smiled. "Okay. Lets go make mud pies than!" Bella raced to the hose, turning the water on she hosed the dirt in front of her. "Okay, it's ready."

Taylor watched as the two grabbed a handful of mud and started patting it and shaped the mud into a circle. After they were satisfied that they made the perfect pie, they started on the next one. After completing five pies each they stood up and grinned at Taylor. Grabbing two pies each they took off after Taylor. Taylor ran the other way, screaming and running as fast as her feet would carry her. She ran into the forest, making Bella and Jake stop following her. But it wasn't long after she went in there, she came out screaming 'monster' everywhere.

"Bella? Bella!" Jake was shaking me now.

"What?" I growled.

"Are you okay?" He asked me, the look he gave me sent shivers down my spine.

I nodded. "Yeah I'm fine."

"Good, let's go eat now. I'm starving." Taylor suggested.

"Sure." Charlie and Billy answered.

Dinner was uneventful, the whole time we just talked about the old days. Days that I barely remember. It was still fun, to be there with them though. I never thought I could have this much fun without being in Phoenix. A stab of pain went through my chest, as I remembered mom. We finished dinner and headed back home a couple hours later, after saying good bye to Billy and Jacob.

"I'm going to bed dad. Good night." I muttered as I walked into the house.

"Good night Bells." He turned to Taylor. "You should get to bed too. You have to go to school in the morning."

She nodded and followed me up the stairs. We said our good nights and went into our own rooms. I changed into my pajamas, brushed my teeth, put my hair in a loose braid and than plopped on my bed. Instantly I fell asleep, with little beads of tears flowing down my albino cheeks.

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