RWBY Origins: ORGS

Chapter Four: Silver Eyes

When Ambrose and Roman got to the airship port they found out that they would be taking a separate airship from their father. He told them to be good and heartily told them not to get into any fights. Ambrose nodded his head sincerely while Roman tried not to roll his eyes. They said last goodbyes and the two brothers made their way onto the student airship. The plane was very spacious and featured long cushioned seats for students to sit in. Ambrose prudently sat down in the first seat he could find with his usual proper demeanor and perfect posture. Roman, however, stayed on his feet and surveyed the area as he leaned casually on his cane. He had never seen so many teenagers in one place; there were big, muscular young boys with fists the size of dinner plates and even some girls looked as though they had been through a small war, the space was filled with human and Faunus alike, but Roman paid no attention to the Faunus as he didn’t want to look suspicious. Though out of the corner of his eye he saw some of them playing around, one was even hanging from the ceiling like a bat. “Such animals,” Roman thought to himself. He was so caught up in his dislike for the Faunus that when he felt a light tap on his shoulder it surprised him so much that he accidently pulled the trigger on his cane, sending a small shower of sparks across the floor. Everyone looked at him, some laughed and some just looked sorry for him as though he was weak and worthless. Roman was just glad his hat hadn’t come off. He angrily whipped around to see what had touched him and he found himself looking into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen in his life, beautiful silver eyes. His expression immediately softened.

Her brown hair was wavy and smooth like silk, her complexion milky white. She wore a dark red dress underneath a stunning white cloak.

The young girl was mortified, “I am so sorry, I was trying to get past you and I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s…fine.” Roman said, still stricken by her beauty.

The girl held out her ivory skinned hand, “I’m Summer, by the way, Summer Rose.”

She’s perfect.” Roman thought to himself.

“R-Roman.” He managed to croak out as he shook her hand. “Roman Torchwick.”

“Roman?” said a deep voice behind him. Roman’s heart deflated; he remembered that voice from a weapon shop a couple of years ago. “That weak mutt with the cane, is that you?”

Roman turned around to face Qrow, who had seemed to grow two feet since they last met. The dark haired boy towered over Roman in all of his beastliness.

“Who are you calling a mutt?” Roman asked, his eyes narrowed and his voice soft but menacing.

Qrow sneered. “The same guy who almost caught the plane on fire because an itty bitty girl scared him. I’d hate to see what would happen if a real threat came along.”

“That’s enough,” Summer said, stepping between the two boys. Her cape flowing majestically even though there was no wind. She turned to Qrow “The incident was my fault, okay, now go sit down.”

“Fine, but I have my eye on you.” He replied as he walked away. He found a seat where he could see Summer clearly.

“I’d better go; my brother can be kind of overprotective sometimes.” She said.

Roman blinked, “Qrow is your brother?” she nodded and twirled her hair in embarrassment.

“Like I said, I have to go before he comes back over here, hopefully this school will talk some sense into that brain of his.” She said as she walked away. “It was nice meeting you, Roman.”

“Yeah…Summer.” Roman stammered. She smiled at him, a bright, innocent smile before disappearing in a sea of students.

Roman found Ambrose sitting by himself in a corner of the plane reading a Beacon brochure. He sat down beside him. “Oh…I think I’m in love.” Roman sighed.

“Already?” Ambrose asked skeptically. “We just got on the plane ten minutes ago.”

“Yeah, but she’s the one I tell you, she’s the perfect girl.” Roman smiled.

“What’s her name?” Ambrose asked, absentmindedly looking at his pamphlet.

“Summer” Roman replied, saying the word as though it were something so incredible, so perfect that it was even more precious than dust.

“Summer Torchwick, hmm, has a nice ring to it.” Ambrose said with a grin, prompting Roman to take his brochure and playfully whack Ambrose on the head with it.

“Shut up, Ambrose it’s not as if I plan on marrying her today.” Roman said as he handed the pamphlet back to his brother. “Besides, I’d have to get past her mountain of a brother first.”

“Ah, so there is a grand matrimonial scheme in your future!” Ambrose teased, making sure to keep the brochure out of Roman’s reach. Roman growled in frustration, Ambrose laughed. “Okay, okay, I get it, no more jokes. Just know that you definitely have my blessing.”

Suddenly there was the petite sound of someone clearing their throat. Ambrose and Roman looked up to see a young blonde girl with glasses; her face was stern and stubborn. “May I sit down Mr. Ozpin?” the girl asked, addressing Ambrose.

“Please, Mr. Ozpin is my father you can call me Ambrose.”

“If it’s all the same to you, Mr. Ozpin will do just fine unless we end up as teammates.” The girl said taking a seat.

“Ouch.” Roman whispered to Ambrose.

Ambrose, always being the diplomat, continued to drive the conversation. “What’s your name?”

“Ms. Goodwitch.” The blonde said as she pulled out her scroll and began reading an article of some sort.

“Don’t you have first names where you’re from, sweetheart?” Roman asked.

The girl was extremely miffed by this. “And what exactly do they call you?”

“Darling, Handsome, Witty, take your pick.” Roman remarked.

Ambrose shot a warning look at his brother, and then began to speak again. “You’ll have to pardon my brother; his years of reading certain books that I won’t care to name have left him with a sharp tongue and no manners.”

The blonde was immersed in her article at this point, but multitasked by speaking as she read. “As nice as the neighborhood you grew up in is I couldn’t tell if you were raised there or in a barn and frankly I don’t think it would make a difference.”

“Now see here I-

At that moment they were interrupted as a hologram image appeared in the center of the room and both Roman and Ambrose were surprised to see that it was their mother.

“Hello students, gather round. My name is Emily Ozpin and I am the assistant headmistress of Beacon Academy for those of you who don’t know me. This year will be filled with excitement as the Vytal festival approaches soon after your first semester comes to a close. Now, despite all of the dances and merriment that will happen over the course of your stay here you will also be tasked with dangerous missions that will help you better yourselves at being great huntsmen and huntresses. As always, be careful and welcome to Beacon Academy.”

As the students made their way from the airship to the school, Roman made sure to keep Summer in his sight at all times. He marveled at her beauty from a distance and her laughter that echoed was like the tinkling of a bell as she talked with the blonde girl whom they had met on the plane. He was amazed at how easily she could make people smile as even the stern faced blonde couldn’t help but grin at whatever Summer was saying. As immersed as Roman was with watching Summer, Ambrose made sure to watch Qrow. Unlike his brother, Ambrose knew what he was dealing with. On many of his evening walks, Ambrose had occasionally seen Qrow down a dark alley in Vale and observed him beating up and humiliating young men who tried to date his sister. He was brutal and cunning and Ambrose did not wish for anything bad to happen to his sibling. On their long walk up to the school commons, however, Qrow broke away from the pack to talk to some of his friends and Roman saw this as the perfect opportunity to talk to Summer. He walked up to her and lightly tapped her on the shoulder with his cane.

She turned and smiled, “You again.” she laughed.

You again.” Ms. Goodwitch groaned.

“Hi Summer,” Roman said, blushing slightly. “So, um, I hope we can be on the same team together.” Roman felt like an idiot, where was all of the smooth talk he had picked up from his mother?

“Me too,” Summer said; her eyes suddenly widened with fear, “Oh no, Qrow’s coming back. Quick, hide before he sees you!” She pushed him behind a pillar and into a patch of bushes just as her brother turned to look at her. She smiled and tried to conceal her nervousness as Goodwitch looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Qrow eyed her for a few more seconds before turning back to talk to a boy with sun yellow hair. Summer breathed a sigh of relief.

“Summer, we’ve been friends since we were five and ever since I’ve known you you’ve lived in fear of your brother’s judgement. When are you going to let him know that you’re not a child anymore?” the blonde asked.

Summer sighed. “I wish I could, Glynda, but he won’t listen. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt because of me.”

“If you keep this up, someone is going to get hurt,” Glynda said as she began to follow the group again. “Now could you please get your boyfriend out of the shrubbery before he ruins those poor plants?”

“He’s not my boyfriend, Glynda.” Summer whispered.

“Any man who is willing to be pushed to the ground and ridiculed by your brother is either stupid in love or stupid in general.” Glynda replied with a grin as she walked away, her small black cape flowing in the wind.

As soon as Qrow was out of sight Summer pulled Roman to his feet. To her dismay, the boy had gotten several grass stains on his pristine white jacket.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll pay for that.” She said.

“It’s alright, the dry cleaning would cost more than the average person makes in a year, besides this thing isn’t even mine.” Summer gave him a suspicious look and he quickly added. “Uh, my brother lent it to me for the day so I’ll be the one making it up to him.”

Summer looked up at his head and smiled. “That’s a lovely hat you’ve got there. May I see it?” As she reached for it, Roman quickly pulled away from her.

“Sorry, it’s kinda my favorite possession and I never take it off.” He explained nervously.

“Oh…I just thought it needed something,” Summer reached into her bag, “A feather perhaps?” She pulled out a dark gray feather that looked as if it might have come from a baby Nevermore. She gently tucked it under the red band on the left side of his hat. The two blushed as they faced each other, green eyes staring into silver.

“We’d better go before one of the professors catch us, or worse, Qrow.” Summer said.

“Yeah, we should definitely go.” Roman agreed. He thought about putting his hand on her back, but then envisioned his hand being chopped off by an angry Qrow and decided better of it. The two proceeded to walk silently to the main hall of the school, a little ways behind the rest of the pack.

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