RWBY Origins: ORGS

Chapter Five: Team ORGS

Qrow had always considered himself to be a good brother; he had played games with his sister when she was very young and taught her how to use weapons when she got older. He had always guarded and protected her from the Creatures of Grimm, but now that she was getting older he found that there was a new enemy; boys. Back in Patch when she was seven and he was three years older than her, he had caught a neighborhood bully pulling her hair as she struggled to get away. Naturally, he taught the boy a lesson and sent him crying home decorated with bruises. Now Qrow longed for the days when things were that simple, but he noticed that as Summer was growing up that she wanted more interaction with boys and though Qrow tried to push them away, his beauteous sister just attracted more. Maybe Qrow wouldn’t have minded if he trusted anyone, but there was only one person who he might call a friend. As Qrow got off of the airship and followed his sister from a distance he suddenly spotted a head of curly yellow hair up ahead. He decided that Summer would be fine in the company of Glynda and marched forward to catch up to his friend. He came up from behind and patted him on the back which barely budged the smaller, but sturdy boy.

“Hello Qrow,” the boy said.

“Hey Taiyang,” Qrow replied. “Man, I’ve missed you. How was Signal’s Summer Camp?”

Taiyang smiled; a flash of excitement in his eyes. “It was awesome, I must have slayed over two dozen Beowolves a day!”

Qrow sighed, “Sounds amazing, I wish I’d been there. Life’s been kind of dull without you around.”

Taiyang fist-bumped Qrow’s shoulder, “Hey, this semester we’ll have plenty of time to catch up and take out Grimm.”

A concerned look suddenly came across Qrow’s face. Taiyang noticed and the two boys came to a halt amid the sea of students.

“What’s wrong?” Taiyang asked.

“It’s just…about this semester; I’m really concerned for Summer.” Qrow admitted.

“You mean with the big dance coming up?” Taiyang glanced over Qrow’s shoulder and watched Summer as she spoke to Glynda. Of course, he would never admit it, but he had always found Summer incredibly pretty and had been watching her almost as intently as Qrow for the past few years.

“About the dance,” Qrow said. He inhaled sharply as though what he was about to say might shatter him. “I…I want you to ask Summer to the dance.”

Taiyang stumbled backward in shock. “M-Me?” He stuttered.

Qrow bit his lower lip, searching for words. “I’ve been thinking…Growing up, you were the only boy in Patch who seemed worthy of my sister and now that we’re at Beacon…I guess if she has to date someone I’d like it to be you because you’re the only person I’d ever trust with her.” Taiyang was speechless. Ever since the Roses’ had moved to central Vale, Qrow had become increasingly protective of his sister. Upon visiting, he had even witnessed Qrow intimidating a boy who had tried to date Summer. Taiyang never thought he would hear Qrow give him permission to court Summer Rose. Then, he looked over Qrow’s shoulder again and saw a boy with striking orange hair talking to Summer and the hopeful feeling that spread throughout him suddenly vanished.

Taiyang sighed, “I think that she’s already taken.”

Qrow raised an eyebrow and turned his head.

Taiyang also gave a questioning look when he saw Summer push the boy into a nearby bush just as Qrow’s eyes met hers. “What makes you say that?” Qrow asked as he slowly turned back to Taiyang.

At that moment, Taiyang decided not to tell Qrow what had just happened and made up a lie, “Um, well, uh…your sister is very…pretty and every boy in Beacon must already be planning to ask her to the Vytal dance.”

Qrow smirked, “Heh, leave those punks to me. You will be taking Summer to the dance, buddy, don’t worry about that.”

Taiyang realized that Qrow must not be as worried anymore because as they walked they became ahead of the pack and Summer was completely out of their sights. With a fresh air about him, Qrow began to walk away from Taiyang and as he did he called back to him, “Oh and by the way, if things do work out between you and Summer, no matter what happens she keeps her maiden name, ok?” He didn’t even wait for a reply as he soon disappeared and Taiyang was left standing dumbfounded in the sea of students.

Ambrose Ozpin had always heard how his father chose teams of four and highly disapproved of the system. This was mostly due to the fact that there was no system, he merely called out students’ names and whichever four he picked would be the final judgment for the team roster. “I think that each student should be able to see how they work together as a team in actual combat instead of just being randomly formed.” Ambrose would say, though only to his mother. Unfortunately, Henry Ozpin believed that a huntsman should be prepared for any situation no matter who they were paired with and stuck by this theory stubbornly.

Now, all of the first year students gathered in the lecture hall for their ‘team briefing’ as it was called. Ambrose did a quick count in his head and noted that there were exactly 48 new students this year, which meant that twelve teams of four would be made today.

Henry Ozpin took the stage, looking massive and stoic as usual. “Welcome all to your first year at Beacon Academy. Today I will be assigning you your teammates and be warned that my word is final and I will not have any arguing or complaining or you will be expelled. Is that clear?” The room was silent and anxious which Mr. Ozpin took as a yes. “Now, this year is particularly special because this is the year that my own sons will be attending and I think it’s only fair that I assign them a team first.” Ambrose felt a little self-conscious about being called out and noticed all of the other students staring at him as Mr. Ozpin spoke. “Hmm…I think it would be rather tragic to separate brother from brother so I think I will pair you with Roman. Now as for the other two members…” Henry Ozpin gazed around the room for a moment at the many teenagers hoping to be on the same team as the headmaster’s sons, but two students caught his eye particularly because one of them seemed to have caught Roman’s eye. “The first team of the semester will be team ORGS, consisting of Ambrose Ozpin, Roman Ozpin, Glynda Goodwitch, and Summer Rose lead by my son Ambrose.” Roman immediately perked up when he heard that he would be on the same team as Summer and saw that Qrow was notably miffed at the thought that he was to be separated from his sister. “The next team will be team RITB, consisting of Qrow Rose, James Ironwood, Taiyang Xiao Long, and Raven Branwen.” And so the list went on as Headmaster Ozpin called out more names until all twelve pairs were made and students were assigned dorm rooms. Qrow later went up to Mr. Ozpin and requested his sister be given separate quarters close to his own and was granted his request, but Roman was still satisfied that Summer was on his team and they would still get to spend time together regardless of what Qrow thought.

That evening after a light dinner, Ambrose, Roman, and Glynda made their way up to their dorm room which gave a perfect view of Beacon’s Emerald tower a short way away. Ambrose stared out the window at it expectantly because he knew that his father was up there right now in his office. His thoughts were interrupted by Ms. Goodwitch.

“I have a few rules,” she said in a snooty manner. She took out a rider’s crop which was attached to her belt and dust glowed radiantly from the tip of it. She air-drew a line across half of the room with the crop and a magenta pink dust hung in the air. “This is my side of the room, gentlemen, which means that you are not allowed to cross it under any circumstances.”

“Yeah, and how exactly are we supposed to get to the closet?” pointed out Roman who nodded his head at the only closet in the room which happened to be on Glynda’s side.

“You will have to make due with what space you have.” Glynda snapped as she began unpacking her things.

“But there are two of us, where are we to put our clothes?” Ambrose asked courteously.

“Might I suggest you invest in a laundry line?” Glynda said. “Or maybe you might consider getting rid of some of your unnecessary attire.” She eyed Roman’s stained jacket with a haughty expression.

“Listen Goody-Goodwitch, I’ve had about enough of you and your attitude.” Roman said through gritted teeth.

“Such composure,” Glynda said sarcastically.

“Ugh, that’s it! I’m taking a walk, don’t wait up for me,” Roman said, striding angrily to the door. “Especially you,” He said to Glynda as he slammed the door.

Roman began to walk; he didn’t know the school very well so he just roamed countless halls and corridors not in any particular direction. He wasn’t even sure if he was supposed to be out of his dorm at night, but he really didn’t care. Ever since he had gotten to Beacon he had met terrible people like Glynda and Qrow who never seemed to give him a break, then he thought of Summer Rose and the way she smiled brightly and he seemed to calm down a little. He thought about the Vytal festival then, and thought maybe he might ask her to the dance he had heard about. He could imagine her in a ball gown, gliding gracefully to a beautiful waltz that was being played. He imagined her smile as he twirled her about the dance floor, locked in her entrancing gaze. Suddenly, he bumped into something, or rather someone. He looked down to see a young, ebony haired girl with glowing golden eyes hiding behind a pair of red glasses. Her clothes were a little unsightly and torn and she looked as though she had been crying. Roman helped her to her feet. “Sorry about that, I wasn’t really thinking.” Roman apologized.

“It’s fine.” She sniffled. Her voice was silky smooth, almost elegant, but there was something mixed in. Something that almost made the hairs on the back of Roman’s neck stand up. It must have been his imagination, but there was something about her that seemed off.

She looked into his eyes, or rather the eye that wasn’t covered with red hair, and spoke. “You…you set off that explosion on the plane earlier.” She said.

“Uh…” Roman felt that this conversation was going south.

Her tears almost completely dry and a look of interest on her face, she began to pace around Roman. “I found it odd that someone like you could be snuck up on so easily.” She said. “Though, perhaps…you just didn’t hear her.” She put great emphasis on the word ‘hear’ and Roman’s heart began to race. Was this girl implying that she knew he was a Faunus? The girl stopped pacing when she heard footsteps approaching. She turned to Roman, “I must go…goodnight, Roman.” And as she backed away she seemed to disappear into the shadows and the darkness consumed her. Roman shuttered, it was as though she was the darkness. Suddenly the approaching footsteps halted and he heard a familiar voice, “Roman?”

He turned around and to his surprise he found Emily Ozpin standing there with open arms. “Mom?” he asked. “What are you doing here?”

“I am the co headmaster of this school and it is my job to make sure that all students are where they are supposed to be,” She explained warmly, “Especially when young huntsmen are supposed to be in bed.”

She opened her arms wide and accepted a warm embrace from her son. When they finished, Roman looked up at her with a confused look. “Wait, why didn’t you come with us to the airship port if you planned on coming here anyway?”

“I had made a major breakthrough in that ‘secret project’ I promised I’d finish for you.” She winked.

Roman gasped, “Have you found a cure?”

Emily sighed, “These things take time, Roman, but I’m getting closer to finding the answer.”

Roman frowned in disappointment, but a second tender hug from his mother made his doubts vanish. “Come now, you’d better get to your dorm before the headmaster catches you.” She said playfully.

Roman nodded and began to walk towards his room.

“Roman?” Emily called suddenly. “Who was that girl you were talking to just now?”

Roman looked at her blankly, “I don’t know.”

His mother looked concerned, but she kindly bid him goodnight and headed off in the direction of Beacon tower. Alone in the hallways, Roman warily watched the shadows as he made his way back to his dorm. He expected the strange girl to leap from the darkness at any minute and could still hear her hauntingly beautiful voice. She definitely unsettled him and thus he made sure to clutch Melodic Cudgel tightly. Again, he felt stupid; what was he going to do? Shoot her? And why should he bother when she had done nothing to suggest harm? But somehow she knew his name and she knew what he was and he knew nothing about her at all. Not even her name. As the clock struck midnight Roman opened the door to his room and found both of his teammates already asleep. He crept inside and hastily locked the door before preparing for bed. Out in the corridor a pair of golden eyes watched carefully. The hauntingly smooth voice spoke to itself, “A secret project, hmm? After five years of waiting I would imagine Roman is growing quite tired of hiding his little problem. Let’s see if I can do better.”

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