The Newman Boys

Formulating a Plan

Six Years Later

Dylan Newman stood in the study staring out across the back acres of his home for the past ten years. He was now twenty-six and the new owner of Murphy's Lumber Yard, Chancellor the business, the Regal Acres Manor House, affectionately called RAM House, and most of Genoa City, he was still unmarried. He and Jessica Lord-Buchanan had been courting for six years but nothing ever came of it. They were a good match but always at the back of his mind was his sister Victoria's plan. He was still unclear about what it was exactly but if it meant getting their parents belongings back and taking down Jack Abbott, he was going to do it.

Katherine had died four years ago and Mr. Murphy had become sick soon after, dying within months of his late wife. Mrs. Chancellor's daughter, only because she took her in at a young age when her father couldn't "handle her wild ways", Jill, had tried to get the deed to land and rights to the business but Katherine had a will and there was nothing she could do about Dylan being awarded everything. Jill's son, Cane Ashby, was a good man. He and his wife, Lily Winters, the daughter of his father's former ranch hand, Neil Winters, were good trustworthy people so Dylan saw not problem going into business with him. Cane now owned 45% of the lumber yard and 50% of Chancellor. Katherine's other sons lived outside of Pentacites and wanted nothing to do with the business; but Mrs. Chancellor had awarded them all money.

"Dyl?" a now fifteen year old Adam asked as he entered the study.

"What is it Adam?" he asked turning to his brother.

"Vicki said she wants to meet tonight. In the stables."

"Why the stables?" the eldest Newman asked.

"Since Cane and Lily stay here now she wanted somewhere private," Adam said.

"Tell her that's fine," Dylan said. "Where is she?"

"She and Nick went into town. She said she needed to buy supplies."

"Supplies? Is she going somewhere?"

"I have no idea. You know how she gets," the youngest Newman chuckled before leaving the room. Dylan sighed and turned back to the window.

"Vick, we have all of these things at home," Nick Newman said as his sister piled his arms high with bound paper, quills and ink wells.

"I know that Nick quiet. I know what I'm doing," she muttered as they browsed the shelves of the Genoa City General Store. After she collected everything they needed and paid, they boarded their wagon and headed home. "I want to meet right after supper," she said.

"Does it have to be in the stables?" he asked as they climbed the long driveway of RAM House.

"It's the most remote place. I just don't want to be overheard," she said as he pulled the wagon to a stop.

"Ms. Newman, you really should allow Mr. Sharp to drive you in the wagon," an elderly Esther said as she stepped onto the front porch.

"I do not need a driver when my brother is perfectly capable of steering a couple of horse through Genoa City without hitting people," Victoria said as she climbed the front steps. She stopped in front of the old maid. "Thank you for caring for me, Esther," she smiled. "Here, let me help you back inside," she said linking her arm into hers. "When will you daughter, Kate, be here to relieve you of your duties?"

"Very soon. She lived right outside of Pentacities with her father but I received word a few days ago that she was in Port Charles and she would be leaving there tonight," Esther said.

"Is she traveling alone?" Nick asked as Victoria helped the old woman into a chair in the parlor.

"No, sir. She and the lawyer Baldwin's brother Kevin Fisher have been married for three years now," she smiled.

"Good," Nick smiled.

"Thank you for allowing me to rest," Esther said. The two Newmans smiled before leaving the parlor. Ester had never seemed that old to them until Mrs. Chancellor got sick. The worry and constant care she gave to the sick woman showed itself on the maid's face and body. Her hair grayed, her skin became wrinkly and her steps slower. When Katherine died, Esther became even more downtrodden having lost, not only her boss, but her best friend. But she didn't have much time to grieve because Mr. Murphy became sick. His death effected the old maid greatly. She became ill herself and Victoria took on the responsibility of nursing her back to health with the help of Dr. Stitch.

"I have a meeting in town," Dylan said meeting his siblings in the hallway. "Apparently Mayor Abbott wants all of the affluent men into to meet at the City Hall for a meeting about visitors to Genoa City."

"What does that mean?" Nick asked.

"I don't know but I'm sure whatever it is Jack Abbott will explain and it will be a horrible idea," Dylan chuckled.

"Be careful, Dylan," Adam said.

"Of course," he said. "I will be home for supper."

"Mr. Newman, Mr. Ashby is in the carriage," Mr. Sharpe, the driver said from the front porch.

"I'll be right there, Deacon," he said.

"We'll meet in the stables after supper," Victoria said. "My ladies sewing circle has been helpful in getting my plan together. It's time, boys," she said mischievously.

"Vicki, I trust you but you are a frightful woman sometimes," Dylan laughed. He kissed his sister on the forehead and waved goodbye to his brothers before heading out the door.

When Dylan and Cane returned from their meeting they were both annoyed.

"Meeting didn't go well?" Lily questioned as they all sat down to dinner.

"Understatement," Cane answered.

"Jack Abbott is an idiot," Dylan commented. "He called this meeting because he wanted to figure out a way to get men like Asa Buchanan and Sonny Corinthos to move here."

"Why?" Nick asked confused.

"If the most powerful men in Pentacites all live in Genoa City then, Genoa City with be the most powerful city," Cane said quoting Jack.

"It was about money?" Victoria asked.

"Yes and his insatiable need for it," Dylan replied. The dinner conversation shifted to other things but Victoria shifted in her chair. She just wanted the meal to be over so that Cane and Lily could retreat to their room.

When Esther came and cleared the table and The Ashby's exited the room, she spoke softly, "Everyone change. We'll meet in the stables in fifteen minutes," they all nodded and retreated to their rooms. She changed into the pair of riding pants that she fought with Esther about making her and a pair of boots. She slid one of Dylan's old shirts over her shoulders and tied her hair into a bun with a ribbon.

Victoria opened her room door, peaked out and seeing that the coast was clear, she slid through the tiny opening and ran downstairs. Victoria stood on the bottom step and waited to see if she could hear Esther moving around. The last thing they needed was to be deterred. When it was silent, Victoria proceeded through the kitchen and out toward the stables.

She lit a few lanterns inside an empty stall away from windows.

"Vick?" Nick's voice rang out.

"Back here," she called. She stood from her seat of hay so that her brothers could see the top of her head. The three of them came in and took a seat.

"Alright, Victoria. We're all here," Dylan said looking at her. "What's going on?"

"You told us six years ago that the Abbotts stole from us," she said.

"Yeah, I remember," the eldest Newman said.

"My plan was and is to take it all back. Or at least everything we can," Victoria stated.

"It's been ten years, Vicki," Adam said. "How are we going to find everything? I don't even know what we're looking for."

"But I do," she said. "Look, Dylan said they sold everything. So the people of Pentacites and pawnbrokers have Ma and Pa's things."

"But how are we supposed to get them back?" Nick asked. Victoria grinned and pulled out a few large pieces of paper from under her stack of hay. She laid them out in the center of their circle.

"This is a map of Pentacities. I had it made," she said. "All of the pawnbrokers from each city are shown and so are the richest people."

"Ok, so?" Dylan questioned, his eyes searching the map.

"So, we just have to go and get it all," she said exasperated.

"We'd use all of Mrs. Chancellor's money," Nick said.

"Who said anything about money?" Victoria smirked as she reached under her hay stack again and pulled out a revolver. "We're gonna take it."

"Vicki, that would mean we'd be outlaws," Adam said.

"So what? I'd run from the law, from the president, from Pinkerton, from the Devil himself if it meant I could get Ma and Pa's stuff back. If it means I could get our stuff back," Victoria said seriously. "Jack Abbott and his sisters are gonna pay for what they did." Her brothers were silent. They all just stared at her. Nick and Adam looked to Dylan. "What's it gonna be?" she asked. The two young boys still waited for their brother to answer.

"When do we start?" Dylan grinned. Victoria hugged her oldest brother and they began to formulate a plan.

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