The Newman Boys

The Journey Begins

Three nights later, Dylan, Victoria, Nick and Adam met in the stables once again. This was the night that they would steal away and begin to take back what was theirs. They would take one of their older wagons and head toward Port Charles. Dylan decided that Michael and Morgan Corinthos were the perfect people to send them off in the right direction. They packed up the back of the wagon and piled in. They all gave their home for all these year a long last look before Dylan cracked the reins and the horses took off.

Nick and Dylan took turns manning the reins on the several hour trip to Port Charles.

Port Charles was beautiful. It had many of the most modern marvels of the day but the Newmans stayed their course. Dylan stopped at a general store in order to restock any supplies they might need for the rest of their journey.

"Dylan Newman," a voice behind him said. He turned to see, Jason Quartermaine approaching him. Dylan and Jason had become good friends over the years. The passing of Jason's grandmother Lila and Mrs. Chancellor drove the boys to form a bond. They would go shooting, camping and whatever else they could think of that would take them away from the chaos that their lives were thrown into. Jason, became a doctor and felt powerless when he couldn't save his grandmother and Dylan inherited everything and was forced to became a businessman and head of the family when Mr. Murphy fell ill soon after Katherine's death. "What the devil are you doing in Port Charles?" he asked, his hand extended to him.

"Visiting," Dylan answered quickly, shaking his hand. "With my family," he said pointing to the wagon outside.

"Ahh. Well, I was on my way to a meeting at the city hall," Jason told him as he joined Dylan and his shopping trip. "Apparently your mayor has come to Port Charles proposing a way to make Pentacites more prosperous."

"I assure you, Jason, that any idea that Jack Abbott has is absurd and should be voted against," Dylan said plainly, looking into the other man's eyes. "Do not trust Abbott."


"You're a doctor, Jason. In good standing," Dylan said as he laid the items on the counters.

"75 cents," the elderly store clerk said. Dylan reached into his pocket and paid the man.

"I am. Why?" Jason asked as he and the oldest Newman walked on to the porch in front of the store.

"Then heed my warning, my friend. If you wish to remain as such, vote against Jack Abbott and whatever his plans are for Pentacites. You do not want to be in business with the likes of him," he told the youngest Quartermaine son. "Farewell," Dylan said shaking his hand before returning to his wagon. He nodded curtly at Jason before pulling away down the street.

As they approached the Corinthos manor, Dylan slowed the horses. He waited until all of his siblings realized the slower pace before speaking.

"Vicki, you will say nothing," he said clearly.

"What?" she exclaimed.

"You will not speak," Dylan repeated. "Until we do anything against the law we are still apart of this society and in that we have certain rules we must abide by."

"What rules, Dylan?" Victoria spat. "This was my idea."

"That doesn't matter to me," he said as Nick and Adam watched the exchange. "You have a bad habit of letting your mouth lead you," Dylan told her. "That is not what we need. We need information and anything else that Mr. Corinthos can give us."

"I would not ruin this," she said her arms folded.

"You would," Nick chimed in. "You just don't know when to shut up, Vick."

"That's not true," she shouted.

"That is why you will say nothing, Victoria," Dylan said pulling the horses to a stop in front of the massive home. "You will spoke when spoken to and not until then."

"Fine," she muttered as the doorman helped her out. She linked her arm into Nick's and they all climbed the stairs of the towering house. It had six giant white columns across the porch and dark green double doors. The windows were floor length and covered by thick dark green drapes. Dylan knocked and a tall man opened the door.

"Good evening," the man said.

"Good evening. I am Dylan Newman. These are my brothers Nicholas and Adam and my sister Victoria. We are here to see Mr. Michael and Mr. Morgan Corinthos," Dylan said.

"The young sirs are out for the evening but Mr. and Madam Corinthos are in the sitting room," the man told him.

"We would greatly appreciate an audience with them," Dylan said. The man nodded, allowed them inside then led them down a long ornamented hallway. He knocked three times on the door before entering.

"Sir, madam, the Newmans to see you," he said stepping to the side and allowing them to step inside the spacious room with a vaulted ceiling with an exquisite crystal chandelier. The walls were white with beautiful art adorned upon them. Dark wood floors with plush rugs and ornate furniture all around. The windows were open and the curtains drawn allowing the fresh air and the lite floral fragrance from the large garden outside to waft into the room.

Sonny Corinthos, sat lounging in a large armchair his black suit fitting him exactly as it should, while his wife, Carly, wore a floor length dark blue and gray dress. The Newmans looked around the room in awe. RAM House was a marvel but this house put it to shame.

"Good evening," Dylan said approaching Sonny, hand extended.

"Mr. Newman," Sonny said shaking his hand. "What brings you here?" he asked gesturing for them to sit.

"We were seeking an audience with you sons but they appear to not be here," Dylan said.

"No, they are handling some business for me," Sonny said. "They should be home soon. What can I help you with?" The four Newmans exchanged a glance.

"We are seeking information about the Abbotts," Dylan informed them. Sonny and Carly now exchanged a glance and a smile.

"It's about time," she said, a smile still on her lips.

"I'm sorry?" Dylan said, looking from him to her.

"I was beginning to think that you would never figure out what to do about the information I gave my sons to give you," Sonny smiled deviously.

"The information you gave them?" Dylan said confused.

"Yes. While I'm sure, some of what they told you was knowledge that they already had, some of it was not," he told them. Dylan nodded. "Jack Abbott is a snake in the grass and like any snake, he needs his head smashed." Carly nodded her agreement.

"Is that why you are not attending the meeting at city hall?" Dylan questioned.

"Yes. I have no time for what he has to say. I have someone there in my stead," Sonny said. "What kind of information are you in search of, Dylan?"

"Anything really. We want to take back what is rightfully ours," the eldest Newman stated.

"You're talking about becoming an outlaw," Carly spoke up.

"Yes ma'am. I suppose I am," Dylan said.

"Are you sure that is a path you wish to take?" Sonny asked.

"Positive," Dylan said firmly.

"Fantastic," Sonny said beaming, clomping Dylan on the shoulder. "Stay for supper. Michael and Morgan will be home and we can sit down and devise a plan."

"Thank you," Dylan said with an encouraging smile at his siblings.

Over dinner, Michael, Morgan and Sonny talked with Dylan about where they should go, who they should trust and who would be of help to them.

"Before you leave here, leave the wagon. We'll burn it," Sonny said. "We can't have you being followed."

"Won't we need it?" Adam questioned. "If we are collect any items how are we to carry them quickly away?"

"We will provide you with another one," Morgan answered. "One that no one has ever seen before. It'll be plain with no unusual marks on it"

"That way it will be harder to spot and harder for witnesses to recall when the sheriff comes asking," Michael added.

"The first place you need to go is Forrester City," Sonny said. "You wanna see Mr. Bill Spencer."

"The man who owns the printing press?" Victoria asked.

"Yes. The very one," Sonny answered. "He is more than he appears to be."

"I wouldn't travel through Genoa City though," Carly said. "The last thing you need is for someone to spot you on a wagon heading out of town again."

"Of course," Dylan said. "I don't know how to thank you all."

"Taking Jack Abbott down is payment enough," Sonny said, lighting his cigar. Dylan nodded.

"You four must stay for a few days," Carly smiled. "I insist."

"Oh, I don't know," Dylan said, shaking his head.

"It'll take the boys that long to prepare the wagon and it'll give you time to rest up for your travels," Carly said in a motherly tone. "I'll have Johnny ready some rooms for you," she said sweetly.

"Thank you," Dylan smiled. He turned to his siblings and smiled again. He was surprised by the reception that they had received from the Corinthos and that they were so helpful. He hadn't realized how many people disliked Jack Abbott but it was clear to see why.

After dinner, Johnny showed the Newmans to their bedrooms for the night. They spent the next several days with the Corinthos family. They practiced their shooting and riding until the wagon was ready.

"Alright Dylan," Sonny said as he walked the four Newmans to the front of the house. "Stay your course. Do not let anything deter you."

"Yes, sir," Dylan nodded.

"Travel the roads that run along the outside of Pentacities," Sonny told him. "No one but merchants travel those roads so you will mainly be on them alone."

"Yes, sir," Dylan said, extending his hand to the older man.

"Safe travels," Sonny said as he shook his hand and headed back inside.

"Alright," Michael said. "There are places to store your guns for the ride. We've fixed ya up with four brand new saddles. Places for the guns in the saddle bags as well."

"Thank you, Michael," Dylan said shaking his hand.

"You're welcome," Michael said.

"Mikey and I will be out and about," Morgan said as Dylan shook his hand. "We'll take care of you. Don't worry."

"That's right. Don't worry about anything except for the task at hand," Michael said.

"Of course," Dylan said as he, Nick and Adam loaded up the wagon.

"Victoria," Carly said as she stepped out onto the porch. "Come with me for a moment, dear," she said with her hand held out to her. Victoria climbed the stairs and placed her hand in Carly's. They walked through the house and into the parlor where the older woman went to a desk and opened a drawer. Victoria watched as she pulled out a velvet box. "Come," she said waving the young girl over. When Victoria was beside her she opened the box.

"That's beautiful," Victoria said as she looked down at the black and gold colt that lay in the box.

"It was a gift from my late father," Carly said picking the gun up. "I want you to have it."

"No, I couldn't," Victoria said shaking her head.

"Listen to me, this gun has never been fired and a piece this fantastic should see battle," Carly told her. "My father wanted me to be his doppelganger but my mother would have none of that," Carly smiled at the memories that were dancing across the forefront of her mind. "You taking the gun will fulfill everything my daddy wanted for me and honestly what I wanted for myself."

"Are you not happy here, Miss Carly?" Victoria asked.

"Of course I am, dear," Carly said placing the gun back into the box. "Sonny has allowed me to be who I truly am. I'm a Port Charles Spencer. One of the most feared and revered families this town has even known," she told her with a brilliant smile. "My mother is the Spencer you see. My father embraced that part of her even though she didn't. He encouraged it in me but my mother wanted me to have no part of that. My brother Lucas, when we were much younger,moved across town to live with my Uncle Luke and his family because he wanted to be a Spencer and carry the banner, as it were."

"Your mother didn't like that?"

"No. She hasn't spoken to Lucas in many years."

"I'm sorry," Victoria said, lightly touching Carly's hand.

"No, no. No need to be sorry. Lucas and I are very happy now. We have both been allowed to embrace the Spencer side of us and that's all that we both ever wanted," Carly smiled. "So, you take this gun, Victoria. Put it to good use," she said handing her the velvet box.

"Thank so much, Miss Carly," Victoria said clutching the box to her chest. "I'll take good care of it."

"I know," Carly said as she hugged her. Victoria returned the hug before she exited the room. She felt that now that she had this gun that everything was real. That she and her brothers were going to succeed in their plan and it gave her the courage she needed to continue on this mission.

"Are you ready?" Dylan asked her as she descended the steps out front.

"Yes, let's go," she smiled as he helped her into the wagon. The Newmans waved goodbye to the Corinthos who stood on their porch.

The Newmans were headed toward Forrester City. Sonny had sent word to Mr. Bill Spencer to be expecting them for his services. Dylan, Victoria, Nick and Adam had no idea what to expect once they arrived in Forrester City but they were going to be prepared for anything.

"What did Miss Carly want?" Adam asked as they rode.

"To give me something," she answered.

"What was it?" Nick asked. Victoria smiled at her curious brothers. She pulled the velvet box into her lap and opened it. She pulled out the black gun with the intricate gold designs.

"She gave you a Colt?" Dylan asked.

"Yes. It was a gift from her father but she has never even fired it," Victoria told them.

"It's a beaut," Nick smiled.

"Isn't it?" she beamed. "Did you know that Miss Carly was a member of the Port Charles Spencers?"

"Really?" Adam asked interested.

"Yes, her uncle is Luke Spencer and her brother is Lucas Spencer," Victoria informed them.

"That's fantastic," Nick said.

"Jack Abbott hates Luke Spencer," Dylan said as he led the four horses toward the outside of town. "Calls him a charlatan."

"Jack Abbott would know a charlatan when he saw one, wouldn't he?" Nick asked rolling his eyes.

"He thinks he's above that," Dylan said.

"He ain't above the dirt on my shoe," Victoria said, closing her gun box. The boys laughed.

A few hours later, they stopped for lunch. Carly and Sonny had had their maid pack them enough food for their journey to Forrester City. After they ate, they piled back into the wagon and continued on until they stopped to make camp for the night.

Adam and Nick collected wood for a fire while Victoria laid out everyone' blankets and things and prepared for dinner. Dylan poured over the maps that Victoria had had made of Pentacites and each individual city. There was so much open space that surrounded Pentacites. Dylan was sure that they would be able to find a place to keep all of the things they were going to collect.

The four of them ate the meal that Victoria had prepared then drifted off to sleep. In the morning, they had a light breakfast, bathed in a nearby creek before they loaded the wagon and started toward Forrester City.

When the city limits of Forrester City came into view, Dylan woke his siblings up.

"We're here," he said, nudging Victoria. "Wake up the boys." She wiped her eyes and shook awake the other two. Forrester City was grand. All of the people looked so stylish and streets were very busy. Dylan stopped at a general store to once again restock and while Victoria, Nick and Adam were stretching beside the wagon she felt someone put their on her shoulder.

"Victoria Newman?" the familiar voice said. She turned around to see a smiling Steffy Forrester.

"Steffy Forrester," Victoria smiled as the women kissed each on the cheek.

"Forrester-Spencer now," Steffy beamed, showing Victoria her ring. "I married Liam Spencer last Spring."

"Oh. I hadn't heard. Congratulations," Victoria smiled.

"Thank you. I'm with child now," Steffy told her, her hands on the slight bump on her stomach.

"That's wonderful," she said genuinely. Victoria had always said that she hadn't wanted to be a wife and mother and if she did ever acquire those things then they would be on her own accord but standing here with Steffy, who was absolutely glowing with happiness, it made her think about what she wanted. She knew that the journey that she and her brothers were embarking on was dangerous and they she could wind up dead and she would never end up with the life she realized she wanted for herself now but in the end it would be worth it.

"Wyatt is still a single man," Steffy said patting Victoria's hand. "You and he were a good match."

"I suppose so," Victoria blushed.

"Are you ready, Victoria?" Dylan questioned when he returned to the wagon.

"Yes," she nodded. "It was lovely seeing you Steffy. Congratulations on everything. I'm so glad you're happy," she said hugging her friend.

"Thank you, Victoria. I hope to see you again," Steffy said returning the hug.

"I'm sure you will," Victoria said as she climbed back into the wagon. She knew that she would probably be seeing Steffy very soon now that she knew that she was married to one of Bill Spencer's sons. Dylan stirred the wagon down the busy street and stopped in front of Spencer Publications. He helped Victoria down and the four of them entered into one of the only three story buildings on the street. Dylan rang the bell that was on the counter and they waited.

"Ahh, the Newmans," Bill beamed as he came from the back room. "Welcome to Forrester City," he said his arms outstretched.

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