The Newman Boys

Knowledge Acquired

"Mr. Spencer," Dylan said his hand outstretched.

"Call me Bill," he said taking Dylan's hand and clomping down on his shoulder. "I got the letter. Follow me," he said as he shook Adam and Nick's hands and nodded at Victoria.

"We don't want to put you out," Dylan said.

"Nonsense," Bill said as he led them to the back of the shop. "Taking out Jack Abbott is something I am honored to be a part of." He stopped and turned a wheel on a large metal door. "Come on in," he said as the door swung open. Inside the vault were guns. Shotguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers and more ammunition then could be imagined.

Adam ran his hand along a silver revolver with an intricately carved wood handle.

"That's a Dollar Bill original," a voice said. When the Newmans turned around, standing in the open door of the vault was Wyatt Spencer.

"Dollar Bill?" Victoria asked.

"That's what everyone calls my father," he said stepping toward her. "He's about money, they say."

"Looking at this cache, I would agree, Mr. Spencer," she said, gazing around the room.

"We make all of these guns ourselves, Miss Newman," Wyatt flirted. "Ammunition as well."

"You do?" she asked, coyly. "How wonderful."

"We like to think so," he smiled.

"Wyatt, help Miss Newman pick out a gun," Bill said with a wide smile.

"I already have one, but thank you," she said.

"You do?" another voice said. This time Liam Spencer entered inside the vault.

"Yes. Miss Carly gave it to me," Victoria answered as she pulled the gun from her bag.

"That's a beaut," Liam said, admiring the craftsmanship of the weapon.

"I made that," Bill said. "I was just a young'un. One of my first."

"It's beautiful, Dollar Bill," Victoria smiled, returning the gun to her bag.

"Come," he said waving her over. "This revolver takes special bullets."

"Special in what way?" she asked as she joined him on the far end of the vault.

"They have carvings on them," Bill said showing her one of the shiny silver bullets. "The look beautiful and they hurt a hell of a lot more than a regular bullet."

"Wow," she whispered as she examined the rest of the bullets.

"There are only forty of them in existence," Bill informed her. "Use 'em wisely."

"Yes, sir," she nodded as she watched him slip each of her bullets into individual slots of a velvet pouch.

"I still think that you should be fitted with another," he said as he folded her pouch.

"I agree," Dylan said, nodding. "Forty bullets is far too little for the task at hand."

"My thoughts exactly," Bill beamed. "Wyatt, if you would." The eldest Spencer son nodded and led Victoria to the wall of pistols. "Have you found one for yourself?" Bill asked Dylan.

"Yes, sir," Dylan said showing him the all black revolver in his hand.

"That's the Luke Spencer," Bill said taking the gun from him. "There are only two other guns in the world that match this one and they belong to Luke and Lucky Spencer," Bill said.

"Oh, then perhaps I should choose another," Dylan said.

"No, Luke would be pleased that Victor Newman's oldest boy was using this gun," he smiled, handing him the gun back. He handed him a few pouches of bullets and clomped him on the shoulder again.

After a few hours, the Newmans were outfitted with four double holsters, two shotguns, two sawed-off shotguns, four rifles, four pistols and four revolvers. Bill had had Liam pull their wagon around the back of the building. They loaded everything on their wagon and climbed in.

"Wait," Liam said, "my father wants you to come to the house for dinner."

"We must be on our way," Dylan said.

"He pretty much insists," Wyatt said joining his brother by the wagon. "I'll accompany you. He wants you to travel around Forrester City. The less you are seen the better."

"I understand," Dylan said, resigned. He handed Wyatt the reins when he climbed up and sat on the bench.

"I'll see you soon, brother," he said to Liam.

"Be safe," Liam said with a wave. Wyatt nodded, snapped the reins and they were off. They traveled out of town and into the woods. After about an hour, Wyatt slowed his pace. "There," he said pointing, "that's the Spencer Estate." They all followed his finger and sitting on the hill was a grand white house with wide white square columns and hundreds of windows. The wagon climbed the hill leading to the house. Once they were in front, a young man approached. "Oliver, put this wagon in the stables. Do not let it be seen that anyone who comes."

"Yes, sir," the man said as he replaced Wyatt in the driver's seat.

"Follow me," Wyatt said as he linked Victoria's arm into his. The inside of the house was just as lovely and grand as the outside. Dark woods, pristine white paint, beautiful crystal chandeliers, a grand staircase and lovely drapes and rugs covered the floors and windows.

"You have a lovely home," Victoria said.

"Thank you. It is nothing compared to RAM House," he said with a smile, "or so I've heard." Victoria nodded as they entered into the large cherry wood parlor. The furniture was stylish for the times and seated on the chaise by the bay window was a beautiful brown hair woman holding a small blonde hair boy.

"Miss Victoria Newman, I would like you to meet, Mrs. Katherine Logan-Spencer, my step-mother," Wyatt introduced.

"Please, call me Katie," she smiled broadly as she put the boy on the chaise.

"Yes, ma'am. These are my brothers. Dylan, Nicholas and Adam Newman," Victoria said.

"It's lovely to meet all of you," Katie smiled. "This is Will," she said touching the boy on the head. Victoria looked at the Katie. Something was familiar about her.

"Vicki!" an excited voice said from behind them.

"Steffy," Victoria said turning in the direction the voice came from.

"Liam told me that you and your brothers would be joining us for dinner," she smiled, taking Victoria's hand. She nodded. "Good. It's been too long since we've spoken."

"I agree," Victoria smiled.

"Katie, I'm stealing my friend for a little while," Steffy said with a mischievous smile.

"Do not get into trouble, Steffy," Katie winked.

"Never," she laughed as she pulled Victoria from the room.

"Miss Katie is Dollar Bill's second wife?" Victoria whispered as they walked down the long corridor.

"Yes. Liam and Wyatt's mother Quinn died a long time ago. Before either really had a chance to know her," Steffy told her.

"Steffy, may I ask you another question about Miss Katie?" Victoria asked as they stepped outside and on to the vast expanse of grass in front of the house.

"Yes, she is Brooke Logan's sister," Steffy answered looking straight ahead. Victoria gaped at her. "What? I know that was the question. I asked Liam the same thing," she said her hand on her belly.

"And he was honest?"

"Yes. He said that his father said that what Brooke Logan does with her body is her business and has nothing to do with Katie or her sister Donna," Steffy explained.

"Oh. I don't think I know Miss Donna," Victoria said.

"Probably not. She lives in Llanview now," she said.


"She caused a scandal."

"But Brooke being a...," she cleared her throat, "didn't?"

"No. That's a secret that people happen to know about. Miss Donna caused an actual scandal."

"Oh! What happened?" Victoria questioned excitedly.

"Well, she had been trying to entice my grandfather," Steffy began. "Flirting at parties, showing up the Forrester House when my grandmother was at the dress shop," she continued. Victoria shook her head. "One night at a party in Port Charles at Quartermaine's, my grandmother caught her trying to kiss my grandfather!"


"So what happened?" Victoria asked.

"Katie, even though she is the youngest of the Logan women, is the most mature.Their parents left her in charge of everything; including the family. She thought it best that Miss Donna leave town instead of staying here and being looked at as a homewrecker," Steffy said. "Now she lives in Llanview and works as a maid in the Manning home."

"Oh. So Miss Katie is the head of her family?" Victoria asked, admiration in her voice.

"You see, not only did she and Dollar Bill marry for love, they married for money. My family runs this town but Dollar Bill and Katie finance it," Steffy explained.

"So, does that cause problems with you and the Spencers?"

"No. My family, the Forresters, recognize me as a Spencer now," Steffy said, sadness tinged in her voice. Victoria squeezed her friend's hand. "Now, now. It's alright. It's just an age-old family feud that has finally fallen at my doorstep."

"I'm sure they still love you," Vicki said with a gentle smile.

"I know they do," Steffy nodded. They walked in silence for a long while until Steffy spoke again. "I almost was not permitted to marry Liam."

"Why?" Victoria asked as they turned and started back toward the house.

"My father. 'He's a Spencer. The mortal enemy of a Forrester. How do you know this isn't some trick put into motion by his no good father, Bill Spencer?'," she answered. Victoria squeezed her hand again. "Ridge Forrester is a wonderful man but this Spencer/Forrester feud makes him a fool," Steffy said, wiping a tear from her eye.

"I'm sure that if he had known of the love you have for Liam and the love he has for you, he wouldn't have said those things," Victoria said, trying to be helpful.

"I don't know. You may be right; but it doesn't matter now," she said. "I'm married with a baby on the way. I'm happy," she smiled beautifully.

"And I am happy for you," Vicki smiled back.

"What about you and Wyatt?" Steffy questioned. Victoria just looked at her friend. "Liam told me about what you and your brothers are doing." The Newman girl was silent. "It's ok. I commend you. Abby Abbott lives in the lap of luxury and looks down on people who do not."

"We just want what's ours," Victoria said.

"I understand. Now back to Wyatt," she smiled.

"What about him?"

"He still fancies you."

"I'm flattered..." Vicki began.

"Do you fancy him?" Steffy interrupted.

"What?" Victoria asked shocked.

"You heard me, Vicki," she chuckled.

"I supposed I do."

"Then you should allow him to pursue you."

"I can not."

"Why not?"

"I am about to become an outlaw," Victoria told her friend not mincing words. "I do not wish for Wyatt, nor his family to be pulled into what comes along with that."

"We will be fine," Steffy said as they climbed the steps of the house. "Do you honestly think that the Newmans are the first outlaws the Spencers have helped?" she asked with a laugh as the butler held the door open for them.

"I suppose not," Victoria said as they entered back into the study.

"Girls, you're just in time," Katie said with a warm smile. "Dinner is prepared. Come," she said as she held the hand of little Will and led them to the impressive dining room.

Everyone sat down to dinner and conversation began.

"After dinner, I'd like you to come to the office with me, Dylan. The boys and I have something for you," Bill said with a mischievous smile.

"Yes, sir," Dylan nodded. When the meal ended Katie insisted that they stay for a few days. The Newmans agreed. They were unaware that Katie had gotten word from Carly Corinthos that Jack Abbott was looking for them.

"Victoria," Katie said grabbing the young woman's hand before she exited the dining room.

"Yes?" Victoria said, stopping.

"Would you like to retreat with me and Steffy to the porch?" she asked smiling.

"Of course. I would love to," Vicki smiled. Once the three women were outside and seated at a small round table with about ten different desserts on it, Katie spoke.

"Adam told me that this was all your idea," Katie said as she poured Steffy some tea.

"Well, yes," she answered. "I do not think that Jack Abbott and his wretched family should have any of the things that they do. Positions, money, jewels. Any of it," Victoria told them. "I am not ashamed that I thought of this plan."

"No one is trying to shame you, dear," Katie said, pouring Victoria some tea now.

"On the contrary," Steffy said, "everyone wishes that they could take down the Abbots. They are vile."

"Yes, they have for too long sat perched on the throne of greatness that they did not acquired graciously," Katie said. "But my concern is not with Jack Abbott. Traci Abbott is the one I wish to see lifeless by a bullet or the hangman's noose."

"Why?" Victoria questioned.

"She, at one time, was courting Bill," Katie answered "but due to her brother's greed, the courtship ended but not before she became pregnant."

"She did that outside of marriage?" Vicki asked.

"Bill can be quite persuasive," Katie blushed. "But yes, she did and their daughter Colleen was born weeks before Bill found out that Jack had been stealing things from the house when they would visit."

"How was he doing his job as a chaperon if he was busy stealing?" Steffy questioned as she bit into a petit four.

"He wasn't. Traci got pregnant," Katie said. "Anyway, Colleen is, well was, older than Liam and Wyatt; but she died. She drowned in Chancellor River about five years ago on visit to see her mother and ever since then she's been trying to get money from Bill."

"Why?" Victoria asked.

"She's a grieving mother and she needs financial support from Colleen's father to make it through," Katie explained. "Will was born a few weeks after Colleen's death. Traci made it her life's purpose to make mention to anyone who will listen that Bill didn't support Colleen while she was living and that now in her death he's left her mother wanting."

"Is that the truth?" Steffy asked. "About Dollar Bill not supporting his daughter?"

"No, of course not. Colleen lived in Oakdale with her husband, J.T. Hellstrom of the Bay City Hellstroms. While the Hellstroms are a well to-do family, J.T. and Colleen lived in a home purchased by her father. It was also her father who paid her dowry," Katie told the girls. "I know that my husband is power hungry and yes, sometimes it is at the expense of others but he loved his daughter. It devastated him when she died. I do not appreciate Traci Abbott spreading vile lies about him across Pentacities."

"People in Genoa City say that Traci is the nice Abbott. The one that gets dragged into things by her siblings," Victoria told her.

"That is the lie that Traci would have people to believe," Katie spat. "She is just as horrible as the rest of them." The three of them were silent as they finished their dessert before retreating to bed.

Victoria made a mental note to fill her brothers in on what she had learned about Traci. She didn't know about them but she always assumed that Traci didn't want any part in the plot against her parents but after hearing what what Miss Katie had to say, she wasn't so sure anymore.

When Dylan joined the Spencer men in the wood paneled office, they were all crowded around a desk.

"Ah, Dylan, come," Bill said looking up. Dylan approached the table and found several maps.

"What are these?"

"These are maps of Pentacities and the each city that makes her up," Wyatt answered.

"You'll need them," Liam said.

"Why? We have maps," Dylan asked.

"You do not have maps that show hidden roads that lead to hidden stores deep in the woods outside of Forrester City and Port Charles," Bill said.

"Hidden stores?" Dylan asked, his eyes roving the maps.

"Yes. There are two of them. The one outside of Forrester City is the biggest one. That is the one that tomorrow, the boys will set out for and clean out anything old and put in new supplies to be ready for you and your family," Bill explained.

"These maps also have the home of every well off person in these cities marked," Liam said, pointing to a few red dots. "These are also the people most likely to have you family's belongings."

"How do you know this?" Dylan questioned.

"Michael and Morgan Corinthos," Bill said. "They are from a trusted family and people allow them into their homes. They look out for things that are newly acquired and report back to the us."

"Us? You and your sons?" Dylan inquired.

"No, well yes...not exactly," Bill said. "We call ourselves The Pentacities Auxiliary."

"I've heard of that. They help underfunded businesses flourish."

"Yes, in the open," Bill told him. "But the PA is more about the aide of those who are lawless for a good cause."

"I do not understand," Dylan said, his brow furrowed.

"The Pentacities Auxiliary consists of myself, Liam, Wyatt, Sonny, Michael, Morgan Corinthos, Luke, Lucky and Lucas Spencer, Shawn Butler, Todd Manning, Asa Buchanan, Neil Winters and Dorian Cramer," Bill said. "The Pentacities Ladies Auxiliary consists of Carly Corinthos, Laura Spencer, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri, Renee Buchanan, Brooke Logan, Katie and Blair Manning and her daughter Starr."

"Lawlessness for a good cause is the only way that order is restored to Pentacities. We've had plenty of outlaws cross into our borders but once you enter Pentacities you are under the watchful eyes of the Auxiliary," Katie said as she entered the room. "If they are out for themselves and only the money, then we send them on their way with a warning never to return."

"Exactly," Bill said, "and you and your siblings are going into this with the blessing of the Auxiliary. We will not allow you to fail. Ending whatever hold that the Abbotts have on Genoa City and Pentacities as a whole is our only goal."

"I understand," Dylan said, nodding. He was surprised at all that he had just learned. He had, well everyone had, heard of the Pentacities Auxiliary and the Pentacities Ladies Auxiliary; but they had all just assumed that they were exactly what they presented to the world. The Auxiliary helped businesses that were floundering, get back on their feet and the Ladies Auxiliary helped feed the poor and keep them clothed. He had never imaged that they were behind keeping outlaws out of Pentacites.

"You should know that Dante Falconeri, one of the deputies in Port Charles is also a part of the Auxiliary. He is also Sonny's oldest son," Bill said. "That's a long story, don't ask."

"As is Michael Baldwin in Genoa City," Katie said.

"Lawyer Baldwin?" Dylan asked, shocked.

"Yes. He joined right after your parents," Bill said with a sad smile.

"My..." Dylan began but stopped.

"Yes," Katie said grabbing his hand. "Victor and Nicole Newman are the founding members of the Auxiliary, Dylan."

"That is why we are all being so helpful. We loved them. They saved everyone in our group from one thing or another at one point in time," Bill said. "Their deaths caused so much grief. They touched so many lives."

"Yes, that is why the Abbotts must be stopped," Katie said wiping a tear from her eye. "They took from all of us."

"I..." Dylan said. "We will end them," he said his voice cold.

"Very good," Bill beamed, devilishly. "Wyatt, bring it over." Dylan watched as Wyatt carried a slim, medium sized cherry wood box with golden filigree wrapped around it. His breath caught in his throat.

"Is that..." he began as Bill took the box from his oldest son and opened it and inside was a gold, intricately carved colt with a dark brown wooden handle. "I know this gun," he murmured.

"As you should," Bill said removing the gun from the box. "It belonged to your father." Dylan nodded and held his hand out for the gun. Bill handed him the gun and tears streamed silently down his face. He had always admired this gun. He father had always wore it with such pride and he had promised it to him if he died.

"How did you get this?" Dylan asked, locking eyes with Dollar Bill.

"Jack Abbott sold it to Carter Walton. He owns a pawn brokerage here in town," Katie said. "He is not a member of the Auxiliary but he is an ally. I suggest when you are ready to begin your mission, you start at Walton's."

"Thank you all," Dylan said wiping his face as he returned the gun to it's box. "We will not disappoint."

"We know," Bill said, clomping him on the shoulder. "You should head to bed."

"Yes," Dylan nodded. "Thank you again," he said as he gathered the maps and the box and retreated to his bedroom.

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